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Ecommerce UX Design: How to Boost Your Store’s Conversion

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If you are an eCommerce store owner then you know very well that the customer always is on the lookout for mistakes and problems to leave your site. It’s a general human tendency to try and find the problem in any situation and to stay away from it. This flight response is the main reason why 97% of carts are abandoned by your eCommerce store visitors. There are many factors responsible for this abandonment but all those factors lead to one source i.e eCommerce UX Design.

If you think what does eCommerce UX design have to do with my site’s conversion rate? Think again. Customers now wish to get prime service and the best user experience. The UX in eCommerce UX stands for user experience. You need to understand that an eCommerce store isn’t just about selling a product cheaper than your competitors. It is an important factor but not the only factor that affects sales.

Believing that you have understood the importance of eCommerce UX designing in Magento website development, let’s get on to the tips on how to improve your store’s user experience which in turn increases customer conversion rates.

In this section, we will be talking in detail about every aspect of visual information sharing and how to use Magento website development services to implement them in your online store.

Product Image

Man is a being more responsive to imagery than any other form of conversation and will try to find it on your website too. You need to provide your site visitors an image of the products that give them the information that they are looking for in the picture and yet also maintain the beauty and awestruck feel that will create a positive emotion in their minds.


Using a high-quality image is a must. High quality doesn’t simply mean to take the picture in high resolution but also to properly highlight the subject and use unique and enticing camera angles. So you better hire a professional photographer to get the best quality images for your website.

Hover Zoom:

Hover zoom has already become a classic feature that every big eCommerce store has added to their websites and mobile apps. The feature is a very simple but effective way to increase conversion rates. The customer can hover the mouse over the product image and that particular section of the image will zoom in so that the customer can view the details of the image.

360 ° View:

The biggest advantage physical stores have over online stores is that the customers can touch and feel the product physically before buying it. The challenge for online stores has always been to overcome this drawback. There are many new and exciting eCommerce UX design solutions for this. Many websites have started using a 360 ° view for products so that users can have a look at the product from every angle.


A more advanced feature incorporated using Magento Website Development Services is AR/VR. This technology gives a real-life experience for any product, digitally. Users can see the product in a fully digitalized environment using a VR headset or simply see how the product would feel in real life using the AR feature.

Product Video

What is better than watching a picture; a movie. If your site shows real video of the product in its working environment, then people can imagine how they would be using that product and connect more easily with the product experience. You can also add how-to tutorials for the products if need be.

Product and Website Content

Any new visitor at your website only has an attention span of 5 to 30 seconds. So the things that users see in the first 30 seconds will decide if they will stay or leave your store website. You need to optimize each website screen to get the best eCommerce UX design for your customers. First, you need to show your customers the 3 things he/she is looking for on your website.

  • Why I need this product?
  • What does this product give me that others can’t?
  • Why should I buy this product from this site?

If you can convey these 3 points in less than 30 words, then your conversion rates will be high. Also, the style of writing and exact placing of these points on the website is very important and this comes in UX UI Design & ecommerce website Development. Giving a simple tagline is different from conveying these points. Phrases like Fast shipping, lowest price guarantee, secured payment, hassle-free return, etc. create a positive and safe emotion in the customer’s mind that will make a huge impact in converting the sale.

Shopping Cart

A normal eCommerce store’s shopping cart will be just a section to store the product digitally – this is boring and mainstream. You should use Best eCommerce UX Designers to pump up the features of your store’s cart. Other carts store cookies only for an individual session and are lost when the browser is closed.

Building a persistent shopping cart for your website will store cookies even after the session is ended, so the customer can come back and find the cart he/she prepared and place an order. You can decide the time length that cookies are stored, setting it from 1 week to 1 month.


eCommerce UX Design is a very important point affecting conversion rates that many Magento website store owners have neglected for a long time. But now entrepreneurs have started to understand its importance and have decided to hire Magento web developers to optimize their site’s UI Design and User Experience.

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