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Colorado Springs SEO Power Tips For Increasing Conversions

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not just around for your website to reach the top search results of search engines. When you achieve this, there is still a more significant end goal, which is for your traffic to turn into positive conversions. Conversions refer to your website visitors not just staying stagnant as mere visitors, but are those who are converted into clients.

Wherever you are in the world, numerous companies offer this kind of service about digital marketing. Colorado Springs is no exception. You’re in the right place because, here, you will learn some of the SEO power tips from one of the best SEO agencies in Colorado on how you can increase your page conversion rate.

1. Create Dynamic Content

When it comes to digital marketing, particularly SEO, you really cannot go wrong with the creation of dynamic content. But what exactly is the standard set by “dynamic”? This refers to content that is relevant, reputable, and poses answers to the most common problems searched for by Internet users today. Your content also has to be engaging, such that it is as if you are having a friendly conversation with your readers. Do not be too technical, and refrain from using confusing terms lest you lose your readers.

When your content is dynamic and engaging, your audience will feel that you are a human being, and that you are someone they can relate to. Because you can identify with them, you can positively and strategically persuade these site visitors into becoming paying clients as well. This way, you have just increased your conversion rate.

2. Insert Links On Your Site

Link building is one of the most foolproof ways for you to have increased conversions coming into your site. As much as possible, have around two to four links in each of your content. When you do this, your readers get a strong impression that you are professional because you are linking with other professional sites as well. Additionally and even more importantly, the more sites that you link to, the higher the chances that these other sites will do the same for you. Hence, this is an excellent marketing strategy for you to drive more traffic into your website, thereby increasing the chances of your site having conversions as well.

3. Do Not Be Afraid To Use Media

One of the most common mistakes done by websites in their SEO campaigns is that they are too afraid to incorporate images and videos on their websites. There is a good reason for this, however, and that is because most website owners also fear that these videos and images will slow down the page loading speed of their site, thereby driving potential traffic away. Yes, this may happen, but this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid having images and videos altogether. Just do so sparingly and with caution.

SEO experts suggest having at least one image or one video per content. If you are not confident in executing this on your own, you may opt to hire the services of a web design Colorado Springs firm. When you incorporate photos and videos to your website, your visitors are likely to be more interested in your page. Hence, the next time that they need something, it is easier for them to remember your site, as they can associate certain products with the photos that you posted.

A bonus tip is to post headshots or people photos from time to time. These types of photos have the benefit of making your site feel more human and relatable, thus encouraging your regular site visitors to patronize your website and whatever services or products you offer, and more.

4. Use Alt Tags

An alt tag is one aspect of SEO that is easily taken for granted. When you incorporate photos into your website, it is essential for you to have alt tags on these photos. These refer to the alternative text descriptions that are like captions on your photos that tell users what the picture is about.

Supposing a viewer is browsing from a source where the Internet connection isn’t strong enough to load these photos. Without these alt tags, there is no way for the user to determine what the picture is about. Hence, the tendency is for them to close your site and search for another website instead. If you had alt tags, you wouldn’t have lost this traffic, which could’ve also been easily converted into clients.

A bonus tip for alt tags is for you to put in keywords on these text descriptions as well. The more keywords on your website, the higher the chances of search engine crawlers to read through these keywords, thereby landing your page on the top of search results. The higher your page landing, the more traffic to your site, which means more chances of positive conversions as well.


Now that you have these tips from a Colorado Springs expert, it is safe for you to say that increasing your page conversions isn’t that hard and impossible, after all. As daunting as it may seem, it is still doable. 

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