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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 19th, 2018

How To Help A New Website Rank Faster

Everyone knows that the process of SEO is a slow one. 

You don’t get to the top of a Google (and stay there) without some serious time, effort and hard work. 

Older, established sites are likely to be more trusted by search engines thanks to years of data and user engagement. You will have a tough uphill battle to climb when you’re virtually starting from scratch. 

So how does a brand new site begin to compete with engrained giants? And just how does a website get to the top of Google search anyway? 

Well, it’s definitely not hopeless: in the ever-changing world of Google algorithms, there are a few key things you can do to boost your visibility and help you to rank higher…

Content is king

It’s not any less true just because it’s been said before…

Search engines such as Google value and rank good content above all else. After all, they are in the business of providing valuable data for their users.

It may sound simple, but the one fundamental rule of SEO is to to invest in quality writing that really serves your users…and update it as often as possible so that it stays relevant and useful.

The better your content, the more likely other people are to share it, link back to it, and comment on it — which all contribute to better rankings.

You should never launch a new site with thin content or just a few pages if you want to get serious about ranking. Make sure that leading up to the site launch you have plenty of great pages and blog posts ready to go. And keep adding to your site content in the first few weeks and months to help build trust and authority.

Sort out your keywords + go niche

But, before you even begin to create content for your new site, you... Read More

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