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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 2nd, 2015

New Research: 5 Keys to a Successful Website Design

In today’s digital age, marketing has become more competitive than ever before thanks to the amazing technological advancements that allow users to dictate exactly what they receive. Because of this high level of competition, it is more important now than ever before to have a website that stands out among the crowd, otherwise, lead generation and conversions are destined to be nil.

Your website is a reflection of your company’s personality and message and if this message does not come across crystal clear, it will only get lost in the vast noise and clutter of the digital space. Without a strong website, you will certainly have trouble reaching customers; it’s that simple. With the various tools, templates, and services available online there are countless ways to
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Technology News

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Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets: Traversing Uncharted Territory

  We have surely come a long way from those good old days when we carried around wallets the size of a giant hamster. I could barely ever get mine to fit into my back pocket. It had everything that I’d ever need and mostly junk I’d never use […]
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Harnessing the Power of SEO and Augmented Reality

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, there are two options worth considering: The first is to combine digital and real concepts, while the second one takes consumers into environments that appear realistic through code construction. Overview of […]
Photo by Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc 
— Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a public event.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Announces Pregnancy

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is about to become a mommy again. WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 03: CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer (L) and Zachary Bogue attend the Yahoo News/ABCNews Pre-White House Correspondents’ dinner reception pre-party at Washington Hilton […]

SEO News


How to Syndicate Your Content the Right Way

For blog owners, syndication is double-edged sword. On one hand, it is an effective way to re-use existing blog material. On the other, it’s a scary tactic that, if used improperly, may bring about the wrath of the Google Gods or the Big Panda. In the […]

7 Ways to Protect Your Site From Google Panda

Back in February of 2011, Google unleashed a sweeping change to their search results ranking algorithm known as Panda, all in hopes of downranking “junk” and “copy-pasted” websites while boosting the visibility of better, more […]
SEO Targeting

Why DIY SEO Is a Better Choice than Hiring an SEO Company

There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web and every business owner hopes that his site will be able to lure potential customers. The truth is, the chance of success in the virtual world is bleak unless you know search engine optimization techniques. […]

Social Media News

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Twitter Announces Goals to Bring Diversity to its Workforce

Twitter has announced a series of goals to achieve a company that better reflects the diversity of its users. In other words, the microblogging firm wants its workforce to be a little less white and male. “If our aim is to build a company we can really […]

Facebook Gets Strict on Video Copyright Violations

Facebook has implemented a system to prevent unauthorized videos from being posted on its site. The social network debuted new reporting tools over the weekend that enable content owners to let Facebook know if one of their videos has been uploaded to […]
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The Imminent Rise of Social Commerce

It’s no secret that social media has become an essential marketing tool for just about every business on the planet. Having a strong social media presence that allows your company to build direct and responsive relationships with consumers is now de […]


Business & Marketing News

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Protect Your Company: Guard Against Cyber-attacks

While everyone knows the possible dangers of scams and malware on a personal level, companies may not be aware of just how important their cyber-security is.  Cyber-attacks on corporations are on a steady rise.  According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, […]

Create A Killer Marketing Strategy In One Page

Let’s be honest: if you’re a business owner and you don’t have a marketing plan, you’re basically flying blind with your marketing efforts. Quite often, this results in businesses that: Waste a lot of time and money on marketing efforts that […]

How to Get Started With Pinterest Promoted Pins

  Of all the new social media channels out there, Pinterest has certainly grown into one of the most important ones for business marketing. Its visually-charged platform makes the most of what today’s user looks for in a social network and […]

Other News

Collections for ios

Google’s Collections Comes to iOS

Google is bringing its scrapbooking tool to iOS. Collections, much like Pinterest, enables users to create ‘boards’ which they can share with followers or the public. With the launch on iOS comes a few updates for all versions of the app. “Google+ […]
T-Mobile CEO John Legere introduces JUMP in this 2013 company photo.

T-Mobile Cracking Down on Data Thieves

If you are a T-Mobile customer using more than your allotted portion of data, watch out — CEO John Legere has you in his crosshairs. Image courtesy of [ chanpipat] / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe carrier began on Monday to contact customers it believes are […]

Apple Partners With Cisco to Bring More iOS Devices to Business Users

Apple and Cisco are teaming up to bring more iPhone and iPads to the enterprise market. The partnership will see a “fast lane” be created for iOS business users by optimizing Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps. “iOS is the world’s best mobile […]

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