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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 26th, 2017

New Ways to Feature Your Products on Google

“With these new features, Image Search may be your best new accessory. Or at least a useful tool to find apparel that suits your style and your wallet.”

— Julia Enthoven, associate product manager at Google

Google is constantly refining its SERPs to make sure it is providing search users with more organic results, not merely websites that contain the right keywords.

We see examples of this through the company’s various algorithm updates that target semantic search and other crucial components of the SERPs.

Google has also become increasingly interested in the eCommerce space. Over the years, consumers have seen a variety of purchase-focused additions including Google Shopping, Shop the Look and the company’s partnership with eBay.

Recently, however, the search provider took its shopping features to a whole new level with the inclusion of two Image Search features that could very well shift how consumers conduct product research.

As it currently stands, Google is not even close to being a powerhouse with product research. BloomReach’s State of Amazon 2016 report indicates that 55 percent of U.S. consumers begin their product research on Amazon; an 11 percent increase over 2015. A mere 28 percent of consumers begin their product searches on engines like Google and Bing; a drop of six percent from the previous year. This is not an isolated or flawed study; other research indicates a similar trend.

So what are these revelatory new shopping features that Google has introduced to Images that could win back product hunters?

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