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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 20th, 2017

4 Metrics Google Uses to Score Your Content

We’ve been waiting for this for quite a while, haven’t we? That moment when we can say that we know for sure what Google bots like about our website and what they don’t like.

Well, the following metrics aren’t exactly coming from Google, but close enough. The Moz experts think they have unveiled the mystery. If you have anything to do with SEO, you already know that the closest you can get to Google is Moz.

This edition of Whiteboard Friday was filled with epiphanies and confirmations of things I already suspected. So I decided to resume it for you. Here it is:

Top 4 metrics you should care about (because Google does!)

The Moz experts assume that the organic ranking metrics are somewhat similar to the AdWords quality score, the algorithm that Google uses to rank ads and determine costs. Of course, the organic ranking algorithm itself has to be quite sophisticated, but I think the simplifications below can help a lot of businesses and SEO writers.

1. Actions taken on your website

They came, they read, then what? According to Moz, Google loves to see people click a button on your website after reading or scanning one of your pages. If they do nothing, then Google assumes your website wasn’t all that interesting.

What to do: Add CTAs to each of your posts. You may think it is common sense for people who love what you write to go to the contact page and ask for a price quotation. But it’s not. We tested this on multiple websites for our clients and on our own website. Irrespective of how many clicks they got and how well they ranked organically, blog posts with no CTA gathered very few (if any) leads.

2. Bounce rate

You already know that a huge bounce rate isn’t something to be proud of. Google doesn’t... Read More

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