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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 5th, 2015

Cash-Back Deals Can Drive High-Value Shoppers and More Sales to Your Website


As U.S. eCommerce sales keep making a steady climb as a percentage of overall retail sales, stores of every size are looking for new ways to attract more customers to their websites — especially lucrative, higher-spending customers. The competition for online shoppers is only going to escalate in the coming years, so maintaining and building on your core audience will be critical to your store’s ongoing survival and success.

Free shipping, of course, remains a reliable online deal closer. A growing number of stores are beginning to recognize the benefits that can accrue from customer-friendly return policies. Recently, though, another crowd-pleasing offer has emerged to provide retailers with an additional avenue for increasing both traffic to and revenue on their sites:
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Technology News

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How The Internet Of Everything Is Helping ‘Unbanked’ Citizens Around The World

Unbanked, underbanked, underrepresented, and nearly uncounted are a few adjectives describing three quarters of the world’s population. Many adults are in this state due to poverty, travel distance, and a plethora of paperwork. More than 50 percent […]
Apple Watch sensors

Apple Says Tattoos Can Affect Watch Sensors, Offers Workaround

Apple has acknowledged that tattoos can be a hindrance to the operation of its new Smart wristwear. Tattoogate, as the latest hubbub has been dubbed, came to light last week when it was discovered ink from very dark tattoos is causing problems with Apple […]
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Free Apps Could Be Costly to Privacy

Free Android applications may be costing users their privacy. A recent study conducted by security researchers at Eurecom in France shows free apps are sharing information with more than 2,000 servers. That information becomes available each time those […]

SEO News

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Google’s Mobilegeddon: How Bad Was It?

Maybe you’ve heard of all the “Mobilegeddon” hoopla; if you have, it likely struck a little fear into your heart, triggering questions around what Google might be up to next. For the past couple of weeks, tech communities internet-wide […]

Can Higher Education in SEO Help Make You a Better Strategist

Search engine optimization or SEO for short has evolved as an integral part of a Web-based strategy for most digital marketing efforts today. So much so, that there seems to be an inherent need to introduce the concept as an important stream of learning […]
SEO Targeting

SEO Best Practices in 2015

If there’s one constant in the world of search engine optimization – or SEO for short – it’s this: change. Practices and techniques that may have worked just a couple of years ago may no longer be working in your best interests. And making sure […]

Social Media News

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LinkedIn Cuts Profit Forecast, Shares Take a Tumble

LinkedIn’s first-quarter results may have beat analysts’ expectations but its revised outlook for the next quarter and 2015 as a whole saw the professional social network’s shares plunge 25 percent in after hours trading Thursday. The company was […]

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Social media is a great tool when it comes to marketing online, and there are many excellent platforms out there. One of these, Instagram, is something many people consider but aren’t sure if it will work for their company. Some might not know just […]

Secret Closing Down Anonymous App

Anonymous sharing app Secret is shutting down just 16 months after its launch both due to its plunging popularity and its CEO’s disappointment in the way it was being used. The iOS and Android app enabled users to share messages within their circle […]


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Interesting Tips To Effectively Praise Your Team With Motivation

Everybody loves hearing praise when they’ve done a good job, and your employees are no exception. A little bit of praise can go a long way toward keeping your team motivated, which subsequently has positive results on workflow, productivity, and […]

Combat Amazon’s Latest Fee Increases With Higher Conversions

  If you’re an FBA seller, chances are good that your discussions have turned to the fee increase that Amazon announced several weeks ago. In an online document entitled U.S. Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Changes 2015, Amazon rolled out its updates […]

10 Essentials of M-Commerce for Business Owners

The speed of change in the online business arena is being led by mobile devices. The transition of eCommerce to mCommerce has been breathtaking. mCommerce is the process of accessing digital information through mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets […]

Other News

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New Net Rules Being Challenged by AT&T, Others

The Net neutrality battle is far from over. In the ongoing campaign to stop the Federal Communications Commission‘s bid to reclassify the Internet into a public utility, telecom and telecommunications companies have filed notice to have the move […]

Re-Home, Re-Purpose and Recycle Old Tech

  My home is where electronics go to die. I have a couple shelves in my garage dedicated to the tech relics and gizmos that were at some point “necessary,” but are now gathering dust. Some old devices still have value on the resale market, if […]

Seeing Spam? How To Take Care of Your Google Analytics Data

Owning a website is both a curse and blessing. For one, you’re comfortably earning money from what you offer online (be it services or products). However, you also have to contend with hundreds to thousands of bad businesses; which use illegal means […]

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