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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 16th, 2017

10 High-Performing SEO Content Habits to Form in 2017

The New Year is a time of resolutions and commitments to changing behavior and getting better. If you’re like most content creators, it’s likely you want to use 2017 to make your content better and enjoy a higher ROI from the material you develop.

One of the best ways to do this is by improving the SEO practices you use in your digital content. Here are 10 top tips from influencers around the country (and some from our own pockets) on how to improve the SEO value of your online content and enjoy a more prominent digital presence in the coming year.

10 High-Performing Content Habits for 2017 (And Beyond!)

Whether you’re a new business just starting out, or an established company looking for ways to make your content more prominent online, these 10 SEO tips are just
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Nest Launching in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain

Nest is coming to four more European countries in the Alphabet-owned home automation firm’s continued push to take its technology global. The outdoor Nest Cam. As of Feb. 15, Nest products in the appropriate language will be available for purchase… Read More
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Facebook Set to Battle Fake News in Germany

Facebook is gearing up to take its fake news filtering tools to Germany. The social network last month announced a number of updates to its News Feed to deal with bogus news stories to make the reporting of hoaxes and the flagging of stories as… Read More

How Trump Could Kill a Plan to Get You Overtime Pay

By Justin Elliott, ProPublica Donald Trump ran for president as the billionaire who would champion working people. As the president-elect put it in one of the major economic speeches of his campaign: “Too many of our leaders have forgotten that it’s… Read More

Technology News

Apple Music

Jimmy Iovine Confirm’s Apple’s Plan to Offer Original TV and Movies

Apple executive Jimmy Iovine, who is also well known as a record and film producer, this weekend confirmed media reports that the iPhone maker is branching out into offering original content as part of its Apple Music subscription service. “At Apple… Read More
binary data

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Creative and Data Marketing

Artificial intelligence has already infiltrated consumer lives.  Snapchat leverages machine learning to face-swap; Toyota has announced $1 billion in research while Tesla pioneers self-driving cars; auto-pilot has been improving its intelligence for… Read More

Google Image Compression Feature Saves on Mobile Data Usage

Google has a new tool to help you be as careful as possible with your mobile data plan. The tech giant’s new technology, dubbed RAISR, uses machine learning to produce high-quality versions of low-resolution images. “Traditionally, viewing… Read More

SEO News


5 Rules for Crushing SEO in 2017

“SEO is all about user experience and presentation. We often forget who is our eventual visitor, it’s not Google, it’s your visitor, it’s your user, make him happy, [and] Google will make you happy.” ― Ali Raza, Chief Executive at Aarswebs Right… Read More
Google search

2016’s Top Searches Reveal Key SEO Trends

“Google is evolving into thinking more and more like humans do. This is great for two main reasons: a) When you’re writing for people you’ll also be writing for Google; b) If you help your visitors by answering their questions or by offering a solution… Read More

Google Moves From in the News to Top Stories

Are you a 50-something, coffee drinking, watch-the-morning-news kind of consumer? A Baby Boomer who enjoys freshly-squeezed OJ while perusing the newspaper? Or, for us millennials, maybe you would rather do a quick check of The Skimm so you know what… Read More

Social Media News


Pinterest Turns to Artificial Intelligence for Pin Recommendations

Pinterest is bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to its platform to offer up better pin recommendations to its users. Related Pins, which appear beneath pins, will now have deep learning applied to them, making them more relevant by using the data,… Read More

Facebook Journalism Project to Forge Ties With News Providers

Facebook wants to help ensure quality journalism is reaching its users. To that end, the social networking firm has started the Journalism Project, a bid to have stronger relationships with trusted news organizations as well as doing more to manage the… Read More
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Snapchat Establishes International Headquarters in England

Snapchat parent company Snap, is setting up its international headquarters in London, England. The London office now has 75 employees, up from the original six when it was established in 2015. Now that the office has officially been made the U.S. company’s… Read More


Business & Marketing News


5 Top Platforms to Create a Logo

A logo is a defining symbol of any business that helps you reach out to your target audience. However, beginning entrepreneurs often make a mistake, failing to realize the importance of a good logo. Early branding is imperative to success. It’s the… Read More

Improve Your Website’s User Experience with Data

When it comes to business, data can be one of the most valuable resources you have. As we are seeing how it affects the way many businesses are now operating, it is clear it will be even more important in the future. If you want to create meaningful connections… Read More
Business Woman

Technology Tricks: What Your Business is Missing

Managing your small business these days is an easier task, thanks to advances in technology. There is something out there for every business owner from online HR management to mobile tech that brings your connections and networking closer. Knowing the… Read More

Other News

YouTube logo

YouTube Super Chat a New Way for Content Providers to Monetize Their Channels

YouTube has launched a new way for viewers to be heard during a livestream; one that is profitable for channel owners. Dubbed Super Chat, the new tool enables viewers to pay to make their comment stand out in the chat stream. Anyone watching a live… Read More
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An Essential Checklist for Your Next Business Videocast

Back in the day, it was hard to get people to attend public events because of logistics. Either people lived too far away from your venue, or people couldn’t make it because the event was scheduled at an inconvenient time. But thanks to technology,… Read More

Opera Unveils ‘Opera Neon’ Concept Browser for Mac, Windows

Norway-based software firm Opera today launched a concept browser for Mac and Windows that offers new ways to interact with Web content. Dubbed Opera Neon, the browser, just like the original Opera browser,  is built on top of the Blink engine. What’s… Read More



Are Legacy Companies Giving Customers What They Actually Want Online?

DENVER, CO — In 2007, Facebook became a standard communication tool. The Social Age had arrived. Now, a decade later, many legacy companies have yet to acknowledge the true impact, and embrace the power, of social media. Yes, they’ve leveraged social… Read More

Inirv React, the Smartest Home Safety Device That Turns off Stove Burners Before Structure Fires Can Start

Durham, NC — Inirv React is the most intelligent IoT kitchen gadget that can potentially save lives. Inirv React attaches directly to virtually any existing gas or electric stove knobs and is designed to detect and react to hazardous situations to… Read More
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Predictions for IoT in 2017: LPWA Technologies, Connected Cars, Smart Cities

2016 was a busy year for telecoms operators in the IoT market, most notably in low-power, wide-area (LPWA) technologies as NB-IoT and LTE-M approach full commercial deployment. Analysys Mason’s analysts and consultants outline our expectations for… Read More

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