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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 30th, 2015

Google Updates Webmaster Tools: What’s New and Useful

Curious what Google is looking for these days? It isn’t rocket science to decipher. Speed, responsiveness, unique and relevant content; these are some of the criteria demanded by the search engine giant for anyone to win the ranking wars.

For most companies, the go to resource for all diagnostics, results, and overall website performance reports is Google Webmaster Tools. This free service helps webmasters maintain a website’s SEO presence and helps them to better understand how to optimize a site for increased visibility, traffic, and ultimately ROI. Following the ranking guidelines laid out by Google is always a good strategy.

Earlier this month, Webmasters across the world rejoiced as Google announced several updates to these prestigious tools along with a brand
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Technology News

Photo by Johannes Hemmerlein

Yahoo, Microsoft Extend Talks in 10-Year Search Deal

Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to extend their search negotiations for another 30 days as the two companies grapple to find a solution to their partnership woes. Photo by Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a public event. Under […]
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Google, Johnson & Johnson to Partner on Robotic Surgery Solutions

Google is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to develop an advanced, robot-assisted surgical platform to improve health care delivery in the operating room. Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, a medical device maker, and Google will combine their […]
BlackBerry image — It was a packed house at the BlackBerry 10 product launch in January.

BlackBerry Turns a Surprising Q4 Profit

BlackBerry is back in the black. The Canadian Smartphone maker today posted a $28 million, or five cents a share profit. The fourth quarter results surprised Wall Street and pleased investors and shares rose accordingly — more than five percent before […]

SEO News

Google search

Google’s New Ranking Factor: Content Accuracy

You know that you need to write excellent, engaging content to help bring in more clients and clicks, but did you know that accurate content is just as important, if not more so? It is incredibly vital to your site, and can help set you up as a great, […]

Translating Your Content: Can It Help Your Site Rank?

As a small business owner driven by big marketing goals, you are probably striving to come up with new methods to reach a larger audience. You know you can do better. You can make your website rank higher in search engine results, turn more prospects […]

15 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO and Reader Response

The simple act of posting on your blog or other blogs can do powerful things for your business. But your action might not be so effective if you don’t use certain ideas. There are many things to consider when writing content, but the tips below will […]

Social Media News


WhatsApp Voice Dialing Expected in Coming Weeks

Android and iOS users of WhatsApp will soon be able to voice dial with the popular application. Image courtesy of (adamr) / In fact, reports are already sneaking out that some Apple customers have been seen using the voice dialing […]
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Connect With Courtesy On LinkedIn

Have you figured out the Internet has changed the way we do business and the way we connect with other people? Social media has exploded, and most of us are overwhelmed. Not only do we not know which platform to use, we don’t know how to use each […]
Facebook chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer speaks at the F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Facebook Drones Boast Wingspan Greater Than a Boeing 737

Facebook is hard at work building a fleet of drones that will bring the Internet to four billion unconnected people across the globe. The social network revealed how far it has come in reaching its goal today during its annual F8 Developer Conference […]


Business & Marketing News

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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Communication skills provide a foundation for everything that happens in our world. We communicate with people every day in a number of ways and for a number of reasons. The business world is no different. Every type of interaction calls for a different […]
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Three Reasons Leaders Can’t Keep an Open Mind

Let’s face facts, many individuals in corporate leadership positions have created the illusion for themselves that their ideas alone are the best and their word on every subject within their sphere of influence is final, no matter what — even though […]
Photo Credit: Adikos via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

14 Common Beginner Mistakes in Content Marketing

No matter what it is, we are all beginners at something at some point. Being a beginner can be one of the most frustrating things for us grown ups, but think back to when you were a kid. Did you immediately learn to ride a bike by yourself or did you […]

Other News

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U.K. iPhone Users Can Sue Google Over Privacy Violation, Court Rules

British iPhone users can sue Google over the alleged misuse of privacy settings, a U.K. court of appeal ruled today. A small group of iPhone owners have accused Google of circumventing security settings on Apple’s Safari browser to install tracking […]
Image courtesy of (Rawich)/

Forests Get Smarter With Sensor Technology

Forestry research doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of the Big Apple. But the 635-acre Alley Pond Park in New York City is one of the most recent areas wired to be part of a network of research sites in the U.S. called Smart Forests. Equipped […]
Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook Planning to Give His Fortune Away: Report

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not only one of the world’s top leaders, according to Fortune magazine, he is also a philanthropist at heart. In a profile published by the magazine, Cook is portrayed as a generous person, both personally and professionally. One […]

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