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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 18th, 2014

Quick Tips on Gleaning Information about Your Competitors

In a totally made-up poll, 100 out of 100 business people confessed that they’d gladly step into James Bond’s shoes were they but given the chance. That may be comfortably outside the realm of possibility, but a milder sort of espionage may well be within your grasp, if you know a few simple steps to get yourself started.

You may not be crossing international borders or saving the world, but you’ll still be able to gain a few insights about your competitors, their strategy, and their potential weaknesses. There are a lot of ways to do this, but we’ll cover some of the most likely starting points below.

1. Start with a Search

The obvious place to start is with a simple web search for the brand you’re interested in. Right away you’ll probably
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Technology News

Microsoft image — Windows store.

Replace Windows XP for Cheap

Microsoft’s support for Windows XP has officially ended.  Those systems still running XP are vulnerable to hackers accessing data or being turned into a bot-net to spread viruses and malware.  Maintaining an up-to-date anti-virus software isn’t […]
Google image

Google Debuts Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

Google has launched a handy little tool that enables users to remotely control their computer using their Smartphone or tablet. Dubbed Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android, the app securely accesses a user’s computer from his or her Android device. Google […]
Google image

Google Applies for Contact Lens Camera Patent

Google is hard at work on a wearable computing device for those who think Glass — its futuristic eyewear — is just a little bit too geeky. A recently disclosed patent application has revealed that Google is planning a camera-enhanced Smart contact […]

The Human Condition

Image courtesy of (David Castillo Dominici) /

Talk About It: A Simple Take on the Stigma of Mental Illness

“We must stop criminalizing mental illness. It’s a national tragedy and scandal that the L.A. County Jail is the biggest psychiatric facility in the United States.” — Elyn Saks  Saks knows of which she speaks. She is Associate Dean and Orrin […]
Garvens Mortgage Group image.

Dude, You’re Still Living in Mom’s Basement?

We’ve all heard of them. Why there may be one in your basement or it could be you. We’re talking about young adults who, for a variety of reasons – most of them financial – are still living with their parents or a parent. It’s a […]
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Is Unfettered Access to Porn Bad for Teens?

You’re a typical teen. Your fingers verily fly over your keyboard or iPad when you’re bored, looking for something to view. Invariably, you’re going to punch up a porn site and, Whoa, duuude! There’s a whole new world of fun out […]

Social Media News

Facebook image

Keep Track of Facebook Besties With ‘Nearby Friends’

Facebook has launched a brand new tool to brings its users and their friends closer. Dubbed Nearby Friends, the optional feature will send users a notification whenever a friend is nearby. “If you turn on Nearby Friends, you’ll occasionally be notified […]

Twitter Acquires Social Data Firm Gnip

Twitter is buying social data partner Gnip to make its data more accessible to third-party companies and organizations. The micro-blogging site is also likely to use Gnip’s data to attract more brands and companies and, in turn, reassure shareholders […]
Image courtesy of (arztsamui)/

Facebook’s Future Makes Great Fodder

Exaggerated or authentic? Depending on who you believe, Facebook is dying. Sure, it’s been the rumour for a few years that people are giving up on the popular social network and some recent moves by Facebook certainly haven’t sat well with […]


Business & Marketing News


Should You Have Copy on Your Demo/Download Pages?

I recently saw a post on the Which Test Won blog that caught my attention. The e-mail announcing the test results had a subject line that read: How Much Content Does Your Page Need to Convert The content of the e-mail said this: Finding the perfect balance […]
ecommerce marketing

The Four Keys To Establish Trust In Your Business Online (And Drive Profit Growth!)

As we’re all aware, people do business with people they trust. But trust can be a difficult thing to achieve online. Communication is generally through computer screens rather than face-to-face. This creates a depersonalized world for your potential […]
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Six Tips to Improve Your Online Shopping Store

There is immense potential in online shopping and hence lot of analysis involved in this area. Many firms are in the race of getting more customer attention and knowing what exactly will work for the firm can help. The climate is increasingly competitive, […]

Other News

Google Headquarters

Google’s $12.19B 1Q Revenue Haul Disappoints

Google once again failed to impress investors and analysts, as the price of its ads continue to drop in a now mobile-first market. The technology titan recorded a revenue of $15.42 billion, a 19 percent year-over-year spike. Once traffic acquisitions […]

What Doomsday Preppers Taught Me About Traffic Generation

If you have watched the National Geographic, Discovery or History channels in recent years, you may have watched a series called Doomsday Preppers.  The series’ premise was preparing for surviving a catastrophic end of the world scenario. It highlighted […]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

In many ways, Internet marketing has become synonymous with content marketing.  After all, people log onto the Web to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, and the only way to provide those things is through Web content.  […]

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