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5 Article Types That Could Attract More Readers to Your Website

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For any webmaster that’s running a website, you are aware that it’s not about posting anything at whatever time that you feel like. It is important to regularly post items so that your audience does not forget about you. It’s also important that you have their interests in mind, this is why you need to come up with a content strategy. This includes two major factors, the value of the content and the regularity.

However, did you know that there are certain types of articles that will draw more readers to your site? Let us delve into 5 such article types and highlight the benefits of using them.

1. Informative Articles

Website posts should always be as brief as possible. However, some topics cannot be covered in 500 to 1000 words. A long read risks the chance of you cutting off valuable information just to achieve the word count. This butchering of posts ends up making them sterile and generic. Informative articles are usually very long and they use a very formal tone that tends to be monotonous and boring. The prose format makes it even less attractive.

In the event that you find your post is too long, split it into two or three parts. This way, you will reduce the workload of reading and you will be able to keep your audience interested and curious to find out how the post ends.

2. How-To Articles

These articles focus on explaining how to use an item or how to create something. People value How To posts. Posting a tutorial will go a long way in building trust and customer loyalty. You cite a problem that some of your readers could be facing, then you give them a solution to it. This shows them that you care about their problems.

3. Infographics

There are people who say that an infographic is not an article, but the truth is it is actually a better way of passing information than the traditional way. Information is presented on a new medium as opposed to text. Visuals take less time to get the message across to the intended audience. They are more fun. This is why people opt to put them on social media pages as rather than other places. It also helps you to express your creative side. You get to explore a new side of you and it could even spark a new hobby.

If you have the right resources, you can create excellent infographics. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the right infographic, the correct message will be passed to your readers.

4. Introduce Case Studies

You can share a case story about you or about your mentor. You can also recall a challenge that you overcame and write it down for your readers and this still falls into the category of case studies. You can also take an issue that one of your readers has posted and talk about how to find a solution.

Case study posts are very similar to how to posts, but they are more personal because they focus on an individual. They give your readers an opportunity to know the real you and show that you are honest and that you trust them with such information.

5. Inspirational Articles

Information is key to any website. However, if your content is mainly information you may wind up exhausting or boring  your readers. Once in a while, it is a good idea to take a break and post something different that’s more light-hearted.

If your website is mostly light-hearted posts, introduce some informative articles to bring a touch of seriousness to your website. It will also help you not to veer off the main theme of your website.


If you have trouble writing the above content types, you can opt to get help from professional writers. There are a number of professionals who can custom write for you which can go a long way in helping you and your website. Some of them are college graduates with a lot of experience. They also have the advantage of being young and so can help you write something that your readers will relate to since they can relate to it too. Nevertheless, ensure that you are in charge of the entire process and that you have a comprehensive plan that you stick to. The plan should outline what kind of articles you would like to post and their regularity.

To sum it up, adding these articles types will introduce a new side to your website. It will provide variety that will help you reach a larger audience. If you invest more time and energy on creating content for your website, you should also invest time in making sure that the content is reaching as many people as possible. Follow the tips in this article, and you will be able to have a successful website and share content in a way that will certainly attract more readers.

What’s your experience with the article types we’ve highlighted? Share your experiences with us.

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