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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 19th, 2018

Ways AI Contributes to Long-Term Customer Relationships

According to predictions, by the year 2020 artificial intelligence will manage 85% of customer interactions. Yes, AI has that much potential. And one of the principal ways business owners are looking to tap into this potential is through CRM applications. It’s ironic to think that non-human, artificial intelligence can help humans bridge the communication gap, but that’s where we are in this brave new world.

We’re already seeing evidence of the raw power this technology possesses. Forget mere customer service chatbots—advances in machine-learning mean AI can take over formerly white-collar business processes, everything from research and administrative tasks to the accumulation and organization of data.

That means we now exist in an advertising landscape where smart data discovery is providing insight into business data and statistics more than ever before. This in turn sharpens the blade of prescriptive analytics and provides us with more tools to glean market insights. With AI on the rise, many professionals in the insight sector are becoming rightfully nervous, wondering if there will even be a role for humans in this new AI-driven reality.

The good news is that not only will there be a role for human market researchers, AI can actually help them supercharge the insight and marketing process. Here are a few categories where we’re already seeing progress on this front.


Most market researchers know that there are few better ways to foster long-term brand-consumer relationships than through personalization. Today’s consumers want brands that know who they are and speak to them directly. Let’s take a look at email marketing as an example. This is a cornerstone of any solid digital marketing strategy, and the... Read More

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