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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 25th, 2015

Use Twitter’s New Tools to Reach More Readers

Twitter has recently been going through a variety of changes; some features have been lost, while others have been added. The most immediate development for the little blue bird landed by way of Twitter’s developer conference, Flight, where it was announced that the company is set to launch its new Collections API feature.

According to Twitter, Collections “is an editable group of Tweets hand-selected by a Twitter user or programmatically managed via collection APIs. Each collection is public and has its own page on, making it easy to share and embed in your website and apps.” The tool essentially “turns multiple Tweets into a single story.”

The new API is an individual component to an “ecosystem” of tools already utilized by Moments that allows developers,
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Technology News


HP Teams Up With Titan on Smartwatch Project

HP is entering the Smartwatch market in partnership with Titan, the world’s fifth-largest watchmaker. The tech company said the project falls under its expanding Engineered by HP program, but was somewhat tight-lipped on details of the planned device(s), […]
Courtesy of Dell Inc. — Dell headquarters in Round Rock. Texas.

Dell Issues Apology for Security Flaw, Pushing Update Today

Dell admitted this week some of its recently-shipped laptops may come with security issues courtesy of a pre-installed SSL certificate. The company has issued a statement apologizing for the flaw in the certificate that was installed to enable customer […]
Android Pay

Google to Donate $1 to Special Needs Education Each Time Android Pay Used

Google is promoting its mobile payment platform Android Pay with a little holiday giving. The tech giant today announced it will donate up to $1 million to support programs aiding American children with special needs — giving mobile users a little added […]

SEO News

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How Deep Links in Your Apps Help SEO

As an app developer, sitting firmly atop the rankings on the first page of Google may be enough to secure a sizable amount of page views. Even so, it’s no longer the crowning achievement in determining the number of downloads/installs for your app. […]
SEO Targeting

4 Data Metrics to Help Your SEO Skyrocket

Data measurement is crucial for SEO success. Without the proper metrics, a business owner will never truly understand how a site is performing, let alone how to improve it. As technology continues to become more advanced, so does the data that people […]

A.I. Meets SEO: Google’s RankBrain Changes Search Again

A.I, or Artificial Intelligence, may still seem like science fiction to you, but it is actually being used more and more to perform processes behind the scenes in this technology driven world. Case in point: Google’s RankBrain is where A.I. meets SEO. […]

Social Media News

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FBI Obtains Information on Hacker

The Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have a solid lead in a case involving a hacker who boasted about having access to account information for various sites. Facebook, Twitter and the Russian social media site VK users’ account information […]

Snapchat Announces Story Explorer

It looks like Snapchat is following Twitter in encouraging users to experience events through others’ images and stories. Snapchat image The social media site announced Monday it’s rolling out a new medium to see more snaps from users. It’s […]

Pinterest Users are Avid Shoppers, Site Says

Pinterest has released some interesting new statistics leading up to the holiday shopping season. The virtual pin-up board says holiday pinning starts four months before Christmas with two million people saving pins about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. […]


Business & Marketing News

Money US Dollars

5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Premium Google AdSense Publisher

If you’re reading this, chances are you haven’t been invited to Google’s most exclusive club. Don’t cry–you’re not alone. We all know that a standard AdSense account, when measured, tested, and adjusted can bring in some killer revenue. So […]

Brand Audit: How Do Your Customers See Your Brand?

Is your brand suffering from little brand equity and strong competition? This might be the time to review your brand and strategies as a whole. To be able to reinforce your branding in a crowded, cutthroat market, a business must recognize the needs and […]
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How to Manage Your Inventory Across Multiple Online Channels

Selling on more than one online channel can open up to retailers a whole new world of opportunities. Amazon, eBay (and the international versions of these marketplaces), and your own personal Web store, usually created with a provider like Shopify, Magento, […]

Other News

Image by Sebastian Bergmann.

Yahoo Fighting Back Against Ad Blockers

Yahoo Mail has become off limits for some users utilizing ad-blocking software. A number of media reports indicated that when some users tried to access their e-mails, they were served a notice asking them to turn off their ad-blocking software. Yahoo […]
Android apps

Android Studio 2.0 Tools Get Previewed

Developers are being given improved tools to create their apps and deploy them faster in Android Studio. During the Android Developer Summit Monday, it was announced Android Studio 2.0 will feature Instant Run, a means for developers to dramatically improve […]
Microsoft Employees

Number of Female Employees Declines at Microsoft

There are fewer women working at Microsoft today than there were last year. That’s what a report released by the company Monday shows, as well as a pretty thorough break down of the ethnicity of the company. In fact, only 26.8 percent of Microsoft’s […]


New Zip App Pacing 3x’s Twitter Initial Engagement

San Diego, CA  — Zip, the Question Answer App, a social media tool that lets users ask and answer questions and see results from other users, is on pace with Twitter’s initial users back in 2007. The average Zip interactions per day, based on span […]
EON Reality VR

EON Reality Brings Large-Scale Social Virtual Reality to the Masses With Launch of EON Idome

IRVINE, CA,– EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, is launching the first public facing EON Idome in Laval, France in conjunction with the celebration of its first anniversary. […]
Siam smartphone

CRBT Inc. Announces its Dual-Screen Siam 7X Smartphone

FLOWER MOUND, TX – Nov. 2, 2015 – CRBT Inc., a company providing personal and business solutions to wireless phone subscribers, network operators and advertisers, today announces the launch of its Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the Siam 7X, […]

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