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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 1st, 2014

Google Analytics: There’s Finally an App for That

“There’s an app for that!” That’s how the saying goes, but it hasn’t always been the case for some of the tools most wanted by marketers and webmasters. Take, for instance, Google Analytics. Plenty of high-level professionals have wanted to be able to use their iPhones and iPads to check real-time analytics while on-the-go, but their “app well” has been notoriously dry.

Fortunately, the landscape has recently changed for the better.

As of July 2014, there is finally an app that allows mobile users on iOS devices to explore their Google Analytics data. No matter where they are, they will now have access to most of the information that they hitherto could only find if they were tethered to a laptop or desktop. It’s a huge boon for
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Technology News


SmartBell to Allow Homeowners to Answer the Door from Anywhere

Sharp is working on the prototype of a Smart doorbell that enables homeowners to chat with the person outside their doors, even when they are not at home. The idea comes courtesy of 23-year-olf British student Daniel McGrane, the winner of a competition […]

Thumb Drives Could Be Giving Computers the Finger

A small tool depended upon by millions could, in fact, spell their doom. USB flash drives are as common as staplers in offices nowadays and used commonly for the sharing of information. But, reserachers say, those thumb drives can be reprogrammed and […]

France’s Iliad Makes Bid for T-Mobile

T-Mobile is attracting lots of interest these days. Iliad, a French telecommunications provider, has made an offer of $15 billion in cash for a 56.6 percent stake in the U.S. wireless carrier, at $33 per share. Iliad said with the remaining 43.4 percent […]

SEO News

Local SEO Google Maps

Search Engines — What’s In and What’s Out

There’s lots of chatter in my industry about the future of search engines and how Google’s new algorithms are changing the landscape of how business owners work to keep and improve their website’s placement on Google. What seems apparent to me is […]
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Google SERP Displays Change Again

Do you ever get the feeling Google changes things up just to toss SEOs off guard? In late June, the company announced it was scrapping parts of the popular Google Authorship program, frustrating marketers who liked the credibility and search advantages […]

A Web Design Firm Gets SEO/Conversion Pointers

It was a unique experience for a group of web designers and copywriters to review a site about web design and copywriting. Sometimes it’s easier to spot areas of improvement on other’s sites. The recommendations made for Words & Images could easily […]

Social Media News

Credit: Matt Harnack / Facebook

Facebook Launches App to Bring Free Internet to Zambia

Facebook’s plan to bring the Internet to the unconnected masses is bearing its first fruit. The social network debuted an app today that hands Airtel subscribers in Zambia access to free basic mobile data services such as health, employment and local […]
Photo Credit: Facebook growth by Niall Kennedy Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Facebook’s Staggering Popularity: How it Woos the Masses

Facebook – since 2003, it’s steadily become the social network the world loves to hate. And yet it’s insanely popular, despite a near-constant barrage of negative feedback. From stream manipulation to increasingly shady revenue tactics, […]

Twitter Stock Jumps After 2Q Results Posted

Twitter enjoyed a blockbuster second quarter with revenue skyrocketing 124 percent and usage up six percent thanks to tweeting World Cup fans. The better than expected results had the social network’s stocks on the rise, eventually leaping to $50.01 […]


Business & Marketing News


How To Stay Relevant With Your Online Content

Maintaining relevancy is something you read about in multiple blogs: it could be listed as a simple bullet point, but many blogs do not unpack it further. What do they mean by saying “keep your content relevant?” How does one keep their content relevant […]

Marketing Matters: Don’t Bother Trying to Hide Elephants

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “elephant in the room.” In the unlikely event you’re not, it refers to a difficult topic about which everyone is painfully aware, but that is so uncomfortable that nobody is willing to mention […]

Top Five Warning Signs That Tell You When to Redesign Your Site

Website technology is constantly evolving. That is because website redesign is a necessity especially for businesses whose brand, label, products, and services rely on online marketing and whose customers, leads and prospects are mostly online. The question […]

Other News

Judge Rules DoJ Can Access Microsoft User’s E-mails Stored Overseas

Microsoft has lost its bid to protect the privacy of its users. A U.S. federal judge today ruled the software firm cannot prevent the Justice Department from accessing e-mails stored in a Dublin, Ireland data center. Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta […]
Image courtesy of (CC) BrianSolis.

Apple Sharpens its Axe at Beats Office

Apple’s $3-billion acquisition of Beats Electronics is good news for everyone except about 200 of the music company’s employees. News reports indicate about 200 jobs are on the chopping block. 9to5Mac is reporting Apple executives visited Beats headquarters […]

China Denies Hacking Canadian Government Agency

China is denying accusations that it sponsored a hacking attack against a Canadian government agency. Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang today rebuffed allegations of his government’s involvement in the cyber-attack on the IT infrastructure of the […]

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