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Instagram Messenger on the Web: How to Chat From a Computer?

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Instagram leaves its users a rainbow of options considering the way they interact with each other. Several years ago, Instagrammers had to leave the app if they didn’t want to leave a public comment. But as soon as developers integrated the in-app chat room, the time users spend on Instagram tripled. The messenger involves not just text messages, but media sharing and Snapchat-like disappearing messages. Nevertheless, Instagram messenger on the computer is not available if you open it in a browser. Running IG chats online is urgent for business accounts and bloggers – it fast-tracks the correspondence, lets copy-pasting links, and many more. 

How to chat on Instagram from a big screen? Let’s explore three working solutions suitable for any device. Stay tuned and make notes! 

Option #1 – Instagram messenger on a Windows computer

Let’s begin with the most straightforward solution fitting Windows users. Your chats will migrate to a big screen of a computer in several steps, thanks to the official Instagram desktop app for Windows. It’s free, and the functionality is the same you got used to in the app. Follow this short guidance to get it:

  • Proceed to Microsoft Store;
  • Set the Instagram app up on your PC or laptop;
  • Pass to the sign-in process and open your DMs. 

Yes, this was simple! We hope that now you feel more comfortable and your eyesight won’t get worse. Are there any difficulties when applying this method? 

Well, yes. There is a single condition that you should bear in mind – the app is only applicable for Windows 10 and the newer versions. So, if you are too lazy to update your device, pass to Option #3 described in this guidance.

Option #2 – chats on any other than Windows OS

Well, webchats will appear on any other than Windows computer – macOS, Linux, etc. Remember two words you are likely to want to google – Android Emulator. This software aims to relocate any app designed for mobile on a big screen of a computer, including Instagram. You won’t notice any difference in the interface or functionality. This approach requires more actions, but they are easy:

  • Download any emulator from the official site;
  • Register in one step using your Google mailbox;
  • Download IG within an emulator;
  • Log in your Instagram and open Direct messages. 

Currently, there are numerous Android emulators, but we suggest you install time-tested software from an official website. For example, the BlueStack emulator is widely-used for a long time. Mac computers’ users have another reliable alternative – Flume. 

What else should you know about Android emulators? Well, they work without glitches only on up-to-date devices. If your hardware or operating system is old, you will have to update it. Otherwise, pick the last option we offer in this guidance – it’ applicable for any device.

Option #3 – messenger and promotion all-in-one

In this part, we uncover one more way to relocate your Instagram chats on a computer – online services. These sites offer extended functionality along with desktop IG chats. Namely, target mailouts, auto-replies, statistics, and many more depending on what you chose. The only condition – they are not free. But for that groups of Instagram users who use this platform for business, blogging, and promotion, the investment is worthwhile. If you already hit this 1K followers mark who buy from you or write to direct for whatever reason, an online service will help to unload your inbox. 

Who benefits from an automated Direct module? 

  • Influencers, bloggers, celebrities;
  • Local businesses and big companies;
  • Marketing, community and SMM managers;
  • Artists who market themselves on Instagram. 

We bet, the major part of the mentioned above users have already registered via an online service. What do they get? 

Handy chats on the desktop. When the Direct is busy, you will answer faster from a computer. A big screen and comfortable keyboard speed up the process at least two times. 

Extended functions. Online automation DM tools are numerous so that they integrate more new features to win the audience. Some of them allow you to customize messaging with filters and DM followers according to their age, location, number of followers. Some services offer to set up automatic replies, which is sufficient if your Direct is customer service. 

Promotion tools. The mentioned above features will increase your brand awareness, but also online services usually offer automated promotion. You will follow, like, comment on the accounts related to you to streamline potential followers on your account. 

Customer support. Some sites for running DMs are tricky and glitching, but all of them provide you with customer service. They can fix issued remotely, making the investment more rewarding. 

The benefits are evident, but there are a lot of fraudsters on the market. Read reviews before registering an online service to escape scammy platforms just charging money. 

All in all 

If you are still thinking of running Direct messages from a computer, now you grasp three efficient methods on how to do it. Let’s repeat them:

  • Download the official Windows desktop app;
  • Set up an Android emulator for macOS and Linux;
  • Register via an online IG automation service.

Start your killer Instagram communication and make your performance 100% comfortable and efficient! 

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