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Your Guide to Link Building Strategies That Will Work in 2018

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Despite what some might say, it’s still essential to employ a variety of link building strategies in 2018. Google itself admitted that backlinks are one of the top two ranking factors in modern protocols. So if your current marketing strategy doesn’t account for link building, you need to rework it right away. To get more links you’ll need to develop better content, embrace guest posting, share on social media, and create shameless link baits (within reason of course).

3 Best Link Building Strategies to Boost Your SEO in 2018

1. Share your content on social media

The exact amount of social media marketing power cannot be measured, but statistics prove that it’s most impressive. The success of gaining links to your website through these networks depends on the quality of your content and precision of your target audience research.

You need to study your target audience very carefully and analyze the posts that gain most shares from these people. Then develop content that’s similar to it and promote it through groups frequented by your target customers and social media ads.

Be sure to repost your most efficient content regularly so it pops up in customers’ newsfeeds and gets noticed by more people.

2. Become a guest blogger

The main objective of link building strategies is to increase the number of the websites that mention your own. Guest blogging allows you to do this by posting content that contains links to your page on other websites.

Of course, you can achieve a similar result if you simply run more websites. You simply need to pick a hosting service that allows you to have multiple domains and then create several distinctive sites for your business. This is not only a good link building strategy but also a wise marketing move if you target several different audiences. Such a method will allow you to get a SEO boost as every page will be optimized for the exact audience more effectively. So be sure to consider using this link building strategy as well.

However, creating guest posts for other blogs can be even more effective as those websites already have their own audience. If you choose high-ranked blogs and the content you publish is of top-quality, you are sure to get a traffic increase as that post is guaranteed to be seen.

3. Create content that’s also a link bait

As says one talented author on WordStream, ‘link building is typically a byproduct of creating high-quality content’. That’s exactly what you need to believe when you develop your link building strategies. The better is your content, the more people will want to share it and thus give you the backlinks you seek.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to create posts that will literally bait people into sharing them:

  • Create list posts as they get about 74% more links on average. Be sure to create posts with lists of your best posts, like ‘top 10 stories about…’ to boost your links further.
  • Invest in the creation of relevant infographics with fresh data. This type of content generates 62% more backlinks and is the most shared among marketing content on social media.
  • Post your opinions and make the titles bold. Think of what’s the most clickable title will be for any given topic, for example, ‘Believe Content Is King? Think Again!’. This kind of title questions a universally-accepted fact and is sure to generate both traffic and links from those outraged with it.
  • Invest in research so you can share exclusive data relevant to your industry. This will also help establish your brand as a trustworthy.

Content is, indeed, king when it comes to online marketing and SEO, so your link building strategies should go hand in hand with your content marketing strategy and enhance each other.

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