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5 Lesser-Known Facts about Social Media Marketing You Should Know

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There are almost 2.7 billion social media users in 2019 and the number is increasing with every passing day. From business promotions to celebrity gossips, everything is instantly shared on social media. With such a huge client base, social media acts as a fantastic strategy for marketers out there. 

Words spread like wildfire on social media. Let us assume that you have shared a new catalogue of your products with some of your social media friends on Facebook. With the right strategy and the right time, you can expect your products to reach thousands of potential customers by the end of the day. However, one wrong move can take a toll on your brand name once and for all. Here are 5 things about social media marketing that every marketer should know to avoid blunders in the future. Let’s begin. 

Fact 1: Different social media platforms call for different plans

It is important for every marketer to create effective and sound social media plans before creating a social media account. The plan should define your goals, visions, target audience, tone and voice, types of content that you will be posting and the success metrics of your brand. 

Each social media platform is meant to promote a specific nature of business. Facebook, for example, is best suited for informative posts, interesting assignment writing Service or blogs and e-commerce websites. You can share your best blogs on Facebook and ask your close friends and family to share it too. Create a strong and sound Facebook marketing strategy for maximum visibility. 

Instagram, on the other hand, is best suited for fashion and food websites. Post captivating pictures related to your business and earn a huge client base throughout the World. Instagram marketing strategies are way different from other marketing strategies.  From LinkedIn to Twitter and everything in between, choose the right plan to make the most of your social media marketing. 

Fact 2: Content continues to be ‘the King’

You must have heard that content is everything when it comes to search engine marketing. But, content is even more powerful in social media marketing. The quality of your content determines your success in the marketing plan. Make sure you update images quite often to engage with your target audiences in a better way. Do not forget to keep an eye on outdated links and blogs. 

Say you posted an image of your product in 2018 with a caption that says ‘Brand new product introduced with amazing discounts!’ The caption is applicable when your product is actually new. Your target customers may not opt for your services if they see the same caption and image in 2019. Change the product descriptions and headlines to keep up with the current trend. 

Social media is all about seeking attention smartly. People are not interested to know how big your brand is or how many branches your brand has. They want to know how you can help them out. If your content does not provide value or exactly what your customers are looking for, you may never earn a considerable client base. In short, there will be no business growth despite a robust marketing plan. 

Fact 3: A social media management system can do wonders

Most businesses usually have more than one social media account. In that case, it becomes quite difficult to manage all the accounts with equal attention. It is recommended that you to use a social media management system to focus on all the accounts easily. You can post quality content consistently and maintain constant engagement with your potential customers. 

Most importantly, you can manage your time pretty well. The social media management system lets you keep an eye on social media analytics as well. Thus, you can understand what content is working and which isn’t. You can also determine the strength of a particular strategy that you have used in your social media plan. 

Have you heard of Google Analytics? Your social media management system is the same thing for social media. You can change your strategy if you notice a drop in customer engagement with any post. I use Buffer, and I find it effective. You can use other systems as well. Are you using a management system already? Then let us know about it in the comment section below. 

Fact 4: Using a Social media content library is gaining in popularity

I know how hard it is to come up with new content on the fly. Thus, I ask my writers to create a social media content library. You can update new content in this library all the time and use the content from here when you can’t think of anything to post. The library is like a cheat sheet, except that you are not really cheating.                                                                                                                                          

Say you want to post new content in the next few days or weeks, but you don’t know what exactly to write about. Take some ideas from the library and weave your story out of it. But, there are some exceptions. Say you want to write something special and exclusive for Father’s Day. The library may be of no use in that case because topics on special days or events have to be absolutely fresh. The library can’t help you out for topics that have come up recently. 

You can take help from the social media content library only when you need ideas for evergreen content. The content library is not only about the generation of ideas for your content. It is also about content marketing automation, content automation and auto content suggestions. It’s the best support you can have when you experience writer’s block. 

Fact 5: Experimenting with ads pay off really well

The right advertising strategy can help your posts reach millions of users throughout the World. Social media users spend almost 1.6 billion dollars per year to purchase something they have seen on social media. This makes it clear that social media advertising is not only working but is also tremendously effective. Almost 24% of users report succumbing to impulsive buying decisions because of attractive ads on social media. As a result, ads have become extremely crucial for every marketer in social media marketing. 

The more you experiment with ads, the more options you will have to promote your products. You can analyse the performance of each ad and see if it helped you reach your objectives. Check out the ROI generated by each strategy and proceed if it’s more than your investment into social media ads every year. 

With amazing opportunities, ads also bring a lot of risk for marketers. Algorithms change all the time in social media. As per a recent update, social media users can now filter the ads they see in their social media accounts. They can hide or unfollow the website to stop receiving such ads in the future. If you target the wrong audience with your ad, the chances are that your brand will be blacklisted. Keep a close watch on algorithms to avoid such a situation. Make sure your ads reach only your target audience and not people who are disinterested in your service. 

Wrapping it up, 

Social media is constantly changing, and new features come up every now and then. You can subscribe to social media blogs and marketers to be informed about the latest news, updates and changes. Ignorance can make your social media marketing strategies less effective. Keep these facts in mind before you start working on your social media marketing strategies. Good luck!

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