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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 20th, 2018

6 Types of Links That Cause Ranking Turbulence (And How To Avoid Them)

Link building is a volatile business that’s ever-changing thanks to Google’s interpretation of the difference between a good link and a bad link.

April 2012 saw the introduction of Google’s Penguin update. The idea was to release an update that held corner-cutting webmasters to account, and it caused masses of websites to plummet into the abyss of low-ranking, low-quality, digital pond-life.

Penguin considered a lot of factors before delivering its crippling penalties, and website owners have had to think on their feet ever since to keep ahead of Google’s wrath.

There are many types of links that have the potential to turn a seemingly good and honest link into a bad one that negatively affects your rankings. We’ve gathered five of the biggest offenders that lure many unsuspecting webmasters. We also thought it would be worth explaining how to keep away from volatile linking too, just because nobody should see their website suffer due to a bad link or two.

1. Pay-Per-Link

Buying yourself some backlinks is definitely an ethical minefield when it comes to strategies for boosting rankings on Google.

It’s well documented that nothing gets the job done quicker than purchasing links and reaping the rewards just minutes later, so why are we discussing it on a list of the most volatile links to utilise?

Well, the problem is that while paid links can work wonders in helping sites jump up the SERPs, Google has made it their mission to eradicate the practice from their results pages – or at least get website owners to list their paid links with a ‘no follow’ tag.

This means that if Google figures out that you’ve been paying for those all important backlinks, you risk incurring... Read More

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