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4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Small Businesses Should Know

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Social media marketing is the process of developing content for social media platforms to promote your products or services, build community with your target audience, and drive traffic to your business. While new features and platforms are always evolving, social media continues to play a vital role in a small business’ overall marketing approach. The importance of social media marketing will remain strong in 2023 and businesses should dedicate a significant portion of their overall marketing efforts to social media marketing.

Here are four key benefits of social media small businesses should know.

1. Increase brand awareness and engagement

Whether you’re a digital consulting agency such as a GA4 consultant, Google Analytics consultant, or Google Ads agency Toronto, social media is an effective approach to maximizing your online reach and increasing your brand awareness.

Social media is also effective at producing engagement. Social engagement includes things like comments, likes, shares, and reposts, and saves. Gaining engagements help your social media content heighten its chance of appearing on social media users’ feeds’ which further boosts the content and your brand’s online visibility.

2. Gain leads and conversions

Promoting and sharing your products on social media is a simple way to improve lead generation, boost conversions, and increase sales because you’re advertising to people who have opted to engage with you by following your account.Here are some examples of ways you can use social media to generate more leads.

  • Create contests for your visitors and followers to participate in on your social media profiles. For example, if you’re a self storage facility such as storage units Victoria, you can run a social media contest where participants have a chance to win the first month free on a storage unit. Running such a contest helps you facility or business gain more online interaction and community engagement which bolster your brand recognition.
  • Include links to your website and offers in the bio sections of your profiles.
  • Host live videos to make announcements about products and provide updates or details about exciting news at your company.
  • Implement a social media marketing campaign on one of your channels.
  • Sell your products through your social profiles. For example, you can enable Facebook’s Shop Section on Instagram’s Shopping feature on your profiles. These features allow your visitors and followers to click on products you’ve shared in posts to view information such as price, material, and size. Then, visitors can easily proceed to checkout through the platform and buy the product directly from you.

3. Develop relationships with your customers

By connecting and engaging with your social media followers, you’ll be able to build lasting relationships between them and your business. You can do this by interacting with them on your posts, responding to their questions and comments, and providing them with any help they may need.You can also ask your followers questions about your products, their pain points, or create giveaways to help you build trust and show them how much you value their input and support.

4. Gain insights from your competitors

Social media is a great way to keep tabs on your competitors — whether that’s in reference to their social media tactics, the products they’re promoting, the campaigns they’re implementing, or their level of interaction with followers.Social media allows you to get a look at what is and isn’t working for your competition, and therefore helps you decide what should or shouldn’t change in terms of your company’s approach.Lastly, reviewing the social accounts of your competitors can help you make sure your marketing stands out and is unique to your brand.

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