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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 21st, 2014

Does Your Business Need an App? Likely Not

The mobile mayhem has hit full force. Fifty-two percent of all local searches now happen on a mobile device, and a whopping nine out of 10 searches on a mobile device end in a sale. If you’re trying to ignore the mobile space as a small business owner, it will indeed ignore you. And so will scads and scads of potential customers.

That said, the mobile app craze is a misunderstood phenomenon, and many small business owners are jumping in without being fully educated. By many estimations, the vast majority of companies that take the time and resources to build a mobile app don’t actually need one. A mobile website, most definitely. But an app might be a colossal waste.

How do you know if a mobile app will propel your business forward? A quick education into the world of mobile
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Technology News

Google Headquarters

Google Launches Security Key to Strengthen Two-Step Verification

Google is adding more teeth to its two-step verification with Security Key, a USB second factor device that works only after verifying the login site is truly a Google website. Security Key enables its user to avoid typing in codes. Instead, the user […]
The smart baby onesie (Mimo) from Rest Devices monitors baby's vitals and analyses the data for parents so that they can rest easy. Based on Intel Edison, all the functionalities of the onesie were able to fit into a 'turtle' (sensors plus mini-PC of a size of a baby's hand) that is attached to the onesie, eliminating the need of an external receiver.

The Devices Making Health-Care Smarter

Pill bottles that can tell a caregiver when a patient’s missed a dose. Diapers that can pinpoint urinary tract infections and monitor hydration. A baby monitor that allows parents to get information on their baby’s breathing, temperature and body […]

Internet and Inequality – The Digital Divide Gets Personal

Access to fast, reliable Internet empowers people to learn for themselves. It gives them the means to solve their own problems. It eliminates one of the obstacles that stands in the way of the oppressed knowing how others have freed themselves in the […]

SEO News

linking strategies

Bare Minimum Backlink Basics: Three Things You Have to Do

Backlinks. Inbound links. Whatever you call them, we all know they’re a critical component of search engine optimization. Many SEO experts agree that link analysis is the foundation of a link-building campaign. Once you have a plan and equip yourself […]

Google Gives Everybody the Bird with Their Pigeon Update

The last two updates from Google — Penguin and Pigeon — have been for the birds when it comes to SEO. While birds of a feather, there are big differences when it comes to the intent of the two most recent algorithm tweaks. Penguin Puts a Chill on […]
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Google and Bad Links: Delete or Disavow?

When Google introduced the Penguin algorithm update in the Fall of 2012, one of its goals was to eliminate the search engine manipulation that had been going on with backlinks. The company set out to eliminate any benefits stemming from unnatural links, […]

Social Media News


Facebook Takes DEA to Task for Impersonating Woman on Facebook

Facebook has given the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration a big thumbs down for creating a fake account on its social network as part of an investigation. The DEA created a fake Facebook account using the name of a real woman — and did so without […]

Twitter Teams Up With SoundCloud to Offer Audio to its Users

Twitter is now enabling its users to play podcasts, music and other types of audio content right from their timelines. By using the social media site’s new Twitter Audio Card, users can discover and listen to audio directly from their timeline on both […]
facebook safetycheck

Check on Friends During Natural Disasters Courtesy of Facebook

When a hurricane, tornado or other major storm hits, you can now stay connected with those nearest and dearest to your heart courtesy of Facebook. The social network has created a new tool, dubbed Safety Check, that enables its members to notify family […]


Business & Marketing News

ecommerce marketing

Overseas Customers Want to Shop Online in their Native Language

Many business owners are under the impression there isn’t a lot of demand for a translated version of their website because most of the content on the Web is in English. They assume that translating their corporate or eCommerce website into foreign […]

eCommerce Product Description Writing Driving You Nuts? Here are Six Ways to Describe Almost Anything

There I was – stuck, staring at my computer screen and gritting my teeth. “All these calculators are virtually the same. All calculators add, subtract, divide and multiply.” I huffed, “How am I supposed to write different copy for 25 calculators […]

Email vs Social Media Marketing: The Facts

You’ve undoubtedly heard that you should be investing significant time in social media. That you need to have a Twitter account to be a digitally viable business. That you may as well shut down your company if you don’t have 15,000 “likes” […]

Other News

Image courtesy of (Boians Cho Joo Young) /

New Human-Machine Interfaces: Beyond Verbal Communication

These multimodal interfaces are changing how humans and machines work together and offering unforeseen possibilities for wearable technology, voice-activated or gesture-based computing and emotions analytics. Parallel advancements in robotics, genetics, […]
Google Logo

Google Algorithm Update Gets Tough on Online Pirates

Google is taking steps to crack down on online piracy with an update of its search-engine algorithms. The change is in response to complaints from Hollywood and other content owners about how easy it is for Internet users to find sites that allow for […]
Photo by Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc 
— Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a public event.

Yahoo CEO to Announce New Plan Tuesday

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has brought a lot of change to the company in the two years she has been in charge. She will continue her trend of change by announcing a “new plan” for the company this week — the same week Yahoo is to reveal its third-quarter […]

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