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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 23rd, 2014

What Is Microcopy and How Can It Help Your Website

SEO, meta descriptions, keywords, al text and UX- digital — it seems that online innovative jargon, trends, techniques and strategies never stop changing and reinventing. The online marketing world hasn’t stayed the same for months now. It’s up to you as a website owner to be up on the trends.

Microcopy is a great example of a word that has just recently entered the digital marketing sphere.

But What the Heck Really is Microcopy?

In short, microcopy is what you would expect it to mean: small pieces of copy. Specifically though, microcopy is the small chunks of text within your website.

Examples of microcopy are:

Error messages

Example usernames and passwords in your login forms

Payment instructions

Security notes

Terms and
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