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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 22nd, 2014

What Your SEO Focus Should be in 2015

It’s that time of year again; time to wrap up the past year and to start focusing forward on what’s ahead. This applies not only to personal agendas and priorities, but also to your brand strategy. This means that now is the time to focus on how to take your brand to the next level in 2015. A great place to start? Preparing to revamp your SEO strategy for the New Year.

One year ago, I discussed ways to rethink your SEO strategy for 2014. Now that the year is drawing to a close, where do those strategies stand? What has changed? What’s coming for 2015 that you should be aware of now?

Resolutions from Last Year that Still Hold True

Certain things have not and will not change relating to SEO and how you approach it as a brand manager. Last year, the ideas
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Technology News

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Google Puts Fiber Announcements on Hold Until 2015

Google is pushing back its decision on which cities will next gain access to Fiber until next year. Originally, Google was to make the announcement by year’s end. “This year, gigabit Internet has moved from idea to reality, as mayors and city leaders […]
Where Internet Freedom Is (Far From) Reality

Where Internet Freedom Is (Far From) Reality

You will find more statistics at Statista […]
FBI image —FBI analysts shown on the job.

FBI Officially Accuses North Korea of Sony Hack and Threats

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially pointed the finger at the North Korean government for the cyber-attack that shut down Sony Pictures’ systems across the globe Nov. 24. “As a result of our investigation, and in close collaboration […]

SEO News


Google+ Comments for WordPress is Good for SEO

Bloggers always want their blogs to be listed in Google’s good books. I can’t blame them, because it is the most used search engine. I usually recommend bloggers grab each and every chance to please Google. The latest trend of installing the Google+ […]
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The Future of Google Updates and Penguin 3.0

Google’s sixth release of Penguin, dubbed Penguin 3.0, arrived with mixed emotions late October 17. Site owners began reporting fluctuations in page rankings, both positive and negative, on that date. Shifts in ranking continue to occur, and webmasters […]
Local SEO Google Maps

Local SEO: The Downsides No SEO Company Dares Discuss

Is local SEO right for every small business? Some experts say yes, and would be hard-pressed to allow you to think differently — particularly when they’re selling the service. For some businesses (i.e., those run exclusively online), implementing […]

Social Media News

Stickered for Messenger

Facebook Launches Stickered for Messenger

Facebook has launched a new app for Messenger to celebrate the holiday season. Dubbed Stickered for Messenger, the app enables users to add stickers to their photos before sending them to friends. The app offers holiday inspired sticker packs, snow globe chat […]

Seven Social Media Myths for Small Businesses

Despite the popularity of social media, many small businesses are under the impression social media is irrelevant to them. Regardless of the business’ size or product, engaging customers over social media is crucial to overall business success. Here […]
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Facebook Photos Auto-Improved For iOS Users

iPhone users may notice their pictures are looking a little better on Facebook. The improved image quality has nothing to do with increased photographic skills, though — the social network is now auto-correcting images posted by iOS users. This means […]


Business & Marketing News


Could the API Economy Revolutionize Global Business?

Whether your favourite buzz phrase de jour is Web 2.0 or the Internet of Things, there’s little doubt that APIs are driving a revolution in the way we interact with the Internet and an increasingly connected world. An API or application programming […]
United States Leads in Per-Capita Ad Spend

United States Leads in Per-Capita Ad Spend

You will find more statistics at Statista […]

10 Common Content Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Website

You finally have that perfect website design, and you’re anticipating what feels like an influx of traffic ahead when your doors open on the new design. Are you waiting and waiting, with dropping expectations, as your anticipatory hopes aren’t met? […]

Other News

BlackBerry image

BlackBerry Shares Fall With Drop in Revenue

BlackBerry today posted a larger-than-expected dip in third-quarter revenue, falling short of analysts’ expectations. The Canadian Smartphone company’s revenue dropped to $793 million from $1.19 billion in the year-ago quarter, Reuters reported. Wall […]
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Microsoft Sues Alleged Tech Support Scammers

Microsoft has launched a lawsuit against several U.S. companies that allegedly con Microsoft customers by demanding money to fix non-existent computer problems. The software giant’s Digital Crimes Unit has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in the […]
Google search

Google Accuses MPAA of Trying to Censor the Internet

Google is accusing the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) of teaming up with state attorneys general to limit free speech online. The technology titan’s source is none other than leaked documents from the hack of Sony Pictures’ systems late […]

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