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Internet Related Resources A web discovery service that provides a toolbar for your browser (FireFox or IE) allowing you to surf websites, articles, photos and videos that have been stumbled upon by other web-users. Wildly popular.

Wordnik An online dictionary and language resource site. It provides as much information about a word as possible (beyond traditional definitions) such as sentence structure, images, statistics, related words, audio pronunciation, etc.

Walyou Provides geeky information that is valuable and fun from current news and technology focusing on the subjects of Gadgets, Designs, Mods, and Art. You can read reviews on the latest gadgets, watch DIY videos, preview tech art and designs, etc. A slick service that gives you a single telephone number that can ring one or more of your telephones. Features include custom greetings, call switch, ringshare, centralized voicemail, call recording, telephone spam filter, messages by phone, email, or online, etc. Available in the US only.

YouTube Instant Provides real-time YouTube video searches. Similar to Google Instant, YT Instant continues to update its search results while you type your query, offering hints at what you might be looking for, which helps you to find things faster.

A1-Webmarks Allows you to keep all your webmarks organized and your favorite sites easy to find. You can tag, search, import, or export and access your webmarks from any browser, at any time, from anywhere. A popular online question and answer community that receives over 12 million visitors monthly with thousands of questions and answers posted daily. Provides 24/7 access to a world of facts, answers and opinions. Uses an innovative method that allows internet users to express their opinion of websites and provides site statistics that include traffic stats, page rank, alexa rank, link stats, etc.

LinkPeelr Allows you to view any shortened URL by, Google URL Shortener, etc. Simply copy the link into the field provided and Peel it to see where it goes; or select follow to go to that website.

CrunchBase Part of the TechCrunch Network and is basically a directory of tech and Internet startup company profiles. A lot of interesting sites and information. Provides information on any website. Simply type in the URL and get the business address, website traffic rank (daily, weekly, monthly) Alexa rank, page analysis, related links, if the site offers coupons, WhoIs contact info, etc.

URL.ORGanizer A bookmarking site that allows you to store, share, and tag your favorite links. You can store them in one place, access from anywhere, share with friends or colleagues or keep private.

FeedMeLinks A "web application" to store, manage and share your bookmarks/ links/ favorites online. The site's primary goal is to help you organize and use links and to stay on top of what's hot.

Zamzar A file conversion site that will transform your songs, videos, images, and documents into different formats. Simply select the files you want to convert, choose the format to convert to, provide an email address to receive the files, and click convert. Includes an optional "Convert It" toolbar button for Firefox browsers.

Widgets-Blog An informative blog about widgets. Provides a lot of information about various types of widgets, where to find them and how to create them.