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4 Clever Ways To Boost SEO In 2019

While 2019 is just around the corner, one of the things that digital marketers need to be prepared for is SEO. With a growing number of competitors and content on the internet, the factors affecting the search engine algorithms are constantly becoming more complex. As new technologies and techniques continue to develop, search engines have steadily improved the quality of search results. You can certainly expect these improvements in 2019. 

Voice Command – Voice search is the talk of the town these days for its hassle-free and convenient application. Voice assistants like Alex and Siri has already led this technology in order to make search technology more user-friendly. Typing and searching is not the only option now as the voice search is preferred by many users. As a matter of fact, voice command will account for nearly 50% of total searches by 2020. Therefore, the increasing trend of voice search will demand crucial changes in SEO in 2019. The keywords and content will now need to be optimised for users using voice command. 

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence has already started impacting websites on the search engines by mimicking the human behaviour on these sites. Search engines use AI to replicate human intelligence on different pages and obtain valuable information about how user-friendly a web page is. After evaluating the websites, search engines reward the websites based on the level of their usability and user-friendliness and assign rankings accordingly. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is all set to change the face of SEO by putting the focus back on the user behaviour. 

Mobile Power – According to research carried out by By Discount Codes, currently, more than half of the total searches are made from mobile devices. The use of mobile phones continues to dominate in 2019 as predicted by SEO experts. This year, Google released a new update that will prioritize the mobile user experience in the organic searches. Moreover, Google declared that Google AdWords will be able to monitor the mobile friendliness of web pages. By 2019, it is expected that all other major search engines will also release similar updates to deliver better mobile search experience. Meaning, in order to maintain the top page ranking, all the businesses will require to optimise their website for mobile users. 

Paid Media – Major search engines, including Google, are using up the space available for organic listings to accommodate paid search. From 2018, search engines are putting a lot of emphasis on paid ads and thus pushing down organic listings even further. SEO marketers need to work even harder in order to sustain organic rankings. Therefore, digital marketing experts suggest businesses take their campaigns overpaid channels, and implement a combination of organic SEO and paid advertisement to yield maximum returns. Just SEO may not deliver successful results in 2019. 

With an increasing dominance of voice control, AI, mobile usability and paid media channels, 2019 is going to be a big year that will see huge growth in the digital marketing industry. Before you associate with any SEO company, make sure they are competent enough to tackle all the SEO challenges.

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