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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 20th, 2014

When Google Hits Your Web Content: Avoiding the eBay Dilemma

Remember the hubbub surrounding Google awhile back when they released Google Panda, the updated spam algorithm? They made some drastic changes that centered around sites creating excellent content and putting a stop to several things that could be considered spam. This hurt several online businesses right away, but many were waiting to see just how damaging this would be.

Some had faith it wouldn’t be that “destructive”, but now we see just what these changes have done to businesses. One of the biggest, most destructive effects was with the online bidding site giant, eBay which is set to lose no less than a whopping $200 million in revenue. What happened? Can eBay get out of it? And how can you avoid falling into the same pit that eBay fell into? Let’s explore
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Technology News


Big Tablet Aimed at Sharing

A tablet as big as a small television is geared toward families and hopes to encourage sharing. Unveiled Tuesday by Fuhu, the Big Tab nabi comes in both 20- and 24-inch screens. Both models come with carrying frames that can be used as stands. The devices […]
Photo Credit: 'The Singularity is Near'...very by Gisela Giardino Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Future of Tech Unveiled

In this age of exponential technological growth, the stuff of science fiction becomes reality with each passing day. Not long ago, scientists claimed that they were in the final stretch of fulfilling the promise of E = mc², that is, turning light into […]
Tickle 1

Tickle Offers a Fun Way to Learn to Code

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to code, but found the task too daunting — help is on the way. Tickle, which is now on Kickstarter, is an iPad app geared toward teaching youths how to code, but as the campaign page states, is a fun way for anyone […]

SEO News


How Shareable Content Can Boost Your SEO

At a time when content marketing is all the rage, it’s easy to forget that not all content is created equal. There is some content that is superior to others when it comes to search engine optimization, and that’s the content that people want […]
Google Page Rank

Secrets to Improve Your Page Rank

I have many of sites I fiddle on/deal with/own/open to smile at. I have a passive goal to enhance my Google page rank of such websites. Alas, I do literally nothing to arrive at such objective. Truth be told, I really do dynamic things to upset this objective, […]

The SEO Implications of Gating Content

Content marketing is now a top tactic for SEO, lead generation, and overall marketing strategies. It’s a highly effective way to create a win-win for business owners and their audiences. But there remains a serious conundrum in creating content; […]

Social Media News

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Proximity-Based Social Change

The next revolution of the Internet is upon us, and not only is it continuing to shape the way we do things, it’s changing the way our things do things. In 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet surpassed the number of people on […]
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Google Gearing Up for YouTube Supscription Music Service

Google’s highly rumored and much anticipated YouTube music subscription service may soon become a reality. The final details of the on-demand streaming music service, dubbed YouTube Music Key, are currently being worked out, Android Police is reporting. According […]

Twitter Ticks Off Users With Favorite Retweet Experiment

Twitters latest experiment has many users fuming. The microblogging site is now showing users tweets favorited by people they follow, effectively filling users’ feeds with a lot of posts they don’t want to see. Some users are being inundated with […]


Business & Marketing News

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How to Communicate Change and Get Leaders to Drive It

The reason most leaders won’t drive change communication initiatives is because they are asked to communicate information that is readily available online and, when employees ask questions about the changes, they feel unable to provide answers. I wanted […]

What’s Your Website For?

If you have been in business for a while, some of these ideas might seem a bit basic, but I encourage you not to dismiss them without at least reconsidering them. If your business has experienced rapid growth and if you are interested in being ahead of […]

Is Your Content Marketing Expert Lying to You?

There are plenty of content marketing “experts” out there.  And, yes, I put the quotation marks there on purpose — and for good reason. That’s because there are people in every corner of the Web who THINK they know all about content […]

Other News

ALS Ice bucket challenge

Cook, Gates and Bezos Take Up the Ice Bucket Challenge

Tim Cook isn’t afraid of a little ice water. The Apple CEO accepted the challenge thrown down by one of his top executives, senior vice-president Phil Schiller, to douse himself with icy-cold water to raise money for the ALS Association, the organization […]

Comcast, Time-Warner Deal Facing Further Scrutiny

The much-debated merger between Time-Warner and Comcast continues to face hurdles. The move has long been under the microscope of the Federal Communications Commission and, once again, is struggling, this time with content delivery. The FCC must decide […]

BlackBerry Creates New Business Unit

BlackBerry has created a new model but this one isn’t a hand-held device. EXECUTIVE PORTRAIT – John Chen, of the Walt Disney Board of Directors is now CEO at BlackBerry.(DISNEY/BOB D’AMICO) Rather, the company announced it is rolling […]

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