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The Perl Archive A good site to visit if you're looking for CGI scripts. With over 3,953 scripts in 169 categories, there's something for everyone. The site also has a learning center and discussion forums if you need CGI tips or help. A directory-style resource for linking and reviewing everything related with programming. There are literally hundreds of free/commercial scripts to download in various popular languages, ranging from Perl, PHP, and JavaScript to ASP and C++. A growing repository of reviewed and tested PERL & PHP scripts, currently numbering over 500.

CGI Extremes A database of 1,700+ CGI scripts with detailed descriptions and ratings to help visitors find the script which is best suited for their application. Also provides support forums on CGI, Perl, and other web programming related topics. Offers thousands of php, perl, javascript, asp scripts and programs as well as tutorials, articles and book reviews. Some good stuff on this site. Central web site for the Perl community, providing a starting place for finding out everything about Perl. A great resource for programmers, new and advanced. Provides articles, scripts, tutorials and user-reviewed links for web developers. Also has java, php, flash, xml, cold fusion and other programming resources. Focuses on providing advanced webmaster tools and resources such as, CGI/Perl scripts, custom script development, JavaScripts, DHTML, web site templates, script installation, and tutorials. Free stuff includes lots of javascripts, CGI scripts, and articles.

The CGI Resource Index Provides a one-stop-shop for people with CGI needs. Over 2,800 free and shareware PERL scripts in numerous categories. The site also offers a wide variety of other language scripts as well as CGI tips, tutorials, news and references.

CGI City Provides a one-stop-shop for people with CGI needs. The site offers a wide variety of free and shareware scripts as well as CGI tips, tutorials, news and references.

The CGI Directory Has over 1,200 free and shareware CGI scripts in more than 20 categories. The site also has useful tutorials, books, articles, FAQ's and newsgroups. A nice site if you're looking for CGI help or inexpensive scripts. Has thousands of CGI, PHP and Java-scripts which can help you create dynamic web sites. The site also provides links to tutorials, security, tips, books, programmers, and other collections along with help and discussions for each and every resource listed.