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7 Copywriting Techniques to Increase E-mail Conversions

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E-mail marketing is one of the most excellent online marketing techniques because it’s more intimate and affordable. However, it is a marketing strategy that hardly any business owners and entrepreneurs seem to get a favorable outcome from.

To boost your e-mail conversions, you need to get a few things right. And the most crucial element that you need to get right is your e-mail copy. If your e-mail copy does not reverberate with your readers, your campaigns will not be successful.

Is your e-mail marketing copy ineffective and not able to give you the conversions you need? If so, don’t fret. For a little help, here are seven copywriting techniques that’ll aid you to convert your leads and prospects into buying customers successfully.

Compose at Least Three E-mail Versions

For sure, e-mail marketers struggle to create a high-converting e-mail quickly that needs no revision and ticks all the boxes. As such, it’d be best to write at least three e-mail versions for your marketing efforts.

Here’s how you can do it. First, write a first draft. Then, use it to make two alternative drafts. Afterward, develop a more polished, targeted draft. Be sure to gauge the need for further drafts

It’s good to stress that if you are not passionate about the final drift, your readers won’t be as well. So, keep rewriting and updating your draft until you are confident that it will convert leads and prospects into buying customers.

Start With a Headline

A lot of marketers often overlook that the e-mail structure has charge of the flow of information. It tells your potential customers to read the copy and understand the information.

With that in mind, well-structured e-mail is essential to hold the readers’ attention and curiosity and let them read the content as you desired. Therefore, starting your e-mail structure with a great headline is the best way to seize your potential reader’s attention and have them complete your desired action.

This means clicking the call-to-action and having them make an actual purchase. Try to formulate and plan headlines that attract and delight your potential leads to convert. Make sure to position the headline at the top of your e-mail so that your prospects can see it immediately. Opt for a left-to-right and top-to-bottom structure to create a natural reading flow.

Don’t Bother About the Length

For the most part, the length of your copy is something you shouldn’t worry about when you are writing an outstanding e-mail. You should worry about the essence and significance of your writing.

If you can express your message in two paragraphs but stretch it to at least seven paragraphs, then that is a problem. Remember that e-mail copy should correspond and match the message, not the opposite.

The substance of your writing needs to come first, or else, your prospects won’t know what to do with your e-mail. Write enough to drive your recipients to your desired action. The more targeted your e-mail is, the better.

Now and then your prospects will need more encouragement and information to convert. The bottom line is, pay more attention to your prospect. Don’t worry about the length of your copy. Believe it or not, length does not matter. What matters the most is you prevailing over buying hesitations and leading prospects to make a purchase.

Focus On the Recipient

Making your copy about the recipient can create a vast difference in how your potential customers react. Use first-person, second-person, or third-person nouns to have the best response.

Develop marketing e-mails that relate to the prospect and not your business. Focus your attention on being helpful to your prospects.

Follow Call-to-Action Best Practices

There are plenty of call-to-action best practices on the web today, but here are the four most vital ones.

Put the Main CTA at the End of the E-mail

By putting your call-to-action toward the end, your e-mail can have a better impact on your recipients. Why? It’s because you have created an enthralling argument in the body that aids in prevailing over buying hesitations. It’s the ultimate blow that urges your recipients to click and make a purchase.

Use One CTA Button

Don’t make your potential customers select between two actions. Instead, keep them focused on one CTA button. Each call-to-action button should have only one goal or purpose which is to get your leads to click and make a purchase.

Pay Attention to What Your Prospects are Doing

Instead of telling your prospects what they should be doing, use a CTA to inform them what they’ll be getting. A CTA that’s conveying a result or a benefit is much more compelling and convincing.

Add Secondary Call-to-Action as Linked Text

Yes, you only need one CTA button, but there is nothing wrong with including a secondary CTA as long as it’s not a button. Make sure to insert a secondary call-to-action in a much smaller font size than the main CTA button.

Use Great Subject Lines

A great subject line is perhaps the most vital element that affects your e-mail open rates. Thus, creating an appealing and captivating subject line is essential to your campaign’s success.

When creating a subject line, be creative, have a sense of urgency, refrain from boring messaging, personalize when applicable, and keep your characters under 65. Don’t settle for a below average subject line. Create subject lines that express the substance of your writing and add some sense of interest.

Use Phrase Questions

Adding phrase questions to your e-mail is one of the best copywriting techniques you can leverage. When you add a phrase question in your e-mail, don’t forget to ask your recipient if he or she will agree. If they don’t concede, omit and begin again.


If you can put these methods into action, you will be surprised by the result. But keep in mind to never settle on your first try. Aim your attention to your prospects and use best copywriting tactics. Also be sure to make potential customers comply and follow through with your desired action.

If you implement these techniques, you’ll be able to boost and increase your e-mail conversion rates. You can get any agency or a freelancer to help you out in raising your e-mail conversions.

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