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How much is Your Data being Sold for on the Dark Web

Stolen data is one of the fastest-selling commodities on the dark web. There are so many affordable hacking and exploitation tools at the disposal of fraudsters and sophisticated hackers and gaining large profits from selling breached data on the dark web has never been so easy.

So, just how valuable is this stolen information to those on the dark web and how big is the dark web?

The dark web is a part of the internet that is not visible to search engines. As you can see from the above graphic, it is actually not a huge part of the web, but it’s the most dangerous. Only 4% of the internet is available to the public, which means that 96% of the internet is made up of the deep web. 

How much are your bank details worth?

US stolen credit card data is normally cheaper to buy than credit card data  from other countries. Credit card data is mainly sold as two different types of packages. You can buy just the credentials of a US citizen for around $12, or you can buy “fullz” for $18. Fullz will include information on the card owner, which will help the buyer verify that they’re the card owner if they are challenged. Below you can see the prices for Stolen Credit Card Data from 2015-2018. 

How much are your Online Payment Accounts, Loyalty Programs & Subscriptions worth?

The value of your PayPal specifications depends on the available account balance. This means that your PayPal details can be sold for as little as £40 but can increase to around £820 to £2,500 for an £6580 balance. 

Did you know your Amazon, British Airways, Facebook, Fortnite and Netflix logins can also be sold on the dark web? These go for around £7. However, stolen hotel loyalty programs and auctions account credentials can cost as much as £1,150 which is a great payoff for vendors.

How much are your Medical Records?

Medical records have one of the biggest payoffs for vendors on the black market. The debate still remains open on exactly how much they are worth. Estimates from experts say the resale value of a medical record is from $70 to $100 each. However, this depends on how comprehensive the record is and what type of patient it belongs to. 

There have been many medical records leaked through major data heists and these are an absolute gold mine for the vendors of stolen data, as you can imagine. This kind of data will always be in high demand on the dark web markets. Since this is a new trend for vendors, there is less data on this topic than for other stolen information. It’s definitely an area that vendors are looking to exploit more and more. 

How does your data end up on the Dark Web?

How much is your whole identity worth on the dark web?

While we’ve explained the cost of certain things connected to your identity, I’m sure you’re wondering how much your whole identity costs. Vendors want as much information as they can because this results in a bigger pay off for them. Since they never know what data will be leaked in a breach, they can’t always get what they want.  

An average person has many online accounts, including email, Facebook,  multiple online shopping accounts, and of course, banking. 

If you add up all of those accounts, a typical internet user’s identity is worth around $1,200 or £987 to hackers. However, the personal loss for the victim will certainly cost them so much more.


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