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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 27th, 2015

5 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Content

To stay relevant in any industry, you have to create and distribute content as often as possible. But how much is too much, when it comes to delivering your words of wisdom to your audience?

These days, there is a very fine line between any type of method of self-promotion conducted online and the purest form of spam, if you want to send out content regularly without offending any spam haters. Naturally, you should do your best not to cross this line. At the same time, you also have to monitor and improve the quality of the ideas that you’re generously sharing with your public.

The biggest issue with quantity is the poor quality. Run-of-the-mill, inaccurate or poorly written content will only jeopardize your good name in your industry, making your readers question your capabilities
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Technology News

scratch test

Apple Watch Stands Up to Numerous Tests

The folks at Consumer Reports have been busy testing Apple‘s newest wearable and initial reports are favorable. This is what a normal Apple Watch Edition looks like. A video posted to YouTube Friday by Consumer Reports shows a number of tests being […]
Project Fi

Google Outlines Benefits of Project Fi

Google is offering up more information for those interested in giving its new wireless service, Project Fi, a whirl. The company released two YouTube videos today: one a guide to checking data usage and the second a guide to talk and text across devices. The […]
Photo by Johannes Hemmerlein

Microsoft’s Profit Falls in Q3, But Not as Much as Expected

Microsoft surprised investors and analysts Thursday, posting better than expected third-quarter results including a six percent increase in revenue. The Redmond software giant brought in revenue of $21.72 billion with earnings of 61 cents a share beating […]

SEO News


Looting the Google Algorithm

Google did not become the intergalactic Web titan it is today by focusing solely on itself. In fact, the world’s most influential search engine made its bones by creating an easy and unobtrusive online experience for the user. And so it goes with its […]
Google search

How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Major Mobile Update

Google is at it yet again. The search engine giant is rolling out a huge update and causing major waves in the content world! I’ve talked about the various coming changes and even given suggestions on how to do a content audit long before Google does […]
Photo Credit: Adikos via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

How to Boost SEO Rankings Using Headlines and Taglines

The human attention span continues to decline as technology increasingly becomes like an extra appendage. In 2013 it was recorded by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Library of Medicine that the attention span of […]

Social Media News


12 Free Social Media Management and Marketing Tools to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the power of social media in boosting brand value. Social media allows you to connect with your target audience in a way that was not possible with traditional media. However, to reap the benefits of social media […]
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Social Media Tips, Tricks and Best Practices from the Pros

I was recently asked to head up and participate in an event to help business owners learn how to more effectively run their businesses.  I gathered a list of more than two dozen questions for the event as a way of preparing myself and the other panelists. […]
Zuckerberg F8_Day1Keynote

Facebook Reports $3.54B 1Q Revenue, But Disappoints Investors

Mobile advertising propelled Facebook to a revenue of $3.54 billion with earnings of 42 cents per share in the social network’s first quarter of 2015. Despite the impressive numbers posted by the social media firm, it still failed to meet analysts’ […]


Business & Marketing News


Do You Have to Have a Ton of Home Page Content?

It seems that a lot of content focuses on writing blogs, creating great calls to action, and writing excellent social media posts. However, you might not be able to find just how you should handle your home page content. It seems like the place to introduce […]

5 Digital Payment Portals for Businesses

Over the past 20 years, technology has morphed in countless ways to integrate with the daily lives of the average consumer. As time hurdles forward, more and more of the transactions and communications that used to take place in the physical world are […]
Image courtesy of ( David Castillo Dominici) /

Native Ads: The Most Invincible Trend in Display Advertising

Smart advertisers are quickly shifting to mobile ads. In fact, this trend increased to 54 percent in 2014 and will grow more this year — primarily because advertisers are realizing the weaker responses they receive on standard banner ads. People do […]

Other News


A Budding New Role for the Internet of Everything

Even vegetables can be smart in the Internet of Everything (IoE). Amid the massive growth of connected devices expected between now and 2020, a small but increasing number of sensor technologies are being put to agricultural or horticultural use. Stroll […]
BlackBerry CEO  John Chen

BlackBerry Boosts Security Offerings With WatchDox Purchase

A tech company is not a real tech company if it doesn’t own at least one Israeli start-up, or so it seems. BlackBerry is making sure it can still be classified as one of the big boys with its acquisition of data security firm WatchDox. The move will […]

Why Comcast Seems to Be Walking Away

By Leticia Miranda, ProPublica Today, Bloomberg reported that Comcast is likely to walk away from its proposed $45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable. Yesterday, Comcast met with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. […]

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