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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 24th, 2017

Facebook Live for Desktop: What You Should Know

People can’t get enough of live streaming content.

Over the past year, Facebook audiences have bared witness to live governmental sit-ins, the birth of a new life, and a kaleidoscope of other human experiences that would normally be reserved for only those in attendance.

While services like Facebook Live and Periscope have always been restricted to mobile devices, the world’s largest social network has upped the ante with its March 22 announcement that users can now live stream right from their desktop computers.

The feature, which Facebook has been testing since September, is the latest effort from the social network to entice new creators to join the platform and boost live video viewership.

The newly enabled desktop abilities will allow streamers to produce higher-quality streams by eliminating shakiness by utilizing the computer’s webcam; this will be especially useful for those looking to hold Q&A sessions, film vlogs, and even produce live webinars on the platform.

More professional services like the aforementioned webinars become a viable option thanks to Facebook’s inclusion of the ability to link external equipment and software to the desktop stream.

This means that creators can add on-screen graphics, overlays, switch cameras, and even share screens during streamed events.

Additionally, the newly implemented features directly appeal to gaming audiences; especially those on YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

While Facebook previously had limited streaming partnerships with game developers like Blizzard, enabling the company’s entire user base to access the technology opens the doors for Facebook to go head-to-head with Amazon-owned Twitch.

According to Twitch, the company currently boasts around... Read More

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