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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 17th, 2014

The Future of Google Updates and Penguin 3.0

Google’s sixth release of Penguin, dubbed Penguin 3.0, arrived with mixed emotions late October 17. Site owners began reporting fluctuations in page rankings, both positive and negative, on that date. Shifts in ranking continue to occur, and webmasters are unclear if the rollout is now complete. According to Google’s Pierre Far, it’s a “slow, worldwide rollout.”

But what, specifically, has been targeted? Google hasn’t been overly talkative about Penguin 3.0, so let’s take a closer look and see what we can determine.

Penguin 3.0 Targets Bad Link Profiles

The Penguin algorithm targets spammy links, and with every Penguin update, Google is getting more accurate in pinpointing sites that employ black hat tactics. The latest update is
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Technology News

BlackBerry Classic

What’s Old is New Again: BlackBerry Launches Classic Phone With Qwerty Keyboard

BlackBerry is getting back to basics with the launch of its new BlackBerry Classic Smartphone that gives enthusiasts the QWERTY keyboard they love along with the speed of new technology. The Canadian Smartphone maker really needs this phone to be a success […]
Tumblr image

It’s Time to Get Your Business on Tumblr

As a business owner, keeping up with existing social networks can be overwhelming. It can be hard to understand which platform best meets your needs, where your target audience members are spending their time and how you should cater to each network. […]
Image by Sebastian Bergmann.

Hortonworks IPO Fills Yahoo’s Coffers

Cha-ching!!! Yahoo is cashing in something fierce on its investments this year, the latest of which is Hortonworks. The business computer software company, based in Palo Alto, California, became a public company Friday and, although it was priced at $16 […]

SEO News

Local SEO Google Maps

Local SEO: The Downsides No SEO Company Dares Discuss

Is local SEO right for every small business? Some experts say yes, and would be hard-pressed to allow you to think differently — particularly when they’re selling the service. For some businesses (i.e., those run exclusively online), implementing […]
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

How to Build Links and Web Content Together Successfully

When it comes to digital marketing, techniques that are seen as separate entities often complement one another and help enhance your overall strategy. Content marketing and link building are shining examples of this effect, even though the two can involve […]
Local SEO Google Maps

Why Local SEO Will Change Your Life

The lifeblood of any business is traffic, and the best source of traffic is that gained through search engines. A website can have a beautiful design and offer wonderful products, but without proper search engine optimization, no one will be around to […]

Social Media News


Twitter and Foursquare to Join Forces for Location-Based Tweets

Twitter and Foursquare are reportedly teaming up in 2015 to power location-based tweets. Sources “familiar with the deal” told Business Insider Twitter’s goal is to be more than a timely resource for users — the microblogging site also wants to […]

Pinterest Debuts Tool to Move Multiple Pins to New Boards

Pinterest is finally making it easier to move multiple pins to new or different boards. The move by the social network comes after many requests from users to make the process less cumbersome. “Lots of Pinners have told us they’d like a way to move […]
Facebook Vs. Snapchat

Facebook Vs. Snapchat

Source: […]


Business & Marketing News

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

Increase Your E-mail Open Rate By Improving Your Subject Lines

It’s been said many times that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to e-mail, no one seems to have a problem with making a snap decision. Just like a direct sales letter, the subject line of your e-mail is usually the most important […]
Apps for Education

Creative Career Advice for College Grads

Graduation is an exciting time. Not only are you greeted with gifts and congratulations, but, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll soon be introduced to new career opportunities that won’t be available to others. That said, it’s important you know […]

PR Inbound Marketing: The Future of Tech and Telecom

Traditional advertising is diminishing quickly, while inbound marketing has more than just a foot in the door. Companies are noticing they can find better leads, sell to target audiences, and have customers come to them using new software that integrates […]

Other News

Google top search 2014

Robin Williams Top Trending Google Search of 2014

It seems Americans really do turn to Google with their most pressing questions. The technology titan today released its top searches for 2014 and, as the How to query category revealed, Google really is used to learn how to do everything — from ‘How […]
Skype Translator

New Skype Technology Enables Nearly Real-Time Translation

Microsoft has broken the language barrier with Skype Translator, a new technology that can translate speech, practically in real-time. The Skype Translator preview program is still in a formative stage, in which those who sign-up via this page can aid […]
Photo by Johannes Hemmerlein

Apple, Amazon, eBay Back Microsoft in Data Fight With U.S. Government

U.S. technology firms, including Apple and Amazon, are rallying around Microsoft in its stand against relinquishing customer data stored in an Ireland data center to the U.S. Justice Department. Microsoft is being held in contempt of court for failure […]

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