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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 5th, 2015

Email Marketing Takeaways from the 2014 Holiday Season

2015 is well underway and the holiday season seems pretty far away. However, now’s a great time to look back on what worked during 2014 and to consider what you can start putting into place for this year. Before you know it, we’ll be back into the swing of the holiday season, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Why It Matters

With the massive growth of social media networks and new marketing forms, some brands fail to see the importance of email marketing. While it’s a traditional method, it’s just as important as ever. Email accounts are linked to smartphones and other devices; this means your customers are able to check out what you have to say via email at any place and any time.

This doesn’t mean that every email you sent will be well received. In fact according
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Technology News

Contacts preview 1.5

Google Contacts Gets Major Overhaul

Google Contacts is getting a fresh new redesign accompanied by a handful of new organizational features. The tech company has revealed a preview of the clean and colorful new look — one that makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for […]
Edward Snowden

NSA Whistleblower Snowden Hoping to Come Back to U.S.

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is trying to find a way to come home. After nearly two years of living in Russia, Snowden has his lawyers trying to find a solution that will enable him to return to the United States without having […]

Brazilian Company Introducing Secure Phone

Privacy is going mainstream with yet another phone slated to enter the market with encrypted text messaging, voice, group chat, and e-mail communications. The phone, scheduled to hit shelves sometime later this year, was announced by Brazilian company […]

SEO News

SEO Targeting

SEO Reporting: Crucial for Success

While developing a secure blueprint for an SEO strategy is a crucial factor for online success, an even more imperative process is measuring the results that come of that strategy. Truly, how beneficial are the SEO efforts being made if you don’t know […]
SEO Targeting

Thin Content; What It is and Why Google Hates It

Yes, you’ve got that right: Google hates thin content and is constantly rolling out new methods to penalize websites that promote such content in an attempt to rank higher in search engine results. Why is thin content so bad for your business? Can it […]

How to Use WordPress to Boost SEO Rankings

Nearly 1 out of every 4 of the world’s most dominant websites are housed on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a widely embraced content management system because of its magical simplicity. But don’t make the mistake of assuming WordPress […]

Social Media News


Instagram Introduces Carousel Ad Feature

Instagram is about to get a whole lot more ads. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service, with its new “carousel ads” feature, is now enabling advertisers to post multiple images. Instagram users simply scroll through by swiping their finger across […]
Image courtesy of ( David Castillo Dominici) /

Do Personalized Banner Ads Have More Impact?

These days as we browse the Internet, the websites that we are visiting are gathering an increasing amount of personal data from us. This has led to an increase of more personalized and targeted banner ads appearing on websites. However, does this approach […]
Photo by Ben Scholzen.

Google, LinkedIn Competing for Land?

Google is not the only Internet company with plans to build in Mountain View, California — LinkedIn also has some big plans that could see the two firms competing for land. According to the Mercury News, LinkedIn has submitted plans to Mountain View […]


Business & Marketing News

Data collection

Qualitative Research — What Makes It Effective?

Qualitative research is used in a wide range of areas or fields of a discipline. They are methods typically employed by researchers to gather data. This kind of research includes documenting the experiences that researchers have encountered, when studying […]
Image courtesy of (David Castillo Dominici) /

Employee Engagement in 2015: What Employees Should Expect From Their Companies This Year

A high-performance workplace is essential for companies that want to have a thriving business. This year, the focus is switched onto employees. Major corporations have finally realized that when workers are happy, they take great pleasure in the duties that […]
GoodGuide Mobile App

How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Mobile Landing Page in Three Easy Steps

It is not easy to create a landing page that is mobile-friendly and effective at the same time. For one thing, you have very little space in which to fit all the important elements that should be on a landing page. However, an even more problematic aspect […]

Other News

Photo Credit: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S by Kārlis Dambrāns Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Samsung Tops For Smartphone Sales in 2014

A nearly 30 percent increase — in comparison to the previous year — was recorded in Smartphone sales in 2014. That increase is part of an overall 1.2 billion units that sold for the entire year, reports Gartner in a release issued Tuesday. Those […]
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.57.35 AM

Ikea Debuts Furniture With Wireless Charging System

Ikea has a solution to the unsightly jumble of wires necessary to charge our mobile devices: wireless charging furniture. The furniture retailer is integrating wireless charging abilities into some of its product lines to solve the cord problem. “Unfortunately, […]
Huawei Honor 6

China’s Huawei Ready to Up its Marketing Game in U.S. : Report

Chinese Smartphone maker Huawei is gearing up to woo U.S. consumers with a new line of phones and wearable devices. The move comes more than two-and-a-half years after the U.S. House Intelligence Committee opened an investigation into the company over […]

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