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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 25th, 2016

4 Steps to Refocus Your Marketing Strategy

Done properly, marketing will harness your collective energies into a meaningful, measurable activity that will bring your business goals to fruition. The problem is, a huge number of businesses do not market themselves properly at all. They spend money either communicating the wrong messages or communicating the right messages to the wrong people…or through the wrong media…or at the wrong time…or all three.


The issue is with the marketing strategy and usually boils down two one of two things:

They don’t have a marketing strategy;

Their marketing strategy is not fit for purpose.

A marketing strategy need not be complex or convoluted but it does need to be structured and focused. Here is a simple, adaptable four-step plan to create
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Google Quietly Changes Ad Policy to Allow for More Invasive Web Tracking

Google is doing all it can to track your browsing habits thanks to a change in the company’s privacy policy — one that was quietly made this summer. The update escaped the notice of, well, pretty much everyone until ProPublica published a report… Read More
Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note Brand Will Not Be Shelved

Samsung obviously has no intention of giving up on its Galaxy Note brand. The company, according to Reuters, is offering South Korean Note 7 owners the option of upgrading to a Note 8 at 50 percent off the regular price when the devices become available… Read More
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Facebook to Ease Up on Removal of Graphic, but Newsworthy Content

Facebook is easing the censorship of graphic content on its site to accommodate newsworthy posts that would normally be considered a violation of its policies. The move comes after much criticism about the social networks very strict policies that kept… Read More

Technology News

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Smart City Development: A U.K. Example

More than half the world’s population resides in urban areas, and more than 80 percent of global GDP is produced in cities. Thanks to the advent of IoT generated data, cities can predict crimes, prevent traffic accidents, build health solutions… Read More
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Suspect in 2012 Hack of LinkedIn Indicted By U.S. Jury

A U.S. jury has indicted the 29-year-old Russian man accused of carrying out cyber-attacks against LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring. Issued by a California federal grand jury, the indictment accuses Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin of Moscow of using malware… Read More

Microsoft’s Shares Surge on Strength of Cloud Business

Microsoft is enjoying a five percent stock hike this morning, breaking a record it set nearly 20 years ago. As of this morning, Microsoft’s stock hit $60.11, blowing the 1999 record of $58.72 out of the water. The software firm’s solid first-quarter… Read More

SEO News


SEO: A Potent Tool for Influencing Millennials

“. . . Millennials perceive strong SEO to be a requirement for any company they do business with. They have grown up with the Internet and Google their whole lives, the first generation to do so, and finding a piece of information online has become… Read More
SEO Targeting

Image Optimization: The Achilles Heel of SEO

It’s no secret; visual creations are a necessity for engaging online audiences. Be it an image, an infographic, a video, or any other type of optical amusement, people can’t get enough of it. A large portion of why images are so exciting is that humans… Read More
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The Top 10 Traits of a Modern, Stellar Online Content Writer

So you’ve decided to hire an online content writer. Congratulations; you’ll be so happy you did. Before you take the plunge, though, it’s wise to take a moment to think about the top traits of a content writer, and how you can ensure that the professional… Read More

Social Media News


Workplace by Facebook: Get a Business Edge

“We wanted to build enterprise software the Facebook way.” ― Julien Codorniou, Director of Workplace by Facebook Facebook’s quest for complete digital ubiquity continues. The social network is not only the third most popular website on Earth,… Read More

360 Photos, Videos Arrive for Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles will be receiving a significant visual boost, thanks to the inclusion of 360 videos and photos. Instant Articles, which brings entire news stories and in-depth articles to Facebook’s news feed, was rolled out to all… Read More
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Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

Today, there are upward of 2.34 billion social media users worldwide. These people use countless social networks, ranging from the big names like Facebook and Instagram to more obscure networks like Vine and StumbleUpon. With so many social platforms… Read More


Business & Marketing News

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4 Credibility Factors to Set Up a Solid Online Presence

The online community’s trust in brands is on the decline. The online environment makes a viewer’s vision cloudy, and makes it difficult for him to assess the credibility of an online presence. Misuse of marketing tactics by click-baiting, falsifying… Read More
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7 Thank You Pages that Take Post-Conversion to the Next Level

As conversion-oriented marketers, our focus is typically on persuading traffic to take action once people visit our landing pages. The Holy Grail is getting the click (sale, subscription, etc.). And – once that happens – many marketers stop the conversion… Read More
Photo Credit: Luca Mascaro via flickr

5 Critical Concepts of Intuitive Mobile App Design

If you are like most businesses or mobile app developers, you want to get the most out of your mobile application. Over the past few years, since mobile apps were first introduced, it has become clear it is essential that you design a mobile app that… Read More

Other News


Google Launches Wallpapers App to Dress Up Your Android Phone

Google wants to bring some beauty to your Android Smartphone. The tech titan has launched Wallpapers, an app that enables you to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds for your phone. The pictures come from Google Earth, Google+ “and other partners.” “Make… Read More
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Eight Ways of Improving Your Lead Conversion Rate

Turning your potential customers into actual customers is what drives any business forward. When put like this, it might seem like it’s a straightforward process, but in reality, there are a lot of stages involved in converting leads. Managing the process… Read More
network IOT

Freeing IoT From the Lab

From managing traffic jams during huge sporting events to detecting water leaks in home, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way people live all over the world. It’s this kind of technology that’s making everyday life easier that… Read More


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Digital brings fresh challenges for three quarters of CIOs

Businesses worldwide are responding to the threat posed by digital disrupters like Über and Airbnb, a trend that poses significant challenges for CIOs, a study carried out by international IT solutions and managed services provider Logicalis has revealed. The… Read More

Janrain’s Consumer Identity Survey Shows 93% are Concerned How Brands Use/Share Their Online Activity

PORTLAND, OR – Janrain®, the leading company that created the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, today announced the results of a new Consumer Identity Trends survey that shows while social login use is growing in popularity thanks… Read More
WP Engine

WP Engine Boosts SEO, Security Across All Customer Sites With Free SSL/TLS Certificates

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 20, 2016 — WP Engine today announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt™ SSL/TLS certificates freely available to all customers. This means for every single one of the company’s 50,000 customers setting up a secure site… Read More

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