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FEATURED ARTICLE — February 9th, 2016

8 Tips to Make Sure You Do Blogger Outreach Right in 2016

Blogger outreach can make or break the success of any marketing campaign.

Top bloggers come with a built-in audience of loyal, trusting followers. This trust buys influence – and that’s why blogger outreach can be such a valuable marketing strategy. It’s social proof on steroids.

If you can persuade a top blogger to write about and endorse your product, you’re instantly much closer to your marketing goals.

There’s a right way and a wrong way, though. These top bloggers are swamped with requests – thousands of marketers just like you, desperately hoping to leverage a blogger’s network to promote their product. Thousands of products, thousands of marketers and thousands of e-mails – and one very busy blogger.

I don’t say that to put you off. Blogger
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Technology News


Cyclist Camera Makes Biking High-Tech

Simplicity usually doesn’t equal functionality, but a new camera built for cyclists tests that theory. Currently in the midst of a $20,000 crowdsourcing campaign, the Camile combines a sports camera with a GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart Edit […]
Google Hangouts

Peer-to-Peer Connections Comes to Google Hangouts

Peer-to-peer connections is a new functionality coming to Google Hangouts. The new tool offers more support to improve call quality and speed to Google’s conversation app. Google told VentureBeat that while peer-to-peer connections are not yet the […]
ZTE image — The ZTE Open Firefox phone.

Last Version of Firefox OS to be Released in May

The final version of Mozilla’s Firefox OS for mobile — version 2.6 — will be is released in May. Mozilla announced at its developer’s conference back in December that it will no longer develop Firefox OS or have Firefox OS-powered Smartphones manufactured. […]

SEO News

Photo Credit: Baitong333 via

How Nofollow Links Can Also Enhance Your Website

Nofollow links are no less than a nightmare for SEOs. So, if they’re making you cringe, continue to read and learn about the hidden power of these terrifying nofollow links. Introduction  Links are an indispensable part of SEO with varying connotations. […]
SEO Targeting

4 Easy Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Whether your company has a large digital marketing budget, or you’re a startup looking for ways to save, integrating search engine optimization strategies into your website functionality and copywriting is simple and costs nothing. Notching a spot […]
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Website’s Alexa Ranking

How can I improve my Alexa Ranking? That is the most asked question by every blogger. Below I will share some tech tricks to help boost your Alexa Ranking which, in turn, will attract attention to your site from every corner of the world. What is Alexa? Alexa […]

Social Media News

Photo by Ben Scholzen.

LinkedIn Shareholders Lose Big Bucks

It is not a good time to own LinkedIn stock. In fact, it’s a down right rotten time to have shares in the professional networking firm. The company’s executive chairman, Reid Hoffman, lost nearly 50 percent of his $2.8 billion fortune Friday as LinkedIn […]
Photo by Brian Solis —
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg giving his F8 Keynote.

Facebook Free Basics Program Banned in India

Facebook’s Free Basics service has hit a major roadblock in India. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ruled today that cellular operators are required to charge the same price for all content. The new law, known as the Prohibition of Discriminatory […]

Retargeting for 2016 Digital Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if customer buying patterns were simple? A person sees something he likes, he thinks it over, but eventually buys it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. People may come to a store just to visit, or someone may leave your website […]


Business & Marketing News


6 Major Brands That Needs a PPC Message Matching Overhaul

When searching online, I constantly find myself shaking my head and chuckling at the major brands who suffer from PPC message mismatch. If there’s one thing that has held true for pay-per-click (PPC) ads since their inception, it’s that the focus […]
Photo Credit: grid workings by olle svensson Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

How to Create Killer Web Pages for Your Online Business Website

Whoever thinks that creating online content is an easy task hasn’t spent hours staring at a blank page, praying for inspiration. As a business owner with limited resources, you probably know just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find the […]
Linked in chart

LinkedIn Fourth Quarter Figures Show Revenue Increase

LinkedIn made “solid progress” in the final quarter of 2015. Photo Credit: TheSeafarer via flickr The social media site posted its figures for the year’s final quarter noting an overall revenue increase of 34 percent to $862 million. […]

Other News


Cortana Facing Her Share of Sexual Harassment

Sexism and inappropriate comments know no boundaries, even when it comes to women who are artificial. Cortana, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence personal assistant, has a female voice and is represented by a female avatar, has often been asked […]
Twitter front desk

Potential Twitter Change Creates Uproar

Twitter, in a way it likely would prefer not, became one of the hottest topics on, well, Twitter, this weekend. A hashtag – #RIPTwitter – was everywhere this past weekend as users claimed the social media network will kill itself if reports […]
BlackBerry image — It was a packed house at the BlackBerry 10 product launch in January.

BlackBerry Confirms Loss of 200 Jobs

BlackBerry’s workforce is being reduced in a bid to find further efficiencies within the company. The company has confirmed it is cutting 200 jobs in Florida and Ontario, Canada. It’s a move that ties in with the company’s bid to place […]



Rage Raises Seed Funding For Its Anonymous Messaging App

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2015  — Ten Machines Corp., the developer of the anonymous messaging app for everyday emotional release, Rage, today announced the close of an initial seed financing. The funding was led Karl Mehta, the author, serial entrepreneur, […]
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.10.54 PM

Cohesive Networks and ElasticHosts Cloud Partnership Helps DoToday Expand Globally

CHICAGO, IL USA and LONDON, U.K. — Cohesive Networks, a cloud-native security and network software company, today announced the success of their joint connectivity solution with public cloud provider ElasticHosts. A shared customer, DoToday, uses […]

SuretapTM and EnStream Take Major Step Forward in Mobile Ticketing With Société de Transport de Montréal

MONTRÉAL, December 7, 2015 ­ — suretapTM and EnStream LP, Canada¹s leaders in open mobile wallet and mobile payments technology respectively, have successfully completed a proof of concept that would enable transit users to pay their fares with […]

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