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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 21st, 2019

Article Writing Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019

Did you not get the results you wanted from your article writing efforts in 2018? Were articles not part of your marketing mix?

Well… it is time for a change.

In fact, if you want to keep your web presence relevant in 2019, you don’t have a choice. 

Since content is and always will be king, this means you need to update your article writing skills.

Implement the following tips from professional article writers to hone skills that’ll help you with articles this new year.

Focus on User Experience – Intent Is Key!

Yes, Google changes its algorithm more times than we would like. 

In over a year, it can make more than 500 changes with none the wiser. There is a reason for that haste. 

Can you really keep up with all of those changes?

Yes and no. 

While content should always be optimized for visibility, it has to strike a chord with the search engines. Tracking those algorithm changes is futile because they are designed to prioritize content.

Think of it this way. To be organic is to be in flux or constant motion. If you write content just to tick off some SEO tips off a sheet or for the sake of it, your content will become robotic or static.

The thing is that SEO is not just about volume anymore. It is about delivering what users want to see. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to look up information using the keyword “everything about Bali”. This is what Google throws up when you press Search:

Contrary to popular belief, a user may not click on the link at the top. It all depends on their intent. The article from Lonely Planet may look more interesting than the first search result if they want travel to Bali and do their research accordingly. 

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