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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 25th, 2019

Benefits of Using Browser Push Notifications for eCommerce Marketing

Marketers have always found a way to promote. From the early days with posters and classifieds to the modern days with emails, TV Ads, and SMS, there has always been a way to reach out to target customers. 

Push notifications are one such marketing tool that have gained immense popularity because of their unique and smooth reachability. With a mammoth scope, some marketers are even seeing it as a replacement for SMS and email marketing. 

Especially in the eCommerce domain where there is no limit to the competition a new startup has to face, push notifications are being seen as a boon to marketers. But, can push notifications ever replace traditional marketing channels?

This article aims to explain the unique benefits of Browser Push Notifications which are common these days. We will compare this tool with its alternative and see if it’s competent enough to face the heat of intensive competition of other eCommerce marketing tactics. 

What are push notifications?

Push notifications, in general, are the clickable messages popping up on a device screen, triggered through a mobile app or a web server. Depending on the OS, these pop-ups are shown as different banners on your device. You don’t need a recipient’s contact number or email address to send a push notification.

What are browser push notifications?

If a push notification is triggered by a website through a web server on a web browser, we call it a web push notification or browser push notification. It differs from an App push notification because you need not install a mobile app to receive these notifications. You can receive them on any device that has a web browser installed. For example, chrome push notifications from Google’s Firebase cloud messaging service. 

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