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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 19th, 2014

Google’s HTTPS Challenge: Making the Right SEO Choice

If you’ve heard the latest news from Google that HTTPS sites may see a slight boost in rankings, it was a long time coming. Google has been flirting with the idea of rewarding more secure sites using HTTPS for well over a year now, and in early August, they made it official.

Before you dive in to redo your HTTP site into HTTPS, however, make sure it’s worth your while. Not every site needs to be in HTTPS, and not every HTTPS site will see a boost in SEO. Read on to learn where you fall in the fray.

Google’s Decision to Give Preference to HTTPS

In March of this year, Google’s master of search, Matt Cutts, made a telling statement at SMX. He stated flat out that he’d love to see SSL become an integral part of the search algorithms, thereby giving
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Technology News

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The Power of Mobile Apps and Analytics in Times of Crisis

During times of crisis, such as violent conflicts and natural disasters, cities, buildings, and homes aren’t the only things that get torn apart. It’s more common than not for family members to go missing in action during such devastation. In the […]
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China-Sponsored Hackers Hit U.S. Military Contractors 20+ Times in Year: Senate Probe

China-sponsored hackers infiltrated the computer systems of U.S. Transportation Command contractors 20 times or more in just one year, a report by the Senate Armed Services Committee alleges. The probe, the committee said in a report, has also revealed […]
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Apple Reassures Users It Has Their Back When it Comes to Privacy

Apple wants its customers to know it takes their privacy seriously. CEO Tim Cook, in an open letter to customers on the company’s new privacy page, said Apple protects users’ privacy by pairing heavy encryption with strict policies to govern how customer […]

SEO News


15 Tips on How to Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Web Content

Keywords continue to evolve as search engines become more precise in their mission to hand users the most relevant and highest quality results to their search queries. In recent months, we’ve heard a great deal about long-tail keywords. They’re practically […]

Why Link Earning Trumps Link Building

Do you remember the first time you ever earned money from a job? Perhaps you worked at a fast food restaurant, or maybe you mowed a neighbor’s lawn. Getting that first paycheck was a thing of beauty. When you bought your first ice cream cone or […]

Three Ways to Tell if You’ve Been Targeted by Negative SEO

Many businesses work hard to cultivate strong, positive SEO rankings but, when competitors engage in attempts to thwart them, the results can be significant. Negative SEO occurs when a company or individual builds large numbers of “spammy” links to […]

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Where Will Facebook Be a Year from Now?

Facebook has been up and running for a decade. In its 10 years of life, it defined social networking and established itself as the unrivaled juggernaut in global social media, connecting America and the world, and making untold fortunes for its founders […]
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Has Social Media Become the Most Important Way to Advertise?

How is it possible? Unlike traditional marketing, social media advertising has made it easier for business managers to sell their products, services, or content to online users with less effort and money. No need to turn on your TV or grab your local […]

Twitter Run By a Bunch of Potheads, PayPal Co-Founder Says

The folks over at Twitter are probably a bunch of potheads — at least that is PayPal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel’s take on the social media firm. In an interview with CNBC Wednesday, Thiel described the social networking firm as […]


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What Is Flipora and How Will It Help Web Content Discovery?

People are always looking for great new ways to surf the Web and find perfect content to enjoy. Many people rely on things such as StumbleUpon and others just peruse Facebook and Twitter by following people who post things they find interesting. However, […]
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What the Future Holds for Business Communications

If you business owners in 1995 — an arbitrary year — what the future held for business communications, their answer likely would have included a telephone, a fax machine and the postal service. Now that nearly 20 years have passed, it’s usually […]
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Steps Managers Can Take to Improve Team Engagement

The more engaged your employees are, the better it is for your organization. Engaged employees are more productive, and more willing to put in extra time and effort to make a project succeed. Engaged employees also tend to remain in their jobs longer, […]

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Amazon Buys .Buy Domain for $4.6M, Beats Google to Punch

Google has lost out to Amazon in the race to purchase the .buy domain. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the international Internet regulator, ruled that Amazon was the successful bidder — it’s paying nearly $4.6 million […]

Strap Your iPad to Your Face and Experience Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to attach your iPad to your face, well, your dreams may soon be a reality. Make that virtual reality — because that is the goal of AirVR, a headset that uses the iOS Retina abilities of iPads and iPhones to offer […]

Facebook Firm on Real Name Rule, Despite Pressure from Drag Queens

Facebook is refusing to change its real name policy — and that stance has a number of San Francisco drag queens, LGBT rights supporters and other activists seeing red. The drag queens and their supporters came away from Wednesday’s meeting with the […]

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