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5 Social Media Marketing Tactics Hell Bent on Elevating Your Conversion Rate

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Undoubtedly, social media is one of the most powerful weapons used by companies today for lead generation purposes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the time and effort invested will also translate into genuine leads.

Fortunately, content marketing is affordable and strong enough to cost 62% less than outbound marketing activities and generates three times the leads respectively. Its time you start reflecting your endeavors into profitable results.

If you are done with using the same old school strategies and not being able to register considerable results, its time you need to employ these coming of age, powerful social media marketing strategies to improve your business’s conversion rates considerably.

Distinguishing Your  Personal Brand

If you aren’t familiar with the elements or competencies that place your brand apart in the competition, you have no right to expect an audience for it.

This is where the power of social media steps in! An opportunity to state what makes you unique and original. It is important to realize from another perspective that we all are a reflection of our company, doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or even a marketing manager.

While in an already congested digital world, positioning your brand as an authoritative figure in the industry is going to aid your business, and not affect its visibility negatively.

This is what figures like Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc. were renowned for. Each represented themselves and their business as a brand, reaching and spreading trust from one to the other.

In doing so, it becomes infinitely easier to create valuable content that seamlessly resonates with the psyche and needs of your audience.

Rather than floating in a vacuum all directionless, your audience will tell you what exactly they are looking for. Even more importantly, they tend to associate with your brand on a more personal level.

Your Content Satisfying the “What’s in it for me?” Curiosity

Today, consumers are moving at lightening speeds, even when browsing for their favorite brand. Businesses should understand that their audience won’t spend hours, or even minutes on their website. Rather it’s just a matter of seconds for consumers to do research, interact and finalize what brand they want to connect with.

Therefore, it is very essential to grasp your audience within the limited time you have at their disposal. This is why businesses need to answer the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question.

First, you need to clearly understand the problem at hand and how to create positive outcomes for your consumers.

Furthermore, ensure that an appropriate answer is included in every post you share as well as in online conversations.

Finally, all your posts and daily online interactions should incorporate a straightforward call to action in a problem-solving manner.

Never make the mistake of allowing your audience to guess what your business and offerings are about, a wrong guess can definitely be in the cards.

Instilling Creativity

Boring and dull social media content is the easiest and biggest turn off for even your most interested customers. Hence, your traffic, leads and eventual sales will face a serious bump.

The trick is to inject the right creativity into your content that exhibits your brand and business’s true essence.

Adding creativity and uniqueness in your content will help you provide valuable insights to your audience including who you are, how you assist, and the purpose of what you do.

Remember, people are naturally curious about doing business with a stranger, let alone when the person or brand is dull and boring in its personality and offerings.

Produce creative content that is exciting, speaks the consumers’ language and tempts them to read avidly. No doubt people are going to connect and relate with your content unlike anyone else’s in the business.

A Content that Educates

A common misconception in the digital world is that social media is all about merely spamming your news feed with promotional content. But it’s more of a responsibility that the brand should feel and carry towards its audience.

Talk about things that really matter to your consumers through highly fascinating and educational conversations.

Is there a question you often hear from your audience? Now this is something that you really want to answer with perfection.

Not only in the form of blogs and articles, but you can also educate your audience through podcasts, bite-sized video tutorials, etc.

Consider yourself operating a landscaping and hardscaping business in a countryside location. People might frequently ask you why they need to build beautiful structures in their backyards, lawns, etc., particularly in countryside places. Here you will educate them on why it is essential to avail such services for the beautification of their property, protection, uplifting its value in the market, building their own urban styled houses, and so on.

Be Efficient and Responsive in Answering Queries and Follow-ups

Apparently, providing a delayed response to a lead is the simplest way to lose a conversion.

Consider the situation from the customer’s perspective. The individual has taken a time out of his/her schedule to ask something of you. Not giving a timely response is somewhat disrespectful and highly unprofessional.

Create and execute a plan that addresses all the questions raised by visitors in a timely fashion and have a system that keeps close tabs on the follow-ups after their initial contact.

Remember, the element of consistency is the key here to gain customer trust and build your brand’s credibility. Also note that allowing a lead drop off means you have lost what could have been a potential customer.

Try to provide further details to your leads to keep them engaged and encourage them to step forward in the conversion process. The follow-up may occur in the form of a phone call, email, live chat message, or a face-to-face interaction. The business should be prepared to answer the customer at any time possible.

Final Thoughts

Using social media content is a potent way to communicate your message and offerings to a target audience. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that not all content originates with the same type and for the same purpose.

Create and design your content with the audience and their needs and preferences in mind. Decide what is required to generate awareness, refine new relationships, and tempt them into become a customer.

What do customers need to be familiar with before making a reasonable decision?

In short, create content that emphasizes on meeting each aspect of the marketing funnel. It’s all about inspiration, encouragement, and engagement, and mighty conversions are bound to register in your accounts books.

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