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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 17th, 2018

7 Tips to Edit Your Blog Posts Like a Pro

So you’ve spent a lot of time writing a great post.

You did a lot of research and took a lot of time to put it into your own words, making sure that the whole article was concise, informative, and entertaining.

But you always have that little voice  in the back of your mind that says that you’re not a good writer and no one will read your post, which may be true if you aren’t careful about the style and content of your article.

On the other hand, you see other writers who seem to be naturally gifted. People love reading every word they write even though the actual ideas they’re presenting are nothing new.

But still, people love reading every word of their posts.

The truth is you don’t need to be super talented. In fact, most of the blog writers you admire probably aren’t particularly talented either. It’s only because they spend a lot of time editing their first crappy draft that they’re able to polish their post to perfection.

You just see the end result.

You can also improve your writing from being a crappy draft to a polished, perfect post. I’m sure you are wondering how. Well, that’s what you’re going to learn in this post.

You’ll discover my secret tips that have helped me polish my writing and write great posts in spite of the fact that English isn’t even my native language.

Tip #1: Leave It to the Next Day

Even though this is a very simple concept, it’s surprisingly effective.

What people usually do is that they finish their writing and then start editing right away, all in one sitting.

The problem is that most of the words you used are still in your head, and so you’re a lot less likely to... Read More

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