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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 22nd, 2015

Facebook Marketing: Effective Strategies for Business Owners

As of January, Facebook began to alter algorithms to enhance user experience via posts that are displayed on an individual’s news feed. This change is set to dramatically affect the way that businesses can conduct successful marketing campaigns on the site. Facebook will now heavily restrict posts that recycle previously used ad content, posts which push for viewers to buy a product or install an app, and content that pressures people to enter contests without any sort of context or frame of reference.

The mammoth social media platform has decided to implement this change in lieu of a recent user poll. Facebook was quoted on the matter as stating, “As part of an ongoing survey we asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People
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Technology News


Save Money with the NOOK Book Reading Apps

There are many benefits to purchasing and reading eBooks instead of traditional paperback or hardcover books. One of the major benefits is the easier storage and portability of an eReader like the NOOK or the NOOK book reading app. Another major benefit […]
yandex main

Russian Browser Yandex Goes Back to Basics, Security

A browser to challenge Google? Not likely, right? A Russia-based browser ready to take on one of the Internet’s giants? Perhaps far-fetched but it certainly appears there’s a classic David versus Goliath battle brewing and it’s less-favored […]
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Security Questions Don’t Offer as Much Protection as You Might Think

Security questions such as what was the name of your first pet, may not offer you as much protection as you think. According to a new study from Google, secret questions actually offer a lower security level than user-chosen passwords. And the reason […]

SEO News


How to Develop Click-Worthy SEO Boosting Content

Virtually anybody who has spent a decent amount of time learning about SEO and the related tactics knows that the game is constantly morphing. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that quality content is a must. In fact, unique and relevant […]

How Bing is Poised to Challenge Google’s Dominance

Let’s start with the obvious: Google is without a doubt the world’s largest and most popular search engine. It’s a gigantic dominant digital force of nature. In fact, Google processes 1.2 trillion searches worldwide each year. That breaks […]
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Five Smart Ways to Create Evergreen Content That Helps to Earn Backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the most important factors for ranking well on search engines. Google had earlier said it tested both the search results with and without backlinks as a major factor for rankings Web pages and the results that were based on […]

Social Media News

Quiz Up

QuizUp Morphs Into a Social Network

QuizUp a social network? Yes, the mobile trivia gaming app is putting new focus on social with a new app and website after banking more than $27 million in venture capital from top investors. Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, but with an office in San Francisco, […]

Tweets Are Coming to a Google Search Near You

Twitter and Google are teaming up to bring relevant tweets to search results. The feature is now available to iOS and Android as well as the mobile Web for English-speaking U.S. users. The desktop Web version is coming in the near future and all of the […]

App Allows Easy, Live Broadcasting on Social Media Sites

Broadcasting live video on social networks and from Smartphones has become easier and smoother thanks to an app recently included in Facebook’s mentoring program. STRIMZ has been in development since 2010 and, just this month, launched with the […]


Business & Marketing News


How an IRS Tax Attorney Can Help Fix Complex Tax Problems

If you have ever been served with the dreaded notice of a tax audit or you are in serious delinquency with your taxes, you might feel like running and hiding. The problem is, the IRS frowns up on that – instead, it wants you to face your debts and more […]
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When Should Businesses Incorporate?

In the words of U.S. President Barack Obama: “Entrepreneurs embody the promise of America.” Entrepreneurship is not only the future of America, but is also becoming a major part of the Australian economy. Most entrepreneurs like to focus the majority […]
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The Evolution of E-mail Marketing

  In a digital world that is so frequently changing, for businesses to stay successful in the marketplace, it’s necessary to implement not only the best practices, but the most up-to-date tactics. With e-mail marketing, there are several things […]

Other News


Netflix Boosts Functionality in Upcoming Interface Overhaul

Netflix is debuting a new user interface for the Web that is both more attractive and more functional. The new look is expected to go worldwide next month, although a small number of users are seeing the change, which is similar to what the company’s […]
Apple image — The Apple iPad.

Larger iPad Coming This Fall

Have you ever wished for a larger iPad? Your wish may just come true. Apple is, reportedly, working on a 12.9-inch model of the iPad. The Cupertino company plans to launch the larger iPad in the second half of 2015 — likely sometime this fall, according […]
The main entrance to the Sony Pictures Entertainment studio lot in Culver City. — Photo by Coolcaesar.

Hacked Sony E-Mails Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Political Dealings in L.A.

By Robert Faturechi, ProPublica and Jack Dolan, the Los Angeles Times A version of this story was co-published with the Los Angeles Times. E-mails stolen by hackers from Sony Pictures Entertainment have been fodder for a steady stream of gossipy Hollywood […]

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