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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 30th, 2015

The Big Mac Lifestyle: How McDonalds is Marketing To Their Target Audience

There are some brands that are, doubtless, kings in the marketing world.

McDonald’s falls into this category with the brand new rollout of their lifestyle products trying to capitalize on the success of a previous marketing trick done to promote their status as official sponsor of the Swedish Alpine and Cross Country Ski Team.

Although the thermal underwear was a clever bit of marketing (covered in their signature Big Mac), their new line of products seeks to bring the Big Mac over as a fashion statement, covering everything from wallpaper to bedsheets. If you’ve always wanted your clothing emblazoned with fast food, this is your chance to get officially licensed hamburger clothing.

You see, as hilarious as this might seem to the average person, you’d
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HBO Now Comes to Verizon

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SEO Targeting

How Video Content Can Improve SEO and Lead Generation

As it currently stands, images rule the roost for online visual content. Without captivating, funny, and relevant images attached to the top-notch content you have created, it is likely that its reception online will be next to nil. Audiences are so heavily […]
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SEO Targeting

Today’s Most Powerful and Effective SEO Tools

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German Privacy Regulator Says Facebook Must Allow Pseudonyms

Germans can use fake names on the Facebook if they so choose, and there is nothing the social network can do about it, Germany’s privacy watchdog said today. The Hamburg data protection authority ruled it is illegal for Facebook to change a user’s […]
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Google+ No Longer Necessary to Access Google Services

Google has conceded defeat when it comes to its social network Google+ — well, sort of. The company has announced it will no longer require Google users to have a Google+ account to access, make comments or interact with others on Google services such […]


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Joint Ventures Aren’t Just for Coaches

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Starting Your Marketing Plan

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Windows 10 Makes Its Official Debut

It. Is. Here. After months of hype and marketing campaigns, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is now available to the masses. The Redmond software giant officially launched its new operating system at midnight today. Being billed by Microsoft as ‘Fast, Compatible, […]
Edward Snowden

Petition to Bring Edward Snowden Home a Free Man Fails

The White House has not softened its stance on National Security Whistleblower Edward Snowden. The U.S. government has denied the request in a “We the People” petition to pardon Snowden for stealing and the releasing to the media thousands of classified […]
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Strong Figures Not Enough For Twitter

In 140 characters or less, spell a social network that’s struggling to find its place. Actually, it doesn’t even take 140 characters, it’s only seven: Twitter. Things in the Twitterverse seem to be taking an odd spin as the second quarter […]

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