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Internet Related Resources Your daily dose of Internet and technology, covering a gamut of topics including software, Web 2.0, marketing, social networks, search engines, browsers, open source, etc. Useful info in condensed form. A good site to visit if you still need to get a handle on Net basics and terminology. Topics covered include newsgroups, email, web surfing, privacy, multimedia and e-business. Delivers notifications, and/or reminders via email, text message, instant messaging, or even voice. Provides a personal information management destination where you can get updated news, reminders, price changes, weather updates, etc.

Acronym Finder Contains the web's largest database of acronyms/abbreviations about: general topics; Internet; chat; email; newsgroups; computers; science; medicine; technology; aviation, federal, state and local government; telecommunications; airport codes; organizations/associations; and the military including US Department of Defense, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Marine, and US Coast Guard acronyms. Acronyms are available for many languages. A directory of widgets for any web, desktop or mobile platforms and for their web pages and blogs. Nice site. A tech site devoted to news on the latest and greatest gadgets, ranging from computers and cameras to gadgets and gizmos. Useful and informative content. Integrates email accounts, IM accounts, video chat, video mail, SMS, etc. in one place. An online video search engine that allows users to search, browse, navigate and discover videos from across the web, regardless of the source.

DailyTech A leading online magazine that provides hard-hitting and up to the minute CE, PC, IT and information technology news. A simple project management tool. Work together, organize and keep track of the developments within your projects. Use it for business, school groups & more.

Mefeedia A video service that aggregates web shows, video blogs and video feeds from over 15,000 video websites and video sharing sites. You can create a personal media channel that tracks favorite video shows, recommends new shows and updates automatically.

ComputerUser Provides quality information on the latest technology tools and trends. The site provides a wide array of resources and link for computer users. A unique personal search engine, helping users find and discover people. Over 100M people indexed to date and growing rapidly in size and popularity. Lets you share anything, including text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, cellphone, desktop or email. Tumblelogging is to weblogs what text messages are to email - short, to the point, and direct. and and are two sites you may want to look at if you're interested in buying or selling websites. Both sites look relatively new but have a lot of potential.