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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 25th, 2020

What Business Owners Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

Most people have heard the quote, “there’s no second chance to make a first impression.” Business brands, through their marketing efforts, influence other people’s perceptions daily. However, a simple mistake, negative review, or a bad story can ruin a reputation that’s taken years to build. 

According to recent research, 78% of online shoppers said that before making a buying decision, they research more about a business to check its reputation. Additionally, 74% of the respondents said they wouldn’t purchase goods and services from a company that has negative reviews against it. 

Based on these statistics, for a brand to continue making profits and attract new customers, it needs to know how to manage its reputation. 

This article highlights some online reputation management practices that can enable brands to maintain a strong online presence.

What’s Online Reputation Management?

Also known as ORM, Online Reputation Management refers to practices that are aimed at building a positive online perception of a business or brand. It includes addressing customer concerns, monitoring reputation, and implementing strategies that can prevent and solve problems that may damage a brand’s reputation. 

Why Businesses Need an Online Reputation Management Strategy

Most customers make buying decisions based on reviews of previous consumers. If one’s website is beautiful and has excellent SEO optimization, but has negative comments such as – the worst customer service-, it will not convert readers to buyers. That’s why business owners need to take time and effort to build their reputation.

Research by revealed that 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions... Read More

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