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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 31st, 2014

Facebook’s Staggering Popularity: How it Woos the Masses

Facebook – since 2003, it’s steadily become the social network the world loves to hate. And yet it’s insanely popular, despite a near-constant barrage of negative feedback. From stream manipulation to increasingly shady revenue tactics, Facebook has never been shy about doing things precisely the way it chooses to. Nor has it been demure about being a profit-making machine. So why do millions of people continue to flock to the site every day?

In short, Facebook has been brilliant about giving the people what they want. Unlike any other social network, Facebook has a multitude of options and features to meet the needs of just about anyone. From socializing to games, advertising to creative expression, there’s a nearly never-ending list of things to do on the site,
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Technology News


France’s Iliad Makes Bid for T-Mobile

T-Mobile is attracting lots of interest these days. Iliad, a French telecommunications provider, has made an offer of $15 billion in cash for a 56.6 percent stake in the U.S. wireless carrier, at $33 per share. Iliad said with the remaining 43.4 percent […]
Jeremiah Owyang

Network Trailblazer: A Conversation with Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah Owyang is the Chief Catalyst at Crowd Companies, a brand council that aims to help big companies navigate the collaborative economy. Amy Cortese talked with him about the Collaborative Economy and how large companies are responding. Amy Cortese: […]
Google's driverless car

Driverless Cars Coming to British Roadways in January

Driverless cars will hit U.K. roads in January, the British government has announced. Unit now, British engineers experimenting with driverless cars have been restricted to private roads due to legal and insurance concerns. To prepare for the change, […]

SEO News

Local SEO Google Maps

Search Engines — What’s In and What’s Out

There’s lots of chatter in my industry about the future of search engines and how Google’s new algorithms are changing the landscape of how business owners work to keep and improve their website’s placement on Google. What seems apparent to me is […]
Google Logo

Google SERP Displays Change Again

Do you ever get the feeling Google changes things up just to toss SEOs off guard? In late June, the company announced it was scrapping parts of the popular Google Authorship program, frustrating marketers who liked the credibility and search advantages […]

A Web Design Firm Gets SEO/Conversion Pointers

It was a unique experience for a group of web designers and copywriters to review a site about web design and copywriting. Sometimes it’s easier to spot areas of improvement on other’s sites. The recommendations made for Words & Images could easily […]

Social Media News


Twitter Stock Jumps After 2Q Results Posted

Twitter enjoyed a blockbuster second quarter with revenue skyrocketing 124 percent and usage up six percent thanks to tweeting World Cup fans. The better than expected results had the social network’s stocks on the rise, eventually leaping to $50.01 […]

LinkedIn Makes Mobile Profiles More Tantalizing

LinkedIn is making introductions a little more personable via mobile with amped up profiles that it promises will make you “look ridiculously good.” The new profile styles tells your story to anyone who searches for you on their Smartphone or iPad. […]
Photo Credit: People Love Us On Yelp by Michael Dorausch Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Yelp Adds Video Function to Review Site

Yelp is turning to video to enable users of its site to personalize their reviews. The online review site has updated its iPhone app to give its users the chance to post three- to 12-second video reviews of local eateries, hotspots and other businesses. Visuals […]


Business & Marketing News


Top Five Warning Signs That Tell You When to Redesign Your Site

Website technology is constantly evolving. That is because website redesign is a necessity especially for businesses whose brand, label, products, and services rely on online marketing and whose customers, leads and prospects are mostly online. The question […]
Photo Credit: grid workings by olle svensson Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Is There Any Money in Web Design?

Is there any money in web design? Well not as much as you would think. Web design is a great industry to get into and, if you have the skills and knowledge of running a business, then perhaps you can make it happen — perhaps. The industry has become […]

Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business with an online presence has to deal with the issue of SEO. Most, however, haven’t a clue where to begin. As you delve into the topic across the endless articles on the subject, a feeling of being overwhelmed can easily taint […]

Other News

Apple image — The Apple Store, Santa Monica, Calif.

Source Codes Should be Handed Over: Russian Government

Source codes from Apple and SAP are being requested by the Russian government. By Дмитрий-5-Аверин (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsThe suggestion those codes be handed over came from Communication Minister Nikolai Nikiforov […]
Local SEO Google Maps

Mapping Contest Lands Google in Trouble With Indian Government

Google is in hot water with the Indian government. India’s Central Bureau of Investigation is probing a Google-sponsored mapping contest that may have revealed the locations of top-secret military bases. Dubbed Mapathon 2013, the Google event asked […]
Google Logo

Google Hangouts Gets Made Over for Business

Google Hangouts is showing its serious side with a number of improvements and a deeper integration into Google Apps for Business suite. The changes come as the technology company attempts to woo business users with a revamped platform to meet all of their […]

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