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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 29th, 2015

Content Marketing Tools for Unique Content Generation

Unique, high-quality content is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind these days, and with good reason. Most of us have heard the words “content is king” more times than can we care to admit. Every marketing website, blog, podcast, and pundit stresses this point to redundancy. But the truth is, content really is the most effective form of marketing today, and the numbers prove it.

Content marketing is not going away anytime soon, so for those who have yet to adopt this strategy, now is the time.

So with top-notch content released onto the web at an unprecedented rate, how are small businesses supposed to keep up with the competition? By employing the most innovative and uniquely engaging content marketing tools available. Check out the valuable content marketing
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Technology News

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Looking to Double Battery Life

Samsung batteries could be getting extended lives thanks to growths. It may sound bizarre but the company is experimenting to get longer charges out of their cellular batteries by replacing the graphite anode, the part through which energy enters the […]
The Private Chat function in BlackBerry Messenger simply shows the text without user names or profile images.

BlackBerry Brings Some Privacy to BBM

Anonymity is nothing new in the technology world, but BlackBerry has added a feature ensuring some conversations can’t be tracked. While it’s been floating in the beta version for a few weeks now, Monday marked the official launch of Private […]

Smart Fabric: The Clothing of the Future

A new kind of wearable has made its way onto the market, and it’s closer to the skin than any headset, watch or wristband. Smartclothing, made from sensor-based smart fabric, could redefine the connected fitness and health industries and beyond. This […]

SEO News

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

Conducting Keyword Research for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Keyword research and keyword optimization are not dead, although their use in SEO has evolved in recent years. The experienced content marketer understands the importance of keywords, not only in search optimization but also in content promotion and in […]

Will Google Let People Buy Directly From Search Results?

Google is making yet another change that could be excellent news for many businesses. How so? Google is adding a “buy” feature directly within search results to encourage searchers to buy the product they are looking for. This will benefit many small […]
Image courtesy of (arztsamui)/

Five Tips that Boost Sales and Search Rankings for eCommerce Sites

I’ve had my fair share of conversations with eCommerce site owners. The two issues that seem to always come up during the course of our discussions are search engine optimization (SEO) and sales. Frankly, some get it and some just don’t. Truthfully, […]

Social Media News

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite Launches in India, the Philippines

Facebook Lite is now available in India and the Philippines. The stripped down version of its app for Android phone owners launched today in the two countries, giving users of the social network there more connectivity choices. Facebook Lite, which uses […]
Flickr photo by Maria Elena

Facebook Testing Snapchat-Like Sticker and Filter Tools

Facebook is rolling out Snapchat-like filters and stickers to its photo editing tools, enabling its users to get creative with their image uploads. The new tools are still in the testing phase and have only been rolled out to select users of the Facebook […]

How Interactive Content Will Help Your Bottom Line in 2015

By now you’ve probably heard the phrase content is king and, if you have, it isn’t just because it’s the Internet marketer’s best weapon against the bottom line. It’s because your customers are craving quality material every time they open their […]


Business & Marketing News


The Pyschological Side of eCommerce

All of us visit supermarkets from time to time and we all tend to buy more than we intended to, even if we have a list. These impulsive purchases are usually products you don’t really need. “So I have bread, eggs, milk… and I’ll also take this […]
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Five Steps to Integrating Coaching into your Talent Management Strategy

Coaching means many things to many people. Many times a certain technique that is referred to as “coaching,” isn’t really coaching at all; it’s actually counseling or feedback. For example, you may have heard or had this happen to you – a manager […]
T-Mobile CEO John Legere introduces JUMP in this 2013 company photo.

T-Mobile Wants Customers to Jump On Demand

One has to hand it to John Legere, the man doesn’t hold back. The T-Mobile president and CEO held true to form Thursday as his company unveiled a new program allowing users to swap out their phone whenever they want. The Jump On Demand program has […]

Other News


Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Sometimes, we have all that we need on a pre-designed blogging template. Other times we don’t. For artists, however, sticking to a “standard” is never a preferred option. Considering that photographers are also artistically-gifted, I’m sure most […]
Google search

New Study Accuses Google of Harming Consumers

Google is skewing search results to favor its own services, a clear violation of anti-trust law, according to Columbia Law School professor and author Tim Wu. Wu in a paper co-authored with the Yelp data science team, accuses the search engine of “reducing […]
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Amazon Extends Loan program to Canada, U.K., Other Countries: Report

Amazon has plans to extend its business loan program for small sellers to eight more countries later this year. The short-term working capital loans will be available in a handful of countries where Amazon operates a third-party, seller-run marketplace […]

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