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Seven Power Tips to Create the Best Facebook Headlines

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I’m pretty sure you know by now how important Facebook has become to market your products online. This social giant is home to billions of users, and it gives you the opportunity to reach out to all of them with the right strategy. 

However, even if you are selling the best product, or promise to provide optimum quality, your Facebook ad is what matters the most. If you fail to create a compelling and engaging ad, I’m afraid you won’t be able to derive the results you wish for. There are many elements to creating a good Facebook ad. However, the title matters the most in getting your potential customers to click through. 

If you are a bit clueless about how to create an engaging and appealing title, follow our tips to become an expert within no time. 

1. Be Clear About Your Offer

Your title should say it all! If you create a vague title, viewers will hesitate in clicking through because they won’t understand what they’re getting themselves in to. 

Instead, work on creating an excellent title that tells your potential customer what they’ll get when they click the link. By posting an explicit message within your ad title, not only will you remove any chance of confusion but also demonstrate a professional attitude towards your target market. 

2. Keep It Short

People don’t like spending time reading long titles. If your title is very long, viewers will merely go past it without going through the whole thing. If you make short and attractive titles, it can quickly grab the reader’s attention. Remember, most of the time your ad will only get one gaze. Try making it worthwhile for the reader! According to a study, it’s advised that you should focus on maintaining your title somewhere between 60-100 characters. 

3. Include a Call-to-Action

An actionable headline will always increase your click-through rate. Give them an offer they can’t refuse by adding a call-to-action to your Facebook headline. A CTA will indicate to the customer what the offer is and what they’ll get after clicking on the ad. 

For Example, you could use titles like this one: Click Now to Avail Flat 50%!

4. Produce Accurate Headings

A grammatical or spelling mistake is the last thing you’d want to end up with for your Facebook title. These small mistakes send out a picture of you being an unprofessional person. Most people will avoid clicking on such links. 

You can use various online tools to recheck your heading. Accurate headings have higher chances of getting noticed and clicked on. 

5. Ask a Question

Headings that have a question make viewers curious about what the answer may be. You can use this natural curiosity to convince your target audience to click through. Campaigns with headings that ask a question have turned out to be quite successful over the years. Not only will it increase clicks, but users will also engage more by sharing and commenting on the post if they find it interesting.

6. Use Numbers

Have you ever noticed that numbers attract you? One significant reason for this is due to the fact that numbers are easy to read and understand. In addition, our brains can process data faster when it is in the form of a list. Listicles have become very popular over the years, and you can benefit from this by making headings with numbers. If your title can indicate a listicle behind the link, people will click on your ad more than usual. 

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

Sometimes, people need a little push on the back to click your link. You can provide that push by creating a title that indicates a sense of urgency. Convince your users by posting limited time offers. Limited time offers make people go for the opportunity ASAP. 

They know that if they fail to click by the time your offer ends, their chance will be lost. You can take advantage of this by adding words like ‘limited time offer,’ till Thursday,’ or even for 48 hours’.

Wrap Up

Creating useful Facebook headings is an art that can bring significant benefits to you. Proper titles not only attract potential customers to click through but also help create a better image of your brand on this social platform.

If you want to create a good Facebook ad, ask yourself if you would click it or not. If the answer is no, you may want to go back and try something else out. If its yes, evaluate all significant aspects to finalize the ad copy. Remember, focus more on showing the quality and value of your product instead of making it look like a pure sales pitch and marketing stunt. 

Be creative with the headings, content, and images you add on to your ad copy to generate a fruitful ROI.

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