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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 16th, 2018

15 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs to Download

Entrepreneurs have an outrageous and unpredictable schedule. Time is limited, so it’s difficult to learn and keep up with everything going on in the industry. It is crucial for every entrepreneur to continue learning new things and a way to do that is through a podcast. 

An average podcast lasts about 30 minutes – takes just enough time to fit into your daily schedule. The precious time within those drives to meetings or commute to work, every entrepreneur can consume new information. There are 250,000 available podcasts, so find which podcast is best for you. Here are 15 podcasts every entrepreneur needs to download: 

The Blind Entrepreneur 

Johnathan Grzybowski is a tech startup founder and podcaster. His podcast aims to help millennial entrepreneurs strive and form their ideas into something bigger. Johnathan interviews top notch entrepreneurs and marketers for personal insight and tips. Everyone is an entrepreneur now, but by listening to The Blind Entrepreneur, you can learn how to make a business successful. 

Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is an author known for the novel The Four Hour Workweek. He is the host of a business podcast where he interviews influential entrepreneurs from around the world.

Tim Ferriss focuses on helping others grow by offering tips, tricks, and other forms of guidance in each episode. 


The podcast is hosted by Stephen Dubbner, a former journalist at The New York Times. Freakonomics is often co-hosted by economist Steve Levitt as well. The podcast covers some of the Western world’s socioeconomics. Entrepreneurs are the top people who should be keeping up with economic trends, numbers, and etc. Listen to Freakonomics to stay up to date with how society is doing. 

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