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Things You Should Not Post on Social Media

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Social media is rapidly gaining importance. There are billions of users on social media and the number is growing every day. Some individuals like to add anyone on their friend list, not knowing their background or other information about them. Others make the mistake of sharing everything on social media and this is the biggest reason they have to deal with some serious issues. Here are some of the common things you should not post of social media. 

1. Pictures of credit cards 

Do not make the mistake of posting the picture of your credit card on social media. There are chances that someone on your friend list is a hacker and you have just given him all the required information to hack your card, access your account and start using your card without your knowledge of what is happening. Even if you cannot live without sharing a picture of your card, ensure that you crop the portion with the number and expiry date or paint it to make sure that no one will get this information. 

2. Driving license photo 

One of the biggest issues that people deal with is identity theft. There are many people online that use social media to steal the identity of people so that they can accomplish their illegal tasks. It means that when you share the photo of your driving license, you are inadvertently giving them a green card to use your identity and do anything they want. 

  • Take a few seconds to weigh the pros and cons of sharing pictures of your license with respect to your security. 
  • You have to spend so many months in preparation for your driving test. It took a lot of hard work to get the license. 
  • When you share it online and someone uses it for illegal purposes and gets caught, remember that the police will take you into custody even if you have done nothing. 
  • They might cancel your driving license for which you have worked so hard. So think before you press that share icon. 
  • Even if you think you have privacy, remember that your contact list might include some culprits. 

3. Your recent location 

A common mistake that most people make is to share their recent location on social media. It might be a restaurant where they are having the best dinner or another expensive place. Remember that when you share such information online, there are chances that thieves may start following you and steal from you. There is no need to share your location online. If you want to tell the world that you have been to a restaurant, make sure that you do it when you get home. In the same way, you should not share your house or office address. 

4. Receipts from online shopping

There are many individuals that like to boast about everything that they have done in their lives. If they have bought an expensive gift, they would love to tell everyone by sharing the receipt online. It is also done as a marketing tactic to ensure that more customers are drawn to the store. However, remember that there is a lot of confidential information on the receipt that can be used in many wrong ways. 

5. Details of your vacation

Many people love to share the details of their vacation on their social media. Remember that when you tag your information with famous locations, they automatically become public. In this event, you are giving enough information to burglars. They will know everything about your destination and it will become easy for them to steal your confidential documents like your passport. You should know most thieves would sell your passport in the black market, which might lead to some serious issues because your information can be forged or misused. 

6. Inappropriate personal images 

When we are in the bedroom or bathroom, most of us like to take sexy pictures of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking such pictures, however, avoid sharing such pictures on social media platforms because it can give the wrong signal. In addition, porn site owners might use such pictures because they would like to attract more followers. There are chances that your friends or family members will see your pictures on such sites and you will get into a lot of trouble. So, ensure that you do not let others misuse your body. 

7. Party pictures 

Most people love to share party pictures on social media because they like to show the world how much fun they had. If you are a student or employee, you should not make such mistakes especially if the party was on a weekday. It will give the wrong impression that you are not a hard-working individual and it may have a negative impact on the promotion that you were supposed to get. It is better that you share such pictures on the weekend or avoid sharing them at all. 

8. Fight with your partner 

A common mistake most couples make is that they share everything about their fight on social media. They do not understand that many people will enjoy the fact that they are fighting, and others will give wrong suggestions that might break their relationships. As a result, it is better to keep what you have between you two. 

Social media might be beneficial, but at the same time, it can be very dangerous. So, ensure that you know what you are sharing online. Before sharing, you have to make sure that this information cannot be used against you.

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