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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 14th, 2014

Google+ Turns Three: What Does the Future Hold?

From the very start, Google Plus has had an uphill climb. Despite a bundle of stats that seem favorable, the social network has never been totally taken seriously, and has yet to be a significant gathering place. In other words, Google Plus is not particularly social. So why is it still surviving?

The undisputed opinion is that Google hangs on to its floundering platform because of massive integration in key apps like Gmail and Maps, and most pertinently, their search results. Most businesses and enterprising individuals have Google Plus accounts not to connect with others, but for SEO purposes. But is that enough for Google to keep pouring money and attention into this controversial social platform?

Google Plus just turned a very immature three years old, and it’s spawning
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Technology News

Amazon Fire Phone

Introducing Amazon’s Fire Phone

Amazon has joined the Smartphone circus.  Their Fire Smartphone is set to be released on July 25, and they’re betting that it can offer enough intriguing perks to carve out a piece of the already-crowded Smartphone market including top contenders from […]
Cloud Analytics

Cisco Acquires Tail-f Systems

Cisco has acquired privately held Tail-f Systems, a Swedish virtualization startup, for $175 million in a bid to give its cloud offerings a boost. Tail-f employees are to join Cisco’s Cloud and Virtualization Group led by Gee Rittenhouse, vice president […]
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The Internet of Everything Meets Water

Researchers and engineers are applying Internet of Everything (IoE) technology to waterways, using it for everything from monitoring real-time flooding conditions to preventing contaminants from spilling into rivers. Here’s a look at three such […]

SEO News


Four Ways to Drive Local Links to Your Website

Building a solid local backlink portfolio requires a good local link-building strategy that is sustainable and can constantly provide organic resultsyou’re your business. The truth is, there is no formula for creating the perfect local link-building […]

The Next Generation of SEO: Emerging Trends

Search, like everything else in the world of technology, is constantly evolving. Google and Bing have become far more visual in their search abilities, categorizing results in buckets like news, shopping, images, and more. Searchers themselves have become […]
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The Future of Content Creation For Multiple Devices

The rules for Web content are clear; search engines demand unique, quality writing that engages the reader and contains valuable information. Furthermore, portable devices are challenging marketers to get creative. So what is the future for Web content? First […]

Social Media News

Facebook Right-Hand Ads

Facebook’s Larger Format Right-Hand Ads

Just as they could if they went to McDonald’s, Facebook advertisers can now order off the super-sized menu. The social networking site has rolled out larger ads for the right-hand column (RHC) of its page. The move, announced in April but implemented […]
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The Social Media Pulse: Cracking the Mobile Code

For one week in February, 25,000 plugged-in people around the world paused from their tweeting, posting and pinning to rub elbows in the real world. The venue: Social Media Week, a sprawling twice-yearly conference that takes place in multiple cities […]

Facebook, WhatsApp Merger Catches Commission’s Eye

It didn’t use instant messages but the European Commission has reached out to a number of companies regarding its concerns over a pending merger. Several companies, it has been reported, confirmed they received a questionnaire from the commission […]


Business & Marketing News


Social Media Speakers Can Help Increase Your Business Sales

A big chunk of the human populace is on the Internet, spending several hours each week on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whether you’re selling tangible or intangible products and services online or just wish to […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Domaining

The buying and selling of domains is big business. You only need to Google ‘domaining’ to see a tsunami of information about the subject. So why is domaining so popular? You’ve probably heard stories about people selling domain names for big […]

10 Tips for Creating Share-Worthy Content

In the world of business, competition is fierce. Getting an edge in your industry or niche is tough. Not only do you need to stand out from the crowd, but you also have to find new and relevant ways to set yourself above the competition. How can this […]

Other News

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Six Keys to Successful Online Blogging

Are you a blogger? Sometimes, it is virtually impossible to find a niche that offers you the chance to get in touch with millions of potential buyers without being threatened by fierce competitors. Once you feel determined to penetrate the blogosphere, […]

How to Integrate Pinterest With Your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook business page and Pinterest business account – why not integrate both in a mutually beneficial strategy? If you have a following on one or both of the platforms, you can build on that — there’s no need to start from scratch, […]
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Is Facebook Guilty of Manipulating News Feeds?

Remember when your Facebook news feed just contained your friends’ status updates? Those were such innocent days. Then came ads dispersed here and there. And over time, those ads have looked more and more like actual status updates, luring you into […]

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