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Nettuts+ is a site aimed at web developers and designers offering tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. They cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS's, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Appears to be a relatively new site that is growing in popularity very quickly. As the name suggests, the site offers utorials on topics ranging from ASP and CGI to Flash and Photoshop. Over 4500 resources listed in 441 categories. An articles and tutorial site focused on website development, promotion and revenue generation. Also has an associated blog and discussion forums.

Developer Fusion Get thousands of high quality tutorials, source code, reviews and an active discussion forum for Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, C#, JavaScript, C++, MFC, ASP.NET and VB.NET developers. Miss it, miss out! Offers a number of useful tutorials on css, html, php and java-script but site doesn't appear to have been updated recently. Features technical articles, tutorials and examples of programming for the web. Not intended as a "cut and paste" site but rather a learning resource. Tutorials provided for css, dhtml, asp, Java and Javascript.

HTML Dog A site for those with no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS. It provides tutorials on formatting structured content (HTML) and the visual formatting of that content (CSS) for building web pages. Find articles, references, examples and tutorials on tables, forms, links; tags, attributes & elements, etc. Provides hundreds of tutorials in 12 major categories ranging from photoshop and flash to CSS and DHTML. Over 70 new tutorials added weekly. Provides over 500 tutorials covering a wide range of webmaster topics. New tutorials added daily. A popular tutorials site with over 10,000 tutorials in 10 major categories. Offers technology tutorial videos for PCs, Macs, social networks, etc. Get fast help and answers for your computer and gadget questions. Has nice search features with a bundle option that allows you to view 10 related videos at a time. A major resource site, offering tutorials, scripts and other useful information for webmasters. Tutorials include Paint Shop Pro, Frontpage Express, FTP and HTML. The site also has useful reference charts and links to a host of free resources.

Tizag CCS Tutorials Offers a basic look at how to use Cascading Style Sheets in web page design. A good starting point for CSS usage. Offers useful tutorials on a variety of topics, including PhotoShop, Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Javascript and more. Check out the forums while you're there.