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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 25th, 2014

A Guide to Using Content Marketing to Boost SEO

A problem many small businesses face is that they lack the resources to compete head-to-head with large firms. This inarguably sets limits on your activity, but it doesn’t have to hold you back in all areas.

For example, are you possibly approaching content marketing and SEO as two separate and independent efforts when in fact they’re closely connected?

The tangled web of Internet marketing

Anyone that’s been in the Internet marketing arena a while understands how interconnected all these areas are. Whether you’re talking about social media marketing, ad campaigns, content marketing, or SEO, everything is ultimately related — and that’s particularly the case with the last two.

While the connectivity is convenient and helpful, it can also make things unnecessarily
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Technology News

SweetSense Sensors

Sensors Change Lives in Developing Countries

If you were to visit many rural areas in developing countries, most likely you‘d come across hand-operated water pumps used to get clean water.  While non-government organizations introduce thousands of them every  year,  a large number fail in the […]

Company Working On Fast-Charge Batteries

From minutes to seconds and from hours to minutes. No, a Tel Aviv company has not created a time-machine but it is claiming it has untapped resources that will save people time as they await to recharge their mobile devices and even their electric cars. […]
Internet of Things to Hit the Mainstream by 2020

Internet of Things to Hit the Mainstream by 2020

You will find more statistics at Statista […]

SEO News

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The Top 5 SEO Tactics You can Drop in 2015

SEO is not a stagnant science. It’s a very dynamic process with tricks and tips that may propel you to the top one year, and literally do the reverse the next. Google’s mission is simple: They want to provide the most accurate, user-friendly […]
What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

Source: SEO Sherpa […]

Attack of the Botnets

Ever wonder how Google knows what’s on your website? Have you ever been infected by malware or a computer virus? Ever pondered how these spammers got your email address? I have one word for you: BOTs! The World Wide Web is crawling with them. Spider […]

Social Media News


One-Click Professional Certifications Now Live on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched a new tool so its members can add professional certifications to their profile in one-click. Dubbed Add to Profile for Certifications, the new feature is available to all certification providers globally via a self-serve platform. Having […]

Twitter Users Can Now Share a Tweet Through Direct Message

Twitter is now permitting users to share public tweets through its private direct messaging system. “Every day, people use Twitter to share what’s interesting,” writes Twitter product manager Sachin Agarwal. “And as you may have heard, now there’s […]
Facebook image

Facebook Seeking Aerospace Experts to Work on Drone Plan

Facebook is kicking its drone plans into high gear as it looks to recruit the professionals it needs to build the aircrafts, sources told Re/code. According to the report, the social network posted three new drone-related job openings on its website Thursday, […]


Business & Marketing News

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10 Marketing Tips to Employ During the Holiday Season

The holidays can make or break any business. This is why it’s important for businesses to carefully plan their marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday season. As you begin to strategize for the holiday season, here are 10 marketing tips your business […]
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Intel Projecting Strong Showing In 2015

If nothing else, Andy Bryant is honest. Intel’s board chairman was straight to the point during the chipmaker’s annual investor meeting on Thursday. The company hasn’t been performing well in the past few years and Bryant didn’t […]
Global Business

Expanding Your Business Overseas

Globalization is an issue which affects us all and has helped many businesses to grow and expand internationally. Growing your business in a new country used to be a challenge too high for many businesses, however, it is now achievable for many, but not […]

Other News

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Top Five Gadgets To Buy This Christmas

Shopping for Christmas may be stressful at times and even more difficult when you are trying to find something that is worth its cost. Here’s a list of top five gadgets that you can buy this Christmas for yourself or for a loved one. 1. Fujifilm X-M1 Fujifilm […]

Five Game-Changing iOS 8 Features that No One is Talking About

The iOS 7 update was one of the most significant chapters in iOS history since it ditched skeuomorphism for a much cleaner, if perhaps plainer, look. The visual design remains the same in iOS 8 but it might prove to be an important update in terms of […]

Lackluster Sales Prompt Possible Internal Shake-Up

Samsung executives are scratching their heads and, at the same time, looking over their shoulders after less-than-impressive sales. Photo Credit: cooldesign via Statistics reported on by The Wall Street Journal indicate the company’s […]

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