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The Big Technical Decisions Every Company Should Be Debating

The power of digital has taken off and we are only just seeing the beginning of what is possible. After the rush of migration to the digital space in which your business is and should be operating, companies are now starting to think a little more carefully about how they want to interact with all things online. Spoilt for choice it becomes more of a calculated decision than what was seen as a must-have. And it’s not a one size fits all, it requires thinking about your business specifically and answering questions related to who your company is and what you are aiming to achieve. Then it is a matter of solving for those needs. It may be something that requires some guidance, and so here is a list of decisions you need to talk through with your marketing team and IT team. 

Do you need an app?

If you do research into iPhone app development Sydney, you will find that the trends are changing and that there is a segue into the thinking that will direct your actions. Where it was a must-have that everyone was jumping to in all sorts of ways, now there is a hesitation as to whether you really need an app. And if you do, what kind of app? Along with the movement away from having an app as a non-negotiable, now you want to consider whether the app needs to be native built or mobile-friendly web-based app.

What are you doing with the data?

There is so much that is lost if you aren’t looking into using data analytics companies Sydney. Data is a resource that needs to be treated with the utmost priority such that a designated team is warranted. Are you using your data to its highest potential? You can use data to understand your target audience and better build marketing solutions to best capture that market. There is so much information that can be gained and learned, you just need to know how to translate that into information that makes sense to you

What is the cloud?

Everyone keeps talking about the cloud-like it is some mythical destination that you get to one day when you’ve made it in life. But really, the cloud in the digital world means online storage. Having online storage allows you to be able to access your information and data from anywhere. It also syncs with your work and means that you never have the issues of losing information if your office experiences a fire or major theft and your laptops are gone.

Should you play in the social media space?

While a website is still the pinnacle of your online presence, you need to know and understand where your customers are spending their time. This is where you want to be too so that you can get noticed. Don’t assume that you can be on one social media platform only. And while they are all different, make sure there is a consistent marketing thread throughout.

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