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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 27th, 2015

Why Being Personal & Sharing is the Key to Successful Content

Stories are powerful, aren’t they? They unite us, give us hope and teach us things we may not have known before.

But did you know that stories have another awesome purpose? What is it, you ask?

Stories, when involving your brand and business, can create powerful, successful content.

Wait, really? Yes! And I want to show you just how being personal and sharing your story will be the amazing key to successful content you’ve been looking for all these months and years.

Why do People Want Something More Personal?

In our overly cluttered world with ads on every street corner both literal and digital, it can be overwhelming and many consumers get burned out quickly. People don’t just want to see what they like and are interested in, they also want to see authentic,
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Technology News


Yahoo Announces Mobile Tumblr App Sharing

Mobile users will soon be able to share content straight to Tumblr. Yahoo senior vice-president of publisher products Simon Khalaf announced Wednesday during the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in New York City the Tumblr In-App Sharing. It’s […]
Global Business

How Are Advances in Translation Technology Impacting Your Business?

The impact of globalization and the ubiquitous presence of the Internet have made new markets more accessible than ever before. For many businesses, physical distance and geographical borders become less and less of a challenge for trade, while linguistic […]
Apple engineers

Are Your Productivity Ratios Working Well for You?

Productivity ratios in economic terms can be understood as the ratio of input per unit of output. The input in our business is teams’ participation, co-ordination and time commitments. William Penn has rightly said: “Time is what we want most, but […]

SEO News


7 Ways to Protect Your Site From Google Panda

Back in February of 2011, Google unleashed a sweeping change to their search results ranking algorithm known as Panda, all in hopes of downranking “junk” and “copy-pasted” websites while boosting the visibility of better, more […]
SEO Targeting

Why DIY SEO Is a Better Choice than Hiring an SEO Company

There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web and every business owner hopes that his site will be able to lure potential customers. The truth is, the chance of success in the virtual world is bleak unless you know search engine optimization techniques. […]

Searchmetrics Search Ranking Factors 2015: What You Need to Know

Few industries change as regularly as marketing. We’re kept on our toes constantly by audiences, technology and search engines, among so many other outside factors. To continue being successful, we have to keep up. That’s why the release of the latest […]

Social Media News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, left, talks with Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky, the two lead engineers who made Graph Search.

Many Facebook Staffers Making Well Over $100,000 Annually

People working at Facebook pretty much have it made. Even lowly interns receive a healthy salary — $6,000-plus a month on average — more than $70,000 a year, according to new new data from job-search website Glassdoor. Operations engineers average […]

Moments App Update Offers Music Video Option

Your photos can now become music videos, thanks to Facebook’s update of its still relatively new Moments app. The photo-sharing app automatically creates a collage, complete with music, of any grouping of six or more photos. Users can also customize […]
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Man Facing Prison, Fines for Spamming Facebook Users

A Nevada man known as ‘the Spam King’ pleaded guilty Monday to sending more than 27 million unwanted messages to Facebook users. Las Vegas resident Sanford Wallace, 47, admitted in a San Jose, California federal court to breaching a court order by […]


Business & Marketing News

Survey Results

Importance of Online Reviews Increasing: Survey

The strength of online reviews is growing, says a new survey, with more people checking to see what others are saying before making a purchasing decision or deciding what business they will use. The survey, released this week by BrightLocal, shows the […]

The Honest Truth About Your Business

Are you a true business owner and entrepreneur? Or are you pursuing your business dreams more like a hobby but may not even be aware this is what’s happening? In meshing business and personal life in the past… I took a lot of time off when […]
Image courtesy of ( David Castillo Dominici) /

Dealing With High Competition and High Costs Per Click

When Google AdWords first began, not many businesses even had Web pages, and fewer still used the advertising tool. As a result, competition was relatively low for any business that did use Google AdWords. That, in turn, meant the cost was low too. However, […]

Other News

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground Offering Free Apps and Games

Amazon has a new weapon in the war of the apps: Amazon Underground. The new Android app from Amazon takes on Google Play in the ever-present battle for customers — and it has a pretty good shot at winning given that it offers up only free content. “The […]

Gmail, Calendar Team Up to Keep Google App Users Organized Automatically

Google is integrating Gmail and Google Calendar to keep Google Apps users better organized. When the update launches this week, it will enable events to be added to Calendar based on information from messages sent to a users Gmail account. For instance […]
YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming Launches Today in U.S. and U.K.

YouTube’s much-anticipated gaming app is going live today in the U.S. and the U.K. YouTube Gaming will feature well-known YouTube creators, gamers, channels and game publishers and will collect all gaming-related live streams and videos in one place. The […]

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