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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 22nd, 2018

Create a WordPress Document Library: The Definitive Guide

Build a Professional WordPress Document Library with Posts Table Pro

When it comes to running WordPress sites that store extensive amounts of information, it can be difficult to maintain and organize documents in a way that is beneficial to your publications and your audience. A WordPress document library is an ideal way to manage your information. It lets you present documents in an accessible, easy-to-find format that can be easily managed from the front-end.

You can use a document library to share resources within your company or create a publications database or knowledge hub. It’s possible to keep your document library public or private, giving you total control over its use and privacy.

Surprisingly, decent WordPress document Library plugins that offer front-end access are few and far between. Many of the plugins that do exist are left with negative feedback and disappointing ratings, or don’t offer enough features.

However, one WordPress document library plugin that has shown to have it all is Posts Table Pro by Barn2 Media. It lets you create customizable tables from pages, posts, or the custom type posts. You don’t have to enter manual data into each box of the table to create your document library.

Read on to learn more about this plugin and how it could benefit your WordPress site.

What Exactly Does Posts Table Pro Do?

Simply put, the Posts Table Pro plugin immediately creates interactive WordPress tables that will display all your uploaded documents on one page. It can be used to list PDFs, documents, publications or any other type of document in a searchable table. The filters makes it easy for users to find whatever documents they’re looking for. Each document can then be viewed online or downloaded... Read More

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