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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 28th, 2015

Leaders Go First

We have all had the unenviable experience of dealing with leaders who lack integrity and, at the very least, it can be frustrating and more likely demoralizing. There again, great leaders have the ability to inspire us, and nothing is more inspiring than a leader who walks their talk.

In 2005, I was invited to speak at a global sales conference. I don’t often get the opportunity to do last-minute gigs, but that is exactly what this was. An executive I was mentoring at the time had apparently been speaking with someone they knew at this company and found out that their speaker had bailed. My client recommended me.

The gig was going to be taking place at the end of the week, and I had a rather unusual opening in my schedule. There seemed to be a synchronicity that made it work,
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Technology News

Photo credit: Robert Scoble via flickr

Google Launches Patent Experiment

An experiment by Google could see the Internet giant purchasing patents from the public. Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/ The company announced, via a blog posting, it is creating a patent marketplace that will be easy to use, should […]

Apple Sets Second-Quarter Record

Apple’s iPhones have given the company another record-setting quarter. Tim Cook The computer giant released its second-quarter figures Monday reporting a staggering $58 billion revenue. Compare that figure to the same quarter last year and there […]

Why Some People’s E-mails Are Not Reaching You

Web hosts often get complaints from clients that they are not receiving mail properly. Their complaint is that if specific persons send them a mail from specific e-mail addresses, their messages bounce with an error message. This means the mail is not […]

SEO News


Looting the Google Algorithm

Google did not become the intergalactic Web titan it is today by focusing solely on itself. In fact, the world’s most influential search engine made its bones by creating an easy and unobtrusive online experience for the user. And so it goes with its […]
Google search

How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Major Mobile Update

Google is at it yet again. The search engine giant is rolling out a huge update and causing major waves in the content world! I’ve talked about the various coming changes and even given suggestions on how to do a content audit long before Google does […]

Seven Pitfalls of Blogging You Should Be Avoiding

As a small business owner who is determined to enhance the online visibility of his company, you may be determined to give blogging a try. But you may know very little (or nothing at all) about the main characteristics of a successful blog. Is this a […]

Social Media News

Facebook messenger-video-call2

Facebook Debuts Video Calling in Messenger

Facebook is getting ready to steal Skype’s thunder. And Facetime’s too. The social network is introducing video calling in Messenger. Messenger, a free stand-alone mobile app that enables users to text friends for free using their existing data plan […]

12 Free Social Media Management and Marketing Tools to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the power of social media in boosting brand value. Social media allows you to connect with your target audience in a way that was not possible with traditional media. However, to reap the benefits of social media […]
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Social Media Tips, Tricks and Best Practices from the Pros

I was recently asked to head up and participate in an event to help business owners learn how to more effectively run their businesses.  I gathered a list of more than two dozen questions for the event as a way of preparing myself and the other panelists. […]


Business & Marketing News

Identity Theft

Software That’s Checking You’re Who You Say You Are

The financial services industry is bringing technology to bear in the fight against identity theft. Voice biometrics software that can tell a hoaxer just from their voice is being installed in banks worldwide and in many other large organizations that […]

Do You Have to Have a Ton of Home Page Content?

It seems that a lot of content focuses on writing blogs, creating great calls to action, and writing excellent social media posts. However, you might not be able to find just how you should handle your home page content. It seems like the place to introduce […]

5 Digital Payment Portals for Businesses

Over the past 20 years, technology has morphed in countless ways to integrate with the daily lives of the average consumer. As time hurdles forward, more and more of the transactions and communications that used to take place in the physical world are […]

Other News

facebook safetycheck

Facebook, Google Helping People Stay in Touch With Loved ones in Nepal

Technology is coming to the aid of worried friends and family of those affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal over the weekend. Facebook’s SafetyCheck feature, launched last year, is getting a work out as members of the social network let their […]
Apple Pay

Discover Leaps on the Apple Pay Bandwagon

Discover is getting on board with Apple Pay. The credit card company today announced an agreement with Apple that will enable Discover card members in the U.S., as of this fall, to use Apple Pay for contactless payments at participating retailers. “As […]

eBay Sides With Google in Anti-Trust Battle With European Regulators

Google has found an American ally in its ongoing anti-trust battle with the European Commission. eBay CEO John Donahoe is supporting Google’s argument that it is, in fact, eBay and Amazon that dominate online shopping, not Google’s service. Donahoe […]

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