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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 26th, 2015

GigaOm’s Demise and the Future of Digital Publishing

On March 9th a somber note fell over the tech and journalistic community as Stacey Higginbotham, senior writer for GigaOm, announced via twitter that, “As of 5 pm today [GigaOm is] owned by trustees (SVB). They are in charge of our payments and our events.” The death of GigaOm, a trusted and well respected news source for all things tech related, came abruptly and without notice. Not even the well-informed writers at GigaOm anticipated the call that would ultimately result in the site’s immediate closure. What makes this unfortunate loss so unsettling is not the fact that GigaOm has closed their doors, but that there were almost no warning signs of the company’s fate. This makes the whole world of digital publishing shaky at best.

Here’s the truth: Companies these days need
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Technology News


Hand-Tracking Technology Part of Leap Motion’s VR Set

Motion control set-up is coming to the OSVR Hacker Development Kit. Leap Motion announced Wednesday it will be adding the hand-tracking technology to kit, a piece of open source hardware scheduled to be released later this year. Despite its initial release […]
Amazon image — Amazon's upcoming initiative, PrimeAir, will use drones to deliver packages to customers' homes.

Amazon Faults FAA for Sluggishness of Drone Testing Approval Process

The U.S. is at risk of falling behind other countries when it comes to the testing of unmanned aircrafts (UAS), Amazon told U.S. regulators this week. And the Federal Aviation Administration is at fault because the agency takes too long to give its authorization […]
Google Gmail_logo

Google to Debut Bill Paying Capability Via Gmail: Report

Google reportedly wants to bring finance to Gmail with a new service that will enable users to pay their bills right through their e-mail, according to documents obtained by Re/code. Users will receive bills in their e-mail inbox via the new service […]

SEO News


Translating Your Content: Can It Help Your Site Rank?

As a small business owner driven by big marketing goals, you are probably striving to come up with new methods to reach a larger audience. You know you can do better. You can make your website rank higher in search engine results, turn more prospects […]

15 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO and Reader Response

The simple act of posting on your blog or other blogs can do powerful things for your business. But your action might not be so effective if you don’t use certain ideas. There are many things to consider when writing content, but the tips below will […]

13 Rules to Correctly Optimize Your Blog in WordPress

WordPress is a great tool for your website and blog hosting. It can help you create great posts that rank well, but you need to make sure you do a few things to optimize your WordPress posts correctly in order to get the most out of your blog ranking […]

Social Media News


Facebook Expands LiveRail’s Abilities

More advertising on Facebook? It certainly appears that could be a reality as the social network, during its F8 developer’s conference Wednesday, announced it is expanding its video ad platform, LiveRail. The changes will mean LiveRail will now […]
social network

Eight Great LinkedIn Secrets Every Professional Needs to Know

One of the first social networks I joined was LinkedIn.  Even in the beginning I felt LinkedIn was modeled after real business networks. Business professionals, small business owners and even CEO’s of large corporation’s find LinkedIn to be the […]
Yelp 2

Yelp Expands eCommerce Offerings With 5,000 New Vendors

Yelp is continuing to expand its horizons as an eCommerce platform. The review site has announced a partnership with Vimbly to offer bookings in five new categories from more than 5,000 local vendors, instantly bookable on its site and apps. “Yes, the […]


Business & Marketing News


Three Techniques for Selling More With Fascinating Amazon Book Listings

While authors are generally focused on writing and selling their books, I want you to wear a different hat for the next few minutes. Instead of approaching book sales from the viewpoint of the author, I want you to pay attention to your own shopping habits […]

Social Media Tools to Make Your Marketing Easier

Social media is transforming our world. It is not just a hub for people to connect with family and friends. It has become a tool in the classroom. A gathering place for like-minded individuals. A meeting space for co-workers collaborating on a project. […]

How the 2015 Facebook Algorithm Changes Affect You: Popular Content Rules While Spam Drools

Is Facebook marketing dead? Not yet. While it is certain that the January 2015 Facebook algorithm update will force businesses to change their strategy, there’s still value to be found on Facebook for brands. While this popular social media channel […]

Other News

Photo Credit: virii001 by .hj barraza Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

How To Get Rid of OphionLocker — A New Ransomware

There is a new ransomware out infecting PCs across the country. Find out how to remove OphionLocker. Just when you thought you were up-to-date with your virus protection software and able to readily defend your computer from all sorts of malware and viruses, […]
Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) /

California to Insurers: Don’t Use Workers’ Comp Law to Deny Approved Care

By Michael Grabell, ProPublica California labor officials have issued a warning to insurance companies that a new workers’ compensation law shouldn’t be used to reopen old cases and deny previously approved home health care to injured workers. The […]

Facebook Gives You Glimpses of Your Past With ‘On This Day’

Facebook wants to take you back in time with its latest feature ‘On This Day.’ The new tool displays status updates, photos and posts from your day in history going back one or more years. “People often look back at old photos and other memories […]

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