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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 22nd, 2014

The 101 on Google’s Pigeon Update: What You Need to Know

Google and their animals (or birds) lately. You might have already heard about Google Pigeon, or at least have seen the name floating around online. Just what is this update? Was it a web content update? Let’s take a look at just what pigeon is, how it will affect you, and just how you can start writing perfect content that Google Pigeon will adore (think breadcrumbs on a street).

Wait, What Is Google Pigeon?

It really does seem like Google is constantly releasing new algorithm updates, and it is starting to get quite confusing for many. We have Search Engine Land to thank for coining the name ‘pigeon’ for this fairly significant update which tailors local search results for consumers, making it easier for them to find something in their area.

While it
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Technology News


Portable Power: Innovation in Mobile Battery Life

As mobile technology increasingly becomes the default mode of access to information and services, and for collecting real-time data right where the action is, one of the biggest challenges is how to keep devices running for longer. Typically the more […]

Chairless Chair Geared Toward Safety, Productivity

Have a seat without ever sitting down. It sounds odd but a new product being worked on by Noonee is exactly that, a chair that is not a chair but still provides support and relieves stress on one’s body. It’s being pitched as a means to help […]
Photo Credit:  Spotify  by Blixt Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How Google Failed at Acquiring Spotify

With all the Comic-Con news, film trailers releasing, and new albums coming out, you may have seen this interesting piece of news: apparently Google wanted to buy out the music app many know as Spotify, yet Google failed. Google? Google failed? Since […]

SEO News

Google Logo

When Google Hits Your Web Content: Avoiding the eBay Dilemma

Remember the hubbub surrounding Google awhile back when they released Google Panda, the updated spam algorithm? They made some drastic changes that centered around sites creating excellent content and putting a stop to several things that could be considered […]

How Shareable Content Can Boost Your SEO

At a time when content marketing is all the rage, it’s easy to forget that not all content is created equal. There is some content that is superior to others when it comes to search engine optimization, and that’s the content that people want […]
Google Page Rank

Secrets to Improve Your Page Rank

I have many of sites I fiddle on/deal with/own/open to smile at. I have a passive goal to enhance my Google page rank of such websites. Alas, I do literally nothing to arrive at such objective. Truth be told, I really do dynamic things to upset this objective, […]

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Six Steps to Social Marketing Success with LinkedIn for Your Business

Companies of all sizes have bought into the idea that social media can be beneficial for their businesses. Whether image marketing on Pinterest, engaging customers on Facebook or even posting vacancies on Twitter, social media sites provide a new way […]

VIne Adds New Camera and Editing Tools for iOS Users

Vine’s six-second video service is finally enabling users to import existing videos from their Smartphones. The Twitter-owned app has also debuted a new camera to give users the ability to create videos their way. “The new camera offers powerful ways […]

Snapchat Expanding Into News, Advertisements

News, video clips and advertisements could all be coming to you soon, only to disappear. Snapchat image Snapchat, the popular app for image sharing that makes the pictures disappear a short time later, is reportedly looking to expand its service to include […]


Business & Marketing News

Photo Credit: Adikos via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Three Ways Improving Your Copy Can Boost Conversions

Have you noticed the evolution? If you’ve been paying attention the last few years, you have seen a progression that started with search engine optimization which led to website optimization and finally to conversion optimization. Each has focused on […]
Cloud Security

Five Ways Businesses Can Thwart Cyber-Data Attacks

You’ve probably heard about (and may have been personally affected by) the cyber-attack on Target last year, but did you know these crimes continue to occur every day? In an era of increasing online connectivity, cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism continue […]

How CASL, Canada’s New Spam Law, Impacts US Businesses

On July 1, 2014, Canada passed epic legislation dramatically regulating emails sent or received by a Canadian system. Even if your business is based in the US, if you’re at all involved in email marketing, there is most certainly an impact. And […]

Other News

Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset that lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds.

Facebook Offering Rewards for Bug Discoveries in Oculus Rift

If you’re a virtual reality aficionado, there may be a way to make money from your passion. Facebook is now including Oculus Rift, its virtual reality gaming glasses, in its bug bounty program. The social network doled out $2 billion last month to purchase […]

Square’s New Tools Show Small Businesses How They Are Performing in Real-Time

Square is pulling up its socks in the ultra-competitive local enterprise field. The company is targeting small businesses with its new suite of analytics tools to help retailers determine what is selling and what is not in real-time. Dubbed Square Analytics, […]

UPS Latest U.S. Company to be Hacked

UPS is warning customers their private data could be in the hands of hackers after 51 U.S. stores in 24 states were breached. The malware intrusions, which affected one percent of the 4,470 UPS stores in the U.S., occurred between Jan. 20 and Aug. 11. […]

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