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7 Blog Writing Topics that Hook People

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It doesn’t really matter what blog you have: personal, professional, or business one. People want to read about their lives, so you’ll find exactly “that” topic in a bunch of titles below presented by Coolessay. 

What can interest a hardcore brutal beardy man and a luxury lady wearing a hair for $500 at the same time? What will be pleasant to read for a CEO Adam, a clerk Paul, and a nurse Mary? 

Popular topics are always the same. You just need to talk to the reader in a language they know and choose the right words. 

Topics mentioned below actually make it well in one blog together, so you can write about them all if you want. 

Love, Relationship, Friendship, Respect 

Romantics, friendship, and relationships are not interesting rather to old wise people. “Stop, stop, mate! Wait, what do you mean? I write a blog about business!” – you might say. Well, what if your topics look like these: 

  • How My Friend and I Started a Tech Repair Workshop and What the Result Was; 
  • 5 Reasons NOT to Start a Business With Friends; 
  • Family Business Experience: Pros and Cons;
  • Lost My Wife and Found My Business.

The topic of personal relationships is always wanted. No matter if it is a usual flirt in the office or an unexpected meeting that changed one’s life. 

Money, Yachts, Cars, Houses

You probably know about those pop topics like: “I’m Going to Earn $1 Million in a Year or Eat My Shoes Otherwise.” We won’t recommend you to go the same extreme, but… 

The topic of money and material values is interesting to everyone with no exceptions. Well, you can ignore it if you are a nomad or Buddhist monk, but they usually don’t have computers. 

For instance, I used to write a story about how I went to buy my first PC and got shortchanged by $200 in one of “tech-shops.” The story was accepted and discussed well. By the way, that PC still works fine. 

Here are Some More “Money” Topic Samples: 

  • How Bitcoins Led Me to Bankruptcy;
  • Fast Food Means Fast Money: Real Ways to Earn Money on Fast Food for Regular People; 
  • Greenhouse Business: A New House in 18 Months. 

And here is the title I’ve recently seen on YouTube and it hooked me: “What I Earned While Being a Tech Video Blogger Within 3 Years.” 

The genre of success story is quite popular, too, for instance, stories like “how I came to where I am now for a certain amount of time.” It is really interesting to know how a hero got that high or fell and then got up again. This kind of articles is great if to serve it in an interview format. 

Career, Self-Development, Superpower 

This topic is partially connected to the previous one. But, there are certain nuances. Almost every person believes in a certain predicted fate and natural unique superpower they only have. 

Reveal human talents and you’ll have an audience. Test things and then recommend people what to go in for or let them decide. Let them know who they actually are: warriors, mages, teachers, knights, or just kings. Maybe, a king has been a clerk for too long. 

All possible psychology blogs helping with professional orientation belong to this category. 

Don’t you want to become an expert in your field? Like, we bet you want to kill some dragons and show local “Captains Americas” that America had been discovered long ago. And it had been discovered by you!

(Here you need a reader to answer: “Of course I want! What should I do?”). 

That is exactly the reason why ambitious blogs about business are interesting to people. Different projects like “A Blog of a Young Houston Entrepreneur” attract readers and prosper. 

The example of a presentation for such a blog:

Hello, here’s Johnny! I am 28 and I have a business bringing me $10000 of monthly income. “That’s not too much” – you’ll say. But two years ago, my monthly salary reached only $1400. I needed money so much, I was ready to bite a wheel of a car driving by… 

Traveling, Seas, Mountains, Palms 

You can say “no” for long, but it is sometimes interesting for you to read about people warming their bodies, eating juicy fruits, and diving into exotics on some tropical island. It is really tasty to read such blogs, especially if they are written in the same way and spiced with photos and stories. 

  • How I Moved to Iceland;
  • What Differs Iceland from the USA;
  • Reasons to Leave Iceland; 
  • 5 Stupid Laws in Iceland;
  • 4 Key Rules of Business in Iceland. 

Insert the required country into the titles above and here is your topic. 

You can write about journeys using topics like “A Way from Phoenix to Dubai.” But posts like “A Way from Poor Man to Millionaire” work as well. Everything depends on the author’s imagination and goals. 

Health, Wealth, Weight Loss, Training 

We’ve placed them into one point because topics are quite similar. People go in for sports to be healthy. They lose weight through training, improve body shapes, cure something, etc. 

There are numerous possible titles: 

  • How to Lose 60 Pounds in 30 Days;
  • How My Weight Training Ended;
  • Bench Press Marathon: 100 kg in 100 Days; 
  • How I Lost 200 Pounds and Cured Diabetes;
  • 10 Recipes of Healthy Breakfast Meals You Haven’t Tasted Yet. 

Health topics bother everyone. Yes, sometimes people neglect it and burn their bodies at any suitable case, but they’ll start reading your blog articles sooner or later. Write about health and your reader will come. 

Education, Language Learning, Sciences, Studying 

It would be cool to know some foreign language, wouldn’t it? If you don’t know any yet, you certainly had thoughts about learning it. What if you’ll need it? This topic is involving, practical, and improving. 

To say shortly, language learning and any other education are always interesting to most of the people who want to go in for self-development. 

Make people effective and your reader will find you even on Mars. 

Ambitions, Dreams, Senses, Wills

We live not as long as we would like to. If a person lived 30 years already, they have nearly 480 months in case they make it till their 70. Are you confused? Well, close that calculator for now. Here is the interest. 

Posts like “What I Achieved at My 30” or “Goals for the Upcoming Year” worry audience all the time. 

Here is another example: “Earn $15000 and Fly to Bali in 3 Months.” Here, it is crossed with the topic of traveling and finances. 

At any case, all this endless “doing things on time,” dream realizations, goals, ambitions, etc. will always be interesting to other people because they see a part of their life in it. They dream about something and want to realize it, too. 

By reading topical texts, they get charged with energy and think “yeah, I can do that.”

Daring towards better future lights fire inside people’s hearts. That is why the topic of goals and “do until you die” will always remain relevant. 

That’s it for now. The point is, you should know what you write a blog for: 

  • If you write for yourself, write just for your heart and soul.
  • If you write it for business, do not forget about heart and soul.
  • If you write a blog for promotion, promote it with your heart and soul.

Thanks for your attention and good luck!

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