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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 16th, 2019

5 Strategies to Boost Your Ecommerce Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to get more new customers for your business. Looking beyond website traffic, email marketing campaigns:

Help you get closure on abandoned sales

Help drive repeat sales

Keep your brand in the mind space of the reader

Nurture long-lasting relationships with audiences

Create mechanisms of getting feedback

Give you marketing leverage over competitors

I’ll help you with 5 actionable, inexpensive, and proven effective strategies.

Don’t Lose Your Sales to Abandoned Carts – Use Abandoned Cart Reminder Emails

A Baymard Institute research suggests that more than 67% of ecommerce shopping cart transactions are abandoned. The bad news – possibly, two-thirds of your e-commerce sales potential is never realized! The good news, however, is that you can nudge a lot of these abandoned sales to completion by:

Throwing in a discount coupon

Offering free shipping and adopting an e-commerce solution that serves your business.

Checking with customers as to what exactly went wrong!

For these three, and any other abandoned cart redemption strategies, you need emails to do the job for you.

Most e-commerce store creation platforms offer abandoned cart reminder email functionalities; get an add-on if needed. Plus, there are 3rd party services that you can integrate with your e-store – for instance, there’s Abandon Aid.

Adopt a KPI Centered Approach Towards Email Marketing

You could be sending out kick-ass emails to a large audience twice a day that don’t succeed! Here the importance of analytics and KPI centered email marketing management comes to the fore. To get started, consider reading the Shopify guide to email marketing. Here... Read More

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