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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 12th, 2020

5 Best Tips on eCommerce UI/UX Designing for Increased Conversions

Long gone are those days when mere SEO and paid advertisements were the key to conversions and higher sales. The 21st-century customer is smarter, more well-informed, and has a trove of information at his fingertips to make the right choice. Dealing with today’s customer is not only a challenge but quite an eye-opening experience with a lot to learn from.

Your website may have great content, cool images, and engaging videos, but it’s simply useless if a potential customer can’t find what he’s looking for. Remember, with the information overload of the 21st century, users have developed very short attention spans, where they want to see what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Websites nowadays depend greatly on eCommerce UI designing, simultaneously trying to streamline the UX or user experience as much as possible.

Now you might say, “Hey, I’ve got a great website and a product that customers would empty their wallets for. I don’t need to waste time in UI/UX brainstorming.”, and that’s where you lose the plot and fall into the abyss of Internet ignorance. Remember, you have to assume that your competitor is smarter and is willing to invest more in his online presence to kick you off the online podium. So you need to gear up, make smart decisions, and focus on your website, as if your life depends on it!

This is where your decision to hire a dedicated designer makes perfect business sense. eCommerce UI designing is the way towards increased conversions, higher user retention, and turns your website into a darling of the search engines. Times have changed, trends have evolved, and so has consumer behavior. eCommerce UI designing is the best way to attract new customers and create a user-friendly UX ecosystem that’s worthy... Read More

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