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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 30th, 2014

Google SERP Displays Change Again

Do you ever get the feeling Google changes things up just to toss SEOs off guard?

In late June, the company announced it was scrapping parts of the popular Google Authorship program, frustrating marketers who liked the credibility and search advantages that using the “rel=author” tag had offered.

Google has decided to institute some other changes as well, it appears. On July 16, SEER Interactive noted that Google appeared to be limiting the number of video snippets shown in its search engine rank pages. Cue another round of panic in the SEO community.

Google has offered only a few official comments on the action, saying that snippets will continue to be shown in videos, so that means speculation is running rampant over the company’s motivation for cutting
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Technology News

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung’s Operating System Delayed Again

Does it really matter anymore? That question seems even more relevant with news that Samsung has delayed the launch of Tizen, it’s operating system that would challenge both Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS. The system […]

Tech Students Need to Succeed: From Grade School to College

As a new school year rapidly approaches, parents everywhere are pondering, “What tech tools do my kids really need to succeed?” Here’s a rundown of the most helpful computer and gadget choices for every age of student. College Co-Ed: When it comes […]
Amazon Print Store

Amazon Opens 3D Print Store for Customized Shopping

Tech accessories, home décor, jewelry, toys, even bobble heads, are just a few of the items consumers can now customize in Amazon’s newly-launched 3D Printing Store. The store offers access to more than 200 print on-demand products, many of which can […]

SEO News

Local SEO Google Maps

Search Engines — What’s In and What’s Out

There’s lots of chatter in my industry about the future of search engines and how Google’s new algorithms are changing the landscape of how business owners work to keep and improve their website’s placement on Google. What seems apparent to me is […]

A Web Design Firm Gets SEO/Conversion Pointers

It was a unique experience for a group of web designers and copywriters to review a site about web design and copywriting. Sometimes it’s easier to spot areas of improvement on other’s sites. The recommendations made for Words & Images could easily […]

14 2014 SEO Myths and the Truths Behind Them

Because of the relatively vague nature of SEO – relative to paid channels, that is – the field is more open than others to opinions…which can start off informed but, without checks and balances, can morph into myths over time. But the field evolves […]

Social Media News


LinkedIn Makes Mobile Profiles More Tantalizing

LinkedIn is making introductions a little more personable via mobile with amped up profiles that it promises will make you “look ridiculously good.” The new profile styles tells your story to anyone who searches for you on their Smartphone or iPad. […]
Photo Credit: People Love Us On Yelp by Michael Dorausch Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Yelp Adds Video Function to Review Site

Yelp is turning to video to enable users of its site to personalize their reviews. The online review site has updated its iPhone app to give its users the chance to post three- to 12-second video reviews of local eateries, hotspots and other businesses. Visuals […]

Facebook Not Alone : OKCupid Admits to Experimentation

Facebook is not the only site experimenting on its users — online dating site OKCupid also does so — and does so unapologetically. Experimentation goes hand-in-hand with Internet use — that’s just the way it is, the company says. “We noticed […]


Business & Marketing News


Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business with an online presence has to deal with the issue of SEO. Most, however, haven’t a clue where to begin. As you delve into the topic across the endless articles on the subject, a feeling of being overwhelmed can easily taint […]

Is Your Website Really Helping Your Business Grow? Five Things You Need to Ask Yourself

When your business launches a new, beautiful website it is really easy to tell yourself that it will help your company build brand recognition and leads – and then just leave it at that. Often, businesses that aren’t focused on their online presence […]
Photo Credit: iprostocks via

How To Write Kick-Butt Headlines for Your Web Content

 Do you want that headline that kicks major tail for your Web content? But, do you find creating them is like your brain turning against you…reminiscent of when Magneto turned against Professor X? Well, it is time to call in the X-Men and craft […]

Other News

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Seven Basic (Yet Important) Things Your WordPress Blog Should Have

When you are first starting a blog, it is quite easy to forget about the basics. Your focus is churning out post after post, sharing the posts on social media, creating links to the posts and monetizing the blog. Most new bloggers completely forget about […]
Facebook Messenger

Facebook to Axe Mobile App Messaging, Push Messenger App

Facebook is moving ahead with its plans this week to eliminate messaging from its mobile app in favor of  Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger The social network first tested the change on its European users beginning in April. The test rendered “positive […]
Microsoft image

Microsoft Comes Under China’s Microscope

Lips are tight after Microsoft offices in China, reportedly, attracted government visitors Monday. Numerous media outlets, including the South China Morning Post, carried stories about the visits which are believed to be linked to anti-trust concerns. […]

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