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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 18th, 2017

Is a CMP the Answer to Your Digital Ad Woes?

Digital advertising has changed a tremendous amount over the past five years. There’s been a significant amount of resistance from Internet users regarding blatant advertisements and businesses have had to figure out ways to make their digital advertising strategies more authentic and organic. This has led to some significant growth in the area of programmatic advertising and, as a result, has fostered a need for Creative Management Platforms.

What are Creative Management Platforms?

The term Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) refers to the class of creative ad technologies that satisfy the overwhelming and otherwise time-intensive design needs today’s digital advertisers are saddled with in a programmatic environment that delivers countless ad iterations to a number of distinct audiences.

In essence, a CMP is used to make creative ad design possible at a large scale. It allows advertisers to tailor each individual ad to a specific audience and segment without having to manually create an array of different ad sets ahead of time – which drains the time and creative energy of in-house design teams. Basically, a good quality CMP provides the following specific benefits:

1. Cost Savings

The cost savings that a CMP provides can be significant. Not only does CMP require far less manual involvement from your employees, but it also ensures each ad is created in the most cost-effective format possible. For extremely active digital advertisers, this can save thousands of dollars a month.

2. Timely Delivery

With programmatic advertising, speed is a must. CMPs allow you to quickly and efficiently deliver a variety of ad sets without any delays or setbacks. This ensures the right message is delivered at the perfect time.

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