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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 1st, 2015

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Social media is a great tool when it comes to marketing online, and there are many excellent platforms out there. One of these, Instagram, is something many people consider but aren’t sure if it will work for their company. Some might not know just what the social channel is for and others might not know if it will have the same sort of positive impact like Facebook or Twitter. I am going to take a look at Instagram, if you should use it, and give a few great tips for those who decide to!

How Does Instagram Really Work?

Instagram has long been a social media channel that is popular with Millennials and younger individuals. It is a great platform to share your favorite photos from your day, whether the photos are of cats, books, selfies or a beautiful sunset. Instagram is a great
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Technology News

Surface Pro

Microsoft Buys Digital Pen Technology for Surface

Microsoft has acquired advanced digital pen technology from Israeli company N-trig Ltd, a firm it has partnered with for seven years. Although the terms of the deal were not disclosed, the Wall Street Journal is reporting Microsoft shelled out roughly […]

Microsoft Patents Emotion-Sensing Goggles

There’s no shortage of patents being licensed by tech companies, but every now and then one pops up that falls into the ‘too odd to believe’ category. The latest to earn that dubious title is Microsoft’s emotion-sensing goggles. No, […]
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Does Cloud Computing Have a Silver Lining?

  Unless you’ve been in hibernation the past few years, you have either heard of or are now using cloud computing. Users looking to save money are embracing it. IT pros and investors are looking to make money are plowing money into it. What […]

SEO News


Can Higher Education in SEO Help Make You a Better Strategist

Search engine optimization or SEO for short has evolved as an integral part of a Web-based strategy for most digital marketing efforts today. So much so, that there seems to be an inherent need to introduce the concept as an important stream of learning […]
SEO Targeting

SEO Best Practices in 2015

If there’s one constant in the world of search engine optimization – or SEO for short – it’s this: change. Practices and techniques that may have worked just a couple of years ago may no longer be working in your best interests. And making sure […]

Looting the Google Algorithm

Google did not become the intergalactic Web titan it is today by focusing solely on itself. In fact, the world’s most influential search engine made its bones by creating an easy and unobtrusive online experience for the user. And so it goes with its […]

Social Media News


Secret Closing Down Anonymous App

Anonymous sharing app Secret is shutting down just 16 months after its launch both due to its plunging popularity and its CEO’s disappointment in the way it was being used. The iOS and Android app enabled users to share messages within their circle […]

Twitter Disappoints With 1Q Earnings

Twitter had a rough day Tuesday. The microblogging site’s shares plummeted 26 percent after the company posted a first-quarter revenue well below analysts’ expectations. To make matters worse, Twitter’s outlook for the current quarter and the whole […]
Twitter front desk

Twitter Snaps Up TellApart to Bolster Advertising Options

Twitter is acquiring marketing technology firm TellApart in a bid to give marketers more options when advertising with the social network. Now that Twitter is the proud new owner of TellApart and all of its nifty technology, it can offer advertisers […]


Business & Marketing News


Combat Amazon’s Latest Fee Increases With Higher Conversions

  If you’re an FBA seller, chances are good that your discussions have turned to the fee increase that Amazon announced several weeks ago. In an online document entitled U.S. Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Changes 2015, Amazon rolled out its updates […]

10 Essentials of M-Commerce for Business Owners

The speed of change in the online business arena is being led by mobile devices. The transition of eCommerce to mCommerce has been breathtaking. mCommerce is the process of accessing digital information through mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets […]
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Three Essential Design Elements Every Mobile Website Should Have

As most business owners and online professionals know by now, a mobile website is a critical component of every company’s online presence and marketing strategy. With more than 80 percent of the population on mobile devices, it is essential to ensure […]

Other News

PayPal image — PayPal on iPhone.

New PayPal Buyer Protection Update to Include Digital Goods

PayPal will soon be offering buyer protections on “intangible goods” — all of those digital goodies that we buy so much of these days. The company today announced it is expanding its Global Buyer Protection to its users across the globe to cover […]
How Old Do I Look

Microsoft Wants to Guess Your Age

Microsoft wants to guess how old you are. The software giant has launched a new ‘How Old Do I Look?’ tool that guesses a person’s age and gender after a picture has been uploaded. Microsoft debuted the site, which uses the firm’s face […]

AT&T Tells Senior to Pay $24,000 Bill, Despite Faulty Modem

An 83-year-old AT&T customer was recently slapped with a $24,000 monthly phone bill after his modem malfunctioned. The great-grandfather, who lives in the Los Angeles area, told the LA Times he contacted AT&T in March after his monthly bill increased […]

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