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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 26th, 2015

10 Attractive and Awesome Pinterest Plugins for your WordPress Site

Pinterest is sixth on the list of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites. Big surprise! We all love it!

Here’s another interesting statistic that might be news to you: Currently, the U.S. alone has 47.1 million Pinterest users. That’s a lot of social media traffic from one place.

If you are a huge fan of Pinterest — and you are also a WordPress blogging buff, wait until you see what you can do with the cool gadgets WP has to offer. Forget about designing your own buttons, widgets, counters or galleries. Just toss in a plugin or two and save yourself the trouble.

Thanks to WordPress, we can choose from a wide variety of free WordPress plugins that are not only attractive, but also highly useful.

1. Pinterest Pin it Button for Images:

Ditch the
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Technology News


Enter the Smart Warehouse

With packing and shipping products from Lid’s, warehouse duties used to be one heck of a laborious process. Lids, an Indianapolis company, sells fashion athletic headwear, team apparel and other fan novelties. In the old days, order takers—known […]
Cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying and Reputation Attacks Counter Measures

Your teenage daughter receives an anonymous e-mail from someone containing hateful language that brings her to tears (or worse, potential thoughts of suicide). Your younger son gets bullied online by a bunch of technology-savvy schoolmates who make life […]
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.05.33 AM

Amazon Looking to Take on Etsy With Handmade Marketplace

Amazon is gearing up to challenge handcrafted goods marketplace Etsy with its own offering: Handmade at Amazon. Etsy sellers have reportedly received invitations to sign up for Handmade and the eCommerce giant has posted a form online for the artisans […]

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How to Develop Click-Worthy SEO Boosting Content

Virtually anybody who has spent a decent amount of time learning about SEO and the related tactics knows that the game is constantly morphing. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that quality content is a must. In fact, unique and relevant […]

How Bing is Poised to Challenge Google’s Dominance

Let’s start with the obvious: Google is without a doubt the world’s largest and most popular search engine. It’s a gigantic dominant digital force of nature. In fact, Google processes 1.2 trillion searches worldwide each year. That breaks […]
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Five Smart Ways to Create Evergreen Content That Helps to Earn Backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the most important factors for ranking well on search engines. Google had earlier said it tested both the search results with and without backlinks as a major factor for rankings Web pages and the results that were based on […]

Social Media News

Instagram is a video and photo sharing service that integrates with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Instagram Sending Out E-Mail ‘Highlights’ to Members

Instagram has begun sending e-mail mail-outs, dubbed ‘Highlights’ to its users in a bid to re-engage users who have lost interest in the social photo platform. Highlights features a few of the best posts from people the recipient follows and is designed […]

Pinterest Brings Video Advertising to Platform

Pinterest’s latest feature to boost advertising on its site is garnering a lot of media attention and advertiser interest since its introduction last week. Dubbed ‘Cinematic pins,’ the new tool is a video-like promoted pin — promoted pin is Pinterest […]

The Rise of Social Video: A New Way to Market Your Business

We all know YouTube is a force to be reckoned with. It is without a doubt the largest and most prevalent social video platform, and its dominance won’t diminish any time soon. Constantly innovating for a more pleasant user experience, YouTube is […]


Business & Marketing News


Why Your Headshot May Be Your Best Client Attraction Tool

  When you are attracting customers in a digital world, first impressions are important. Many times with a quick glance at your website and photos, people make a judgment about you… and if your headshot is bad, you look bad. You want to be […]

How an IRS Tax Attorney Can Help Fix Complex Tax Problems

If you have ever been served with the dreaded notice of a tax audit or you are in serious delinquency with your taxes, you might feel like running and hiding. The problem is, the IRS frowns up on that – instead, it wants you to face your debts and more […]

Facebook Marketing: Effective Strategies for Business Owners

As of January, Facebook began to alter algorithms to enhance user experience via posts that are displayed on an individual’s news feed. This change is set to dramatically affect the way that businesses can conduct successful marketing campaigns […]

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National Security Agency photo

Senate Fails to Renew Patriot Act, Puts NSA Program in Jeopardy

The National Security Agency is in limbo after the Senate this weekend failed to renew its controversial surveillance program. The Senate recessed Saturday without voting to approve an extension of provisions of the USA Patriot Act. The Act and two other […]

Mozilla Prepares for Launch of Ignite

Mozilla is looking to Ignite a whole new breed of customers for its line of Smartphones. The company has announced it will launch a new strategy, entitled Ignite, with a goal of attracting new customers to its Firefox gadgets. Up until now, the Firefox […]
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Google Giving Android the Finger

Android users can soon forget about their passwords. That’s because Google’s next Android update is expected to come with a pretty big change in how users access their devices and applications. Rather than using passwords, users will, reportedly, […]

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