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How Elements of Web Design Impact Digital Marketing

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The internet has become an inseparable part of human life. The online presence of any company on the internet plays an important role to market their goods and services globally. If you are one such e-commerce brand selling products or an owner of any blog, it is crucial to remember that your online presence is mostly determined through your web design.

So, what is this web design?

Web design is the process of building a website that showcases pages to your audience comprised of layout, text, colors, structure, graphics, images, etc.  

These elements of web design when properly used make your site attractive and your brand stand out when compared to competitors. Web designing is all about conveying your brand’s message through visuals and graphics. 

Do you know up to what point visual communication can be powerful? If delivered with relevant images, blogs or any write-ups, it can attract 94% more views. It helps you reach a huge audience by expressing more with fewer words. 

Now, let’s understand how elements of web design can improve your digital marketing standards.

Accentuates readability of your content

To attract your competitors’ traffic to your website, your content must be aesthetically appealing and simple to understand. Thus, whenever visitors land on your website, they should be presented with consistent design and content. Your logo or other images should be related to your product or beneficial to your visitors’ needs.

Selecting the right colors and content is important for helping potential customers comprehend your business message. For example, if your font colors and the background of your web page are too similar, no one will bother to read it, you will lose the traffic and your search engine ranking will go down.

More organic traffic at the lower cost

To attract organic traffic in a cost-effective way you don’t need to design your site multiple times for different gadgets. Simply, go with a responsive web design (crafting site for better viewing experience on multiple types of devices) and that’s it. Moreover, it takes less time and money to do that, but it is a really effective approach to boost your online presence. 

Boosts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the most essential reasons to redesign any website is to improve its SEO. Businesses often try to integrate all the elements of web design that are required for ranking high in Google. 

While redesigning your site, make sure that you meet Google’s requirements. Focus your designing strategies in such a way that your website becomes mobile-friendly. This will directly impact the digital marketing strategies of your brand to a great extent since people are more likely to open a website on their phones versus a desktop. It will also make it easy for them to find your call-to-action buttons.

Modifies user’s experience

By adding various web design elements, you can improve your visitors’ experience. First, make sure that your site loads quickly. Did you know that site speed is an important factor in improving your Google ranking? Don’t over complicate your website’s navigation bar by using flashy design. Keep things simple to make your website user-friendly. 

Visual graphics can impact your brand’s digital marketing campaigns by conveying your message in a fun way. You can use this to provoke emotions, dramatize your content, etc. to attract organic traffic.

Optimizes conversion rate

A great website design can exponentially increase your sales. For example, customers will always be more confident making a payment through a WordPress website than through other lesser-known CMS platforms. 

Your website should be designed in accordance with the product or service that you are selling. It will not only draw traffic but also have a good conversion rate. You should use simple web design elements that offer a great user experience and attract a high conversion rate.

You might now be able to see the significance of web design in your digital marketing strategy.

While planning your digital marketing campaign, make sure you leave no stones unturned to boost your sales and a smartly designed website should be one of the vital steps you take . In this digitized world, it all starts with your website. So, try to deliver the best to your customers through your website and you will end up with a high spike in your ROI graph! 

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