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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 27th, 2014

Pinterest Lessons from Its Influential Few

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are groomed from a young age and grace television screens for decades. Others are self-made: investors and business owners who take ideas and run with them. Some – a growing number – start online.

Such is the case of Pinstars, Pinfluencers, Pinlebrities – the naming options are endless. Like others in their class – YouTube sensations, Twitter personalities and thriving Vinestars, Pinfluencers, or Pinterest influencers have well-established followings and are slowly but steadily leaving their mark across the world via Pinterest, the fourth most popular social network in the United States.

Who are Pinfluencers?

Unlike other social celebrities who gain status from lucky posts that go viral or real-life
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Technology News

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When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Everything

Are you one of the many people who think Apple’s Siri is a gimmick? Then prepare to be impressed. Artificial intelligence (or ‘AI’) interfaces are about to get a lot smarter. And if they start connecting to the Internet of Everything they could […]

Sony Shifting Focus Away From Mobile Division

Sony is reworking its plans to become the third largest smartphone provider in the world. The technology giant has announced it will, rather, focus on elements such as its hugely popular PlayStation gaming console and the image sensor component of its […]

Survey Shows Some Knowledge of Internet

The World Wide Web is 25 years old and, after a quarter of a century existence, many Americans  have decent knowledge of the Information Highway. That’s what the results of a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre show. The online […]

SEO News

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A Guide to Using Content Marketing to Boost SEO

A problem many small businesses face is that they lack the resources to compete head-to-head with large firms. This inarguably sets limits on your activity, but it doesn’t have to hold you back in all areas. For example, are you possibly approaching […]
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The Top 5 SEO Tactics You can Drop in 2015

SEO is not a stagnant science. It’s a very dynamic process with tricks and tips that may propel you to the top one year, and literally do the reverse the next. Google’s mission is simple: They want to provide the most accurate, user-friendly […]
What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

Source: SEO Sherpa […]

Social Media News

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The Ultimate Guide For A Successful Social Media Visibility

The rise of social media in the digital marketing scene is indeed fast and growing. You have to be socially persuasive. Are you keeping up with it so far? Or are your efforts lost in the realm of social feeds that populate the Internet? If you are a dedicated […]
Facebook Is a Must for Brands Around the World

Facebook Is a Must for Brands Around the World

You will find more statistics at Statista […]

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday shopping is right around the corner. And where do people like to talk about their consumer conquests? On Facebook, of course. With more than one billion users, Facebook is definitely going to be abuzz with the talk of shopping for friends and […]


Business & Marketing News

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Use Data to Your Advantage: What your Data Can Tell You if You Listen

In the past, businesses used data strictly to address problems with their service or product. Now there is a consensus in the marketing industry that data management, collecting, processing and acting on valuable data, will be a core component of successful […]

Social Media Tools to Boost Your Business in 2015

As more and more businesses crack the code of social media, discovering bona fide ways to leverage social channels into impressive increases in revenue, these platforms have become more and more of a marketing priority. Businesses can’t afford to […]

Other News

SweetSense Sensors

Sensors Change Lives in Developing Countries

If you were to visit many rural areas in developing countries, most likely you‘d come across hand-operated water pumps used to get clean water.  While non-government organizations introduce thousands of them every  year,  a large number fail in the […]

T-Mobile to be More Forthcoming on Throttling Practices

T-Mobile has agreed to stop fudging the mobile broadband speeds its customers see after running a mobile speed tests. The practice, called throttling, landed the wireless carrier in hot water with the Federal Communications Commission, which frowns on […]

BlackBerry Trying to Woo iPhone Users With Up to $600 to Switch to Passport

Chart for Canadian consumers If you’re tired of your iPhone, BlackBerry may have a deal too good to pass up. The Canadian Smartphone maker has launched a trade-up program for current iPhone users to switch to the new BlackBerry Passport. As an incentive, […]

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