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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 10th, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ads and Dimensions

When we look at LinkedIn advertising, the process may seem quite similar to other social media platforms. But, LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms when we look at the results. So, what makes LinkedIn stand out? 

There are many marketing channels out there for advertising. Venturing into advertising and creating a strategy that will stay in tune with today’s business is essential. 

Here is where LinkedIn has an advantage over other platforms. LinkedIn enables you to connect with a more professional audience through targeted messaging.   

Many B2B marketers out there look at LinkedIn as a platform for spreading brand awareness and driving quality leads. Active LinkedIn members keep their profiles up to date. A B2B marketer can knock at an open door to access a goldmine of updated demographics!  

LinkedIn advertising has a lot of benefits. Based on your marketing goals, these ads can serve your business by attracting customers. Let us check out the benefits LinkedIn has to offer!

Benefits of Linkedin Ads for Your Business

1. Target Professionals

Due to high user activity, most social media advertising platforms tend to bring in irrelevant audiences that could destabilize your campaign. 

LinkedIn grants access to a relevant and a more professional audience. It enables you to connect with decision-makers, who will have the final say!

LinkedIn allows you to target by skillset, degree, industry, job title, job function, and many more demographics. You can also exclude certain audiences to ensure your assets are protected from irrelevant clicks.

2. Unique Advertising

Like any other social media advertising, LinkedIn also offers you many opportunities like sponsored posts... Read More

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