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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 2nd, 2015

SEO Tips for a Profitable 2016

Do you want better SEO results in 2016?

With time running out for 2015, businesses all over the world are wondering how to steal a march on their competitors over the coming months.

SEO is commonly perceived as a marketing strategy with a landscape that’s constantly changing. What’s more, SEO is often an overwhelming subject matter that’s full of jargon and misnomers.

So the issue of how to approach SEO in 2016 is a massive problem for many business owners.

The burning issue is, what do we really need to work on with SEO in the next 12 months?

To answer this question, we reached out to 31 of the most talented and knowledgeable SEOs for their help.

We asked them one simple question: What will be important for SEO in 2016? We collected up all
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Technology News

Amazon's latest seven-inch Fire tablet.

Amazon Rakes in the Dough Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Amazon sold a whole lot of devices over the Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, the eCommerce king said it set a new record with Amazon Fire TV sales up more than six times and sale of its Fire tablet up three times compared to the 2014 holiday. Fire tablets […]
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Christmas Lights Could be Slowing Down Your Wi-Fi: Telcom Watchdog

Is your Wi-Fi a bit wonky these days? Your Christmas lights could be the culprit. According to British telecoms regulator Ofcom, Christmas lights, baby monitors, microwaves, even some lamps can interfere with Wi-Fi and slow broadband. To help people determine […]

Swatch Partnering With Visa to Bring Mobile Payments to Smartwatch

Swatch is teaming up with Visa to bring mobile payments to its upcoming Bellamy Smartwatch. Once the new device launches early next year, users will be able to pay bills with a swipe of their wrist anywhere contactless Visa payments are accepted. “Fully […]

SEO News

http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Grow Your Traffic With Pumpkin Hacking

Have you heard of pumpkin hacking? I know that Halloween has passed us by and you’re probably thinking, “I already carved my Jack ‘O Lantern!” Hear us out for a second though, because this post is about more than just your average pumpkin. As […]
SEO Targeting

Successfully Balance SEO with Content Marketing

In the past, content marketers and SEOs have often found themselves at loggerheads. On one hand, content marketers valued creativity and imagination in writing, whereas SEOs were mostly driven by data and figures, implementing strategies that spoke mainly […]
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How Deep Links in Your Apps Help SEO

As an app developer, sitting firmly atop the rankings on the first page of Google may be enough to secure a sizable amount of page views. Even so, it’s no longer the crowning achievement in determining the number of downloads/installs for your app. […]

Social Media News

Connectifier home

Connectifier Looks to Give LinkedIn Competition

If competition is healthy it appears LinkedIn had better make an appointment with a doctor. The social media network known for bringing professionals together has company in its niche market with Connectifier. The fairly new site is elbowing its way into […]
Facebook image

Facebook Can Inspire Feelings of Envy, Even Depression

Facebook’s signature color may be blue, but there is a whole lot of green on the social network. A new study has revealed that feelings of envy are pretty commonplace for those who use the social media site, especially among young adults. All too often, […]
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Grow the Social Following of Your Business

Attempting to grow the social media following of a small business can seem like a daunting task. Facebook and Twitter are filled with brands gathering fans and followers by attempting to tap into news streams. Whether brands are hosting weekly competitions, […]


Business & Marketing News

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How Your Company Can Prevent Online Theft

As technology has evolved, so have the many ways criminals use to steal information and commit crimes. One of the biggest problems in society is identity theft, which is done mostly online or through computer programs. Originally a problem mostly for […]

Microsoft Upgrades Office 365 to Better Communication

Communication is a key factor in any business and Microsoft is embracing that while introducing major overhauls to Office 365. Microsoft image The company announced Monday it has added features to its Office setting to better enable communication among […]

Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Easier Content Marketing

If you are a content marketer, you are probably already aware of how easy your life can be when you use various tools for content curation and social media management. What you probably didn’t know, is that other than tools and mobile applications, […]

Other News


Top Blogging Tools for Content Creation

Creating quality content for your blog will take more than just writing a single post. It’s not always easy to publish consistently unique content, but it is possible. The process involves multiple areas of focus and can be overwhelming, even for a […]

Children’s Headshots Captured in VTech Hack

The VTech hack just went from bad to worse. It seems that hackers not only made off with customers’ names, e-mails, passwords, IP addresses, mailing addresses and download history, but also the headshots of approximately 2.3 million people, many of […]

Sylaps Eliminating Need for Phone Numbers

Phone numbers and address books could become a thing of the past thanks to a new start-up. Sylaps, a voice-over-IP site, is making it simpler than ever to have conversations with people by simply clicking a button. The program allows users to connect […]


New Zip App Pacing 3x’s Twitter Initial Engagement

San Diego, CA  — Zip, the Question Answer App, a social media tool that lets users ask and answer questions and see results from other users, is on pace with Twitter’s initial users back in 2007. The average Zip interactions per day, based on span […]
EON Reality VR

EON Reality Brings Large-Scale Social Virtual Reality to the Masses With Launch of EON Idome

IRVINE, CA,– EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, is launching the first public facing EON Idome in Laval, France in conjunction with the celebration of its first anniversary. […]
Siam smartphone

CRBT Inc. Announces its Dual-Screen Siam 7X Smartphone

FLOWER MOUND, TX – Nov. 2, 2015 – CRBT Inc., a company providing personal and business solutions to wireless phone subscribers, network operators and advertisers, today announces the launch of its Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the Siam 7X, […]

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