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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 15th, 2014

Google+ Social Media Strategies – What You Need to Know

No social network invokes the fear, confusion, and outrage that arises when someone mentions Google+. It’s the most controversial platform out there these days, in part because so many business owners can’t seem to quantify if it’s worth the time and effort. Most concur that businesses need to have a presence on the flailing social space, for no other reason than Google wants you to, and Google owns the search stratosphere. SEO value aside, it’s a tough space to unravel.

Rest assured, however, that if you’re crafty, committed, and well-prepared, Google+ can indeed be a marketing boon for your business. There are metrics available now that help decipher what was once an intensely mysterious space. You no longer have to “trust it’s working.”
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Technology News


New Motorola Line Available for Pre-Order Tuesday

Motorola is gearing up for the launch of its new Moto line with pre-orders of four products kicking-off Tuesday. The company’s Moto X for AT&T and Moto X Pure Edition Smartphones will be available for pre-order on at noon EST as will […]
Apple pay

Apple Pay Could Cash In While PayPal May Lose Money

Just days after its unveiling, Apple Pay is already making waves in the economic world. The new payment system — which officially rolls out next month — will enable users to simply use their iPhone to make purchases, no cash or debit card required. […]
BlackBerry image

BlackBerry Snaps Up Movirtu to Give Business Offerings a Boost

BlackBerry has acquired virtual identity solutions provider Movirtu as part of the Canadian Smartphone maker’s plans to bolster its offerings for business customers. Movirtu’s Virtual SIM platform enables both a business number and a personal number […]

SEO News


15 Tips on How to Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Web Content

Keywords continue to evolve as search engines become more precise in their mission to hand users the most relevant and highest quality results to their search queries. In recent months, we’ve heard a great deal about long-tail keywords. They’re practically […]

Why Link Earning Trumps Link Building

Do you remember the first time you ever earned money from a job? Perhaps you worked at a fast food restaurant, or maybe you mowed a neighbor’s lawn. Getting that first paycheck was a thing of beauty. When you bought your first ice cream cone or […]

Three Ways to Tell if You’ve Been Targeted by Negative SEO

Many businesses work hard to cultivate strong, positive SEO rankings but, when competitors engage in attempts to thwart them, the results can be significant. Negative SEO occurs when a company or individual builds large numbers of “spammy” links to […]

Social Media News


Mark Zuckerberg’s Super Creepy Social Experiment and Why It Dooms Us All

In recent weeks, an organization called ISIS has invaded northern Iraq. ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The group dates back about 15 years, which doesn’t sound like a long time until you consider the amount of technological […]

Facebook Now Asking Users Why They Choose to Hide Different Ads

Facebook has begun to ask its users why they hide ads in a bid to offer up a more relevant News Feed. Although the social network has always enabled its members to hide ads they are not interested in, Facebook is taking it a step further. The site will […]

Google Buys Online Polster Polar to Give Social Network a Boost

Google’s spending spree continues with its latest acquisition of online poll company Polar to boost the technology company’s social network. Although financial details of the deal were not disclosed, the companies said the Polar team will work on […]


Business & Marketing News


Why You Should Ignore the Top Three Objections to Adding ROI Selling Tools to Your Website

I truly believe in the power of ROI tools to enhance a sales team’s ability to close more deals. (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in the business of selling them.) However, not everyone agrees with me.  In fact, inside LinkedIn group discussions, I’ve […]
Adobe Connect

The Top 8 Platforms for Webinars and Virtual Events

Webinars and virtual events have become mammoth money makers on the web. Frost & Sullivan, in fact, have predicted that web event revenues will skyrocket to $628.4 million dollars by 2016. This reflects a five-year compound annual growth rate of over […]
graph chart

Five Ways to Generate More Leads

The goal of any business is to be successful and to turn a profit, but in order to do that, you have to have sales leads. And a lot of them. While it may seem like dull, repetitive work — especially when you got into this business for the excitement […]

Other News

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German Magazine Reports NSA, GCHQ Accessing Networks

Reports of cyber-spying by a magazine has prompted a German telecom company to investigate the claims while stating, to date, there’s no proof to the report. German magazine Der Spiegel said both the United States’ National Security Agency […]
Huckletree shared workspaces

Mobile and Social Shifts Grow Sharing Opportunity

Over the last few years, consumerism has taken a hit as a new Sharing Economy has blossomed. Definitions of this vary. In its broadest form, it’s where members of the public harness the wide reach of the Internet to borrow, swap and recycle things, […]
Image by Sebastian Bergmann.

U.S. Threatened Yahoo With $250,000 Daily Fine for Sheilding User Privacy: Document

Newly unsealed and released classified pages reveal Yahoo has been fighting for its users’ privacy for some time. Until now, however, it couldn’t tell anyone about it. Yahoo petitioned the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to declassify documents […]

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