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How to Combine Web Design with SEO to Create an Awesome 
Marketing Synergy

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Some of the best SEO companies are now combining web design and marketing to produce highly functional design aesthetics that meet both search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience goals. So many e-businesses focus on either the look or the content, but they rarely take the time to do both exceptionally which leaves weaknesses in either their marketing or their usability efforts. If you are not combining your marketing tools, you are missing out on an opportunity to excel.

Strategizing with SEO

You focus keywords on outbound marketing, but how often do you strategize using SEO in-house? Any department that develops content, be it marketing or design concept, should work with an SEO strategist to target consumers and widen the range of targeted consumers.

SEO-friendly campaigns, whether it is advertising, marketing, social media, or public relations, should have a grasp on keywords to be able to reach more consumers. The ability to implement these strategies outside the marketing arena improves a company’s return on investment.

SEO and Design Partnerships

SEO, however, should also be at the forefront of any planning and design concepts. As web designers are now taking the less-is-better approach to website construction, it is easy to forget how minimal concepts will miss critical elements that link landing pages to consumers.

It is also problematic because a business has a primary niche and sub-niches that reach different groups in the market. With a minimal mindset, designers miss the opportunity to market to each group individually where keyword optimization is a critical factor on each landing page.

When an SEO marketer and web designer coordinate early on, they set into place a definitive solution that meets the client’s wants as well as the consumer’s needs. Creating a minimal page with individual pages in the footer navigation would be a novel way to meet overcome problems.

Not only are the pages invisible from the main navigation, but the multiple pages that focus on keyword criteria will help the page rank higher in search engine algorithms because of the careful consideration to both SEO and optimal user experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Developers and SEO marketers who work alongside one another can apply SEO concepts during the development phase instead of having to go back after a site launches. If URLs change or keywords trend, it becomes a constant battle to play catch up. The benefits of SEO and designers working together include:

  • Negating repetition
  • Avoiding URL query strings
  • Setting up each page to have specific metadata
  • Having the ability to create tags with keywords
  • Knowing that the keywords apply to the URL
  • Having a website that has a blend of ranking internal links
  • Creating a balance between SEO and design aesthetics
  • Knowing everything is coded correctly. Making navigation easier
  • Having a plan is in place for both the SEO and web designers to follow
  • Enabling web designers to narrow the scope of content and keyword strategies
  • Having the team understand the key concepts of site optimization and marketing

Working together inter-departmentally is a smart business decision. It shows that each department plays a critical role in maximizing traffic and sales conversion rates. Can you think of other ways for SEO and marketing teams to collaborate successfully?

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