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How to Craft an Effective Landing Page

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An effective landing page is the foundation of successful online marketing. It is something that CONVERTS! In creating an ad online, the main goal is to make people visit your page after they go through your ads and you want them to take action. That’s exactly what a landing page does for you. A good, persuasive landing page grabs the attention of visitors and compels them to complete a conversion.

Some of us might be familiar with the term landing page, but often times people think it is the same as the home page.

“A landing page sometime known as a ‘destination page’ is a page where online users land after clicking a link from an ad or from another website. A landing page is created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign and designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).”

Here are some elements a landing page must have:

1. Compelling Headline

The Headline is the first line of your copy that customers read when they land on your page. It creates an initial impression that either draws visitors in or pushes them away. A compelling headline is an essential part of your landing page since it grabs visitors’ attention and lets them read the first sentence of the page. It’s worth taking an extra few minutes to craft the right headline for your copy. It’s also important to define the the points in your landing page content. It make visitors stay on your page longer, consider your offer and take action. Here are things to consider in a headline:

– It should be unique.

– Specific

– Convey urgency.

– Useful.

You should also include subheadings to support and strengthen the statements made in the primary headline.

2. Defines Promos in a Clear and Simple Manner

A landing page is perfect marketing tool for fast conversions and quality promotions. Some business owners are passionate about their products and services. They want to insert as many features of their products and services on their landing page as possible. However, always remember that an effective landing page is about using your brand’s voice to specify the benefits of a product or service your company is offering in a clear and simple manner. Customers who then visit your landing page can have a better understanding on what your company has to offer.

After clearly denoting the benefits of what you offer, you can add some feature details below. The benefits describe the problem you are solving, and the features describe what it does for your customers.

3. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a part of any business. Nothing beats a good product or service review. Most people purchasing online rely heavily on what other people say about a product or service. The power of a client testimonial is a great way of promoting your company, retaining current customers and acquiring new ones. Thus your client testimonials play an important role in your landing page and to the overall success of your business.

Testimonials from your loyal customers increase your credibility online and build trust for your prospective customers. With testimonials, you are able to showcase your level of expertise to your customers and it is evidence that you can provide actual value to them. Your prospective customers might look for reviews about your company first before placing an order or booking an appointment, so it is important that your landing page includes at least two to three client testimonials from your loyal customers.

4. Engaging Calls to Action

A Call-to-action is an essential element every landing page should have. Place your CTA at the bottom of your form. If you get the right CTA, your landing page will succeed. Common call to actions most companies use include download now, subscribe now, add to cart, sign up, and many more. The key is you give customers direction on what you want to achieve with your offer. With CTA, you initiate your customers to take action on your offer.

Landing pages help you convert your online audience into paying customers. If crafted properly, your campaign will succeed. Through ads you can pull online users into visiting your site and your landing page. As mentioned above, your landing page must list all the benefits and features of your offer; it must contain engaging calls to action; it must grab your reader’s attention using compelling information; it must be equipped with social proof, and most importantly it must have an excellent user experience design.

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