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10 Most Useful Technology Apps to Use in 2019

There are apps for almost everything, from managing your finances to project management and countless others for every problem we want to overcome using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some of the most useful apps solve problems we haven’t thought much about, until a technology application delivers a solution that makes our lives and work easier. 

For macOS users, whose devices are often used in a professional setting, we need apps that make us more efficient and productive at work. Professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs have an extensive collection of useful Mac apps to choose from; the challenge is finding the right ones that will have a positive impact on your work. 

We have conducted extensive research and surveyed macOS users to find the most useful apps when working on a Mac. In this article, we cover the 10 most useful Mac apps to download in 2019. 

10 useful apps to download on macOS 

1. Setapp

As many Mac owners know, trying to find apps using the Mac App Store (the macOS equivalent to the App Store) isn’t an experience that sparks joy. Often, users are left feeling frustrated that they can’t find the apps they need, even when they’re popular apps with millions of users. The apps you need are often buried too deep under those that are of poorer quality, with dozens of inferior copycat apps and others that piggyback off similar keywords and other features. 

Busy Mac owners don’t have all day to find the right apps to solve challenges they’re having. And often, if they do find apps that are suitable, the features people really need are hidden behind in-app purchases. Setapp is a solution to these problems. For a monthly subscription, you can have access to over 130 apps without worrying about paying extra for the features you need and want. Setapp has apps for almost anything you can imagine in a professional environment, from AI-powered photo editing to managing expenses and compiling code. All for the price of two coffees a month. 

2. Dropbox

Any busy professional with clients, colleagues or freelance co-workers elsewhere in the country or world often needs to transfer large files, or collaborate on work with someone who’s not in the office. File sharing apps, such as Dropbox, are invaluable collaboration tools. Especially when you can integrate them with other popular useful apps, such as Evernote and Google Drive or Office 365. 

3. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a powerful Mac performance improvement app. Any Mac over a year or more old gets cluttered with everything from apps to videos and pictures that people don’t need. Excess apps and files take up space and reduce the ability for a Mac to work effectively. When your device isn’t as productive, neither are you. 

CleanMyMac X is a way to solve this problem. Declutter and give your Mac a well-deserved clean up. It also protects Macs’ from dozens of viruses, giving your software and hardware frequent health checks. 

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an invaluable tool for marketing professionals. Anyone who writes more than a few emails every day needs an app to check for spelling and grammar mistakes, especially if your work is being published online or sent to clients. Use Grammarly to check your work before hitting send. 

5. Archiver

Archiver is a handy file compressor and extractor app. It makes file compression, file decompression, splitting big files and encryption effortless. This is definitely one of the most useful apps you need to download if you often handle and transfer large files. 

6. Flume

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media apps on an iPhone. But for those who want to edit pictures and upload them on a macOS device, it’s not a fun experience. So most don’t bother, even knowing that you can upload even more stunning pictures when taken on a professional camera and edited using a pro quality editing app. Now you can do both, with Flume. 

Flume brings everything you love about Instagram to Mac in a beautiful app. You can view and like photos, comment, follow, share, and most importantly, post to Instagram from Mac. 

7. Ulysses

Ulysses is an invaluable writing editor app. It comes with some powerful and useful features, giving you as much help as needed, or staying out of the way when all you want is a clean page to write on. You can even publish from within the app, which is always useful. 

8. BetterZip

Another way to compress and unlock encrypted files is BetterZip. It’s a useful app that allows you to zip and unzip files in 30 formats, which is more than most, for the extra security conscious Mac user. 

9. Bartender

Busy Mac users often have more apps and icons than they need, making it difficult to find what they really need. Bartender is a useful app that helps to organize, search, and actually use your Mac menu bar icons while also keeping your desktop tidy. 

10. Downie

Downie is a browser extension that makes it easy to download videos from YouTube and dozens of other websites and social platforms. Downie is simple and easy-to-use, so you can get the job done within seconds — without being overwhelmed by the features you don’t need. Well worth downloading if you want to keep online videos offline to find them more easily. 

With the right apps, you can do anything; well, anything that involves a computer or smartphone. Apps are a trend that is here to stay. Make your life and work easier when you find apps that solve productivity challenges that trip you up and slow you down. We hope you find the apps mentioned in this article useful at work, or when growing your business.

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