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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 23rd, 2019

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies You Need to Integrate in 2019

Word of mouth marketing brings over US$ 6 trillion in annual customer spending. As most people are more likely to buy a product or service recommended by a friend, WOM marketing has come to be a very valuable tool for creating brand recognition. Now, more than 13% of customer sales comes from WOMM. 

But before we talk about how you can use this strategy to get exposure for your business, let’s specify what is word of mouth marketing? 

This type of marketing entails an organization actively influencing and encouraging mouth to mouth discussions about a product, event, brand or company. 

This type of marketing can occur in the form of organic WOM or amplified WOM promotion strategies. The former happens when people are enthusiastic about your product or service and genuinely want to share their experiences. The latter, on the other hand, occurs when marketers start campaigns to encourage WOM in new or existing communities. 

Today, fewer people are likely to trust what they see in mass advertisements before buying a product. So, marketers are using WOM and influencer advertising on social platforms to reach more people. Though word of mouth promotion is quite effective, identifying brand ambassadors who are enthusiastic about your product is not easy. Here are 9 steps to make word of mouth marketing work for you.

Gets Social Media Buzz by Creating Something Unique

There is a lot of competition in marketing online. Brands are outdoing each other with different marketing strategies in a bid to get people’s attention. 

For this reason, you must think outside the box to come up with something that stands out. Nevertheless, getting people to talk about your product does not necessarily mean inventing something that is... Read More

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