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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 28th, 2014

Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business with an online presence has to deal with the issue of SEO. Most, however, haven’t a clue where to begin. As you delve into the topic across the endless articles on the subject, a feeling of being overwhelmed can easily taint the process; for many, the task seems daunting and endless.

In truth, SEO is not rocket science. While it can be a complicated formula, there are very clear and effective ways to kick start your SEO efforts. In other words, there are SEO tactics that are absolutely essential to success, and they provide the perfect foundation from which to build your strategy.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Be educated. Take the list below and implement each suggestion, one by one, and your rankings will reflect your efforts. They may not land you at
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Technology News


Company Applies Fingerprint API to iOS 8

A Nevada-based company has applied Apple’s fingerprint security system to iOS 8. SecSign Technologies announced, with two-factor mobile authentication for website logins and back-end enterprise IAM systems, it has solved the challenge of integrating […]
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Could ‘Her’ Happen to You?

With its original story of a lonely man who falls in love with an operating system, writer-director Spike Jonze’s romantic comedy Her has delighted audiences and critics alike. But the Zeitgeist-capturing premise at the film’s core is an evolution […]
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New Wave of Smart Buildings Give Occupants More Control

The number of companies developing analytics that can collect and analyze energy-related data is growing exponentially. Eager startups are scrambling to meet surging demand for ways to manage energy consumption more efficiently. It’s a hot market […]

SEO News

SEO Targeting

The Future of SEO: A Theme Based Approach

What’s Your SEO Theme? If you haven’t looked into it before, it might be time to consider theme-based SEO. Refined and officially launched in 2010, the general concept has been around for far longer and acts as a natural extension to how sites […]

Who Wears a Black Hat on the Wild Wild Web?

If you have been working the Web for any length of time, then you know the search engines frown on what is known as “black hat” techniques.   This technology has been used to exploit search engine algorithms since the first search engines appeared. […]

Is Your SEO Agency Ripping You Off?

He was so slick. He talked about algorithms, keywords and the science of SEO. For that fascinating hour, you were completely sucked in to his world. He guaranteed you quantifiable results. He sold you an expensive contract. Now, all these monthly checks […]

Social Media News


Pinterest Hires Axe Genius to Bring Male Users to Site

Pinterest has hired a man’s man to head its marketing department in a bid to attract more males to the social network predominantly used by women. David Rubin, who is best known for his sexist Axe advertisements — ads that, of course, appealed to […]
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How I Recovered a Hacked Facebook Page

You always hear about people’s Facebook accounts getting hacked, and often see the consequences of it (constant event invites to random sales with dodgy links). However after working around social media for so long, I always thought I’d seen […]
99 Days of freedom

The Quit Facebook for 99 Days Movement

Facebook is the site millions of visitors love to hate. Strike that: billions of people actively use Facebook – 1.23 billion at the end of 2013. That equates to 757 million daily logins, and 640 million minutes spent (wasted?) on the site monthly. […]


Business & Marketing News


Is Your Website Really Helping Your Business Grow? Five Things You Need to Ask Yourself

When your business launches a new, beautiful website it is really easy to tell yourself that it will help your company build brand recognition and leads – and then just leave it at that. Often, businesses that aren’t focused on their online presence […]
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How To Write Kick-Butt Headlines for Your Web Content

 Do you want that headline that kicks major tail for your Web content? But, do you find creating them is like your brain turning against you…reminiscent of when Magneto turned against Professor X? Well, it is time to call in the X-Men and craft […]
Google Helpouts homepage

Helpouts by Google: Ready to Helpout in a Hangout?

On the phone C.J. Hayden, author of the bestselling book Get Clients Now! and a mentor of mine, asked if I had done a Google Helpout.  I responded with “hangout” thinking I might have heard her incorrectly.  I didn’t. I’ve done hundreds of Hangouts.  […]

Other News


New App Aims to Help Users With Their Problems

Technology, it is said, is making the world smaller with the ability to reach out, instantaneously, to people across the globe. A new app is using that ability for positive results hoping to connect people facing similar issues, allowing them to share […]

IBM, California Partner for Cloud System

The California Department of Technology and IBM have partnered to travel new ground together. Announced Thursday, the pair launched CalCloud, a technology model powered by cloud computing to build and deliver more innovative government services and savings. […]

What Happened To Google Authorship?

One thing we all know about Google is how often it makes changes. It is constantly staying on top of the Internet, any and all spam, and how people search, which is great for searchers and businesses alike. Unfortunately, these can also mean major changes […]

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