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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 27th, 2015

Why All Businesses Need to Be on Instagram

To Tweet or to Instagram? That is the question.

For more and more people, though, the answer seems to be “to Instagram.”

In October of 2014, Instagram reported having more than 284 million active monthly users and more than 70 million videos and photos shared daily – up from 60 million in March of 2014.

That was compared to Twitter’s 232 million users at around the same time. With those numbers in mind, it seems evident that Instagram is pulling ahead as the leader of the social media pack, making it an essential part of every marketing scheme.

Read on to learn more about how the photo-sharing Supergiant is dominating the market right now and why your business needs to be on it.

The Rise of Instagram

Just nine months after Instagram reported
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Technology News


Six Ways to Build an Audience with Each Online Broadcast

The number of people exposed to your online broadcast can skyrocket exponentially within a single session. The key is to know exactly what you need to do to make that happen. If you believe you can achieve that goal without an effective strategy working […]
Google brought its self-driving prototype to the Thinkery, a children's museum in Austin earlier this year.

U.S. Becoming More Accepting of Self-Driving Vehicle Technology

The U.S. government is softening its stance on self-driving cars. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx has announced an update is on the way for the country’s self-driving car policy. “I want the posture of our agency to be obviously vigilant […]
Photo Credit: garryknight via flickr

New Framework Will ‘AMP’ up Page Speed

In the digital age, speed is everything. Webpages that load slowly on mobile devices are nothing more than roadkill along the information superhighway as consumers want information fast, without delays. That means many sites, especially those with video […]

SEO News

SEO Targeting

Successfully Balance SEO with Content Marketing

In the past, content marketers and SEOs have often found themselves at loggerheads. On one hand, content marketers valued creativity and imagination in writing, whereas SEOs were mostly driven by data and figures, implementing strategies that spoke mainly […]
Image courtesy of (KROMKRATHOG) /

How Deep Links in Your Apps Help SEO

As an app developer, sitting firmly atop the rankings on the first page of Google may be enough to secure a sizable amount of page views. Even so, it’s no longer the crowning achievement in determining the number of downloads/installs for your app. […]
SEO Targeting

4 Data Metrics to Help Your SEO Skyrocket

Data measurement is crucial for SEO success. Without the proper metrics, a business owner will never truly understand how a site is performing, let alone how to improve it. As technology continues to become more advanced, so does the data that people […]

Social Media News


Security Firm Blasts Makers of Popular ‘Most Used Words’ Facebook Quiz

If you have not already completed the ‘most used words’ quiz on Facebook — don’t. Online security firm Comparitech is describing the app, created by South Koren firm Vonvon, as a “privacy nightmare.” More than 16 million people have already […]
BannerFreebasics’s Free Basic Internet Now Available Across India‘s Free Basics program is now available across in India to Reliance telecom’s 110 million subscribers. Reliance Communications, India’s fourth-largest telecom company, is partnering with Facebook via its program to bring […]
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FBI Obtains Information on Hacker

The Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have a solid lead in a case involving a hacker who boasted about having access to account information for various sites. Facebook, Twitter and the Russian social media site VK users’ account information […]


Business & Marketing News

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4 New AdWords Tools for Higher Holiday Profits

Each year, it seems as if the holidays come earlier and get more competitive; this holiday season is no exception. As the shopping season kicked off, reports began to trickle in on just how big this year is expected to be for retailers. Last year, the […]
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The Best and Worst Examples of Rebranding: What to Emulate and Avoid

Rebranding happens everywhere and the open market is the greatest spotlight to witness its adaption. Sometimes it generates acclaim and applause. Other times it raises consumer pitchforks. We’ll look at both sides of the story. It happens every holiday […]
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The Common Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have innovative minds; they create and find revenue streams, which are largely based on their passion. Entrepreneurs are not the same as small business owners though they can start from that level. However, they advance in their business […]

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FCC Hires Jonathan Mayer For Enforcement Bureau

The Federal Communications Commission has added some muscle to its payroll when it comes to privacy. The commission has hired noted cybersecurity expert Jonathan Mayer to head up its investigations into telephone, television and Internet service providers. […]

Four Tips for a Seamless Migration to WordPress

It is no secret that WordPress is a great platform for setting up a blog or a small website. It enables those with even the most limited technical knowledge to create an attractive, functional website that is also SEO- and mobile-friendly. Setting up […]
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.38.12 AM

Apple Buys Motion-Capture Firm Faceshift: Report

Apple has reportedly snapped up Faceshift, the Swiss company that makes the motion-capture technology used in Star Wars. TechCrunch is reporting the acquisition occurred earlier this year, although Apple has only now confirmed it in its usual off-hand […]


New Zip App Pacing 3x’s Twitter Initial Engagement

San Diego, CA  — Zip, the Question Answer App, a social media tool that lets users ask and answer questions and see results from other users, is on pace with Twitter’s initial users back in 2007. The average Zip interactions per day, based on span […]
EON Reality VR

EON Reality Brings Large-Scale Social Virtual Reality to the Masses With Launch of EON Idome

IRVINE, CA,– EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, is launching the first public facing EON Idome in Laval, France in conjunction with the celebration of its first anniversary. […]
Siam smartphone

CRBT Inc. Announces its Dual-Screen Siam 7X Smartphone

FLOWER MOUND, TX – Nov. 2, 2015 – CRBT Inc., a company providing personal and business solutions to wireless phone subscribers, network operators and advertisers, today announces the launch of its Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the Siam 7X, […]

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