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6 Reasons to Invest in Video Content

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Video is the most popular type of content on the internet today, and many brands are exploring the possibilities video offers for their audiences. As the success of digital video content in marketing continues to grow, it is increasingly clear that featuring visual images on your company website or blog is not enough to convert visitors and enhance sales anymore. If video marketing is not a key component of your marketing strategy, review the following 6 reasons you should incorporate video content to your website without delay. 

1. Increases Conversion Rates

Getting additional likes and shares on social media and more visitors looking at your blog are good, but having high conversation rates is far better. If your conversion rate is dropping, or if you simply want to maintain or maximize its potential, there are several ways video content can help you meet this objective. Recently, conducted research affirming viewers are 144 percent more likely to buy an item after they see it in a video. Content known as product videos enable a viewer to get a look at the merchandise from various different angles, showcasing a perception that normal pictures cannot capture. If you sell merchandise online, such as clothes, shoes, or jewelry, consider adding video content to your merchandise pages to increase conversion rates. If showcasing your merchandise, offer a “how to” video on your merchandise pages to give viewers a fuller understanding of how your product can and should be used. 

2. Enhances SEO

If you’re still dreaming about your website appearing on the first page of Google search results for all of your keywords, video content could give your site the boost it needs to get you on page one. Since the function of a search engine is to provide users with the information and content they want to look at, videos are the perfect means of improving your SEO. According to a recent survey, 79 percent of customers reported they’d prefer learning about a product through a video instead of reading its description on their screens. To improve SEO with video content, always ensure your video is hosted on your site rather than sites like YouTube and Vimeo. If your video is hosted on another site, they will receive the hits instead of you. Ensure you get the traffic by embedding your video content to your website with a video hosting service. 

While search engines can’t index videos in the same way they do with text content, there are a few techniques to combat this. Begin by ensuring your keywords are featured in the meta data of your video, including the video title and description. Proceed to establish an XML video site map, which enables Google to crawl your website and index your video, allowing it to emerge in search results. Submit this directly to Google.

3. Improve Brand Loyalty

Consumers can now compare the prices of several brands with a simple tap on their smartphones, which has made switching brands to the most cost-efficient option relatively simple for customers. However, this means companies must strive to increase customer loyalty if they hope to maintain their customer base. A relevant consumer study available on has determined the chance of selling to an existing consumer is 60 to 70 percent higher than the probability of selling to a new visitor. With a probability of receiving return customer business this high, featuring video content is the perfect medium for enhancing existing customer loyalty. Consumers enjoy watching entertaining and meaningful videos, so developing energetic, interactive content can add something extra special to your website at no cost to viewers. Be sure to steer clear of straightforward promotional marketing strategies when you are trying to improve your brand loyalty. Instead of focusing on sales talk, make videos that will connect with consumers and showcase your creativity. For example, telling your consumers what inspired you to start your business or showing them how to use your product in a new and innovative way are both great ways to develop video content to boost brand loyalty. 

4. Advances Onboarding

Video content is a great means of communication, and is also effective when it comes to integrating, training and energizing employees. If onboarding employees is difficult for your company, investing in video is a perfect means of tackling this challenge. Videos dramatically alter a new employee’s first day on the job, transforming their primary experience with your company from uninteresting and awkward, to energizing and exciting. Use your imagination to create fun training videos you can use during the integration process. Be sure to cover information about company values and culture, as well advice on how to perform well at your business and any important policies new staff should know about. You should get your whole team to participate in making these videos to showcase your business’ collaborative and enthusiastic spirit to all new team members.

5. Promotes a Deeper Understanding of Your Product

If the merchandise you sell needs to be properly explained in order for your consumers to get the most out of it, then a video about the item is an appealing approach to teach customers how it should be used. Making a step-by-step how-to video about your product is a popular method of increasing consumer knowledge if your product is a physical item. But if you’re selling a type of computer software, game, or subscription, create a demo video that gives viewers a thorough illustration of your product’s features. Videos are useful in boosting consumer satisfaction, and also decrease the number of inquiries you receive about the product. This conserves your time and money.

6. Increases Communication

Video content is truly dominating the social media scene, with many platforms seeing millions of video uploads on their network each day. Videos posted on social media increase social interaction because they have the unique ability to grab the attention of viewers as they scroll their newsfeed. A text post on social media simply doesn’t have the same effect. Text posts may receive occasional retweets, shares, and likes, but when you feature video, you are presenting a charming piece of audiovisual content to the viewer. They can listen to, appreciate, and share this with their friends and followers. Since related survey results reported 34 percent of social media users confirmed they are more willing to share a video than an ad featuring an image or text, emphasizing video content on social media platforms will also increase your company’s exposure. Engaging videos might also direct viewers to other videos you feature on your site. But remember, when you feature videos to enhance your company’s presence on social media networks, don’t focus on sales talk or promotional marketing strategies. Alternatively, make your videos fun and engaging to foster a spirit of solidarity with your viewers.

Though numerous brands have at least experimented with video content at this point, merely tinkering around with video isn’t going to produce any lasting results for your company in 2018. As video grows more and more prominent, you’ll want to make a serious investment in video content to secure the long-term success of your business.

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