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Five Web Apps for Manipulating and Editing Pdfs You Will Love

When it was introduced, the Portable Document Format known as PDF, was a truly revolutionary format that was used to reliably present and exchange documents irrespective of software, hardware or operating system. It was the first time a file format allowed users to share documents comfortably across any operating system while also keeping the document layout intact. Originally invented by Adobe in the early nineties, the PDF is now a recognized document standard maintained by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). The only big trade-off PDF has is that these files are not editable with standard tools after creation. Therefore, it is very important to know the right tools and conversion apps that can really boost your efficiency when dealing with PDFs. Here is a list of five cool web apps that will ease your work with PDFs:


Splits PDFs into single pages and extracts page ranges

This is a common situation working with PDFs: You come across a large PDF consisting of hundreds of pages, but in fact you need to extract only a few pages of interest from this file. Standard PDF readers do not allow for extracting the contents of the document without losing the formatting in the process, as would be the case for example, with a simple Copy & Paste action from the PDF to a Word document.  

With tools like PDF SPLITTER you can easily and comfortably split up your PDFs into single pages in seconds. You even can extract whole page ranges. This can be a really useful and practical tool for anyone who only wants to store the essence of a PDF file. All you have to do is give the respective start and end page numbers and you will receive the pages in between, in one separate PDF file for download. Alternatively, you can obtain all pages of the PDF in a ZIP archive by choosing this option.


Combines multiple PDF-s into a single document

Another common problem is combining several PDFs into a single document. Also, here we have the right tool for you: JOIN PDF gives you the opportunity to reorganize your PDF documents and merge them according to your needs. JOIN PDF also optimizes the documents while merging so that the size of the final document is not very large.  

The app is extremely simple to use. The only thing you have to do is to select and submit the PDF pages you want to combine into a single file. It’s really a must have in your daily work with PDFs! 


Removes forgotten PDF passwords

This also happens quite often: A strong password is added to protect a PDF file with essential information, but after some time the password is forgotten and the problem is how to recover the data locked away in the PDF. 

If you find yourself needing to recover a lost PDF password, then we have a solution which might help you to retrieve your precious data online: UNLOCK PDF.

This web app allows the user to permanently unlock any password protected PDF file and it is also able to recover many strong passwords. 

After submitting the locked PDF, you will be able to download an unlocked version of the PDF in a very short while. 

We tested this app and during our tests the password recovery feature of this service worked well in over 50% of the cases we submitted, which is quite a high success rate.

Plus, the upload is encrypted with SSL, so your important information is safe when using the UNLOCK PDF web app.


For adding, erasing or highlighting text and modifying embedded images in a PDF

PDF PRO is one of the high-end applications which can be used for converting, editing and creating PDF files online. This app offers maximum flexibility and advanced features like adding or erasing text, highlighting text, adding signatures and modifying images which are part of the PDF. 

Furthermore, this app allows you to split, merge or even add watermarks to PDFs. You will certainly enjoy the flexibility of this service when you try it. 

Converts PDFs to editable Word documents close to the original layout

Converting a PDF file to an editable document is usually a headache and at the same time one of the most wanted features when dealing with PDFs. There are many commercial applications like Adobe PDF Pro which charge you for a solution to this problem. If you are looking for a free alternative, you should try which offers completely free PDF to Word conversions and can compete with many of the commercial applications. 

This app allows you to convert any PDF into an editable .docx document without any charge. The only thing you have to do is upload the PDF file which you want to convert and press the magic “Convert” button. The application will produce excellent results in a short time. During our review, no conversion took any longer than one minute which is an acceptable performance for a service that is completely free. extracts all text from your PDF, applies a sophisticated OCR feature where necessary and also deals well with any images that might be embedded in your PDF. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you will find some of the apps presented here useful in your work with PDFs from now on. Fortunately, you can find three of these tools in one place: This site provides a vast collection of conversion apps for your daily needs. There is hardly any file conversion problem which is not covered by this service. Next to the PDF converters presented above you will also find other useful tools in this collection like audio, video, image and even currency converters.

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