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SEO and Blogger Outreach: Why Blogger Outreach Is So Effective

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If you’ve ever searched for more efficient ways of marketing your brand to a wider audience, then you’ve most likely heard of blogger outreach. In fact, if you’ve ever conversed with other website owners and competition in the market, chances are you’ve likely heard them praise blogger outreach and how it’s helped their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts grow to meet their goals. Of course, if you’ve never tried blogger outreach before, it’s perfectly reasonable to feel doubtful about its efficiency. However, what if you’re told SEO and blogger outreach do fit together? Why blogger outreach is so effective will be the focus of this quick guide to SEO. 

Blogging And Search Engines And Customers: What Do They Have In Common

Interestingly, one might be able to look at why blogger outreach is so effective from both a reader and a marketing standpoint. Before you go reading about blogger outreach itself, however, perhaps a look into blogs in general might be a good starting point. 

For starters, it’s observed that 68-percent of consumers tend to read content of companies they’re interested in. In the United States alone, 61-percent of its online consumers actually make a purchase based on blog recommendations. 68.52-percent of consumers also consider blogs as a sign of a site’s credibility. 

From a business and marketing perspective, companies that blog actually tend to get 55-percent more traffic than enterprises who don’t. In fact, “active” blogs can help generate 67-percent more leads and 97-percent more inbound links compared to non-blogging sites. In fact, marketers who choose to prioritize blogs can get 13-times as much positive ROI as well.

With these in mind, just why are companies clamoring to do blogger outreach?

Blogger Outreach: A Basic Overview

When one says blogger outreach, it’s literally what it sounds like – it’s working with bloggers in order to tap into their natural “appeal” as influencers and reach out to your target audience which gaining a backlink to your website. The primary setup mostly involves companies approaching bloggers and influencers to “create” relationships, where bloggers interact and share their experiences with your services and products to their readers in exchange for compensation. 

  • Bloggers you communicate with try out your products and services, and share their experiences with said products and services to their readers. The larger the readership and audience base of the blogger or influencer you choose, the more impactful the sharing can become. This is especially if the blogger you choose has niche fans, which may have developed their trust to the blogger over time. 
  • These readers, given their “loyalty” to the blogger, will most likely be interested in the products and services you’re offering. Unlike manually reaching out to your audience, however, bloggers do the initial step for you – the prospective clients are immediately transitioned over to the “know, like, and trust” procedure in the sales process.
  • Part of this readership will most likely become customers and clients of the reviewed product and service. Should they like their particular purchase, it’s also likely that these audiences will share their experiences with friends and peers.

Blogger Outreach: What Makes It Work?

At first glance, working with bloggers might seem to be a hard sell – as after all, you can make your own blog exclusive to your own service, right? As much as this is very much possible, blogger outreach appears to be quite a cost-effective move towards better clients primarily because much of the work you need to get done to establish a “relationship” with your prospective customers are done by bloggers and their relationship with their audiences. Not only that, but these are ways that make blogger outreach such an effective prospect for your business:

  • Bloggers and influencers potentially have greater targeted reach compared to traditional forms of advertising and public relations. This is because bloggers themselves may have spent more time and directed effort towards their particular audience – something advertisers can’t always do, especially if they handle multiple clients and projects.
  • Bloggers and influencers become respected members of their niche communities. One could say bloggers are much more trusted compared to advertising messages – and this can help brands communicate with their audiences better without having to rely on advertisements that may already have negative reception in some communities.
  • Bloggers and influencers – given they have no major stake in the success of a business – can provide unbiased reviews of a business, service, or product. This can help establish a “neutral look” that audiences can trust.
  • Bloggers and influencers can help audiences be introduced to your business, service, or product. This is especially the case if the market itself is something new to your business, or if this particular market is difficult to appeal to. 
  • Bloggers and influencers can help in assisting you with matters that can help make your own campaigns for businesses, services, and products go viral. 
  • Bloggers and influencers can help provide quite a measurable amount of returns, especially when set up properly. Not only that, blogger outreach is much more cost effective compared to other forms of marketing.

The Bottomline: Meeting Returns Through Blogging Outreach

If you’ve done your research about SEO, you’ve likely heard of how blogger outreach and its potential to boost search engine optimization efforts. In fact, if you’ve read the above, you may still be mystified as to just how exactly can blogger outreach be such an acclaimed and recommended method of boosting SEO rankings. However, with the above preview, you may have gotten some insight towards the full extent of blogger outreach’s influence towards your SEO effort. Should you make the push for full-time blogger outreach as part of your marketing efforts, be sure to remind yourself of what benefits you can reap with the points above.

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