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FEATURED ARTICLE — February 26th, 2015

Will Your Business Facebook Account Matter In 2015?

Over the years, we’ve seen giants in the social media world start to fizzle out and become less important. Now, many are beginning to wonder if Facebook will be facing this same decline soon. The Guardian recently released a post discussing the start of this decline. In light of this post and the number of businesses leaving Facebook, many people are beginning to question the social giant’s relevancy.

Does Facebook really matter in 2015? I am going to take a look at whether or not it is still important for you and just what you can do in the future with your social media content and Facebook.

Is it Really True That Facebook is No Longer Relevant?

Starting in mid to late 2014, we all started hearing the news that Facebook wasn’t relevant for businesses anymore. This
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Technology News

Google Logo

Google Consolidates European Operations

Google is merging its two units operating in Europe amid pressure from the European Commission. Google’s Northern and Central Europe unit will become one division covering Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Financial Times […]
iPhone 6

Top Eight Productivity Apps for Your iPhone

Today’s workforce is happily embracing the technology that enables them to improve all aspects of their workday, from saving time to improving productivity, to communicating better and working better with team members. The multitude of apps that […]
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Retailers Look to Data From the Edge

Consumers expect free Wi-Fi at libraries, airports, cafes, and even subway stations, but not many people expect to get online for free during store runs for toilet paper and mouthwash. But that’s about to change as more big-box and specialty retailers […]

SEO News

Enhancing Your SEO Rankings Using Google+

Google+, contrary to the beliefs of many, is still a force to be reckoned with in the social stratosphere. It’s currently the third largest social platform in the world and sees over 540 million active monthly users. It’s quite apparent that Google+ […]
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Optimization Trends in 2015: Five Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve

It can sometimes feel like the fields of SEO and digital marketing are built on shifting sands. The fast pace of change is one of the things that makes this such an exciting area but it can also be a challenge for businesses looking to stay ahead of the […]
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Find and Clean Your Bad Backlinks: Here’s How

2015 is well underway. You’ve probably gone back on a few resolutions, and made some permanent, but that’s old news. Now is the time to focus on steps to move forward. This is especially true as it relates to your online brand – your website. You […]

Social Media News

LinkedIn image — LinkedIn Offices.

LinkedIn Agrees to $1.25M Settlement in Hacking Case

LinkedIn has agreed to fork over $1.25 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the site of not adequately protecting the passwords and personal data of its premium services users. Under the agreement, the professional social network will compensate […]
YouTube Kids Screenshot

Google Debuts YouTube Kids for Android, iOS

A child-appropriate version of YouTube is finally here. Google has launched YouTube Kids, the first app built by the company specifically for young children. The app, which is available for free on Google Play and the App Store in the U.S., offers […]

Facebook Policy Violates Users’ Privacy: Belgian Privacy Watchdog

Facebook’s updated privacy policy violates European data laws, a report from the Belgian Data Protection Authority has found. The report, released today, said the social network, despite its policy update in January, still makes it too hard for users […]


Business & Marketing News

handshake  behind a corporative building.Great for any design.

Build Your Business with a Free Tutorial

People love to get free information, so using a free tutorial to share your knowledge is a great way to promote yourself and your business.  By doing this, you will establish yourself as an expert. Then, when people need products and/or services, you […]

How Influencers Play a Role in Devising Content Marketing Strategy

Most of people think that influencer marketing is something related to the promotional part of the digital marketing world. However, the key idea behind using influencer marketing efficiently in your business includes recognizing and developing relationships […]

Top Three Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook advertising: marketers either love it or they hate it. I don’t care which side of the table you’re on, there is one thing for certain: Facebook has massive reach and impressive targeting features that make it an attractive marketing channel. I’ve […]

Other News

50K Locker Launch Image

Store Up to 50,000 Songs in the Cloud With Google Play Music

Google Play Music is upping its free storage limit to 50,000 songs — more than double the previous 20,000 limit. The newly extended library enables you to not only store your music, but stream or download the songs to your phone, tablet, computer or […]
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.48.19 AM

Samsung Makes Light of Galaxy S6 Rumors

Samsung decided to have a little fun today by addressing all of the outlandish rumors about its upcoming flagship handset, the Galaxy S6. The South Korean company published a page on its Norwegian site — dubbed ‘Is this the next?’ — on which […]
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Apple Must Pay $532M to Smartflash for Patent Violation

Apple has been ordered to pay $532.9 million in fines for patent infringement of a Texas company’s software. A federal jury ruled in favor of Smartflash late Tuesday, saying Apple used its patented technology in iTunes without permission. The jury also […]

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