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Webmasters is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast webmasters. It's part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites which focus on getting high quality answers.
Bing Webmaster Center blog provides up-to-date posts and comments from the Bing community. Find articles on crawl error alerts, SEO help, SOAP/POX protocol, new app reviews, announcements and events, etc.

Search Engine Forums If you're serious about learning more about the major search engines, Search Engine Forums is a good place to start. There are discussion forums devoted to every major search engine, PPC and directory as well as to general search engine related topics. A simple discussion forum you can use to build community around your website, brand, or business. Create a fully functional forum with themes, categories and plugins. Provides total control over your forum appearance so it meshes with the look and feel of your site. A forum search engine, message tracking and alerts system that ensures you don't miss an important forum thread no matter where or when it is posted. The site currently tracks 49,255,195 threads in 39,295 forums. One of the most trafficked sites on the Web and the big kahuna of discussion forums. If you're a web professional looking for the latest news and discussion on webmaster topics, this is the place to visit.

Young Entrepreneur One of the largest online forum communities for entrepreneurs worldwide. The site includes how-to guides, business tools (creating a business plan, domain registration & hosting), a job board, legal services, etc.

Digital Point Forums One of the most active and popular webmaster discussion forums on the Web. A great deal of useful information can be found here.

The Webmaster Forums One of the largest webmaster communities on the Net with close to 100,000 message posts and over 6,900 members. A good site for webmasters to share knowledge and problems. A discussion forums site with an emphasis on providing help to those who need it. Forums cover general, graphics, design, programming and webmaster topics. A popular forum site with discussions that focus on web design and development. The site currently boasts over 414,000 message posts and 44,800+ members. A discussion board dedicated to web coding and development. Topics covered include, asp, perl, html, css, xml, mySQL, graphics and more. Another popular webmaster discussion forum site. If you need help with web design, affiliate programs, site traffic, etc., or if you just want to contribute your expertise, this is a good site to visit. One of the top tech support forums on the Web, covering a broad range of support topics, including computer hardware, software, security, networking, web design, email, etc. A discussion forums site devoted to web development and programming. A good place for webmasters to meet and swap ideas. The site currently has over 4,200 members and more than 9,400 threads and 90,700 posts.