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FEATURED ARTICLE — April 17th, 2015

5 Design Tools to Create Visually Compelling Content

Social media is one of the single most powerful tools that a marketer possesses today. Many business and celebrities have reached extreme levels of success solely through these powerful information and community channels. There truly is no “secret” in how to establish a dominant presence on social media; the real key lies in production of a quality and reputable product and remaining tuned to the pulse of social trends and happenings. That, and a whole lot of appealing brand personality.

These days, images dominate the spotlight of social media content marketing. By March of 2014, content accompanied by an image accounted for 75% of all Facebook posts. Additionally, if a photo is included in a tweet, the chances of it being retweeted are more than doubled. This data tells
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Technology News

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Global Security Challenges and New Security Technology Tools

With technology advancements come more security threats and in today’s changing security landscape, it’s a race against attackers and defenders. The curtain is about to go up at RSAC 2015, the world’s largest security confab, next week […]
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Google Makes Big Changes for Big Data

Google unleashed some big news when it comes to big data. The company launched updates to its cloud-based products which should make programmers and data junkies happy. The news came during the Hadoop Summit where Google announced its Cloud Dataflow is […]
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— Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a public event.

Yahoo, Microsoft Amend 10-Year Search Deal

Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to extend their search partnership with some key changes: an improvement in the search experience, more value for advertisers and increased stability for partners. According to the terms of the partnership, Yahoo will now […]

SEO News

Google search

How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Major Mobile Update

Google is at it yet again. The search engine giant is rolling out a huge update and causing major waves in the content world! I’ve talked about the various coming changes and even given suggestions on how to do a content audit long before Google does […]

Seven Pitfalls of Blogging You Should Be Avoiding

As a small business owner who is determined to enhance the online visibility of his company, you may be determined to give blogging a try. But you may know very little (or nothing at all) about the main characteristics of a successful blog. Is this a […]
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How to Boost SEO Rankings Using Headlines and Taglines

The human attention span continues to decline as technology increasingly becomes like an extra appendage. In 2013 it was recorded by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Library of Medicine that the attention span of […]

Social Media News

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Twitter’s Homepage Gets Brand New Look

Twitter is getting aggressive in its bid to attract new users and convince inactive members to give the site another try. The microblogging site is sporting a fresh new homepage with a modern look and new functionality to match. Twitter’s old look was […]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the office.

Zuckerberg Spends ‘Only’ 50-60 Hours a Week in the Office

CEOs of major corporations are notorious for long hours at the office, easily racking up 70 to 80 hours a week. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not one of them. Zuckerberg, who took to Facebook last night for an online town hall in which he answered […]

It’s Now Easier to Curate, Share and Analyze Results Courtesy of LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn is helping employees do more for their bosses with a brand new app. Dubbed Elevate, the app makes it easier for employees to promote the companies they work for on social media. The app enables companies and employees to curate high-quality […]


Business & Marketing News

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Seven Promising Ideas to Lead Your Employees Toward Happiness

Gone are the days when corporate sector was known to be heartless. Although people are still expected to get their work done by deadline, they are no longer tied to their desk. In today’s economic scenario, organizations want their employees to feel […]
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Five Tips to Take Content Viral

Going viral is a huge goal for many brands. It is the dream result every time we hit the ‘post’ button on our social media status updates. With billions of users online each day, the possibility is always there. Yet so many entrepreneurs never see […]

Small Businesses Largely Missing Out on Online Opportunities: Report

If you thought everyone in the world of business was online, think again. More than 25 percent of small businesses do not have a website and 10 percent say they are unlikely to get online any time soon, a new report from research firm Clutch has revealed. It […]

Other News

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The Write Stuff — Blogging for Fun and Profit

Many people believe a website is the be-all and end-all of Internet marketing when it comes to generating results online, most.  That kind of thinking is so 20th Century.  Sure, before the year 2000, there were only two things you needed to succeed […]

Don’t Let a Press Release Get You Down

Ah, the simple press release. It would seem so easy to write an informative, significant press release about your latest venture, but it’s easy to get bogged down with the details or worse — end up writing a hyperbolic sales pitch rather than a release […]

Indian Partners Pulling Out of Initiative’s ambitions for India have met with opposition after some partners criticized the organization of failing to adhere to Net neutrality rules. Travel site and media conglomerate Times Group both said today they would no longer […]

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