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Four Mistakes to Avoid for Ensuring Your App’s Success

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Let’s face it! Merely user-friendly features and excellent functionality cannot write a success story for your mobile app. As the app stores surge with the advent of a plethora of apps, you need to promote your app in a way that it can stay ahead of the crowd. You spend a substantial amount and put your efforts to develop a customized app through a leading iOS app development company. But, what if it fails to reach the user’s devices?

Simply put, though your app is listed in the App Store, your job is far from over. You need to put in extra efforts to make it successful with a higher number of downloads while avoiding some basic errors. 

Here we give a few mistakes that you should avoid while making a marketing strategy for your app:

1. Start promotion after launch

Many entrepreneurs and even mobile app developers tend to wait until the app is released. But, do you know that most of the owners of successful apps have started spreading awareness well before the app’s official release? 

The concept of promoting your app before its launch can help you in two specific aspects: One, it helps you get a reasonable number of initial downloads. When people know about the app in advance, they will download it immediately after its release. Secondly, it spreads awareness and boosts the chances for your app to get a higher rank in the App Store. 

How to:

  • You can come up with a beta version to get feedback from early users
  • You can create hype on social media platforms and target users
  • Prepare a pre-launch advertisement to spread the word

2. Ignore App Store Optimization (ASO)

Due to budget constraints or other reasons, many companies prefer to stay away from ASO. But, as the App Store is thriving with over 2 million apps, your app will certainly face competition. ASO enables you to invite people to see and download your app, and as a result, your app can get a good rank and higher visibility. 

A mobile app development company can successfully run an ASO campaign by using your app’s meta-data like title and description.  ASO can enhance your app’s reach by increasing ranking in the search results. These days, ASO is gaining ground as a cost-effective and efficient app promotion tactic.

How to:

  • Plan a keyword strategy with the help of mobile app developers and marketers
  • Focus on app description to draw the visitor’s attention
  • An App Publishing Tool can also help you make ASO more effective

3. Avoid Paid Promotion

Most entrepreneurs shy away from spending money on advertising their apps. But, to get a higher ROI on the app, it is necessary to use different app marketing strategies, including the paid ones. Ad campaigns can be fruitful if a reliable mobile app development company manages them professionally. 

ASO is different than a paid campaign. For example, a paid campaign involves an advertisement that redirects visitors to your app’s page on the App Store. Whereas, ASO includes optimization techniques like SEO. The paid campaign can directly address the users whereas ASO is a long-term campaign.  

How to:

  • You can use Apple Search Ads for promoting your app 
  • Social media ad platforms are also useful 
  • Keep the focus on the targeted audience

4. Fail to Analyze Results

Last but not least, it is necessary for you to analyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) properly. You need to track the impact of your promotional efforts to make crucial decisions on time. Various indicators can lead you toward the ultimate goal, and therefore, you need to keep an eye on them.

You can monitor relevant metrics like DAU (Daily Active Users), app performance and retention-related information, and the like. Without proper analysis, it is difficult to measure the success of any paid campaign or promotional efforts.

How to:

  • Use various analytic platforms to get a clear and wider idea with different metrics
  • Define relevant KPIs to optimize the necessary fields

From development to deployment to marketing, there is no room for mistakes for your business mobile app. It is always better to consult a renowned mobile app development company to make the most of the thriving mobile platform to make your app successful.

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