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8 Signals to Identify a Struggling Digital Marketing Strategy

In the past couple of decades, the internet domain has expanded exponentially. What used to be mere ideas have now become practicality. With the expanding horizons, the world of digital marketing is gaining higher traction with each passing day. While this digital marketing domain might present countless opportunities, in order to rank higher than your competitors, you need to be at the top of your game.

More often than not, businesses see their marketing efforts failing due to an inadequate marketing strategy. Such strategies often lack core functionality elements that can cause them to be hurtful for your business as a whole. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take the below factors into consideration ASAP to improve your standing as well as your revenues. 

1. Stagnant customer base

In any and every business, be it physical or online, you need visitors. Online businesses need to generate traffic. When we talk about traffic, it isn’t exactly a reference to generic traffic, rather it refers to the traffic from your respective niche which could convert into potential customers. A website selling its offerings in one country will receive minimal benefit if the majority of its traffic comes from a foreign country. If your traffic signals are consistently low, that would imply that your current digital marketing strategy needs rework. 

2. Low conversion rate

Your intent should be to turn every person you attract to your digital presence into a potential customer. If, for instance, you are somehow able to attract traffic to your offerings but are unable to convert any of the incoming traffic into sales, then that reflects badly on your digital marketing strategy as a whole. You need to identify the aspects that are hindering your website’s conversion rate. These could include an active absence of tangible elements for the audience or a missing product/service guarantee. Working on these elements and several others will help you boost your conversion rate. 

3. Improper value model

Value addition is the crux behind retaining long-term customers. It is important that you create a digital marketing strategy which is flexible in entertaining customers. When people visit E-commerce websites, they generally have a particular need/want in mind that needs to be fulfilled. A value-centric strategy will cater to that need throughout their experience. From the very beginning when a person finds your website, all the way till the last step when a person check’s out their order, value addition acts as the driving element. If customers don’t see you as relationship worthy business entity, chances of them switching to a different company will increase significantly. 

4. Impractical call to action buttons

Call to Action (CTA) has proven itself as one of the primary aspects that lead to a higher conversion rate. A well planned CTA layout will motivate and urge customers in forming a buying decision regarding your offerings. Some researchers even indicate that CTA is the most important aspect of your website to land potential sales. Hubspot reported a dramatic increase in their conversion rate (more than 1000%) after they tweaked their website’s CTA setup. If your Call to Action buttons aren’t user-friendly, or if they aren’t aligned in proper order, this would demotivate visiting traffic in terms of buying behavior which would definitely be detrimental for your business.

5. A struggling website

In the digital world, your website acts as your store where you display your offerings. If you are doing well with your off-page SEO activities, such as building quality backlinks but are lagging behind in your on-page elements, then that raises a serious concern. Your website and the associated webpages need to be properly optimized and ought to be bug-free to achieve a higher SE ranking. You need to make sure that you are ranking on the desired keywords which suit your particular website and your niche. Besides that, you also need to take various technical aspects into accounts such as proper meta descriptions, meta tags, and updated HTML elements. Your website load speed and its compatibility across various display platforms also play a major role in determining its success. Covering these aspects will allow you to present a website which doesn’t just function seamlessly but also looks aesthetically pleasing.  

6. Outdated techniques can be hurtful

There might come a point when you are visibly doing everything right in your digital marketing strategy but the results just aren’t there. A major reason behind this could be the use of outdated digital marketing techniques. It is important that you evolve your strategy with changing trends and incorporate alterations when necessary. To rank higher in terms of SE visibility, you need to acquire a decent knowledge regarding how Google algorithms work and optimize your practices in the proper way. Similarly, there are a number of marketing techniques that have been flagged as black hat activities and vice versa, which constantly change the digital marketing dynamic. Therefore, you need to stay active and vigilant, in order to succeed. When we talk about using outdated methods, the equipment, and the facilities you employ also hold significant importance. For instance, formidable high-speed internet will offer you peace of mind and optimal performance to carry out your business activities without any worries of lagging behind. 

7. Ignoring your competition

You might be running a great digital marketing strategy, but if you ignore what your competitors are doing, that could be highly detrimental for your business. The world of marketing runs on knowledge and value creation. If market competitors are able to outperform you in these aspects, then they will take the lead, irrespective of how good you are performing as an individual company. Try to keep a keen eye on their activities and the trends they follow. Doing so will give you good acumen towards some interesting new techniques while helping you cope with the embryonic market. 

8. Focusing on a single area

When we consider a formidable digital marketing strategy, it is unwise to stick to a singular aspect of it. It makes sense if you want to improve on a particular area of your strategy, for instance, your SEO elements. However, if you focus solely on a single metric, that might leave a variety of other areas neglected. In order to bear fruit, your strategy needs to cater to all the areas discussed above. When you establish a proper grip on these aspects, only then can you improve your strategy in a progressive direction.

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