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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 19th, 2019

9 Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

Today Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users. Add other social media sites and you get an incredible number of people who actively use social networking sites on a regular basis.  For this reason, many ecommerce companies now use these social platforms to grow their customer list and increase sales. According to available statistics, social media is the number one driver of website traffic to ecommerce websites today. If you are not leveraging the power of social media to get you more sales, then you are missing out big time.

But what do you do when you want to make it big with your ecommerce website on social media, but are unsure of the path to take that can guarantee results? Truth be told, social media can be a challenging landscape to navigate; you may find that you have neglected certain aspects of the platforms while overusing others, etc. You may also find that while your engagement rate is impressive, the traffic and leads you are getting to your ecommerce site are nothing to talk about.

The question then becomes: how can you effectively increase the number of people actually buying your products? Is there a way to get the attention of your social media followers enough to improve sales? The following are 8 social media tactics you can employ to drive traffic to your ecommerce site.

Optimize social media posts

Every content you publish on social networking sites must be optimized. You do this by using high-conversion keywords that not only increase your visibility to your existing page audience but has the potential to attract some new eyeballs to your pages and site. Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough keyword-research.

This allows you to learn the words and phrases your customers often use when searching... Read More

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