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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 9th, 2016

12 Social Tools for Increased Holiday Sales

“Sellers who’ve embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels… It’s about good selling – using all the tools that are available to you today.”

– Jill Konrath, sales keynote speaker

Social media is a beast when it comes to making sales. As it currently stands, Pinterest has more than 10 million items up for grabs on its site. In September, Instagram declared that one out of three of its 500 million users purchased an item of clothing that was found searching the platform. But despite these astronomical numbers, 85 percent of all social media orders are placed on Facebook.

We know the masses love social media, and folks equally appreciate the ease of shopping from home. When these two forces meet,
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$26B Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal Closes

It’s official. LinkedIn is now, officially, owned by Microsoft. The $26.2-billion all-cash transaction — Microsoft’s largest acquisition to-date — brings together two powerhouses: one a software and cloud technology firm, the other the leading social… Read More

Facebook Looks Back on 2016

Not surprisingly, the most talked about topic of the year is — drum roll, please — the U.S. presidential election. The dramatic and, at times, toxic fight, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton led to manifold Facebook posts, videos and news stories… Read More

Google and Slack Team Up to Take on Microsoft

Google and Slack on Wednesday announced an enhanced partnership that will bring a “suite of deep integrations” to Google Drive as the tech firms look to take on Microsoft’s chat-based Teams app. Like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google’s… Read More

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Take a Tour of New York Christmas Window Displays Courtesy of Google

You can now see New York’s famous holiday-themed store window displays no matter where you live, thanks to Google. The Polo by Ralph Lauren window. Dubbed Window Wonderland, the site was launched this week courtesy of the Google Shopping team. “New… Read More
Pebble TIme Round

Pebble Confirms Acquisition by Fitbit

Smartwatch maker Pebble is shutting down its product lineup after being acquired by wearable technology firm Fitbit. Rumors have been running rampant since last week when a number of media outlets reported a potential Pebble acquisition by Fitbit. The… Read More

Japanese Technology Tycoon Pledges $50B Investment in U.S.

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son this week promised to invest $50 billion in American technology start-ups, creating 50,000 new jobs in the U.S. Masayoshi Son The Japanese billionaire, a well-known technology investor, made the pledge after meeting with… Read More

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SEO Targeting

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

First things first: do you know what SEO is? It’s easy to pronounce the acronym and affirm we know what we are talking about, but many website owners tend to forget what it entails. SEO is a tool that makes Google like you. In all seriousness, SEO stands… Read More

Is Mobile Indexing a Possible Game Changer?

Google launched mobile-first indexing on Nov. 4, linking the mobile factor to the game of indexing for better results and ranking in its search results. For years, we have been searching on Google using our desktop platforms, and Google has never failed… Read More

Google Killed My SEO Business — But Article Marketing Kept My Websites Thriving

If you are interested in getting into Google’s good graces, you probably live-and-breathe links all day long. You may spend most of your day trying to get your links placed in various websites, just so that you can get the opportunity to make sure… Read More

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How to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing for Amazing Results

Active engagement. That’s a hard one, for us online marketers. The problem is because today’s smart Internet user is easily bored. You can’t simply provide them with a wall of text and expect results.​ The solution? Interactive content. Interactive… Read More

LinkedIn Introduces Messaging Conversation Starters

LinkedIn wants to take the awkwardness out of striking up a conversation with a potential employer or business contact. The professional social network has launched personalized conversation starters in LinkedIn Messaging, a new tool that offers up inspiration… Read More
LinkedIn CEO  Jeff Weiner , Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and chairman of the board.

Microsoft Gets EU Approval on LinkedIn Acquisition

The European Union has given the green light to Microsoft’s acquisition of professional social networking site LinkedIn. The Redmond firm has also received clearance from the United States, Canada, Brazil and South Africa, handing the software… Read More


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4 Content Marketing Tactics That Took Us From 0 to 27.5M Visitors

When we started out near the end of 2007 we knew that in order to get new clients we must be innovative. As in all business ventures and even in small to medium-sized business, it is not economically viable to advertise in public or on television. The… Read More

Why Businesses Fail to Attract Clients Online

The Internet is one of the greatest tools available to professionals these days. Businesses can use the Web to grow and prosper. This is so obvious that you don’t even need to make the case anymore. The obviousness of the Internet’s importance has… Read More
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

How Making Your Site More Mobile Friendly Can Help Your Business

With more and more customers and clients relying on tablets and Smartphones to find products and services than ever before, mobile-site optimization is no longer a concern business owners can afford to ignore. From reformatting the screen resolution,… Read More

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8 Awesome Content Management Systems for Developing eCommerce Websites

eCommerce has rapidly gained traction and has become the most reliable and feasible means of purchasing products. Many companies have started tasting success via eCommerce. As online shopping gains momentum, retailers would be wise to develop an online… Read More
LinkedIn image — LinkedIn Offices.

How to Track Your LinkedIn Content Engagements

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to publish content. In addition to being a highly visible platform, it’s also a highly professional one, where people come to gather and share relevant industry news and more. Despite the fact that LinkedIn is so powerful,… Read More

Analyzing Netflix’s VPN Ban 6 Months Later

When Netflix rolled out to more than 130 countries at the beginning of this year, many people in those countries were overjoyed. Then, two months later, many of them were not. Netflix isn’t the same in every country. Each has its own catalog of… Read More



Website Reports the 25 Worst Companies to Call in 2016, the website that scans Twitter for complaints about being on hold, today published the “Top 25 Worst Hold Time Offenders of 2016.” The website found that out of 600,000 tweets containing the phrase “on hold with”, these 25… Read More

Carat Pro Wireless Earbuds Combine a Fitness Tracker and High-Tech Audio

FIIL Carat Pro wireless sport earbuds have incredible patented audio technology, heart rate monitor and real-time audio coaching. These fitness tracker earbuds are able to do more than traditional earbuds and are designed to withstand the most intense… Read More
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Latest Data Breach Highlights Dangers for Businesses

Last weeks’ revelation from Three Mobile of the compromise of data on six million of its customers via the inappropriate use of an employee login provides the starkest evidence yet of the threat facing companies from within. Despite the threat of being… Read More

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