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6 Things You Should Know About SEO Trends in 2019

The art of SEO is in exercising the right strategies to rank on search results. Without a proper strategy, you can’t take on the best in business. Moreover, there is also the most important opportunity of playing by the trends. The trends will determine which tips will be hit and which will pass every year. Whenever an update comes up, the SEO specialists refine their techniques to perform better. So, it is essential to keep an eye on trends and algorithm changes that can overturn in a matter of days! 

If your site is not ranking despite your efforts, you may be lagging in monitoring the latest trends. Make sure you comply with the latest changes to see a difference! We have outlined key trends in 2019 and important tactics to remember for each trend:

1. Blockchain SEO is a hit

This is a very important trend in 2019. Blockchain SEO is set to make our internet safer to use as well as transactions. For now, Blockchain can be defined as an indomitable leader in economic transactions that can record all transactions securely. That’s why you will see this technology picking up pace. Moreover, Google is also using Blockchain technology to validate the quality of backlinks. 

Google search console is also using Blockchain in various features of search algorithms. As Blockchain popularity picks up, many applications and startups will continue to rise and provide this technology as a service. 

2. Content is delivering quick results

You can check this article in 2 years, and the content will still be king. There is nothing like a unique, compelling piece of content. No marketing or money can match the value of great content. The algorithm updates by Google in 2018 defined that the company is focusing on refining search results based on content quality. 

The sites that provide exceptional content rank higher than those offering copied or poor content. You need to have a solid content depth to rule in the SERPs. 

Although the update is from 2018, we are sure Google has refined its algorithms to focus on content even more. This means that you can’t just post content to keep the website alive, it needs to be good content; otherwise, it is useless. 

3. On-page optimization is a secret treasure

On page optimization will be a key ranking factor for the rest of the year. That is because businesses see incredible results when they focus on optimizing within their websites. On page SEO isn’t something you do once and forget about, but many companies fail to update or monitor. So, if you are keeping an eye on it, you have more chances of ranking higher. 

Here are some ideas for on-page optimization:

  • Answer common queries or create content to answer queries. For example, you can create a blog to answer queries.
  • Make internal site search smooth and powerful. 
  • Shorten the conversation stage
  • Hire customer support staff who overlook queries and respond to everyone.
  • Ensure navigation is easy.
  • Ensure everything is clearly explained, and that forms/landing pages work.

4. Link building is critical for success

Don’t even talk to us if you are not building links! It is still a prerequisite for building a sound SEO strategy. A Link Building Company can help you in this regard, or you can set aside a few hours to learn the new skill. 

Put simply, links are the number one ranking factor for Google. The essence of link building is in linking to good authority websites and helping bots crawl the pages of your site. Here are some great link building techniques, most of which work in an evergreen manner:

  • Link to reporters and send out press releases to journalists about your work. They may link to your site on their news websites.
  • Create a blog and write about what’s trending. t keeps you in the spotlight as other publications use your link as the source.
  • Co-author a publication with someone in exchange for a link.
  • Fix broken links ASAP because they hurt your website. Google thinks you don’t pay attention to your site. 

5. Mobile optimization can get you there faster

There was a time (many years ago) when SEO specialists created a strategy only for sites designed for desktop users. Mobile was a new concept, and nobody knew what the future would hold. Today, the desktop is the least of an SEO expert’s concerns. This is due to the extensive usage of mobile phones by the internet audience. To be honest, we are completely spoiled by the features of a mobile. You don’t need to log into the desktop or worry about keeping a computer anymore. 

This makes mobile optimization the most important thing on your list, since Google and other search engines prefer a mobile responsive site over one just catering to desktop users. Mobile searches are done with a result in mind, and if users are linked to a mobile site in SERPs, they will make a transaction more than half of the time. 

6. Rich snippets are great

It is awesome if you target for the number one spotin the SERPs, but it is even better if you pay attention to special SERP features like rich snippets. The answer boxes, the three-pack in local searches, result box, and special three ads, all present a unique opportunity to rank even above that coveted number one rank. 

This is also known as position zero. You should practice a strategy to target position zero and gather more traffic for your website through this skill. However, this will only happen if your content is up to the mark and has the strongest answer to a user’s query. 

Last word

As technology changes, SEO trends are also changing. However, some evergreen tips stay relevant every year, like link building. Be smart, keep a go-getter attitude and keep monitoring your pages for flaws and broken pages/links. The trends mentioned above are the most important for SEO in 2019. See you at the end of this year to review 2019 and what’s to come next year!

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