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Content Translation Services – All You Need to Know

In today’s world the scope and significance of content translation has become wider. Content is translated in multiple languages both in the offline and online world. In the past, translation services were used by publishers of books and magazines, research organizations, lawyers, and a handful of individuals for their personal documents to meet the requirements of various countries.

The fast growth of the Internet connecting all corners of the globe has now made it imperative for all organizations to use content translation services on a larger scale. Since content is the king, every organization would like to communicate with their prospective market in the language that their target audience speaks, reads and writes. The saying: ‘Can’t read, Won’t Buy’ is the main reason that drives every organization to market their content in multiple languages.

In this article we will elucidate the scope and significance of translation in online marketing activities as well in offline business activities.

Online Marketing Activities that need Content Translation Services

1. Website Translation & Localization

Only 1.5 billion people in the world speak English. It is estimated that there are more than 5 billion people who can’t read or speak English. If you want to reach, connect and sell your business to a global audience you must translate your website in to foreign languages and localize it. This will help you increase your annual revenue by leaps and bounds. 

In order to get it done perfectly the best way is to hire a company that handles Website Translation & Localization. This is a complicated process and needs a team of proficient translators and adequately knowledgeable web engineers and developers who have a clear view of the cultural differences of various geographical locations across the world.

2. SEO in Multiple languages

SEO is the backbone of online marketing. Your target market audience may not be searching for goods and services that they want in your language. You may be ranking high in search engines of English speaking countries but that does not guarantee your rankings in locations that do not speak, read or write in English.

So, in what language do they type in the search box of a search engine? Definitely, it is not in English. They search information using terms in their own languages. Here is the key reason why you need to do SEO in multiple languages. Your SEO expert will have to use the services of a content translation company to conduct his research on keywords, compose the company information in the local language, and prepare advertising copy for you in the language of your target market.

3. Social Media Management in Multiple languages

The language preference of audiences varies from one geographical location to 

another. Most of the companies operating in China will publish content and engage their audience in Chinese on their social media platforms whereas in Russia it will be done in the Russian Language.

To be able to communicate effectively to your audience and engage them, you need your social media content to be translated in local languages, or else, you may lose a big chunk of business.

4. Sub-Titling of Video Content

Producing video content for marketing your product or services is very expensive. Once you produce video content you would like to have the maximum benefit out of it. So, you need to get your videos sub- titled in various languages and this will help you reach, speak and sell your goods and services to customers with different language backgrounds and ethnicities.

There are translation companies out in the market to help you get your videos sub-titled in multiple languages.

5. Voice over of Video & Audio Content

Not all audiences know how to read and write in their native language. This is especially true for audiences who are not educated. If you your prospective customers are from this niche of educational background, it is advisable to go for voice over of your video content.

Even though your audience does not qualify in reading text that comes as sub-titles you can target them with voice over in their language through your video content.

6. Translation of Marketing Literature

In both foreign and local markets, to target prospective clients from different ethnicities and nationalities it is imperative for you to publish advertisements, both online and offline in multiple languages. 

It may be a Television or a Radio advertisement, advertisements in local popular magazines, newspaper advertisement, flyer, brochure, Google Ads, Facebook or any other other social media advertisement. All content for marketing needs to be translated in the language of the target market. 

7. Translation of Technical Documents

Your company may have instruction and operating manuals, patents, user guides, installation manuals, E-learning materials, catalogues, software technologies and more in English. Your target market does not know how to read English and in such a case you will not be able to communicate with them through your documents. To solve this situation you need to get your marketing and operational literature translated in local languages.

Offline business activities that need Content Translation Services

1. To conduct Legal Affairs in a Foreign land 

In a foreign country, you need to get all documents translated for legal affairs in the official language of the country. These are primarily documents that need to be submitted to the local judiciary and various other ministries.

2. To Deal with the Government of the Target Market

Regulatory authorities in every country need documentation in the official language of the country. This is necessary to run a business effectively and smoothly. 

3. To Open Bank Accounts in a Foreign Land

When you start operating in a foreign country, it is mandatory to have your business banking local. All documentation submitted to a local bank needs to be translated in the official language of the country.  

Since banking is an essential part of business, every company needs to submit their documents for each and every service that they use, be it the opening of a bank account, issuing bank guarantees. etc.

4. To Bid for Tenders 

It is always advisable to submit documents for bidding local tenders in the local language. This eliminates the risk of getting rejected at the primary level after submission. Thus, you need a translator to translate the content of your documents to be submitted for bidding.

5. To Prepare Business Proposals In Multiple Languages

You must draft business proposals in the language that your target client understands easily. This increases the chances of getting your proposals approved, primarily for 2 main reasons – he/she will easily understand all the details of your proposal and there is a psychological factor too that will work in your favour. Mutual agreements must be bi-lingual in order to avoid all ambiguity. Like wise all other communications between you and your foreign partner must be bi-lingual to keep things clear at both ends

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