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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 29th, 2015

Content SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

Developing good SEO practices for your blog can make quite an impact on the numbers of unique visitors to your entire site, as well as give you a lot of exposure, spreading your content around so that more people can get to it. The power of the search engine to drive traffic has been used for over a decade.

With the newest SEO standards hitting us today, it has become a lot harder to fool the search engines into thinking your page is worthy. There used to be a time in the not so distant past when SEO was little more than stuffing your landing page full of a keyword and letting the search engines figure it out. The more of that keyword you used the better your ranking result for that word. In order to stop these sites from getting undeserved traffic as well as to promote legitimacy of
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Technology News

Photo Credit: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S by Kārlis Dambrāns Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Apple and Samsung Tie as Top Smartphone Sellers

Samsung has officially lost its Smartphone vendor crown. The South Korean firm has long enjoyed being at the top of the heap when it comes to global Smartphone shipments, but the popularity of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models has brought the Cupertino […]

Security in a Connected Home

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) this month was swarmed by dozens of new products, from smart watches to a speaker-equipped robot for your home. The offerings are designed to provide consumers and companies endless information on their world to […]
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FCC Cracking Down on Deliberate Blocking of Wi-Fi Hotspots

The Federal Communications Commission will no longer tolerate intentional blocking of Wi-Fi hotspots, the agency warned in a strongly-worded bulletin released today. The FCC described “willful or malicious interference” with Wi-Fi hotspots as illegal. “The […]

SEO News

SEO Targeting

SEO Strategies that Boost Your Website Rankings

Search engine optimization seems like a very broad and complicated matter. Practicing it makes it even more complicated than it seems. But everything is all worth it in the end, especially if you were able to reach your goal, such as seeing your page […]

20 Top SEO Tips for Small Businesses

So you’ve got your website up and running, it’s fully functional and ready to take orders for your product or service. Now you wonder how anyone is going to find your website, especially using search engines like Google. This is where search […]

Six Online Marketing Musts for 2015

Online marketing changes from year to year and 2015 is no exception. Sometimes keeping up with all the changes and advancements can be a daunting task. New innovative ideas come alive and old ideas get more attention and power while some just dry up and […]

Social Media News


Internet Adding to Distractions: Survey

More than 60 per cent of Canadians are struggling to focus on work thanks to e-mails, messages and social networks. Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut) / A report released Tuesday by Stop Procrastinating highlights the figure while […]
Snapchat Discover

Media Coming to Snapchat Via Discover

Messaging app Snapchat has launched Discover, a tool that enables users to see content from top media brands. Discover, which is ad-supported, will feature news articles, videos, music and other content from National Geographic, Vice, CNN, People, ESPN, […]
Twitter video

Twitter Unveils Group Messaging, Video Sharing

Twitter today debuted group messaging and video features as the social network attempts to make its site both easier to use and more alluring to new users. Both the group messaging and the mobile video functions are rolling out over the next few days. Neither […]


Business & Marketing News

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The Easiest Way for Authors to Make More Sales on Amazon

You’ve done it! You’ve published your book (or someone else published it for you) and you’ve listed it on the largest book-selling website on earth: Amazon. One day later; no sales. Two weeks later; no sales. A month later; one sale. What’s going […]

What Companies Can Learn From GE’s Use of 3D Printing

For many people who have noticed the growing hype surrounding 3D printing, the abilities of the technology comes as a surprise. 3D printing in its current form was invented back in the 1980s; but only in recent years has it taken the world of business […]

How to Humanize Your Social Marketing Efforts

People choose to do business with people they like. You can have an amazing product, but if you don’t appeal to your target consumer then it is unlikely to be a success. An important part of creating a successful brand online is to be likeable. […]

Other News

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Website Development: Are You Neglecting The Most Important Part?

When developing or updating their websites, companies and organizations devote an amazing amount of time to agonizing over what the sites should look like. They consider all sorts of different designs and spend hours trying to get the functionality exactly […]
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Google Apologizes for Slurs Against Gays in Translate App

Google has issued an apology after it was discovered its Translate service automatically replaced the word ‘gay’ with offensive terms like ‘faggot.’ The distasteful words, which also included ‘fairy,’ ‘queen’ and ‘poof,’ were discovered […]
Tim Cook

Apple Posts Record-Breaking 1Q with $18B Net Profit

Apple investors are likely still partying like it’s 1999 today. The technology titan announced a stellar holiday quarter Tuesday with 74.5 million iPhones sold — an amount that far surpassed Wall Street’s expectations and translated into $18 billion […]

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