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The Top 17 Tools for Onboarding New Employees

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As a business owner, bringing on new employees to your company is a recurrent activity. While this is important, it’s a difficult task for most business owners. This is because it takes time for a new employee to understand the processes involved in a new company. Not only that, business owners spend a lot of time and resources to successfully transit employees from fresh recruits to staff who understand how their companies work. 

Enter Employee Onboarding

According to Sweet Process, employee onboarding is the process of strategically bringing a new employee into an organization and providing them the necessary information, training, support, mentoring, and coaching needed during and throughout the transition.

Hence, employee onboarding makes it easy to bring on new employees into any organization.

For a successful onboarding process in any company, you need tools. These make it easy for the process to be done with a click of a button; it also eliminates the paperwork that’s usually associated with employee onboarding.

Below are the top seventeen (17) tools for onboarding new employees in your organization or company.

1. Trello: This tool helps you to manage projects and organise anything in your company. It’s easy to use, flexible and can be synchronised with a wide range of apps across various platforms. Amazingly, it’s free and useful for any type of organization.

2. Rippling: This tool creates a directory for information on your new employees across various sections in the company such as IT, HR, Finance, Legal and so on. You can on-board and off-board new employees with just a button.

3. Gusto: Having an online HR service is the dream of most business owners. With this tool, you’ll cross the hurdle associated with payroll, HR and benefits. It’s easy to set up and integrates well with applications such as Quickbooks, Xero, and QuickBooks Time Tracking.

4. Slack: A company with great teamwork leads to more collaboration, productivity, and output for its employees. This is what this tool does for you. With it, new employees can communicate effectively with existing ones. Similarly, they are able to find answers they need from fellow employees.

5. Zoom: This is a tool for video and web conferencing. It’s great for creating online meetings, trainings and webinars. With it, you can host up to 500 employees who’ll participate at a go, and about 10,000 others who can follow the discussion.

6. Zenefits: If managing your HR anywhere you are is something that interests you, then this tool is definitely for you. With its focus on Human Capital Management, it’s great to onboard your employees’ payroll and benefits.  

7. Asana: Tracking employees is an important process in every company. With this tool founded in 2008 to track Facebook’s employees, you can manage tasks and track the progress of projects in your company easily.

8. Basecamp: Have you ever wished that work was less strenuous in your company. Look no further, this tool has you covered. With it, you’ll communicate faster, know exactly what’s going on, and have a more efficient team in your company.  

9. Flowdock: With this tool you prioritize work, focus more on solutions, and solve problems faster in your company. It also enables you to have real time chat with entire members of your team, hence leading to more organised collaboration in your company.

10. Confluence: This is content collaboration software that changes how modern teams work. With it, you can create anything for your team ranging from meeting notes, project plans, multimedia, and so on. It also has great templates that you can use and superb document management for your team.

11. Greenhouse Onboarding: Transiting from offer letter to integrated team member can be a tasking process. This tool, which is for enterprise level companies can help you build a new hire experience for your new employees. It automatically welcomes new employees to the company, creates a customizable profile for each person, develops a hub of useful information for them, and guides them through what they are expected to do in the company.

12. HR Onboard: Getting your new employees interested in your company from the first day is the dream of most business owners. With this tool, you can create a well-tailored starter experience for new employees and engage them with personalised tasks.

13. Enboarder: Do you cherish a unique onboarding tool that’s both personal and practical? Enboarder is your go-to onboarding tool which makes new employees grow rapidly, coaches managers through the onboarding process, and empowers HR to become more effective in the company.

14. Lessonly:Training new employees is an important aspect of the onboarding process. With this tool, you can easily teach and train your new employees through shareable lessons and resources, interactive feedback, and so on.

15. Click Boarding: This tool helps new employees get started easily by getting them engaged from the first day. Likewise, it speeds up the entire hiring process, and makes it easy to complete forms easily and compliantly.

16. BambooHR: This onboarding software is apt for creating better first days. With it, you complete the necessary paperwork before your new employees get started in the company. It has features such as employees’ introduction, team introduction, and strategic focus for new employees.

17. Success Factors: This bonus tool for enterprise level companies helps to solve your specific recruiting and onboarding needs. It creates an engaging new-hire portal for the new employees in your company, hence providing them with the necessary information and support to get started. Likewise it supports the lifecycle of employees at different stages in the company.


If you desire to retain your new employees for long, then you must consider employee onboarding. With these tools, you’ll be able to bring on new employees to your company without any hassles, and save time and resources in the process.

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Owen McGab Enaohwo is the CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess; an easy-to-use and intuitive business process management software founded in 2013 that makes it possible for company executives and their employees to collaborate together to quickly document standard operating procedures, processes, and policies. As CEO, Owen helps SweetProcess's growing customer base of companies and their executives with strategies on how to get consistent performance from their employees, scale and systematize their operations. From 2009 to 2013, he ran a business process outsourcing firm that provided entrepreneurs with outsourced staff from the Philippines.