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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 3rd, 2015

How Links & Content Work Together in SEO Rankings

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in the world of content marketing: to link or not to link?

That is the question.

As it turns out, however, the answer is a little more complex than we previously believed.

While many would have you believe that links are not important when it comes to ranking well on Google, that idea is just plain wrong.

As it turns out, links are still very, very important.

The Moz Study

According to a recent study conducted by SEO software giant Moz, external links are a top factor in a website’s ranking success. Of the top 50 Google search results that were returned in conjunction with 15,000 keywords, 99.2% boasted at least a single external link pointing to the page. What’s more, the study found very few websites
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Technology News


Facebook Creates Massive Drone to Deliver Internet Signal

Facebook is, literally, launching an innovative way to bring Internet to remote areas of the globe. While Google has been deep in its Project Loon using weather balloons to deliver wireless signals, Facebook announced it will be using a massive unmanned […]
Samsung GALAXY S6 edge gold

Samsung Profits Fall on Weaker Than Expected Galaxy Sales

Samsung is cutting prices for its flagship Smartphones: the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge after a disappointing second quarter. The Galaxy S6 The South Korean firm’s net profit fell eight percent to $49 billion due to weaker than expected sales of the […]
The main entrance to the Sony Pictures Entertainment studio lot in Culver City. — Photo by Coolcaesar.

Sony Profits Rise in 1Q Despite Losses in Smartphone and Film Units

Sony surprised Wall Street today by posting a 39 percent spike in quarterly profit thanks to brisk PlayStation 4 video games and camera sensors sales. The Japanese firm reported a $780-million operating profit and revenue of $14.5 billion for its first […]

SEO News


How to Set Up An XML Site Map in WordPress

Did you know there’s now more than 75 million websites online that use WordPress? If you’re a WordPress user like myself, you’re well acquainted with the many advantages of using the CMS. What you may not be aware of is how important setting up […]
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Mobile Dominance: 7 Tips to Boost Your Reach

It’s is no secret that mobile phones are the dominant force in connected devices. 1 in 4 people who access the internet do so exclusively from a mobile device. Mobile recently dethroned desktops in search queries for the first time and Google is […]
SEO Targeting

How Video Content Can Improve SEO and Lead Generation

As it currently stands, images rule the roost for online visual content. Without captivating, funny, and relevant images attached to the top-notch content you have created, it is likely that its reception online will be next to nil. Audiences are so heavily […]

Social Media News


Facebook Posts $4B Revenue in 2Q, But Lower Income as Expenses Rise

Facebook had another solid quarter, surpassing Wall Street’s estimates thanks to a thriving advertising unit. The social network posted revenue of $4.04 billion for its second quarter, a jump of 39 percent from the same period last year. Revenue may […]

Top Tips to Score More Customers With Your Website

Marketing has changed a lot in the past 10 years thanks to the Internet, yet service remains the biggest factor in winning customers. Efficient Service is the Topmost Driver No amount of marketing can replace poor service or faulty product. Every site […]

German Privacy Regulator Says Facebook Must Allow Pseudonyms

Germans can use fake names on the Facebook if they so choose, and there is nothing the social network can do about it, Germany’s privacy watchdog said today. The Hamburg data protection authority ruled it is illegal for Facebook to change a user’s […]


Business & Marketing News

Money US Dollars

How Your Business Can Cut Costs without Losing Customers

According to a recent LinkedIn article, only half of all businesses survive five years. Even grimmer, only one-third survive 10 years. In the current economic climate, businesses are challenged with having to simultaneously cut costs while still retaining […]
Amazon image

Retail Cloud is the Future – Yea or Nay

Retailers are beginning to take a shine to retail cloud solutions that would enable them to address customer expectations and help them optimize their business operations. And rightly so, because retail businesses demand swiftness and precision, in order […]

The Four Ps of Online Marketing Success: (AKA) How to Slay the Hydras of Advertising

Every business strives for to make a profit. It is the end result of selling a useful product or service that the marketplace ultimately deems worthy. If you are a business owner, managing the sales of your products or services produce these profits. […]

Other News

Photo Credit:  infocux Technologies  Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Russian Spies Using Twitter to Access Computers

Tweet, tweet, comrade. No, Russian operatives weren’t using birds to gather information, but they did employ the 140-character social network Twitter to gain access to U.S.-government computers and files. Cyber-security firm FireEye Inc. released […]
Amazon Dash

Amazon Introduces Easy Shop Dash Buttons — For $4.99 Each

Amazon has some new merchandise for its Prime members: Dash buttons. Amazon Dash enables users, with the press of a button, to order coffee, diapers, laundry detergent or other frequently used household items they are running low on. Dash, a programmable […]
Google Logo

Google Launches Search Ads on Google Play

The Google Play store’s ability to generate cash for the Internet giant took another major step forward this week. After months of testing in a beta version with a small number of companies, Google has announced it is opening the door on sponsored […]

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