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7 Most Effective WordPress Website Design Tips

Building a website using WordPress is one way to maintain complete control over new content and updates, even if you do not have prior programming or WordPress experience. By using WordPress, present any design you envision to your visitors and prospective customers with less hassle. With a few WordPress website design tips, ensure your website appears exactly as it should whether you are showing off your personal professional portfolio or if you are promoting your business and brand with an eCommerce storefront. 

Pay Attention to the Details

Whenever you are designing a new WordPress layout, it is essential to pay attention to all of the details involved in the process. Pay attention to the type of graphics and photography that are used in your website’s layout and whether or not they blend well with the aesthetic and overall message you want to convey to your visitors and prospective customers. 

Consider how your target audience will likely visit your website and whether or not they are doing so with a traditional web browser or a mobile smartphone. Paying attention to details while building your WordPress layout and design is a way to ensure you are maximizing your ability to appeal to those you want to reach.

Look at the detail put into this estate planning attorney’s website. This is a great example of representing how much much detail you put into your clients through your web design.

Sticky Navigation

When a user accesses a website for the first time, they will immediately search for the navigation section of the site itself. Use a sticky navigation solution in the top half section of your website to prevent users from feeling confused or disoriented once they begin looking for your site’s content or latest blog updates.

Implement White Space into Your Design

White space is one of the most important elements in good design, whether you work in print or digital design. White space provides users, readers, and prospective customers with breathing room as they discover new information and content from a business, brand, or individual. Using white space is a great way to show off other aspects of a product or website design. White space is ideal to prevent overwhelming or confusing visitors, especially if they are new to your website or unfamiliar with your business, brand, or purpose.

The Importance of Typography

Implementing professional typography is a key element of effective WordPress website design. Even if you choose a traditional WordPress layout for your website, it is still advisable to select a popular, yet easy to read font that blends well with the overall theme and aesthetic of your website’s design. Typography is used in large headers, links, and even within the navigation sections of your website. When a user is attempting to browse through your website, a proper font is essential to avoid causing confusion among your visitors.

Check out the unique typography used by this creative entertainment technology company to really make them stand out from the crowd.

Using Color Psychology to Your Advantage 

Color psychology is often the foundation of any successful marketing campaigns, digital or not. With color psychology, gain the trust of your visitors or motivate them to complete their purchase with your online eCommerce store. Understanding the basics of color psychology can help with choosing a layout, design, and color scheme that is optimal for your website based on its purpose and the audience you want to reach. When choosing a WordPress layout and design for your website, keep these basic color meanings in mind:

  • Red: Showstopping. Urgent. Sexy. Luxurious. Enticing.
  • Blue: Friendly. Corporate. Trustworthy. Welcoming. Optimistic.
  • Green: Money. Shopping. Envy. Success. Health. Nutrition. Savings. Spending.
  • Purple: Royalty. Elegant. Lush. Luxury. Enticing.
  • Yellow/Orange: Friendly. Welcoming. Creative. Optimistic. Unique. Original.
  • Black: Royal. Elegant. Fancy. Chic. Modern. Classic. 
  • White: Minimalist. Peaceful. Elegant. Free. Modern. Chic. 

Use Social Media Plugins to Maximize Your Online Reach

One of the advantages of using a solution such as WordPress is the ability to download and install thousands of plugins and themes free of charge. Plugins are used to implement additional features into WordPress websites. Some plugins are designed to showcase portfolios and eCommerce items, while others allow users to make friends and communicate with one another on a specified WordPress website. 

Use social media plugins to promote your social media pages and their links on each piece of content or new blog post you create. Each time your website is updated, visitors have the opportunity to share the post directly on their social media while also being presented with the option of following your specific brand or business on their preferred social platforms. 

Notice how this CBD site offers social discounts for social shares as a way to drive viral interest.

CTA Placement

Are you selling products or services on your website? Do you provide visitors with the opportunity to register as a member of your site or online community? Implementing your CTA, or call-to-action in the right location and with the proper wording is imperative. With the right CTA, drastically increase the traffic you drive to your sales, promotions, or user sign up pages. 

Creating an appealing, relevant, and simplistic website design for your WordPress site is essential when entering a highly competitive or saturated market. When you know how to present your products, services, or information to the audience and demographics you want to reach, you boost your chances of generating sales, revenue, and loyal followers and fans.

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