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Amazon, Ecom, Affiliate, and Facebook Digital Business Ideas and Opportunities

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The e-commerce and online retail industry is growing at a rapid pace. People are earning a lot of money without even leaving the comforts of their home. This is the reason why a lot of people are thinking of forging their path into the online business industry and that would probably include you.

According to coaching program, total sales from online purchases amounted to over $2 trillion last year. It’s no wonder small businesses are popping up everywhere. This is also the reason why you need to know the right products or services to sell. Fret not because here we have some of the best business ideas and opportunities you can start today:

1. Fashion

One thing that you can notice about small fashion e-commerce businesses is their short lifespans. They have a lot of potential, but they don’t get to fully realize it because of the absence of a sustainable system that could cater to the needs of the expanding business. Not to mention the large corporations they’d have to compete with.

However, what these businesses fail to see is that they’re doing it the wrong way. According to e-commerce experts, the best way to create a lasting brand is by creating niche fashion apparel. Find specific audiences that you can cater to and leverage on that. Here are some examples of up and coming trends you can look into:

  • Minimalism – There has been a lot of hype for this trend. Look into selling clothes that are well made, basic and doesn’t have any loud prints.
  • Vintage – There is an array of vintage pieces you could look into such as jeans, shirts, watches, and bags.
  • Custom items – Personalized garments and items are always a big hit. Look into how you can offer personalization for various fashion items.
  • Niche – It’s easy to fall into the trap of selling to a lot of people. But, what you get with niche selling is the ability to focus on the products that sell well and shoppers that are more than happy to buy them.

2. Book Publishing

That’s right! You can be a published writer no matter who you are. If you are oozing with ideas, why not put a price tag on it and get it out into the world. Amazon is one of the world’s leading marketplaces which is why it makes sense to publish a book there.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a free platform that you anyone can sign-up on. Publishing your book is as easy as uploading your file and waiting for Amazon to review it. The whole process will only take 24-48 hours. That’s the easy part but, what’s difficult is the selling part. The following tips below will help you sell your books easily:

  1. Create a compelling book description – Your description should speak volumes, and it should spark interest. This is the first byline people will see when they click your book.
  2. Select the correct category – Amazon will only let you pick two categories for each book you upload. Selecting the right genre is crucial for so the right people will see them.
  3. Ask for reviews – Urge people to leave you a review by including a call to action on your book.
  4. Work on your author page – More than a well-written biography, be sure to upload a professional looking photo.

Don’t just stop with books, if you see a huge success you might want to look into offering similar products or services such as training courses or even podcasts.

3. Blog Monetization

Whether you’re someone who’s new to blogging or someone who has an already established online presence, blog monetization is still one the best way opportunities out there. More than ad placement, you can leverage on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as placing a link and wishing you get a commision from audiences clicking on it. It’s so much more than that, what most people don’t realize is that their success is wholly dependent on their execution. Here’s what you need to understand with affiliate marketing:

  1. Sell what you know – It’s easier to write content around the products that you are familiar with.
  2. Create valuable content – Don’t just write content with the sole intent of selling and marketing; people hate that. Instead, create content that adds value and relevance.
  3. Go beyond SEO – More than optimizing for web searches, be sure to share your links everywhere such as email and social media channels.
  4. Be a reliable source – People are going to continue to support you if you are someone who provides genuine product reviews.

4. Digital Marketing

All of these business ideas are best paired with this skill, but doing this thing alone can be a business all on its own.

Digital marketing is a growing market which means the possibilities are endless. Even if you’re someone who is just dabbling in digital marketing, there are opportunities available to you. Facebook Business Manager is one of the best places to practice and hone your skills before taking on any real work. However, there are a couple of things you also need to do great work, such as:

  • Attending networking events – Going to these events gives you the opportunity to learn from industry experts and connect with potential clients.
  • Following industry thought leaders – People like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and Gary Vaynerchuk are one of the many digital marketing experts that you need to follow.
  • Enrolling in a course – There are many online courses available now which you can use to expand your knowledge on different topics. Find one that’s best suited for your level of expertise.
  • Staying up to date – Algorithms and best practices change over time. It’s vital that you stay updated on the latest changes.


You have to remember that there will always be a competition but, what’s important is that you know how to separate yourself from them. These ideas are a sure fire way to get you started with your online business. Find out what works best for you and take advantage of the expanding digital landscape.

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