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Can’t Rank? Five Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

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Ranking on top of Google’s search results pages is determined by a variety of factors. Having the right mindset and method for your Internet marketing and website optimization can increase your ranking and boost your organic traffic. The process used to enhance your rank is called search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO can help your business in various ways: 

  • Identifying which keywords to use
  • Establishing a strategy for your website’s usability and usefulness
  • Creating valuable content
  • Starting/expanding a social media campaign

These methods are important, especially if you’re looking for an opportunity to grow your business online in a cost-effective way. The goal is to improve your website and continuously make changes to maximize its efficacy.

Here are some tips to boost your ranking on Google:

1. Strong Website Foundation – Well-organized websites tend to rank higher on Google. If users are unable to navigate your website and are turned off by poor design, even the best SEO efforts can be derailed. Examine the quality of your user experience (UX), and consider making your website mobile-friendly. Google’s new algorithm update ranks mobile-friendly sites higher in search results. 

Perform a technical SEO audit. This provides a clear picture of your website’s performance on Google, and offers necessary information to enhance your site. Audits can give you an advantage over your competitors. If you’re a small business located in areas (like Ajix, Orillia, or Barrie), choose a local SEO service that offers a free website audit. For instance, finding the best SEO company in Barrie can significantly impact your ranking in local search results.

2. Link BuildingOne of the biggest ways to rank on Google is to amp up your link building strategy. Google pays attention to both of your site’s internal and external links. The words you use for your link helps people determine the content of your page. Focus on creating links that are relevant to your website, and avoid “click here” links; they have no value aside from the attached URL. Try using rich keywords like “Top Dentist in Toronto” to improve your ranking and get more clicks on the linked page.

When the founders of Google created this latest algorithm, they awarded websites with inbound links from other sites, and recognized this as helpful to users. According to Backlinko, a site’s overall link authority is strongly associated with higher rankings.

3. Publish Quality ContentYour website’s content is considered the main ranking factor for search engines. Google emphasizes the value of quality content. Several algorithm updates penalize sites with spammy, meaningless, or duplicated content. A website that offers valuable information to users will start to get better rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Key points to produce great content:

Create engaging content by leaving readers with questions and adding stories.

  • Use relevant images, videos, or diagrams to illustrate your content.
  • Write brief and direct blog posts with useful information.
  • Be accurate with your reporting and information sources.
  • Add relevant keywords and links from other websites.

Update your content regularly and include topics that people enjoy reading. If a page or blog is only composed of words with no relevancy and stuffed with keywords, your Google rankings won’t rise.

4. Increase Your Site Load Speed Potential customers tend to leave a website if it takes more than five seconds to load. This increases your bounce rate and reduces the number of page views — all of which affects your SEO rankings. As far back as July 2010, Google made it clear that page-loading speed is a ranking factor in search results. You can increase your site load speed by using a cache plug-in, optimizing image sizes, minimizing web page redirects, and reducing plug-ins. A reliable local SEO provider knows how to optimize site speed.

5.  Track Your SEO Development

A big part of effective rank improvement is tracking your SEO progress. When you hire an SEO professional to handle your website, they should give you regular updates on your website’s performance, including:

  • Keyword performance
  • Number of links to your site
  • An analysis of monthly visitors
  • Recording the average time a visitor spends on the site
  • Bounce rates

All this information can help you understand how to grow your business and get more clicks, calls, and conversions through your website. With knowledge and understanding of how to improve your website and internet marketing techniques, you can increase your bottom line.

People often look for shortcuts when they hear about the benefits of search engine optimization. A trustworthy SEO expert will explain it takes time to get real results and quality traffic from search engine searches. Establish some goals, and start taking steps to get better Google rankings. Hire an SEO specialist today and generate more leads and sales for your business.

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