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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 28th, 2014

Google’s Most Innovative Technologies of the Year

Love it or hate it, Google is one of the few companies in the world that can claim world-changing dominance. From their dynamo search engine to cutting-edge technologies, there is seemingly no tech space that Google doesn’t have their pixels in.

To prove it’s no exaggeration to call it the most powerful company in the digital space, ponder these stats: In August of 2013, Google suffered a five minute outage that caused global web traffic to plummet 40%. That is staggering. In 2006, the verb “to Google” hit the Oxford English dictionary. When your company name makes its way into common vernacular, you have most certainly made an indelible impact.

2014 saw a large myriad of updates and inventions from this tech giant; so much so it was hard to keep track.
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Technology News

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When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Everything

Are you one of the many people who think Apple’s Siri is a gimmick? Then prepare to be impressed. Artificial intelligence (or ‘AI’) interfaces are about to get a lot smarter. And if they start connecting to the Internet of Everything they could […]
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U.S. Lawmakers Rally Around Google After EU Politicans Suggest Breakup of Company

The U.S. is none to happy about the European Parliament pushing to have Google’s search engine operations separated from the rest of the company. In fact, Washington politicians have penned letters to their EU counterparts discouraging the motion being […]
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Google in Danger of Losing Search Gig in Apple’s Safari?

Google recently lost its gig as the main search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox and now is at risk of getting the boot from Apple too. According to news reports, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing are actively lobbying Apple to become the default search engine […]

SEO News

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A Guide to Using Content Marketing to Boost SEO

A problem many small businesses face is that they lack the resources to compete head-to-head with large firms. This inarguably sets limits on your activity, but it doesn’t have to hold you back in all areas. For example, are you possibly approaching […]
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The Top 5 SEO Tactics You can Drop in 2015

SEO is not a stagnant science. It’s a very dynamic process with tricks and tips that may propel you to the top one year, and literally do the reverse the next. Google’s mission is simple: They want to provide the most accurate, user-friendly […]
What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

Source: SEO Sherpa […]

Social Media News

Facebook and Google Dominate Social Logins

Facebook and Google Dominate Social Logins

You will find more statistics at Statista […]
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Engage Your Visitors Socially, Watch Your Business Boom

A business derives its maximum revenues when its potential to engage its customers is maximized to the fullest. Currently, we can trigger user social engagement in many ways, such as using engaging mobile apps, which can be an exciting medium for connecting […]

Pinterest Lessons from Its Influential Few

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are groomed from a young age and grace television screens for decades. Others are self-made: investors and business owners who take ideas and run with them. Some – a growing number – start online. Such […]


Business & Marketing News


Amazon Bundling Strategies For Greater Profits This Holiday Season

With the Amazon marketplace getting more crowded by the day, finding ways to separate yourself from the legions of other sellers can be a bit frustrating. Frequently, people think of private labeling products and that’s certainly a great way to go. […]

Why Is Content Marketing Critical for Your Business?

Why is investing in content marketing critical to building your business? The short and simple answer is because the hard-sell is, quite frankly, pretty darn annoying. Not to say that direct marketing techniques have no place in selling; where would we […]
Online Shopping By The Numbers

Online Shopping By The Numbers

You will find more statistics at Statista […]

Other News

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Use Data to Your Advantage: What your Data Can Tell You if You Listen

In the past, businesses used data strictly to address problems with their service or product. Now there is a consensus in the marketing industry that data management, collecting, processing and acting on valuable data, will be a core component of successful […]
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EU Wants Right to Be Forgotten Law to Extend to Google’s U.S. Search

The European Union is calling on Google to apply the ‘right to be forgotten,’ law to all Google search results, not just those in Europe. EU privacy watchdogs have drafted new rules for Google to follow and have chastised the search giant for contacting […]

Mozilla Previews New Firefox Interface With One-Click Searches

Mozilla gave users a glimpse of its new search interface for Firefox this week, revealing one-click searches. The revamped Firefox will feature an improved, more organized search suggestion design with an array of buttons below to offer users alternative […]

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