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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 8th, 2015

SEO Best Practices: The Big 5 in SEO

Every couple of years, SEO evolves into a mysteriously new discipline. As traditional push marketing continues to die off and industries continue to measure the impact that organic search has on overall growth, inbound marketing strategies (like SEO) continue to grow increasingly more sophisticated and challenging.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, in 2014 85% of online retailers found search marketing (including SEO) to be the most effective form of customer acquisition. But certainly not the easiest. This relatively new and powerfully effective form of marketing is only poised to grow and become even more important in the coming years.

In order for SEO practitioners to either build or continue the momentum, here are 5 of the most critical
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Technology News

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The Robots Are Coming — Are You Ready?

Could there be a robot or android in your future? More importantly, what will the ultimate effect on society be once robots start taking over. How will what has until now, been a unique human experience change? Until recently, robots, (aka androids for […]
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Ambient Intelligence: Coming to a Smart Home Near You

In terms of the smart home, ambient intelligent devices quietly pay attention to the actions of end users in certain environments—learning what people do, how they respond, and their interests—to make intuitive and data-based guesses regarding what […]

EyeControl to Give ALS Sufferers Communicative Tool

Eyes may be the windows to the soul but they could also be an amazing way of communication for the millions of ALS sufferers across the globe. A Tel Aviv-based company is hoping to use the eyes of such patients combined with technology, in this case a […]

SEO News


Google Analytics: The Numbers You Need to Know

When you hear the words “analytics report” certain online programs and stats more than likely come to mind. While these programs and services are extremely valuable marketing assets, most businesses do not understand how to gain a full view […]

Why You Don’t Have to Use Nofollow in Your Content Anymore

  The no-follow tag has been in existence for over ten years now, and ever since the day it was introduced to now, people have actually been misusing it. Originally, nofollow was designed as a means of combating spam, and giving more credence to […]
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The Latest Major Google Shifts: Why Your Content Must Be HTTPS

What exactly is HTTPS? Well, it’s a protocol used to establish a secure connection between a user and a server. By enabling an HTTPS connection you create a trustworthy link between your server and the user, thereby making it virtually impossible for […]

Social Media News

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Eight Tools to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Maintaining an active presence on social media is no easy task considering the sheer number of platforms. Constantly updating your various accounts with relevant and interesting content takes a lot of time, something most businesses cannot afford. However, […]
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Five Tips for Getting Rid of Unnecessary Touchpoints on the Social Media Conversion Funnel

Conventional wisdom says to add as many touchpoints as possible to your customers’ buying journey — but what about the touchpoints that get in the way? There is a long road to travel between discovery and retention, and along the way, buyers often […]
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Prepare to See More GIFs Via Facebook Messenger

If you’re a fan of GIFs, Facebook Messenger is about to become a lot more enjoyable for you. Facebook is reportedly testing a GIF button within its Messenger app that enables users to send an animated image with two taps of the finger, TechCrunch is […]


Business & Marketing News

Global Business

A Bittersweet Symphony of Global Expansion

After you have set up your own company and reached certain success, it is time to think about next moves. Whether it is hiring new employees, introducing fresh products or coming up with innovative promotional tactics and marketing strategies – you […]
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Small Acts of Kindness That Grow Your Bottom Line

Have you ever gone out of your way to make someone feel special? When Daniel and I were involved in KindActs, a local Random Acts of Kindness Foundation chapter, it was our mission to spread the word on how powerful acts of kindness can be on others. It’s […]
By Bizking2u (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Relying on Crowds to Fund the Internet of Everything

A favorite source of financing for many Internet of Everything (IoE) startups is crowdfunding—specifically Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  It’s proved to be an effective way both to raise seed money and get a feel for potential market enthusiasm, as […]

Other News


Burner Provides Freedom of Generated Numbers

The protection of one’s personal cell number is becoming more and more difficult to achieve, but a new app is helping to address the issue. Burner promotes itself as a “privacy layer for your phone” by generating a local number people […]

Evangelical Version of Facebook Growing in Popularity in Brazil

If you’re tired of reading vulgar language or seeing racy photos on Facebook, there is now another option: Facegloria. The ‘sin-free’ social media alternative was created by a group of Evangelical Christians in Brazil and, in just one month, has […]
HTC phone

HTC’s Fortunes Continue to Fall, Reports 2Q $166M Operating Loss

HTC’s financial woes continued today as the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer reported second-quarter revenues at the bottom end of a forecast it had already reduced. HTC photo — The HTC One. The company, in a brief statement, said it expects an […]

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