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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 12th, 2014

Why Link Earning Trumps Link Building

Do you remember the first time you ever earned money from a job? Perhaps you worked at a fast food restaurant, or maybe you mowed a neighbor’s lawn. Getting that first paycheck was a thing of beauty. When you bought your first ice cream cone or baseball card or jewelry using those funds, it was all the better knowing that you had earned it.

The same could be said for getting links for your website.

In the early years of search engine optimization, links were built by calling in favors, sending out requests, and cannily targeting the right sites. It led to a boost in traffic, yes, but it was hardly organic. The bump in page views reflected good strategy, not good practice on the part of your business.

Now, however, things are changing. There’s a greater emphasis
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Technology News

BlackBerry image

BlackBerry Snaps Up Movirtu to Give Business Offerings a Boost

BlackBerry has acquired virtual identity solutions provider Movirtu as part of the Canadian Smartphone maker’s plans to bolster its offerings for business customers. Movirtu’s Virtual SIM platform enables both a business number and a personal number […]
Sundance Square Custom Concept Store Exterior in Fort Worth, Texas.

RadioShack Records 10th Straight Quarterly Loss, Considering Bankruptcy Protection

RadioShack just isn’t cool anymore and its bottom line proves it. The electronics retailer says it may need to file for bankruptcy protection if its turnaround plan does not soon start yielding results. The company today reported its 10th straight quarterly […]
Google Gmail_logo

Don’t Panic Gmail Users, Google Was Not Hacked

Panicking Gmail users likely have little cause to worry about the massive dump of nearly five million combinations of Gmail addresses and passwords posted on a Russian Bitcoin forum. A number of media outlets on Wednesday reported Gmail had been breached. […]

SEO News


Three Ways to Tell if You’ve Been Targeted by Negative SEO

Many businesses work hard to cultivate strong, positive SEO rankings but, when competitors engage in attempts to thwart them, the results can be significant. Negative SEO occurs when a company or individual builds large numbers of “spammy” links to […]

Google’s Penguin 3.0: Taking Aim at Bad Backlinks

Browse through any internet marketing message boards, and the buzz about Penguin; is deafening. When 2.0 launched in October of 2013, Google’s beloved update took aim at spammy practices and black hat backlinks tactics. Updates have continued to […]

Still Spending Money on SEO? Why You Should Invest In Content Marketing Instead

Since the dawn of the Internet, SEO has undergone gigantic transformations. Its evolution has been huge, as it transitioned from just search engine optimization to link building schemes and now sits as a dynamic array of rank increasing strategies. But […]

Social Media News


Mark Zuckerberg’s Super Creepy Social Experiment and Why It Dooms Us All

In recent weeks, an organization called ISIS has invaded northern Iraq. ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The group dates back about 15 years, which doesn’t sound like a long time until you consider the amount of technological […]
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Facebook Testing Disappearing Messages

Facebook is taking a page from Snapchat’s book. The social network is testing a feature enabling users to schedule their posts to be deleted automatically. Facebook has said the capability enables users to set expiration anywhere from one hour to seven […]

ISIS Threatens Twitter Employees

Twitter has both launched an investigation and suspended an account following threats against its employees. An account linked to the extremist group known as ISIS, or ISIL, has been suspended after it called for attacks against Twitter employees in the […]


Business & Marketing News


Why You Should Ignore the Top Three Objections to Adding ROI Selling Tools to Your Website

I truly believe in the power of ROI tools to enhance a sales team’s ability to close more deals. (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in the business of selling them.) However, not everyone agrees with me.  In fact, inside LinkedIn group discussions, I’ve […]
Adobe Connect

The Top 8 Platforms for Webinars and Virtual Events

Webinars and virtual events have become mammoth money makers on the web. Frost & Sullivan, in fact, have predicted that web event revenues will skyrocket to $628.4 million dollars by 2016. This reflects a five-year compound annual growth rate of over […]
graph chart

Five Ways to Generate More Leads

The goal of any business is to be successful and to turn a profit, but in order to do that, you have to have sales leads. And a lot of them. While it may seem like dull, repetitive work — especially when you got into this business for the excitement […]

Other News

Google drone

Forget Selfies: You Can Now Be ‘Droned’

While we hear a lot about drones carrying missiles for the military – or even packages some day for Amazon – the other real payload is often cameras and sensors. Drones from all over the world are being tested in Alaska’s interior, and are […]
Image courtesy of (renjith krishnan) /

Former NSA Boss to Patent Anti-Cyber Attack Technology

An innovative idea or making cash off the back of government-mandated work? Former NSA director Gen. Keith B. Alexander That’s the question that’s been asked since Keith Alexander, the former head of the National Security Agency, announced […]
Microsoft image

Microsoft Held In Contempt of Court in It’s Battle for User Privacy

Microsoft, in its bid to protect the privacy of its users, is being held in contempt of court for failure to comply with a warrant. A U.S. federal judge ruled July 31 that the software firm cannot prevent the Justice Department from accessing e-mails […]

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