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16 Marketing Tools to Make Your Content the Real King

“Content is the king”. You have probably heard and read this phrase over 100 times on various blogs and articles. But, is every king worthy of the throne? No, a king is great only when his subjects adore him and follow him. Similarly, content is great only when the readers find it valuable and interesting to read. Whether it is a blog or an e-commerce website, content rules over the heart and mind of the readers. Content is the key to get high conversion of customers, and thus, the importance of content can’t be ignored.

Here, in this post, we are going to share 16 best tools (divided into different categories according to their usage) that will greatly help in making your content the real king:

Group #1: Tools for Keyword Research

In digital marketing, good content get’s top visibility if it has proper keywords. These keywords create a path for users to visit the website. Here, we have shortlisted a few tools to help writers in Keyword Research.

Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs

Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs helps SEO experts to discover a plethora of high-ranking keywords. It is one of the most impressive tools available in the market. It searches the database of over 3 billion keywords to deliver the optimal ones. The database supports over 100 countries and provides relevant information on the keyword difficulty score. Ahrefs also displays the estimated number of clicks. A SEO expert also gets a compiled list of the favorite keywords stored for future use.

Moz Keyword Explorer

If you want to perform a complex task easily, Moz keyword explorer is the right choice. With the help of the proper research metrics, they convert complex keyword analysis easier to analyze. Many SEO experts are using Moz for getting qualified and organic website traffic. Moz prioritizes keywords by topics and saves those in the planner. It exhibits high-quality research with over 90% accuracy.

Keyword Tool

For those SEO experts who always look for Google Keyword Planner alternatives, Keyword Tool is the correct answer. It provides almost 750 long-tail keyword suggestions for every search query. It uses Google autocomplete and offers free and paid services for keyword search.


Looking for a tool which operates in real-time? Well, Reddit is one of that kind. A SEO expert or a content creator uses Reddit to generate keywords. This tool tracks the results and sends instant messages when your keyword is mentioned elsewhere. It also provides statistics on the dashboard and defines the exclusion word/phrase for the trackers. Reddit offers features like target subreddits, webhooks, export and sharing. There is no doubt about its usefulness as it has almost 300 million monthly users.

Google Search Suggestions

Earlier Google search suggestions and now Google autocomplete keyword tool is one of the leading keyword research instruments. The free tool has sundry users across the globe. It provides relevant suggestions through keyword research and analysis. You can also check misspelled words, meanings, and long tail keywords without any hassle.

Group #2: Tools to Improve Content Quality

It is generally known that “perfection is a misconception”. No matter you are a pro, errors can happen. But, in social media marketing, a blunder can destroy the whole business. It is better to check your articles before publishing.

Here are some popular and tested tools to improve your contents:

Grammarly’s Grammar Checker

Among the most popular instruments is Grammarly. It is a highly trusted grammar and punctuation checker tool available in both free and paid versions. Grammarly has no restrictions for word count. It also has plagiarism checker feature (for both free and premium versions). The premium plan comes with many advanced features like an advanced check for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, suggestions for enhancing vocabulary, plagiarism detector, etc.


The next goes SpellCheckPlus. It is a free tool to check the simple grammar and spelling mistakes of your articles. It works fast and helps writers to produce grammatically correct sentences. The only limitation is that it checks only 2000 characters (about 250 words) in the free versions at one time.


To eliminate duplicity use Quetext. This plagiarism checker helps writers to improve their articles by finding duplicity and tautology. A user can check up to 3 documents of maximum 500 words free. After that, the services are paid. It is a small and easy tool and detects plagiarism from internet sources and online books. 

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

The headline is as important to content as the content’s quality and uniqueness. Coschedule Headline Analyzer helps writers and SEO experts to find the most relevant headlines for their articles. A right headline is significant to drive traffic and boost search results.


An idea comes in a fluke. For a content creator, the ideas for great content can captivate the brain anytime. For that difficult time when you do not have access to a notepad, Evernote helps. Anyone can download the Evernote App on a phone. It helps to create notes and save ideas. It also allows users to attach documents, and organize them properly.

Hemingway Editor

This free tool highlights suggestions based on various factors like the use of adverbs, passive voice, long and hard sentences, etc. Hemingway provides the opportunity to make your content simple yet great in quality.


With no doubt, high quality articles are more likely to reach a broader audience and, therefore, get more shares on social networks and gain popularity. It is a good practice to outsource content from professional academic writers who work at EssayPro. Here is a brief list of most commonly ordered services:

  • Text proofreading
  • Content editing
  • Article rewriting
  • Writing essays, reviews and articles from scratch

Group #3: Tools to Promote Your Content 

Content is great only when readers appreciate it. It works as a weapon for online marketing. But, what if after doing hard work and writing mind-boggling articles, you don’t have readers? Here are a few important tools to promote your posts. 


Great content without a proper promotional strategy is dead. Coschedule helps in creating a great social media promotional strategy for your articles. With Coschedule, a writer can share posts on all social media platforms simultaneously in one social campaign. It also allows users to check the reactions of readers on every social media platform at one place. 


Quora does not need an introduction. It helps SEO experts and bloggers to create a brand value of their works through its system. Every second, hundreds of questions and answers are exchanged on Quora globally. It is no brainer that Quora is the right platform to promote brands and contents.


With over 2.32 billion monthly active users under the sun, Facebook is the biggest social media platform to promote contents. It helps writers to get instant reactions of the readers through comments and likes. Facebook has become the most powerful tool for brand value with its own sponsored ads programs.


People think Pinterest is for only sharing pictures and images. There are many people who think negatively about promoting the brand on Pinterest. How wrong they are! With the new features in Pinterest, it now allows promotional posts with the backlinks. One can post images from the post here and drive the traffic to the website through backlink easily.


Buzzsumo is the lifeline for digital marketing experts and writers. Imagine, you have written a great article, then added all the relevant keywords and a superb headline. You have also shared it on every social media platforms and use analytics to find the response. But what is next? Here Buzzsumo comes in the picture. It analyzes the type of contents performs paramount for a topic. It helps you to gather new ideas for the next posts and analyses the competitors.

High time to join!

The real motive behind any content is to boost traffic to the website or blog. Proper uses of the above-mentioned tools will help you to drive a great amount of organic traffic to your website. In the end, these tools are important to enhance brand value and boost conversions.

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