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Powerful Reasons to Harness the Personality of Color

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Colors have personality. They can evoke emotions, build brand connections and motivate consumers to make purchases. Consider the powerful effects of the personality of color as you boost sales for your company.

Support Branding

Customers expect to see colors that match your brand. They view color as an extension of your brand’s personality and value brands that choose unique colors that differentiate them from the competition. Embrace colors that match your personality as you strengthen your brand’s integrity.

Create Contrast

Consumers notice items that stand out from the background. Known as the isolation effect, this principle prompts you to use color for emphasis. When designing your webpage, videos or displays, choose one color for the background and a contrasting, vivid color for the “Contact us” button or key products.

Awaken Product Likability

While specific colors influence sales, the color names also awaken the product’s likability. Customers prefer to purchase products with descriptive, memorable or elaborate color names, so think outside of the box when adding color names to your products. Use “mocha” rather than brown and “lemonade” instead of “yellow” to awaken likability and improve sales.

Change Temperature Perception

Customers can feel warm or cool depending on the color that surrounds them. Implement warm colors like yellow, red and orange to create feelings of warmth and safety. Calm emotions with cool colors like green, blue and light purple. These altered temperatures create a mood and influence your customers as they shop.

The Meaning of Colors

Your customers’ culture and past affect their emotional response to color. However, consider several general responses to color as you decorate your store, design your app and market your business.


A powerful color, red grabs and holds people’s attention. It also represents excitement, energy and passion. Many fast food chains use this bold color to stimulate appetites. The color also reduces analytical thinking, which leads to impulse decisions, a good thing for your business.


Calming blue tints and shades evoke trust. The cool color also boosts your business’s credibility. Many financial and medical companies use blue in their marketing materials. Choose blue to soothe customers and please the majority of shoppers.


Confident, powerful and stimulating, yellow commands attention. It’s also a cheerful color. Because it’s one of the least-popular colors, use it sparingly.


Versatile green invites customers into your retail store. The warm color also denotes goodwill, life and health, and it sparks creativity. The color of money, green can also invite customers to feel wealthy, which may lead them to spend more.


The color of royalty, purple adds prestige and elegance to your retail store and marketing materials. Use its red and blue properties to convey strength, passion, dignity, and masculinity.


Elegant and prestigious, gold represents power. Combine it with purple or green to give your business an image of wealth and position while creating a truly luxurious shopping experience.


Fun and cooling, orange exudes energy. It also attracts attention and can motivate customers to act now. Use orange to show customers that you’re a cutting-edge company that provides good value.


Relaxing and earthy, brown is a neutral color. Pair it with any other color so customers don’t feel bored but instead see that your company is strong and solid. You can also utilize dark brown to evoke feelings of opulence.


Pair neutral gray with other colors. It’s a color that gently enhances other colors, shades and tints.


Highly versatile, black accompanies your traditional, modern, exciting or relaxing decor. It also demonstrates power and elevates other colors, making it ideal for any setting.


Utilize white to highlight and accentuate accompanying colors. It offers a sleek, clean look to your store or marketing materials and invokes feelings of trust and efficiency.

Harness the personality of color in your store, videos on demand and marketing materials. Colors have power, and with the right colors, you impress your customers, elicit emotional responses and encourage them to buy.

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