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Shipping a Container to Poland with Polonez America

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Do you need to ship a container to Poland? Polonez America has a variety of options for container shipping services from the USA to Poland. The company offers LCL, FCL and other forms of shipping services. 

Shipping container to Poland with Polonez America guarantees brilliant logistics, timely delivery, and competitive pricing. Their expertise in US-Poland shipments offers reliability, transparency, and peace of mind for customers. Thus, international trade becomes hassle-free and efficient.

Services Offered

Polonez America has sea and air transportation to ship a container to Poland from the USA. For this purpose, there is a list of different packages that businesses can choose from depending on their budgets.

LCL and FCL Choices

If your goods do not fill up a complete container, you might consider using LCL shipping. On the other hand, businesses with large cargo volumes that need exclusive use of containers may go for FCL shipping. Due to its flexibility in terms of size, Polonez America’s options cater for all sorts of business enterprises.

Sea and Air Delivery

Poland based container shipments have two delivery choices which include air as well as sea options. Shipment on sea is cheaper for big consignments whereas air delivery takes a shorter time for urgent ones. A customer would choose what suits them best regarding priority and budgeting within their carrier selection.

Affordable Choices

There are multiple solutions offered by Polonez America catering to all sorts of budgets. These alternatives can be economical or costly depending on whether the business wants expedited transportation or less expensive rates, hence giving it out in everyone’s pocket.

When to Use Polonez America’s Services?

Polonez America’s container shipping services are applicable in different circumstances. This may include movement of items for commercial purposes or personal items plus relocation whereby one gets peace and convenience guaranteed by Polonez America’s products respectively.


Thus, if you have any cargo going to Poland within a given duration from the USA, then trust the services offered by Polonez America. It doesn’t matter whether you want sea or air deliveries; LCLs or FCLs because everything is well coordinated and tailored according to the needs of particular customers. Having chosen this company, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

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