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Top 10 Productivity Tools to Achieve More In Less

Being productive is not about which tools and apps you use to get things done, it’s about how effectively you use them to manage your work. Even though the productivity of tools depends on how you utilize them, it also depends on selecting the right set of productivity tools.

Productivity never comes by accident. It always is the result of your intelligent planning, commitment, and consistent effort. Nothing is more valuable for a business or entrepreneur, than their time, so discovering the tools that can maximize your efforts, is a major win. 

That’s the reason, the mobile tech portals like MobileAppDaily are breaking their backs to keep you informed on recent updates in the world of productivity and help you get the best out of these applications and tools.

Best Productivity Tools

Time-management, arranging to-do lists, focusing on priority things, etc. are just steps to get to the desired state of productivity.

There are lots of tools that you can use to achieve that, but some apps and tools might be more valuable for your business than others, so we have shortlisted a few of them for you.

1. ProofHub


The all in one project management tool, ProofHub, solves all the issues that a growing business might face. It manages all your discussions, tasks, milestones, notes, timesheets, project details, task assignment, workflow, and many other things.

Organizations like Disney, NASA, Taco Bell, etc. use ProofHub and love the way it has made managing work more convenient than ever.

Top benefits of ProofHub include:

  • Time collaboration and better control over tasks and projects
  • Efficient reduction of project delivery time
  • Integration of project related details in one place

2. Slack


Slack is a communication app, usually used because of its enormous number of features, feasibility, and ease of use. Email is good for lots of things, but Slack has the capability to replace it. 

Slack makes corporate communications neat, organized, and searchable. You can create separate channels for different departments, projects, and clients. You can easily join relevant conversations and leave the unnecessary ones.

Top benefits of Slack include:

  • Common platform for internal and external communication
  • Notification of highlighted important words or phrases when they appear in conversation
  • Integration of other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

3. Paymo


Paymo, one of the best time management apps, takes away the pain of task management, planning, scheduling, time tracking, and invoicing. It makes it convenient to have an overview of tasks and team performance, by bringing all the essential tracking elements under one roof.

Top benefits of Paymo include:

  • Categorization of tasks and time entries, and automation
  • Detailed project reports
  • Tracks the time spent and efficiency of tasks and projects

4. Hubstaff


Hubstaff, another time management tool, is an effective time tracking tool, trusted by thousands of remote teams. It comes with both a mobile and desktop app, which makes it even more convenient to continuously track your client’s and team’s actions and performance.

You can see and analyze in-depth reports, pay employees, invoice clients, etc. according to the performance recorded on Hubstaff.

Top benefits of Hubstaff include:

  • Tracking of the mouse and keyboard usage by employees
  • Randomized screenshots to let you keep track of who is working on what
  • More than 30 integrations

5. Evernote


Evernote, one of the best task manager apps, acts as your second brain and helps you remember things you may miss. It’s a dependable note-making and managing app that helps you to stay organized and get things done.

Evernote lets you capture, organize and share the notes or ideas you jot down and enables you to keep in sync with your best ideas.

Top benefits of Evernote include:

  • Adding links, attachments and audio recordings
  • Collecting all your ideas in one place and making them accessible
  • Scanning and searching info from business cards

6. Sanebox


Sanebox, one of the best productivity tools, helps you with email management. Sanebox automatically sorts emails, declutters the mailbox, and finally cleans up your inbox. It arranges your emails into different categories, depending on the importance of the mails, and makes it easy for you to focus on what matters most.

Top benefits of Sanebox include:

  • Saves attachments into the cloud
  • Prioritizes emails with smart filtering
  • Snoozes email notifications

7. Self-Control


Self-Control is a tool which makes you productive by streamlining your focus and eliminating distractions. It’s a free and open source application for Mac users which can block distracting sites, mail servers, or any other distracting thing on the web.

You just have to set a time period for blocking sites and click ‘Start’. After that, you won’t be able to access any of those blocked sites, even if you close the app or uninstall it until the set time period expires. 

Top benefits of Self-Control include: 

  • Streamlining your focus and reduce distractions
  • Limiting your addiction to social media
  • Letting you invest more time in productive work

8. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a health management application to help you stay at your optimum health level and work at your best. It keeps a count of the calories you are consuming and how many physical activities you are doing to burn them, keeping the balance between your gain and loss of calories.

It is compatible with multiple fitness accessories like Fitbit, Samsung Gear, Mi Band, etc. It also gives you free access to the world’s largest calorie and nutrition database.

Top benefits of MyFitnessPal include:

  • Helps you to maintain healthy eating habits
  • Syncs with multiple web and mobile apps
  • Keeps you updated on health and fitness related news and articles  

9. HootSuite


HootSuite is an older application, but it lives up to expectations even now. It is a tremendously helpful tool which manages your multiple social media accounts at one place. You can monitor all your social media activities across different platforms in a single, and easy to use, dashboard.

HootSuite helps you in scheduling posts, delegating social media tasks to team members, organizing your followers, and measuring your performance across all platforms.

Top benefits of HootSuite include:  

  • Integration of all social media accounts at one place
  • Combined measurement and analysis of performance on social media
  • Scheduling of posts for all social media platforms

10. Trello


The app for people working together helps in getting tasks done quickly. Trello is a project management app, that makes projects more enjoyable and less stressful with the help of customizable boards, cards, and lists.

You can break down different phases of a project into smaller chunks, create a separate card for every task and arrange them into different columns. Then you can easily drag the card from one column to another, as the task gets finished.

Top benefits of Trello include: 

  • Eliminates the need for creating task sheets and emailing them to your team
  • Keeps everyone posted about the status and progress of tasks
  • Makes the whole process visually appealing

Bonus Productivity Tips That Don’t Need Any Tool

  • Have a clear idea of the big picture and your strategy to get there with smaller goals
  • Have work clarity in the moment 
  • Be committed to your work and avoid distractions
  • Know how and when to say ‘no’
  • Sleep well, exercise, and follow a balanced diet
  • Set realistic expectations and deadlines
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts
  • Have fun while working

Summing Up

This concludes our list of some awesome productivity tools and tips for your personal and professional use. These are only a few among the best productivity tools, there are many more. 

It depends on you, which one you find the most suitable and effective for your personal or professional use, but one thing is certain, these tools lead to a faster and more efficient you, if you use them wisely.

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