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Top 7 Logo Designing Tips for Startups

For startups designing a logo can be a challenging task since there are several aspects to be looked into to design a logo that will be able to draw attention of customers towards it. Our aim here will be to share some tips on how to design that perfect logo for your startup and announce your presence as a business that aims to offer products and services of highest quality.

Top Logo Designing Tips for Startups

Identify Your Business Goals

Before you start designing your logo, there will be other priority tasks that you will have to focus on to get the logo design right. For instance, you will have to define the goals of your company, analyze where you foresee your company to stand in the next 5 years, and determine your company’s mission and vision.

You may be starting an interior designing company right now, but may have plans to venture into the retail business and start furniture dealership as well after 5 years. If the logo is designed to represent only your present interior designing business, then after five years your will have to invest a significant amount on a makeover campaign as well as create a new logo that will represent both businesses. As such, it would be better if your brand design agency considers your present and future goals before designing the logo.

Get Inspiration 

You need to check the logo design of other businesses to get inspiration and ideas about how to design your own logo. Even if the business is unrelated to yours but the design is good, keep note of it since it can work as an inspiration for your logo. You will also get some ideas by checking what your competitors are doing. You will be able to understand what works and what does not. These insights will assist you in properly navigating the process of designing a logo.

Focus on Your Target Audience

It is unlikely that the same logo design will be liked by everyone. As such, while deciding on your logo design and style, you will have to consider your target audience and their preferences. For example, if your business is targeting professionals, then the logo should look elegant and clean. On the other hand, if the business targets teenagers and children, then it needs to be colorful and playful. Similarly, if millennials are your target, the logo needs to be cheerful and quirky.

Pay Attention to Logo Adaptability

You need to ensure that the logo looks the same irrespective of the size of the surface used. Whether it is a large or small surface, the logo should appear the same in any size. Irrespective of whether you are using the logo in promotional stickers, business cards, standees, or billboards, the logo should look the same.

Additionally, it may become necessary to make smaller changes in the logo overtime and the design should be flexible enough to accommodate such changes. Thus, a brand design agency should put in the effort to future proof your logo. The aim should be to design a logo that can be extended if required. Modifying or extending a logo will be much more economical as well as feasible compared to designing a new logo from scratch.

It’s necessary to envision the future growth of the business and include a subtle component in the logo design that will represent your future business growth.

Do Not Use Generic Logos

You may feel that using generic logos which have worked for others is an easier and safe option. But, the opposite is true. You need to avoid generic logos because they have been used too often by other businesses and will not help you stand out.

Additionally, you need to avoid common cliches like a dog vector for a pet shop or a smiling face for the dentist. If you use such clichés, you will become part of the crowd and will not be able to create a unique identity for your business. However, if cliches are required to convey a purpose, then ask your brand design agency to implement them in such a way that they appear distinctive.

Make it Recognizable

The logo should be designed in such a way that it is easily recognizable. It should also be identifiable so that your customers can relate it to your business. In addition, the design should be memorable so that people can easily identify it. The brand design agency you work with should try to make the logo simple but distinctive. The focus should be on using one or two elements to ensure the logo looks uncluttered.

Focus on Fonts, Colors, and Text Size

It is not necessary to make a logo using only graphics and images. Text based logos can deliver the same message as a graphical logo with Yahoo and Google being good examples of such text based logos. A graphical logo is known as a logo mark while a text based logo is called a logo type.

If you are planning to create a textual logo, then your brand design agency will have to select the right font style and letter size for the text to be used in the logo.

Similar attention should be given to colors since the right colors will be able to grab customer attention with relative ease. It is worth mentioning here that too many colors will make the logo look cluttered and so it is better to stick to 2 or 3 primary colors. The aim should be to create a balanced design and avoid too much of imagery or text in the logo.

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