What Does It Feel to Be a Human in This Digital Age?

Today, the world we live in is entirely immersed in technology: “The great growling engine of change” -Alvin Toffle. With a blink of an eye, this invincible giant has taken over every nook and cranny of our lives. And the staggering part is that these technological transformations seem inevitable in the future of our planet as well.

Perhaps this progression was already predicted, but the way it continues to revolutionize our way of life is startling. With booming research and development of the internet of things and artificial intelligence, our roles as humans will be remodelled in the new world. Thus, it’s time that we embrace this evolution and intelligently adapt to change.

Benefit from automation

The way the world operates today seemed a fantasy some decades ago. With gadgets all around, the life of a human is not the same anymore. Technology has favoured humans with several valuable perks. Now, the ball lies in our court that either we hold ourselves back or embrace them to enhance our lives.

With the ease of access to information, seeking knowledge is easier than ever before. You do not need to put in much effort to acquire the required literature for studying. Moreover, for revolutionizing the academic world, the internet has introduced various new methods for studying, e.g. Online courses and video lectures. Hence, we must aim to modernize our way of learning to make our educational system and careers flourish.

All these automated machines and gadgets around us are meant to save time and make our routine efficient. With smart transportation systems and autonomous cars just around the corner, travelling is expected to become more secure and faster. Thus, I believe it would be wiser to fight fear and habituate to the latest technology that eases our mobility.

With the internet and smartphones easily accessible, the ways humans communicate has been immensely transformed. The process of communication that took hours has become a matter of milliseconds. Furthermore, social media has made it possible to share our thoughts with millions in an instant. So, we should devise compelling strategies to use these modern means for our personal, social and professional development.

Along with the discussed effects, technology has been successful in enhancing our lifestyles in many other ways as well. Hence, for prospering in this digital age, it would be wiser for us to let these advancements inculcate in our businesses, academia and domestic lives.

Do not fall prey to its unfaltering obsession

A thrilling sensation that automation brings along in this modern world makes it harder to restrain oneself from its overuse and liberate from its adverse effects. Yes, you probably guessed it right! Today, many of us are in dire straits because of smartphone addiction.

Overuse of smartphones is the sole reason for multiple adverse effects in our lives. Social networks have encouraged us to value our virtual life over the real one. Picking up a smartphone often makes us escape from reality, while its overuse debars us from coming back.

Apart from addiction, free use of technology can cause health problems as well as it might instil an urge to upgrade continually. In research carried out by Microsoft Corp, they concluded that over the years, our average attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. “Heavy multi-screeners find it difficult to filter out irrelevant stimuli — they’re more easily distracted by multiple streams of media,” the report stated. Moreover, an expectation of instant gratification starts dominating our minds. This makes us deprecate real contentment and pursue virtual pleasures.

When everyone around you is immensely involved in technology, you may cave in and become overwhelmed. I believe specific immediate measures are imperative to escape this technology trap.

You can eliminate obsessive social media scrolls smoothly by restraining your random smartphone pickups and limiting screen time with the aid of certain apps. Furthermore, if you are willing to walk an extra mile, consider a digital detox.

People who grow up without a sense of how yesterday has affected today are unlikely to have a strong understanding of how today affects tomorrow. – Lynne Cheney. To suppress the urge for instant gratification and desire to upgrade, set clear and superior goals constantly. Focus on fulfilment rather than submitting to your temptations. Once you have envisioned your prosperous future, combating negative impulses will be easier.

Robots are coming, and they might even take away your job

Overtime societies may gain enormous benefits from technology, but in the short term, it can be devastating, too. “Ever since a study by the University of Oxford predicted that 47 per cent of U.S. jobs are at risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next fifteen to twenty years, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the future of work,” – The Robots Are Coming: The Future of Jobs in the Age of Automation by Andrés Oppenheimer.

As artificial intelligence continues to improve, it seems certain that eventually, it will take over various sophisticated jobs, whether it is writing a short story or solving a complex medical issue. Apparently, self-driving cars are the potential future ubers or taxis, being a threat to many existing jobs.

Envisioning our future, we cannot just rely on governments in containing technology or preparing us for the upcoming technological age. We must not sail close to the winds! What I mean is, what if we somehow avoid becoming a probable prey? We can do so by opting for a career that can’t be invaded by robots- a career that involves skills like emotional intelligence and creativity.

Don’t forget yourself

In this digital era, one might get allured by technology to a pretty dangerous level. Thus, we must not disregard ourselves and those around us and keep striving for a disciplined life. And it is only possible if we put tech back in its place and balance its use.

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