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Blogging Trends You Need to Follow in 2018-2019

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Bloggers appear every day. Some of them entertain themselves, others believe that they have vital information to share with the world. However, SMM specialists have made a career out of it, many of which enjoy self-expression at the same time. Modern reality offers plenty of opportunities for turning a blog into a full-time and lucrative occupation.

Before discussing trends for bloggers, it is worth mentioning that different platforms have different rules. Vlogs are oriented on the audience who prefer an audiovisual representation of information; articles with text are oriented to those who prefer reading; Instagram is less informative and is oriented to fast emotions or finding important contacts, services, products, travel destinations, and inspiration. Each type of blog has its particularities, rules, and trends. Despite the IGTV, people are still watching favorite YouTube channels. 

Don’t discuss popular topics

SMM professionals know that the most popular hashtags are the least efficient ones. The same principle works in blogging. If you decide to start a travel blog, be ready. There are thousands doing the same, and hundreds of successful and profitable travel bloggers appear every month. The only way to stand out is to make it very specific – for instance: getting in touch with locals or observing birds in Iceland; best waterfalls of SriLanka; most intimate and abandoned beaches of Bali. For clothing and fashion brands it is reasonable to discuss fabrics, skin undertone, types of sewing, matching garment pieces with an occasion,etc. Keep the topic popular, but be unique and specific at the same time.


Video content is becoming more and more influential in blogging trends lately. Its significant benefit is saving time. For instance, educational blogs have plenty of theoretical information where people can find it, use it in practice, learn, or research. On the other hand, video representations with chemical reactions, experiments in physics, and historical images are more efficient for one simple reason: they create associations which is the best way to memorize any study material. Study books, written lectures, and study guides are the best way to repeat and transfer facts to long-term memory. 

Video plus text, illustrations

Even if you are already running a successful WordPress, Tumblr, or Squarespace blog, it is still recommended to have video content in 2019. You will not only enlarge your audience by covering both types but will also have twice as many chances to profit from context advertising versus a single text blog. If you are not a video content maker, or you would rather avoid talking to the camera or hiring a videographer, there is an option to create an involving and stylish animation. The best example of animated content is Kurzgezagt. Long story short, there is no reason to avoid video content. 

Be personal, run live videos

Personality creates idiosyncrasy. Idiosyncrasy turns your name into a recognizable brand. There is no necessity to look for a company face or to stream life stories every day. You can interview people. Making it personal means connecting your brand with personalities. Find artists, models, actors, bloggers, or other people who would like to collaborate. It would be even better if you are ready to stream yourself, talk to people, show your daily routine, be honest, and answer piquant questions because people appreciate sincerity.

Longer and deeper

New trends in blogging dictate the rule: the longer, the better. People are tired of kitsch content, short messages they read while taking a taxi or waiting in a line. Although a time killer, people now want informative and meaningful content. Most, however, have neither the time nor motivation to read books. That is why long posts with more informative content have become more and more attractive. People prefer to think of blogs as a means for broadening their mindset. Blogs must have more information than found in a tweet or the average Instagram post, but less than in a book, or any other literature. People trust personal experience more than theory and are ready to invest their time in reading, and what is more important, commenting on your research work. 


People love stories. The ones that come from personal experience are the best. Storytelling is an irreplaceable routine for a group of close friends or relatives. It is the best way to spend an evening, sharing life stories and extracting various life lessons. People spend weekends together with a cup of coffee, a campfire, or a beer to share something exciting and new they’ve learned. Attraction by stories is intuitive and genetically programmed.

That is why changing the way information is represented may attract a larger audience. In association with personalization and video animation, it would be the content that appeals to the widest audience no matter how specific your blog is.

Get emotional

Among all the trends in blogging, this one is the most dangerous. People are sensitive and in most cases, emotions attract them. When talking about blog posts, it is not the best idea to use emotional exclamations, because of its negative effect on ranking. However, Instagram posts, tweets, images, and short videos are created to share a mood, which involves pure emotion. It is contagious and a powerful instrument which can cause both positive and negative effects. It is a secret weapon for all content writers, brands, and vloggers. Use responsibly. 

Bottom line

Having a blog (or vlog) is not only an exciting hobby but a prospective career based on context advertising. The modern and efficient blog post should be about 1500 words long, contain research work, have a supporting video, have personalization, contain a story, and, if needed, be emotional. It is how an effective blog will look like in 2019 no matter what the platform or topic. Just be honest, informative, and productive!

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