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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 21st, 2014

How CASL, Canada’s New Spam Law, Impacts US Businesses

On July 1, 2014, Canada passed epic legislation dramatically regulating emails sent or received by a Canadian system. Even if your business is based in the US, if you’re at all involved in email marketing, there is most certainly an impact. And lacking education won’t be a defence if you’re caught breaking the rules of the mandate.

One of the biggest challenges of this new legislation, however, is its ambiguity. Like many things written in legalese, it’s difficult to decipher the actual parameters of the law. I’ll do my best to shed light on Canada’s strict new communications policy, and then explore how companies across the globe are impacted.

What is CASL?

CASL stands for the “Canadian anti-spam legislation’, and it targets
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Technology News


Endless Jabber Links Phone, Other Devices for Texting

The message has been received and a new app linking mobile devices and computers has surpassed its funding target. Endless Jabber is a service enabling users to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC, tablet, Web browser or XMPP client. It’s […]

Mailbox Rolls Out Mac Beta

The public beta version of Mailbox for Mac has arrived. Kind of. In the spring, Mailbox announced it was demoing an early version of Mailbox for Mac. According to the company, the response was favorable and it was “inundated” with requests […]

Big Tablet Aimed at Sharing

A tablet as big as a small television is geared toward families and hopes to encourage sharing. Unveiled Tuesday by Fuhu, the Big Tab nabi comes in both 20- and 24-inch screens. Both models come with carrying frames that can be used as stands. The devices […]

SEO News

Google Logo

When Google Hits Your Web Content: Avoiding the eBay Dilemma

Remember the hubbub surrounding Google awhile back when they released Google Panda, the updated spam algorithm? They made some drastic changes that centered around sites creating excellent content and putting a stop to several things that could be considered […]

How Shareable Content Can Boost Your SEO

At a time when content marketing is all the rage, it’s easy to forget that not all content is created equal. There is some content that is superior to others when it comes to search engine optimization, and that’s the content that people want […]
Google Page Rank

Secrets to Improve Your Page Rank

I have many of sites I fiddle on/deal with/own/open to smile at. I have a passive goal to enhance my Google page rank of such websites. Alas, I do literally nothing to arrive at such objective. Truth be told, I really do dynamic things to upset this objective, […]

Social Media News

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Proximity-Based Social Change

The next revolution of the Internet is upon us, and not only is it continuing to shape the way we do things, it’s changing the way our things do things. In 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet surpassed the number of people on […]
Cloud Security

E-mail Security on the Rise as Yahoo and Microsoft Implement Encryption Measures

E-mail messages are more secure than ever before thanks to encryption implemented by webmail providers like Yahoo and Microsoft, Facebook notes in a new blog post. Facebook, of course, noticed the change because of the massive number of notification e-mails […]
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Google Gearing Up for YouTube Supscription Music Service

Google’s highly rumored and much anticipated YouTube music subscription service may soon become a reality. The final details of the on-demand streaming music service, dubbed YouTube Music Key, are currently being worked out, Android Police is reporting. According […]


Business & Marketing News

Cloud Security

Five Ways Businesses Can Thwart Cyber-Data Attacks

You’ve probably heard about (and may have been personally affected by) the cyber-attack on Target last year, but did you know these crimes continue to occur every day? In an era of increasing online connectivity, cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism continue […]
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Negotiating Secret — See More Than You Think

They say the secret to mastering negotiations is seeing and not thinking. One should negotiate in the present and focus on the facts, otherwise it will be impossible to catch up and guess what will happen next. Anticipation is the key to success in business. […]
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How to Communicate Change and Get Leaders to Drive It

The reason most leaders won’t drive change communication initiatives is because they are asked to communicate information that is readily available online and, when employees ask questions about the changes, they feel unable to provide answers. I wanted […]

Other News


Former CEO Steve Ballmer Resigns From Microsoft Board of Directors

Steve Ballmer has cut all ties with the company he devoted more than 30 years of his life to. The 58-year-old resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors eight months after leaving his post as the software giant’s CEO. In a letter to Satya Nadella, […]
Photo Credit: 'The Singularity is Near'...very by Gisela Giardino Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Future of Tech Unveiled

In this age of exponential technological growth, the stuff of science fiction becomes reality with each passing day. Not long ago, scientists claimed that they were in the final stretch of fulfilling the promise of E = mc², that is, turning light into […]
ALS Ice bucket challenge

Cook, Gates and Bezos Take Up the Ice Bucket Challenge

Tim Cook isn’t afraid of a little ice water. The Apple CEO accepted the challenge thrown down by one of his top executives, senior vice-president Phil Schiller, to douse himself with icy-cold water to raise money for the ALS Association, the organization […]

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