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November 23, 2015

Facebook Marketing is Changing —Here’s What Small Businesses Can Do To Stay In The Game

Facebook is always trying to change things up to make itself more profitable. The year 2015 has seen changes to the News Feed, which affects the way that companies conduct Facebook marketing campaigns via their Facebook Pages. The new changes are probably affecting your marketing campaign plans so, to help you adjust, here are a few of the most common questions and their solutions.

Question 1: What is Facebook changing about its News Feed?

You have likely noticed Page posts are not showing up in News Feeds anymore. It is very rare that you see a Page post in a News Feed these days unless it is very popular and/or trending in some way. As a result, the level of engagement with your Facebook Page has probably gone down. Facebook is trying to remove the overly promotional elements to help improve the News Feed and associated user experience.

“As part of our ongoing survey that asked thousands upon thousands of people how they felt about their News Feeds,” Facebook said. “Many people said they wanted to see far more stories from their friends and their Pages, and far less promotional content.”

Facebook has listed three of the traits it found to be overly promotional

• Posts that use the same content as seen in adverts;

• Posts that only exist to make people buy stuff or install apps;

• Posts asking people to enter promotions without any real context.

Your organic distribution is going to decrease because of the new News Feed rules, which means you will need to switch to Facebook advertising if you want to push your products, services, brands or websites. If your Facebook Page is a big part of your marketing strategy, then it is time to re-evaluate your plans.

Question 2: What do the Facebook News feed changes going to mean to businesses that cannot afford to spend money on Facebook advertising?

Economics suggests that more people are going to use Facebook advertising now, which is going to push up the price if you want to appear in prominent positions on the website. If you do not have the budget to risk on Facebook advertising, then here is what you should do:

1. Evaluate your current marketing strategy and continue to create content that people will want to look at on Facebook. If the content is engaging, then people will still visit your Facebook Page even if it is not featured on news feeds.

2. Make sure you use the correct link format when you post any links on your Facebook Page, and do not bury them in photo captions.

3. Keep testing your marketing strategies on Facebook to see how your engagement is being affected. Do not post general comments such as greeting for the season. Post things that are specific to your niche and see how the results differ.

4. Post your videos and images onto Instagram and then cross-post them to Facebook.

5. The social media content calendar is very handy and helpful if you want to organize your posts on Facebook.

Question 3: What should I do if my business has a small advertising budget and is able to spare some for Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising does have functions that accommodate people with small budgets. Your business will not be placed as prominently as those with bigger budgets will, but that doesn’t mean your campaign will be completely lacking in potential. For example, if you were to target your adverts to a very small and tight group, you may have more success achieving a convertible level of prominence. A business that has a smaller advertising budget may use Facebook boost posts to target their posts at their preferred audience.

Facebook marketing tips to help improve your reach 

Know your audience on Facebook 

You are supposed to know your target audience anyway, but if you want to succeed with Facebook advertising, you need to know your general demographic information and you need to gather as much information as possible to target your customers more tightly so that you need not spend as much money.

Avoid trying to sell on Facebook

Facebook is reacting to sales-driven posts by making them less prominent. Trying to get people’s attention and educate them about your brand is OK, but Facebook will work against you if you are trying to make sales, and if you are trying to pull people off of Facebook.

Post some of your best content on Facebook

This may seem like silly advice, since your content is more permanent and valuable on your website, however, there is nothing stopping you from posting your best content on Facebook and then waiting a few weeks for it to be forgotten before posting it in your website. Followed content and content that is doing well on other social media networks may help improve its exposure on Facebook.

Allow your employees the chance to go on your Facebook page

Have your employees visit your Facebook page and click likes, make comments and share things with their own profiles. These likes and engagement elements will help make your content more prominent. However, spam likes, shares and comments will have your content disregarded.

Respond to people 

Do not respond to the trolls or people being negative. They are not the silent majority, so do not worry about them. Respond to the people that ask real questions or make good comments. Especially respond to the funny ones because you want them to return and keep adding good stuff to your page.


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