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Rank Higher in Search Engines with These 5 Digital Marketing Tips

Are you a start-up business owner who’s trying to establish your brand’s online presence? Then chances are you already have your own business website and a couple of social media pages set up dedicated for your brand. However, these are not enough to drive traffic to your site. What you need is an excellent digital marketing strategy that aims to increase your Google ranking.

Having a good spot in search engines can increase site traffic, improve brand recognition, promote your goods and services, build an army of loyal customers and eventually make good revenue. 

But the question is – how?

When you search the internet for this very question, you’ll get tons of results. However, not all are guaranteed to give you a better search engine ranking. To help you achieve such a goal this year, here are five things you can add to your digital marketing strategies.

Know Your Current Ranking

Before you work on improving your rank, the first thing you need to do is to know what your current search engine ranking is. Since Google makes algorithm changes often, your rank is affected whether or not your site is old or new. Thankfully, there are lots of resources available that let you monitor your rank. 

For example, you’re into content marketing and are using specific keywords. There are free websites that let you type in your keyword and your URL, and they will assess your rank. You get to check your average searches every month, which page comes up first whenever someone clicks on your site on search engine results. Know your site’s health, how fast your site loads and don’t forget to track your metrics.

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Focus On Improving UX

The user experience is one of the definitive factors on whether or not your SEO efforts are paying off. By focusing on user experience, your site visitors will get the impression that you have just the right goods or services they can get in the simplest way possible.

How to Improve User Experience

Make smart use of graphics. Internet users don’t just visit a website for no reason. They are here to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. By building simple yet attractive and easy to understand visual elements, you can easily cater to their needs. 

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Educate Your Site Visitors

Internet users are always on the web looking for the best information to satisfy their inquiries. By educating your customers and potential clients, they’ll find the value of what you have to offer. In turn, users will stay on your landing pages, recommend your site and leave feedback thus gaining positive reviews. If you’re selling goods and services, you get to sell and make revenue.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Most internet users are on their mobile phones. By optimizing your site for mobile devices, you’re giving your site visitors a user-friendly experience. This drives more traffic to your site and generates potential sales. So make sure to use responsive web design that caters to all kinds of internet users.

Speed Up Your Website

In this day and age, speed matters. If a site takes longer to load, you can’t expect happy visitors. Even a few seconds of loading time can affect your web traffic. Make sure to optimize your images and set up automated plugins that can help improve your site’s loading speed.

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Why You Need SerpSpace Domains

When building a PBN, you want to make sure you have consistent quality domains to achieve great results. And this is what SerpSpace Domains can offer. What can you get out of SerpSpace Domains? These sites are relevant to your brand and what you have to offer, and all sites are 100% spam-free. 

How SerpSpace Domains Work

PBNs are one of the best ways to achieve quality backlinks. Backlinks make a difference when it comes to quality search results. With domains from SerpSpace being highly-authoritative you get an edge over your competitors. If you have many authoritative sites pointing towards your website, Google will process the information and mark your site as relevant and trustworthy. Since search engines are after relevant, useful and engaging content, you’ll get better search engine ranking. 

Give Your Site Visitors Fresh Website Content

Users are after unique and useful content. A high-demand for daily content means you need to keep up and create as much content as you can accommodate. But, make it a point not to bombard your site visitors with useless information. Go For Fresh, Engaging, And Relevant Content. Be consistent, but don’t overdo it.

Content Marketing Tips

As content marketing continues to rule, it’s high time to check on your strategy and think of new ways to get ahead of your competitors. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve the best results. One of the things you need to try this year is working with micro influencers.

Nowadays, even micro influencers have tons of power when it comes to your audience. They can guest post on your site and direct their followers to you by linking or sharing your content on their pages. You get to reach a broader audience related to your niche thus giving your online presence a boost. They will, in turn, search for your webpage and the increase in traffic will get you a better ranking in Google. 

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