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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 30th, 2014

Why You Should Start Your Christmas Campaign Right Now (Really)

Every year the Christmas decorations seem to sneak into stores a couple of weeks earlier. A decade ago, people grumbled when the decorations came out in early November. No joke, this year I saw a Christmas display at my local grocery store in early August. But while people may claim they aren’t thinking about Christmas yet, the truth is retailers are only reacting to customer demand. And you’d better believe that demand is already there online, too.

People are making their holiday purchase decisions well before the holidays. If you haven’t started your Christmas campaign yet, then you need to get on it right now. You could be missing out on tons of revenue, in part because the competition is a lot lighter in the months before the holidays than it will be in November and December.

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Technology News


Cisco Comits $1B to Expand Global Cloud Computing Network

Cisco Systems has earmarked $1 billion to expand its cloud strategy over the next two years, linking hundreds of data centers and cloud providers worldwide with more than 30 new Intercloud partners, the company announced today. The move, part of the company’s […]
Image by Sebastian Bergmann.

Yahoo Directory Shutting Down New Year’s Eve

Yahoo Directory, after 20 years online, is on the chopping block along with a handful of other services as the Internet company places more emphasis on its core products. The Directory, a service that helped users explore the Internet in the early days […]
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Patches Quickly Issued to Battle Bash Bug

A widespread threat against operating systems has been minimized with Apple saying most users weren’t threatened to begin with. Last week, reports of the Bash bug had companies issuing patches for consumers to use to protect their computers from […]

SEO News

Google Logo

Google’s Shift to Semantic Search & Its Impact on SEO

From the fledging beginnings of SEO, it has almost always been all about keywords. Back in the VHS days… we pushed keyword density over content quality because that’s what it took to rank. It was a world of quantity over quality, and it didn’t […]

15 Reasons Your SEO Content Needs an Editor

The phrase “content is King” has been tossed around cyber-space everywhere lately. Not that I would detract from the good of doing so, but everybody and their Uncle have contributed their two cents about how to brainstorm, develop, create, and publish […]

Google’s Move Away from Keywords

Everyone says it, everywhere, all the time: “Content is king.” For marketers, the pressure of conveying the appeal and meaning of content has rested on the mighty shoulders of keywords for a decade or more. Keywords became popular because […]

Social Media News


Snap Up Some Marketing Success

Do you use Snapchat to help market your small business? If the answer is no, what are you missing out on? If the answer is yes, what can you teach other businesses about the pros of marketing via this social tool? Snap Up Some Marketing Success When you […]

Ello — the Anti-Facebook — Hit With DDoS Attack

Ello, the new social network that prides itself on being the anti-Facebook, was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that knocked the site offline for 45 minutes Sunday afternoon. Ello members were locked out of the site while the social […]

New Facebook Ad Service to Track Users Across the Web

Facebook new online advertising service will have more reach than originally thought. Dubbed Atlas, the new system, will enable marketers to better target and measure the impact of their ads not only on the social network, but anywhere the service can […]


Business & Marketing News


What To Do Before You Start Any Publication

Whether you’re trying to demonstrate your expertise to customers and prospects, or just wanting your employees to speak with a common voice about your vision, regular publications can be a powerful tool. E-mail can be a powerful channel for publications, […]
Twitter Buy function

Twitter’s “Buy” Button Roll Out: Preparing Your Business

A new selling option is coming to a Twitter feed near you. Is your brand ready to sell on the social network? Learn more about the news along with 3 ways to prepare your brand for when the time is right by reading more. The Actual Announcement and Why […]

Is Your Web Copy Missing the Mark? Eight Ways To Make Sure It Isn’t

Have you been spending hours and hours on your content only to find that it isn’t bringing you the visits you want and need? It’s one of the most frustrating things about content creation and can make one feel quite defeated, after spending a significant […]

Other News

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California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Temp Workers

By Michael Grabell, ProPublica California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law a bill holding the state’s employers legally responsible for wage and safety violations committed by their subcontractors and temp agencies. With the new law, California […]

Twitter CEO Calls Out Iranian President for Hypocrisy

There’s a battle brewing in the Middle East but it’s not of the nature the public is accustomed to hearing about. Rather, this battle involves Twitter and Iranian leaders who have banned the service in the country. Residents of Iran are not […]
Cloud Analytics

Welcome to the Intercloud

An emerging concept called the Intercloud could help the IT industry from falling into a trap it got out of a decade ago. The Intercloud may prevent cloud-computing infrastructures from forming massive walled-garden silos by making it much easier to move […]

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