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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 12th, 2018

10 Lessons on Web Design You Can Learn From the Websites of Some of the Biggest Brands

If you already have a website but it seems pretty flat, lying somewhere gathering dust because you couldn’t be bothered, or didn’t know how, to update your website or implement SEO best practices, refresh your website now.

Every moment you pass without updating the content on your site, you lose valuable customers who could help you reach your bottom line and generate more revenue for your business operations. One of the key elements of a great website is its design.

Top brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Shopify, Uber, Airbnb and Virgin all know the importance of great web design.

Online competition for a customer’s attention has intensified. In the online space where you’re contending with hundreds, if not thousands, of brands to get your visitor’s attention, you will need an irresistible offer and an excellent website experience to compel them to take action. 

We’ll be sharing examples of great web design from top global brands and fleshing out key lessons you can implement on your own website for business success. 

Create a website that is easily consumable (FreshBooks – above)

You may have heard about FreshBooks, the accounting software many small businesses use to help run their business. While there’s been a lot of debate on whether long or short homepages convert better, the fact remains that you need to be more careful with longer homepage copies. 

FreshBooks’ homepage is really easy to understand. At first glance, you immediately see what they are about. Accounting software for small businesses who want an easier process. They offer a trial period where you can test run the program and a toll-free number to encourage users to call for further enquires.

They picked green as the colour... Read More

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