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How SEO Companies Have Started Adapting to Voice Search

From desktop computers and laptops to mobile accessibility and artificial intelligence, businesses have found it difficult to keep up with technical know-how. Just like other digital age advancements, the tech sector’s newest creation, voice search, offers unique benefits that executives will want to adapt to improve user experience, search capabilities, and ranking. For help adapting voice search policy and procedure, a search engine optimization, or SEO company, is an ideal candidate.

Customer Support Initiatives

While customer service has been at the top of business concerns for decades, technology has swiftly changed customer support capabilities. When voice recognition was first conceived, it was considered the pinnacle point of SEO evolution. Today, those same voices now consider it to be the beginning of many more initiatives to come, which is why you will want an experienced SEO company to navigate and implement changes. With voice recognition products like Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri, companies now make it possible to search for information, buy products or perform service-related tasks without a live agent, which is helping companies reduce interactive voice response (IVR) errors and customer service wait times.

On-demand Voice Activated Workforce Training

According to a recent report, on-boarding expenditures for new employees rose by 32.5 percent. While larger corporations absorb training costs into multimillion-dollar budgets, on-boarding is typically one of the few departments that executives look to reduce by implementing cost-cutting initiatives. For small and mid-size companies, their budgets only cover the bare minimum training with the hopes that employees have access to their databases to continue their training on the job. The implementation of voice search capabilities is changing the way businesses train new hires as well as retrieve information quickly, which is going to improve performance and productivity significantly.

Business Application Integration

A major challenge information technology (IT) professionals face is integrating new technology to legacy systems. Businesses often face lagging web page loading times, application errors and poor user experiences when they do not assimilate, which can eventually hurt your reputation standing. With the help of artificial intelligence and voice recognition, a company’s IT department will have the critical tools to identify issues and retrieve information faster.

Search Engine Visibility & Ranking

Did you know that 93 percent of all online searches begin with a search engine, which is why SEO experts identify the keywords that boost your visibility and ranking? The same strategy applies to voice recognition even though consumers use language differently when speaking and writing. Online users tend to write simple phrases when typing yet tend to personalize their experiences by speaking in detailed sentences that include longtail SEO phrases. Adapting voice recognition strategies will attract the same traffic.  

Utilization of Voice Language Coding

Voice-activation is going to revolutionize the IT industry as professionals will not have to spend hours in front of a computer typing away on a keyboard for long periods. With voice-activated coding capabilities, coders will have the ability to work anywhere and on any device with voice-activated technology. This type of technology will also reduce related occupational injuries that cause disabilities like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Available in many forms, voice search capabilities are changing the way businesses connect with customers, retrieve information and train new hires, which influences performance and productivity significantly.

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