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Video Marketing as a Key to More Engagement

From YouTube, Facebook, & SnapChat to Vimeo, there’s no doubt that videos have become a staple part of our everyday lives. Not only is video marketing versatile, easy to digest, and engaging, but it can also be shared across multiple platforms. 

From this article, you will learn:

  • Why incorporating video into your marketing efforts is vital for your business’ goal of more engagement.
  • About essential tools and services that can help you create compelling video content that appeals to viewers.
  • How you can choose the right avenue or channel for your videos to reach your target audience.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a fundamental part of an overall marketing plan. Not only is it suitable for entertaining and capturing attention, but it’s also an effective tool that can lead prospects through sales funnels. According to technology corporation Cisco, 82% of all consumer traffic will be in video format by 2022. The same notion is supported by Facebook’s EMEA VC Nicola Mendelsohn who predicts that by 2021 all their content will be in video format. This is mainly the reason why more and more businesses are incorporating video into their marketing strategy in a bid to not be left behind.

Video production is becoming more cost-effective than it was before. According to HubSpot research, what matters most to the audience is the authenticity of the videos and not the quality. Viewers prefer raw and simple videos. Therefore, anyone with a high-quality 4K-enabled smartphone can record a video and viewers won’t mind. Moreover, the options available for marketers are endless. There are onboarding videos, support video calls, knowledge-based videos, customer review videos, etc. Let’s dip into some of the avenues you can leverage to reach out to your target audience.

Video Email Marketing

According to Syndacast, the mention of the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, increases click-through rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. eMarketer reports that 50% of marketers who use videos in their emails have better click-through rates, increased time spent reading through the email, and social shares. This is because video emails tend to stand out from other forms of email communication. They tend to capture the audiences’ attention and imagination in a way that text doesn’t. Moreover, most people would rather watch a video than read through a long email.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social media is an excellent place for more engagement and brand awareness. It’s where your business can find the next prospect, lead, or customer. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources, options, and channels available today. Each channel has its advantages when it comes to engagement. However, it’s essential to find out how you can utilize each channel for maximum results. For instance, about 100 million hours of videos are watched daily on Facebook, a billion on YouTube, and a video tweet is six times more likely to get retweets than a photo tweet. The goal is to choose one or a few sites that fit your budget and business.

Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is merely the creation and distribution of online videos that are both educational and informative. The goal is to convert video audiences into prospects while also providing information that can convert current customers into repeat buyers. Video content marketing is a powerful and effective way of creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with people. Although it takes time and effort, done correctly, you can capitalize on its ability to tell a brand story and encourage more engagement with your audience. While the video content marketing process might be daunting at first, clear goals should make the whole creative process simple.

SEO Video Marketing

SEO video marketing is all about making your videos discoverable online in video and social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and on search engines such as Google. SEO in videos is still fresh as not many SEO practitioners have exploited it fully. Therefore, you have more chances of ranking with an optimized video than with an optimized webpage. According to data from Forrester Research, it’s 53 times easier to rank with a video on Google than it is with a webpage. This goes to show that videos are no longer exciting add-ons but important aspects of SEO and brand recognition.

Marketing Video Maker

Now that you know video marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract free and targeted traffic to your business, you need a quality marketing video maker. Fortunately, there are many video marketing makers online that you can leverage to create high quality and interactive videos. With these video creators, you can create professional videos minus the high price tag. Moreover, you gain access to vast libraries of animations and scenes for you to use as you please. The only downside is that free video makers come with limited features and functionalities, or even watermarks. Upgrading to paid services unlocks some of the more advanced features and removes watermarks. Some of the best marketing video makers include:

  • Wideo
  • GoAnimate
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • AVS Video Editor
  • PowToon
  • VideoScribe
  • Wirecast
  • ScreenFlow

Video Marketing for Business

Businesses are facing much more competition than they did before. The biggest problem is capturing the attention of potential customers. Although there are numerous marketing tactics in existence today, none prove as useful as video marketing in today’s age. In fact, a whopping 64% of online video viewers make a purchasing decision after watching an online branded video. Coupled with some great SEO tactics, videos can get your business the engagement that it needs. You can even monetize these videos (usually) and actually earn some extra revenue. Moreover, with the right kind of setup, your business can save on costs that would otherwise be channeled towards advertising.


Although video marketing can seem extremely challenging at first, the rewards, in the end, can be incredibly huge. One of the main reasons is because video marketing enables the establishment of an emotional connection with your audience. This level of engagement plays a significant role in the buying decisions of most people. Therefore, it would be a great benefit to your business to invest in video marketing.

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