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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 19th, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Build Links & Outrank Your Competitors

Many businesses and experts have realized the advantages of having a strong online presence. As the online marketing scene evolved so did the practices people had to work on to get ahead.

SEO has always been a crucial marketing discipline and it remains strong today. It’s the best way to increase your SERPs and gain lots of valuable organic traffic. However, everyone does SEO now, making it difficult to compete for valuable keywords. 

One of the most important SEO tactics that will get you the edge you need to outrank your competitors in the SERPs is link building. However, link building is not only about having the technical skills to create good links. This method is a combination of content marketing, old-school marketing knowledge, sales, and even physiology. 

Today we are going to introduce you to five ways to improve link building and outrank your competition. 

1. Guest Posting

Google’s former member, Matt Cutts, wrote this in 2014: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.” 

Be that as it may, there are still reasons to guest post, but in a certain way. It’s important to ensure a couple of things: 

Get dofollow links. 

Get links to and from related sites. 

Avoid sites that only publish guest posts and don’t have any content of their own. 

Avoid creating posts with exact match anchor texts.

Ensure that the links are leading people to relevant posts/pages. 

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