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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 20th, 2014

Influencers and Content Strategy

The digital age has revolutionized business. In particular, marketing has had to adapt and evolve as technology has become more advanced. All marketers must become “plugged-in” – it’s no longer restricted to sales on the shop floor. Modern content marketing must involve writing articles, posting on social media networks, and reaching consumers worldwide.

The pace and volume of digital marketing and information is constantly growing, and all businesses must keep up with the latest techniques to ensure that their company stays competitive. Churning out more and more content to as many digital platforms as possible is one strategy. However, this simply follows the old-fashioned paradigm of advertising and does not always have efficient and effective results. Different
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Technology News

The History of the Telephone

The History of the Telephone

The History of the Telephone by ITS Limited, a provider of telecommunication solutions. […]

Attack of the Botnets

Ever wonder how Google knows what’s on your website? Have you ever been infected by malware or a computer virus? Ever pondered how these spammers got your email address? I have one word for you: BOTs! The World Wide Web is crawling with them. Spider […]

IBM Launching E-Mail Service Geared for Enterprise Users

IBM is gearing up for the launch next week of an online e-mail service that will organize messages by sender rather than by timestamp. Dubbed Verse, the new service is geared toward enterprise users with a system that combine meetings, calendars, file […]

SEO News

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Eight Best Practices for SEO Internal Link Structure

Any competitive website is constantly updating, understanding and enforcing its SEO. With billions of websites to compete with, ensuring that your website is appealing to your target audience as well as the search engines is absolutely essential. One […]

The Most Epic SEO Blunders of 2014

There’s nothing new about SEO, and yet, if you gaze across the spectrum of websites on the web at the end of 2014, you’re going to see an endless array of blunders and boo-boos. Don’t let the SEO experts try to convince you that basic, […]

Search vs. Social: How to Drive Website Traffic with Evergreen Content

There is an ongoing debate in the content marketing community about investing in content that will do well in social versus search (examples: MarketingProfs, […]

Social Media News


Social Media Makeover for Your Business

How long has it been since you created your brand’s social media profiles? A year? Five years? And when was the last time you updated all of those profiles? If that question made you cringe, then it’s probably time for you to give your social […]
U.S. Authorities Like Facebook’s User Data

U.S. Authorities Like Facebook’s User Data

You will find more statistics at Statista […]

Twitter Now Allows Users to Search for Any Public Tweet Ever Posted

Thanks to the engineers at Twitter, it is now possible for users of the social network to search for every tweet ever sent since the site’s launch in 2006. Twitter is now indexing every public tweet for the past eight years in a bid to offer full and […]


Business & Marketing News

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10 Advertising Strategies for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday set online sales records in 2013, and some sources say the increasing popularity of online shopping will eventually overshadow the traditional Black Friday. The blend of convenience and savings is a perfect storm for modern shoppers, and […]

Fitting Room Robots and Smart Mirrors: Can Retail Tech Save Stores?

It’s no surprise retailers are pulling out the stops to get shoppers into stores. E-commerce has been eating into brick-and-mortar sales for years, and the pace is only accelerating. Online sales will account for $291 billion, or eight percent of all […]

Seven Tips to Secure Your Small Business Computers

Every business relies on computer technology, and all computer technology is vulnerable to cyber-crime. A security breach in your small to mid-size business can lead to significant loss and serious compliance issues. Here are seven tips to help you secure […]

Other News

Intel image — The Intel Edison development board is a product-ready, general purpose compute platform expected to encourage innovation among inventors, entrepreneurs, consumer product designers and industrial IoT solutions providers.

Intel to Join PC, Mobile Chip Divisions

Intel will merge its PC and mobile chip groups into one division, according to the Wall Street Journal. The publication, which saw an e-mail sent to employees by Chief Executive Brian Krzanich, is reporting the reorganization will be implemented early […]
Facebook Groups app

Facebook Rolls Out Standalone Groups App

The world’s most-used social network is adding another stand-alone mobile app to its line-up: Facebook Groups. The Facebook Groups app, available for iOS and Android, enables users to see all of their Facebook Groups in one place. Groups used the most […]
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NSA Reform Bill Killed Off By the Senate

American’s privacy was dealt a severe blow Tuesday night after the Senate failed to curb the surveillance powers of the National Security Agency. The USA Freedom Act was defeated in a procedural 58 to 46 vote — two votes shy of the requirement to […]

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