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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 4th, 2015

Strategies and Tools to Find Authoritative Guest Blog Opportunities

Every SEO blog you’ve ever read tells you that you need to have links to increase your rankings. These experts also say that all you need to do get links is to “create great content” or “blog consistently.”

If you’ve ever taken a stab at trying to rank a website for yourself, your company or your clients, you know damn well that this simply doesn’t cut it.

What you need is some real actionable advice that actually sees you generating links for your hard work with the added benefit of generating some media buzz as well as referral traffic.

Well hang on to your typewriter and send that non-actionable link building post packing. Today we’re going to learn how to build links from high traffic sites that have a lot of authority and give you the SEO rankings boost
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Technology News


Mt. Gox CEO Arrested in Tokyo

Suspicion of financial fraud has resulted in the arrest of Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange company CEO Mark Karpeles. Photo Credit: Nic McPhee via flickr Karpeles was arrested Saturday in Tokyo more than a year after the controversial Mt. Gox went offline. Authorities […]

Fujifilm Brings Infrared to X-T1

Fujifilm has already made an impact with its X-T1 camera, but the company has just unveiled its next impressive variant on the model. The X-T1 IR takes the camera to a new level by introducing infrared technology. What this means is the camera will capture […]

Technology That Won’t Exist in 2025

From the latest Smartphone to eco-friendly printers, technology seems to always be active in creating something new and exciting that could revolutionize our everyday lives. However, 10 years in technology is an incredibly long time. Some products that […]

SEO News

Google search

How to Be Found on Google

Contrary to popular belief, getting your business listed at the top of Google Search results is no mystery. With more and more customers now turning to Google to find new products and companies, it is important to take ownership of this marketing channel […]
Photo Credit: Baitong333 via

How Links & Content Work Together in SEO Rankings

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in the world of content marketing: to link or not to link? That is the question. As it turns out, however, the answer is a little more complex than we previously believed. While many would have you believe that […]

How to Set Up An XML Site Map in WordPress

Did you know there’s now more than 75 million websites online that use WordPress? If you’re a WordPress user like myself, you’re well acquainted with the many advantages of using the CMS. What you may not be aware of is how important setting up […]

Social Media News

Photo by Ben Scholzen.

LinkedIn Posts Healthy 2Q Revenue, But Stock Still Tumbles

LinkedIn posted a better than expected second quarter report Thursday evening, but its shares plunged nine percent over concerns with lack of display ad unit growth. The stock did rebound slightly, but there was still concern that the professional social […]

Facebook Posts $4B Revenue in 2Q, But Lower Income as Expenses Rise

Facebook had another solid quarter, surpassing Wall Street’s estimates thanks to a thriving advertising unit. The social network posted revenue of $4.04 billion for its second quarter, a jump of 39 percent from the same period last year. Revenue may […]

Top Tips to Score More Customers With Your Website

Marketing has changed a lot in the past 10 years thanks to the Internet, yet service remains the biggest factor in winning customers. Efficient Service is the Topmost Driver No amount of marketing can replace poor service or faulty product. Every site […]


Business & Marketing News

Money US Dollars

How Your Business Can Cut Costs without Losing Customers

According to a recent LinkedIn article, only half of all businesses survive five years. Even grimmer, only one-third survive 10 years. In the current economic climate, businesses are challenged with having to simultaneously cut costs while still retaining […]
Amazon image

Retail Cloud is the Future – Yea or Nay

Retailers are beginning to take a shine to retail cloud solutions that would enable them to address customer expectations and help them optimize their business operations. And rightly so, because retail businesses demand swiftness and precision, in order […]

The Four Ps of Online Marketing Success: (AKA) How to Slay the Hydras of Advertising

Every business strives for to make a profit. It is the end result of selling a useful product or service that the marketplace ultimately deems worthy. If you are a business owner, managing the sales of your products or services produce these profits. […]

Other News

Apple image

iOS-Equipped Apple TV to Make Debut Come September

Apple has plans to release an upgraded version of its set-top box and a new streaming service for TV content, according to a report from Buzzfeed. Apple image Apple was originally supposed to announce the new Apple TV at its Worldwide Developer Conference […]

Mozilla CEO Attacks Microsoft for Making Edge Default Browser in Windows 10

Mozilla is taking exception to the default settings in Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10. Chris Beard is accusing his counterpart at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, of stripping away users’ choices. Calling the way Windows 10 was designed “disturbing,” […]
Google Logo

Google Defies France on Taking ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Global

Google is refusing to comply with an order from French regulators to extend the ‘right to be forgotten’ law to all of its search results rather than just those in Europe. In fact, the tech titan is asking France’s Commission Nationale de L’Informatique […]

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