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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 2nd, 2014

What You Don’t Know About Bad Online Reviews Can Hurt You

Back in the day, before the advent of the Internet and the computer age, I had the dubious honor of receiving a call from a local businessman inquiring about the cost of our marketing services. It didn’t take me long to realize that his attitude was dripping with condescension. All of 23 years old, short on patience and big on insolence, I had the audacity to accuse him of just “shopping.” Well! Livid is hardly a strong enough word to describe his reaction at having been caught in the act, an insult for which he threatened to report me to the Better Business Bureau.

Fast forward to today, such a conversation would never have elicited that kind of response from me. First of all, experience has taught me that the customer is king, no matter how pompous his conduct. Secondly, shopping
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Technology News


Stealing Apple’s Thunder: New Releases that Could Overshadow the iPhone 6 Release

With every new release of an iPhone, Apple gets worldwide fanfare unlike any other device. The company is currently revving up for its fall release of the iPhone 6, however, there are now a growing number of Windows and Android enthusiasts that are more […]
Windows store

Microsoft Weeds Phony Apps From Windows Store

Microsoft is finally cracking down on phony apps in its Windows Store. The software giant has given the boot to more than 1,500 “crap apps” and more are likely to follow as the company continues its review of applications in its store. “Earlier […]
Gear s

Samsung Announces Gear S Watch

The face of Smartwatches is changing. Samsung image Samsung has stepped ahead of competitors with the unveiling of its Gear S watch. The small, wearable device was presented Thursday with Samsung Electronics’ chief executive officer and head of […]

SEO News


Five Tips that Boost Sales and Search Rankings for eCommerce Sites

I’ve had my fair share of conversations with eCommerce site owners. The two issues that seem to always come up during the course of our discussions are search engine optimization (SEO) and sales. Frankly, some get it and some just don’t. Truthfully, […]
SEO Targeting

Black Hat Social Media: An In-Depth Look

Black hat SEO is a well-known practice these days with a bundle of sneaky methods to trick search engine bots. Since algorithms in the world of search are ever-changing and dynamic, in part to weed out the scammers doing black hat tactics, it’s […]
Directory Submissions

Directory Links: Are They Always Bad?

As recently as 2007, directory links were used far and wide by all types of SEO and online marketing professionals. This included the type of directories that were either paid or existed only as a source to provide backlinks. After Google applied penalties […]

Social Media News

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Save Time and Boost Engagement With Social Media Automation

We all know that social media is a huge part of the online presence of any business. Whatever your network of choice may be, you may feel like you’re missing opportunities with other social media platforms, or that you don’t have the time or resources […]
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Twitter Opens Analytics Tools to All

Twitter is making its new analytics tools available for all users The micro-blogging site launched its analytics dashboard in July, but only for advertisers and verified users. The tools offer users insight into how their content is performing on Twitter […]

Feds Spending Nearly $1M to Monitor Hate Speech on Twitter

The U.S. government has doled out nearly $1 million for the creation of a database to track hate speech on Twitter. The monitoring project, financed by the tax-funded National Science Foundation, is to include searches for “suspicious memes” and “false […]


Business & Marketing News

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Mobility is Key

With wireless technology taking the world by storm, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t carry a mobile device with them wherever they go. If your company isn’t taking advantage of mobile marketing to promote its products […]

Add Public Speaking to Your Marketing Plan to Promote Your Company

Small business owners must devote a lot of time to marketing their brand to get noticed. To increase your client list and convince people to work for you, you are compelled to stay updated with the most recent trends. Updating your portfolio, pitching […]

Take Credit for the Right System

When you’re running a business, meeting your customers’ needs is a primary concern. Convenience is one of those needs. Customers expect their transactions with you to be straightforward and convenient. That includes payment. That’s why it’s […]

Other News


Authorship Lives On… If You Use Google+

A few weeks ago, we saw a change to Google Authorship and saw that our profile photos disappeared from the search engine results page (SERP). The changes sent many people into a tizzy, with many wondering if Google Authorship was still as important as […]

Marketing Communications: The Amazing Power Of FAQs

Whether it’s a Web page or a document, the FAQ is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers and other communicators. It can strengthen your sales efforts, overcome resistance, minimize misunderstandings, and boost customer satisfaction. […]

Broadcom Introduces Cheap Development Kit For Innovators

Developers may be getting a fast track for their ideas thanks to Broadcom Corporation. Broadcom image Earlier this week, the California-based company announced it has launched a new development kit in its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices. […]

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