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5 Tools All Magento Users Should Be Aware Of

If you’re one of the millions of merchants that are selling on Magento then you already know how tough it can be to acquire new customers, not to mention improve relationships with those customers. Selling online in today’s crazy ecommerce world is an uphill battle. 

Even if you’re consolidating your cross-channel sales using marketplaces like Amazon, Jet, and eBay to garner more sales, there are some tools that can help you breach the gap from feeling like you are trying to compete into making your competitors feel like they’re getting lost behind your lead. 

To better help you achieve your goals, here are five tools that all Magento sellers should have in their arsenal, and they are not ones you can get from the Magento marketplace, either. 

Hit Tail 

If you are using paid ads to promote your Magento store, there’s certainly a return on investment that you’ve realized. However, paid ads are just half the battle in getting your store’s products and pages noticed by Google. You’ll want to consider using a tool called Hit Tail to research long tail keywords that you can incorporate into the blogs and product descriptions that you write. Doing so will help them rank better and faster so that more new customers find your store from visiting your blog after finding it in the search engine rankings. 


If you plan on spending money on paid ads, you’ll need a heads-up on what your competitors are doing so you can compete better. That’s where a tool like SpyFU comes in. It gives you all the keywords and bids that your competitors are using in paid ads to get more traffic and sales. It’s a way to fast track your PPC research and enter competitive bids that help you earn more sales, and better align your products and offerings with other online stores. 

ReadyCloud CRM 

Want more sales? Then you need to build better relationships with customers and nurture your existing ones. When trying to do this across all your sales channels, you’ll need a tool like ReadyCloud. It’s a powerful Magento CRM software solution that gives you a 360-degree view of the customer journey. It’s also loaded with marketing, reporting, calendar, and task management features to give you the upper hand. 


Want more eyes on your ecommerce blog? Then look to services like OutBrain. This is a content distribution and native ads platform that gets your blog in front of potentially millions of people. The best part is that you only pay when they click over to it, and the bids are very competitive. It’s a great way to attract new customers while spreading the word about your products, services, and new arrivals. 


It’s already hard enough work to get visitors to your online store. About 85% of them will bounce away without making a purchase and that’s where Ad Roll can help. Using integrated retargeting, you can advertise to bounced users on the sites they visit the most. You only pay if they click back over, and simple ads that offer specials and one-time discounts are proven revenue generators. 

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