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How to Promote Your Web Design through Instagram

Instagram is the favorite social media and picture-sharing platform for many web designers today. The number of active users on the platform is a record high, and therefore, it is no wonder that website design professionals want to promote their designs through this photo-sharing site. There are many ways to do so, and your design elements can be blended to attract more Instagram followers and make your branding efforts successful. 

As a designer, you know how to play with visual elements. Make the most of it to drive more user engagement. According to an article published on, photos and videos are consumable content that your clients can understand and interact with easily. Read on to learn how you can promote your designs using Instagram.

Highlight your products with thumbnails 

Thumbnails are one of the best ways to display your range of products to your potential customers. Design multiple thumbnails of the photos or visuals that are related to your web design business. When users land on your Instagram business profile, they can click on the thumbnail and get to see the bigger image of your specific design with a link that will direct them to your business website. If you are using this method to attenuate your design elements, choose the right content that will make potential buyers inquisitive about your brand. 

With high-resolution images on Instagram, you will gain real Instagram followers who will feel motivated to visit your website. The style is known as Lookbook that will let you upload new photos to the web page so that your prospective clients can view your latest designs.

Use hashtag feeds 

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram, and therefore, you should leverage these for making your web pages visible to your targeted buyers. The basic objective of these hashtags is to pique audience attention and make them do something when they visit your website design service page. It means that you need to make people click on a call-to-action button. It is the best way to make your targeted audience opt-in for your design services. 

Hashtags will also let you integrate other users relevant content to your Instagram page. According to expert web designers, these hashtags will work when you use them sensibly. It is one of the best ways to get the desired results. When you use relevant hashtags, clients trust your business. Your prospects feel important and involved with your brand with the use of the right hashtags. 

Drive sales 

When you are looking for genuine Instagram likes, you need to channel sales in the right way. If you are well informed about Instagram and how it works, you know how the top brands and stores sell their merchandise directly on the photo-sharing platform. These businesses have a primary goal of marketing their products or services and their brand message in a simple, uncomplicated way. You too can use your website’s photos and videos where prospects will click with a message to opt for your design services. 


Connecting your web design with Instagram is the best thing to do for marketing your services online. It will help generate leads that you can convert into sales. 

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