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Writing Interesting Content About Uninspiring Products

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Writing interesting content about uninspiring products can be challenging, particularly if the subject is bland. Keep your audience hooked with this handy guide.

While it may be a lucrative and financially stable business to be part of from the inside, the kitchen spare parts business can be tough trade to market to the masses.

While undeniably useful, it can be hard to drum up excitement about bland products. No matter how you try to spice it up, cooker fixtures and oven parts just aren’t sexy.

Not even the soothing sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s “Albatross” and the sumptuous, slow-mo verbiage of an M&S ad could make a gas hob seductive.

So, just how do we entice customers to visit our Cooker Spare Parts website? Read on to find out.

Engaging Customers with Interesting Content

At Cooker Spare Parts, we are able to attract thousands of visitors to our site every single month on a continuous basis. But how?

Trickery? Coercion? Jedi mind tricks?

The answer is luckily “none of the above”. However, there are a few simple ways you can help make your site more appealing to customers without resorting to underhanded schemes and mind control.


The internet was commonly referred to as the “information superhighway” back in the ‘90s, primarily due to its ability to provide accurate details at breakneck speed.

While technology, communication and, thankfully, the haircuts have changed since then, our need and hunger for information has remained. In fact, it’s estimated that Google receives over 63k searches a second on any given day at any given time.

As such, any content you can create that provides helpful and useful information to the consumer can go a long way in attracting visitors to your site. The trick is knowing what information they require.

Supplying answers to frequently asked questions is a great way to provide a useful service to your target audience. Here at CSP, that may involve covering commonly Googled queries about oven maintenance or how to use an appliance efficiently.

While the subject matter may vary for your business, the general theme remains the same. Providing helpful information that’s relevant to your products and useful for your audience is a winning formula that benefits all parties.


Much like the previous approach, providing information in an educational manner can be the perfect one-two punch for content glory.

While “inform” and “educate” may seem like interchangeable words, there is a subtle yet notable difference. Simply providing the information without educating the reader how to utilise that info is essentially only half the job.

Aim to follow up your informative details by answering the subsequent “how” and “why” to fill in the natural queries that will follow. This will enhance the user experience and build your reputation as a credible source, as well as helping to extend page viewing time.

Take the following as an example:

“Clean oven glass can help increase the efficiency of your cooking.”

Great information but it doesn’t provide any clarity or reason to back it. Taking that statement a step further provides a far more complete picture.

“Clean oven glass can help increase the efficiency of your cooking as you can monitor progress without opening the oven door. Repeatedly opening the oven can lower the temp considerably, prolonging the cooking time and negatively impacting the way your food cooks.”

To take it a step further, you could even channel that one statement into a whole separate and linkable blog of its own (e.g. “How to Clean Oven Glass”).

Educational step-by-step guides presented in a “How To” format are extremely popular and provide relevant content that’s genuinely useful. Better still, blogs such as this are ideal for video which is an increasingly popular medium in the content world.


The spare parts business can be pretty drab and lifeless at times, particularly when it comes to extolling the virtues of specific parts and products. After all, how do you make a replacement instruction manual sound like the second coming of 50 Shades of Grey?

Kitchen maintenance blogs are like a steak dinner: if prepared incorrectly, they can be dry, flavourless and hard to digest. Conversely, a bit of life and colour can turn the blandest of blogs into a veritable feast that catches the reader pleasantly by surprise.

The result is a positive experience that leads to returning custom and ultimately strengthens the relationship between the consumer and the brand. Breathing a little life into a run-of-the-mill subject makes the blog easier to read and, as a result, more user-friendly.

If you can have a bit of fun with your blogs and articles and deliver your message in a tone that’s as entertaining as it is informative, your customers will appreciate it and you’ll surely be on to a winner.

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Rhodri Howells is Commercial Director @ Cooker Spare Parts.